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Ripped At The Seams

By Sf_Pappy

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Two teens find out they have Cystic Fibrosis. One had it her whole life. The other found out about six months ago. M/c always followed the rules she had to because of her diagnosis. Y/c didn't care they knew they were going to die at any time now so Y/c doesn't see a point in it. M/c Happens to run into them which changes their whole mindset towards the treatment.

What happens when two people fall in love but could never hold one another? Find out in Ripped At The Seams!

inspiration by Five Feet Apart

500+ characters
Follow ES rules
This will be a FxM or FxF
Pm me if interested
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Sf_PappyBrooklyn Reynolds   1y ago
Hazard Zone

Brooklyn sighed as she was checking into the hospital yet again. She rubbed her eyes as her mom finished signing her in. Brooklyn was taken to her room. [+pink ''Same as always..''] she said quietly as she sat on the bed and looked around. Brooklyn closed her eyes.
[center -]
Her eyes fluttered open as the nurse came is to take her vitals [+pink ''It's been a while since I've been here.''] She said quietly. The nurse just nodded and finished taking her vitals [+orange ''Ill be back to bring in your med cart.''] the nurse said as she walked out of the room. Brooklyn flopped back on the bed and pulled out her phone to text her friend who was in the room down the hall.
BeautyFromPain-.Reagan.   1y ago

It was just another day in this life. Recently the red haired female that she was sick. Very very sick. She didn't understand any of it at all. She didn't understand how this happened. Her parents weren't sick or have ever had this sickness before. The female was completely broken when she found out about this sickness. The doctors told her all the things that she wasn't allowed to do. And the things she could do. She took everything in consideration. But the way she processed it, was going to be different than someone else.

Reagan was going to live her life to the fullest. She didn't want this sickness to hold her back at all. Reagan just wanted to live her life the way she wanted to live. But she knew eventually that it would catch up with her. Even her mother told Reagan that she really needed to take this seriously. Regan always would say I know to her mom. But she never really listened to her mother. Reagan always thought she knew what was doing, but in reality, she had no idea.

Because of Reagan not listening it ended her up to where she was sicker than before. It was early morning when Reagan's parents were checking her in. This was the first time she was in the hospital since she diagnosed with her sickness. She walked by some rooms, and saw a couple of people that were in the same situation as her. Reagan sighed lightly as she saw one girl that looked around her age. Oddly enough, it made Reagan feel better, but at the same time it didn't make her feel better at all. She just wasn't understanding at all.
Sf_PappyBrooklyn Reynolds   1y ago
Hazard Zone

Brooklyn thanked her nurse after the med cart was brought into her room. She laid on her bed and looked out her door which was cracked open. Brooklyn caught a glimpse of a red-headed girl who looked new to this whole thing. She had sat up but stayed on her bed. Brooklyn shivered slightly as she got off her bed and started to dig through her bag to find her sweater.
[center -]
She sat back on her bed and stared at the ceiling as thoughts raced through her mind. Brooklyn got back up and went to the common area for the patients to chill in. She curled up on one of the chairs and read one of her books. She yawned a little bit as she started looking around wondering if she'll get another glimpse of the red-headed girl.
[center -]
After a little bit, she just headed back into her room. Brooklyn just laid on her bed once again and closed her eyes as she did. She slowly started to fall asleep. As she fell asleep she was woken up to be checked on. She rubbed her eyes a bit as she sat up and looked at the nurses who came into her room.
BeautyFromPain-.Reagan.   219d ago

Reagan was sitting in her room, as they were starting her treatment already. This was all new to her. And she never took it seriously. Not until she ended into the hospital. But now she really needed to think about everything. Everything with her life. Because if she wasn't careful, she could die. 

The nurses told her that since she was in the process of getting her treatment, she could go out in the room where other people that have this condition where they could talk to others for support and everything. Reagan did see someone that caught her eye, but when her eyes scanned the area, she didn't see her. Reagan sighed. She didn't want to spend her days in a hospital bed, so she decided to sit down on the recliner, and start to read a book that her mother brought her. 

The other problem is that Reagan wasn't very approachable. She just gave that vibe off that she didn't want to be messed with or bothered. Reagan was still trying to wrap her head around everything. Regan sighed softly, as she opened her book and began to read to try and occupy her mind with everything that was going on right now.


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