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-That one maid-

By Yumeko_Jabami

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Y/C, being born a royal was used to the rich wealthy life, having everything at their fingertips, lately, they've been hiring and firing maids/butlers here and there for any slight reason that they upset them. That's when M/C came, M/C was the most delicate girl you could ever come across, soft and gentle, easily manipulated, so that's when Y/C got an idea, they started using M/C every hour of every day, making M/C do the most unnecessary things. One day, after about 2 months of doing this, M/C knocked on Y/C's door, wanting to ask something.

M/C knocked on the door, nervous, M/C waited for Y/C to answer

Name: Emica Yamaguchi エミカ 山口
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Looks: Brown hair with a slight pink tint to it, slightly wavy, goes down about 3 inches past her shoulders, usually in a bun, fair pale skin with blue eyes that shine in the sunlight, hands that are bruised, her right leg is bandaged, 5'4
Likes: Small cute animals, the night sky, winter, orchids
Dislikes: People yelling at her, thunder storms, loud noises
Extra: She has sensitive hearing and feelings, was sold to a geisha house when she was young but escaped


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