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Created Origins

By Catlover33

Replies: 43 / 35 days ago

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It had been several years since humans have made the scientific advancements towards that allowed them to make artificial creatures, clone complex living beings and cure most diseases. All of these advancements were made by one lab that also functioned as a hospital and living space for the creatures and clones created there. Just recently, a special set of subjects was created from data about other beings gathered from worlds that have faded into being nothing but video games.


Tidus opened his eyes for the first time and started to look around the room. He currently wasn’t wearing anything but a pair of boxers and had been hooked up to several machines that displayed his vital signs on the monitors. He seemed to be rather disoriented even though the room that he was in had the lights turned off. He was in the room with a few other people including Vaan, Bartz, Firion and Ace. He ended up trying to say something; however, nothing came out of his mouth. This was the first time that he had ever woken up and he did seem to be frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t speak. Soon enough, he could slightly hear footsteps coming into the room and ended up trying to get up from the bed that he had been laying in since before he woke up.

Note: Sorry if the starter isn’t that good.
Firion had seemingly calmed down and didn’t speak for a while. He remained motionless for a while before he quickly snuggled back up underneath the covers. He did this until a strand of silvery white hair was the only thing that was visible.
Firion / Catlover33 / 29d ago
"Shut.. up..'' The fur on 0030 begun to spike as she growled.
The scientist next to Tidus begun to panic. ''Shock 0030 now!"
another scientist said ''That could damage her!"
"Would you prefer us having fatal injuries?"
In a moment of panic, followed by realization the scientist pressed the button.
The collar on 0030 begun to emit a controlled shock. 0030 in pain, fell onto the ground.
Firion ended up glaring at 0030. “Be quiet…” He said. He didn’t growl but rather, he seemed to be annoyed with 0030’s growling.
Firion / Catlover33 / 29d ago
A low growl could be heard from 0030.
0030 remained still, almost a like statue.
"Y-You ok, Ms.?" She had shivered due to the frigid air around her.
0030 had stopped moving, it almost seemed to be frozen in time. 0030's body had become cold, it was no longer warm like that of any living being.
Brittany had hugged 0030's legs to show that Britt had meant no harm.
"thank... you.."
"You're very pretty!" Brittany wasn't fazed at the appearance of 0030.
0030 walked over to Brittany, each footstep heavy.
once 0030 reached her, 0030 loomed over her. as 0030 looked down to see her, a soft crack could be heard. the mask was highly unsettling, it seemed to stare into her very core.
"Oh, sorry Ms.!"
"please... quiet.." 0030 stated. "I.. can't.. hear.. them.."
The scientist was curious and asked ''who are 'them'?"
0030 Ignored the question and started to walk around with heavy footsteps.
"Wow, you guys are speaking again! Hooray!!!" Brittany hadn't the foggiest as to why they all hated each other, only that they had spoken to one another.
"Thank.. you..'' 0030 said.