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They walk among us. The beings that feed on blood. The beings who shift into wolves. They are our neighbors, our friends, our lovers, and we know what they are. We have accepted what they are. At least, some of us have. But vampires and werewolves are no longer the only thing to fear, there is something worse that goes bump in the night.

It has been many years since vampires and werewolves have come out of the shadows. It took some time, but like many other milestones in our history, we have come to coexist. Though not everyone was so willing to be known by humans. One pack knew that humans are fearful beings and are quick to pull the trigger when given a reason. So, the alpha hides his pack away and creates a home for them in the woods. A place where they were surrounded by people of their kind, where they could be themselves without fear.

Years have passed and now his eldest son is the alpha. Their pack has grown into a large community, and they even have their own small town within the forest. They have been safe and secluded for many years but when a stranger breaches their border, their lives get turned upside down when learning a hybrid now exist.

Something that should be impossible. Vampires and werewolves cannot reproduce. Nor can they both turn a human without killing that person instantly. So, who is this girl? Where did she come from? How did she come to be? And why has the alpha's wolf claimed her as his mate?

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Hana_Panda13{pacĸ}   1y ago

[center [size12 [i I am so cold.]]]

[center [size12 [i It is the middle of the summer. The windows are open, the air is off, and I am still so cold. Everyone else is drenched in sweat when they come to my room to check my vitals. Bringing freshly heated blankets but it does nothing to relieve the chill in my bones. It is going to happen today. I am going to die.]]]

[center [size12 [i I stare at my reflection in the mirror on the wall across from my bed. How many selfies have I taken in that thing? It was surrounded by many of the very selfies, all placed in frames. Some had friends and even family in them. All reminders of what I used to look like when I was alive.]]]

[center [size12 [i Sure, I am alive now. My heart is beating. But I am just a hollow shell of what I was. My long brown hair was nowhere to be found due to the chemo. My once caramel skin was now grayish yellow. My brown eyes now looked black from the dark circles. I no longer had my curves, just skin and bones.]]]

[center [size12 [i Chemotherapy sucks. Leukemia sucks. Even more so the second time around. This time was much worse than the last time. I could not stand the thought of staying in a hospital for a long time again. Thanks to my dad and his job, I was able to come home with round the clock nurses. Not that it was doing any good. There was not going to be a second recovery. I am still so exhausted from the first one, I cannot do it again. I just want to sleep.]]]

[center [size12 [i My eyes lazily drifted over to a picture of my dad and I. Taken just after I beat the cancer the first time. We were both so happy. He had such a huge smile on his face that I thought it would become permanent. He already lost so much, first his wife, and now he was slowly losing his daughter. I squeeze my eyes shut, I do not want to leave him, but I cannot do this anymore. I am so tired.]]]

[center [size12 [i I am so sorry, dad.]]]

[center [size12 [i Beep...Beep....Beep.....]]]

[center [size12 [i My heartbeat is slowing down by the second, I shut my eyes. I am not going to fight it.]]]

[center [size12 [i Beep]]]

[center [size12 [b [i I am so weak.]]]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center [font "times new roman" [#DC143C "Wake up, Dahlia.”] A voice she has never heard before floods her ear. It is a male, with a slight accent, she could not place. [#DC143C "Wake up and show the world what you are."] Dahlia flew forward into an upright position, she gasped around lumps full of air. Her lungs felt like balloons that someone suddenly re-inflated. She slowly waited for her eyes to adjust to the ugly comforter she was staring at to view the rest of the room. Only to be bombarded with bright fluorescent lights, causing her to wince. It was like someone bottled the sun and placed it in her room. After having to squeeze her eyes shut and reopening them a few times, she slowly became adjusted with just a numb headache.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Taking in her surroundings, she realized she was not even in her bedroom anymore, she was not even in a hospital room. The room was bare aside from monitors connected to her, the bed she laid in, and a chair. That was it. The walls were just white, like recently bleached white, aside from the mirror straight across from her. Where the hell was she? She started yanking off the heart monitor and the iv in her arm, ignoring the beeping the machines made from her actions. She threw the covers off and climbed out of bed.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Her legs gave out from under her, she almost collapsed to the ground but grabbed a hold of the bed just in time. Shaking she stood herself back up, slowly making her way to the door. Which proved fruitless as the door was locked and would not budge. She began knocking on it, hoping to get someone's attention on the other side. Even tried to yell but her voice was so hoarse that she barely made a noise.]]

[center [font "times new roman" She pressed her back to the door and huffed. Her dad had brought her here. Why did he do that? Why couldn't he have let her go? She was ready. Tears began to stain her cheeks; she could not take this weakness any longer. Her eyes met her reflection, and she froze. There was not a husk staring back at her, [u she] was staring back at herself. Healthy and alive her. Caramel skin, curves, long brown hair. Everything was there.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Had she died? Was this some weird form of heaven? She moved to take a closer look, excitement taking over her, she could not get to the mirror quick enough. Then she was getting to it too quickly. In mere seconds she cleared across the room from the door to the mirror. So shocked she was not able to stop. She crashed into the mirror, the impact dropping her to the ground. Cracking glass filled the room, and she began to crawl backwards to get away from it. Far enough to be out of the way, far enough to see her reflection once more before it shattered. Her eyes were not brown anymore, they were gold.]]

[center [font "times new roman" She covered her face as the glass came crashing to the ground and scattered across the room, opening a hole in the wall. A two-way mirror? As soon as it hit the ground a balding alarm sounded. It sent her to cover her ears, so loud and ear piercing, she was sure they were bleeding. What was going on!? Minutes passed and the alarm was still going. She had curled into a ball on the floor, the pain had resided, but she could not seem to move. She did not understand what was happening, she was so lost, and confused. Where was she? Why was she here? Who had been watching her?]]

[center [font "times new roman" So lost in her thoughts she did not even notice the men in uniforms swarm the room. Guns drawn and pointed right at her! "Hands where we can see them!" She peeked up at the man that spoken, his gun pointed right at her head. Slowly she moved her hands from her ears, raising them to the sky, as she sat up. Going extra slow, so not to spook them. [#808080 "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, I don't know wh---,"] the man cut her off by putting the barrel of his gun to her temple. "Shut up, on your feet."]]

[center [font "times new roman" He grabbed a hold of her arm and yanked her to her feet. Now if there is one thing, she hates more than cancer, it was being manhandled. Usually, she would push the man away, yell at him. But anger boiled in the pit of her stomach, causing her body to move before she had a chance to register what she was doing. She placed the palm of her hand to his chest and pushed with the strength she did not realize she had. The motion threw the man clear across the room. She only had a second to realize what she did, before one of the other men shot her. The bullet pierced through her shoulder and the anger welded up again. She turned towards the other men, a growl escaping her throat. A primal sound that scared even her. And then she was on top of them.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Everything was a blur of clawing, shooting, screaming, and blood. She ripped through the men like they were rag dolls. It was over in minutes. Fourteen men all laid on the ground, bleeding and unconscious. She was straddling the fifteenth man, staring at the beating pulse on his neck, the quivering of his Adam's apple as he gasped. She was overtaken by an urge to bite at his pulse, to feed on his blood. She was about to do it when she noticed a shard of glass by his head. Her eyes. They were not brown, they were not a honey gold, they were a blood red.]]

[center [font "times new roman" The bubble of anger and pure instinct shattered around her. She got off the man and took in what she had down. What was happening to her? She ran, she did not know how she knew where to go. What halls led to the exit, but she knew. All she knew was that she had to get away. Get away from what she has done, from whatever she is. She was just at the exit when a familiar smell hit her, it was so familiar yet so strange. She turned towards the smell but before she could lay eyes on it, a piercing pain hit her in the chest. She looked down to see an arrow sticking out of her. Her hand slowly reached for the arrow, shaking as her fingertips grazed it. What had she learned about arrows? She could not remove it unless she had something to stop the bleeding and from the sound of another arrow being placed in, she did not have time. So, she ran again. Unsure of who the scent belonged to or why they had shot her.]]

[center [font "times new roman" She kept running till her legs screamed, till her lungs felt like they would burst. She came to a stop in a large forest, the trees loomed over her as she collapsed to the ground, falling into the untouched snow. Even with all the smells of the earth, the snow, the tree bark, all she could smell was the copper smell of blood. Mixtures of her blood and the blood of the soldiers. It was intoxicating. Everything was hitting her at once, her hazy mind could not take it. She began to drift in and out. She turned her head to see her blood mixing with the snow, turning it crimson. She needed to remove the arrow, but she could not focus, could not even lift her arm. But the wound burned through her chest. The arrow was coated with something, but she could not place what it was.]]

[center [font "times new roman" At one moment, she was alone in the small clearing, nothing but shadows cast by the moon, before it went black. Then she was surrounded by wolves, the hackles on their backs were raised, baring their teeth. If they planned to tear her apart than she welcomed it. Everything went blurry for a second as a distorted figure of a wolf stepped closer to her. She heard the wolf whine, pressing its nose against her forehead. The blood red of her irises faded from red to a dim gold before going completely dark, much like her vision as she fell unconscious.]]
Starless-вeaѕт   1y ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 A small sigh passed through the male's lips as he looked towards his father. He was sitting in the kitchen with the older man, listening to what he was talking about. [b "Dominick, you really need to find someone to mate with. You are my son, and the other's are slowly starting to talk about the fact, you haven't found your mate yet"] the older man said, as he placed his coffee cup down onto the table top before him. Dominick on the other hand, couldn't careless what the other pack members were saying, and his father shouldn't either.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#D1B419 "Honestly dad. I haven't really clicked with anyone in the pack. I don't know what it is about all these women, and I understand that I'm needing to settle down, but can't you understand a little bit, that if I'm going to take over as the Alpha, then I need to find the perfect mate?"] he asked lightly. His father looked towards his only son, and let out a slow breath. [b "I know where you are coming from, because I was the same way with your mother"] he said with a small smile.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "I remember when her and I first met. We both hated each other with a passion, but something seemed to click between the both of us. Your grandfather was going to end up passing away, and he told me that your mother and I were made for each other. He didn't want me to be alone, he didn't want me losing your mother in the first place. So I approached your mother, and I told her what my father had said, and she admitted that her mother came to her in a dream as well about it"]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Since then the two of us had been attached at the hip, and we ended up getting married about a year later. Then you came along about nine months later. So I know what it's like wanting to find the right mate for you. I don't want you to settle for anything less my son"] he said as he looked up at Dominick with tears in his eyes. It's been awhile since he's heard the story of how his parents had gotten together, and it made him feel slightly better. He walked over and wrapped his arms around his father.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#D1B419 "I promise you dad, I will find the right mate for myself, and we will run this pack the way you have done for as long as I could remember"] he said into his ear. That's when the side door flew open, and one of the younger children ran into the house. [b [i "Something's happening! There's a girl! She ended up coming out of the woods, and she has an arrow sticking out of her!"]] the child nearly screamed. Dominick flew into action just then. He turned his eyes to his father, who only nodded.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#D1B419 "Lead the way"] he said. The child nodded and shifted into her wolf form, and started running. Dominick didn't need to shift right then. He needed to be in his human form to really see, and understand what was going on. When the two came to the edge of the woods, sure enough there was a woman there. Dominick's breath caught in his throat when the child whined, and touched the woman's forehead. He walked over and watched as her eyes fluttered closed. He then pushed the small wolf to the side.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He knelt down and looked at the wound in her shoulder, along with the arrow sticking out of her as well. He hadn't seen anything like this before. They weren't supposed to have something like this happen either. He slowly slid his arms under the woman's body, and he lifted her up off the ground. [#D1B419 "Miranda, I need to use your cabin"] he said in a matter of fact tone. [b "Of course"] she said as she hurried off ahead of the male. He followed behind her, carrying the woman in his arms.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 When the three arrived at the cabin, he let Miranda clear off the table. [#D1B419 "Close the blinds, and lock the doors. I don't want anyone else coming inside"] he snapped. [b "Of course"] she said once more. She then did as Dominick asked of her, and she closed and locked the door. She then went to the front of the house as well, and made sure that door was locked. She made sure the blinds were drawn shut as well, and she made her way back into her kitchen, grabbing supplies as she went, placing them next to the male.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He didn't say anything, as he looked at the arrow. Miranda knew what he was thinking, and she nodded lightly. The two worked quickly, and soon the wound was dressed, and Dominick moved the woman to one of the spare bedrooms. He would tell the other's what happened later. Right now he had to make sure she was okay, and that she would live. Miranda pulled in a chair from the kitchen, and he sat down. She then turned and went back to the kitchen to clean up the mess, leaving Dominick alone in silence.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The male wrinkled his nose lightly as he looked at the woman on the bed. She wasn't that much younger than he was, and yet something about the woman drew him in. He didn't know what it was, but sooner or later he would find out. He settled in for the time being, watching the woman with silent eyes. He crossed his arms over his chest, as he waited for her to come around.]]
Hana_Panda13{pacĸ}   1y ago

[right [pic]][center [font "times new roman" The pain in her chest seem to subsided, as if the arrow was no longer there. Had it been removed? Had she been devoured by the wolves and finally reached blissful death? The second part seemed unlikely at this point. She was simply bond to continue in this nightmare for some sin she committed. For now, at this moment, she would just enjoyed the dream she seemed to be in.]]

[center [font "times new roman" She was back in her old room, still in the hospital bed though. She sat up, she felt this intense pain in her stomach. Like hunger heightened by a hundred. She could smell something delicious wafting in the air. Closing her eyes, she allowed her nose to lead her as she climbed out of the bed, only to trip on something. She quickly opened her eyes to see what it had been and froze. It was her nurse, laid out in her own blood, with her throat ripped open.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Blood. That was the scent. She couldn't stop herself as her body was in full control, now crawling to the body. As she lowered herself to the fleshly gashed neck. She heard a gun click and before she could turn, the shot rang out.]]

[center [font "times new roman" Dahlia shot up, gasping for air, indistinctly reaching for where the arrow once hung out. Her hands grazed a bandage rather than the burning wood and she sighed. She ripped the bandage off, expecting to see the wound still there but there was nothing but dry blood. It was gone. Her wound had vanished as if it hadn't happened in the first place. She had healed completely. She rubbed at her head as a headache now took place of the shot pain.]]

[center [font "times new roman" This wasn't right. Whether she was a vampire or a wolf, nether of those species were known to heal this quickly. Some wounds took some time and for wolves, left scars. She could tell she hadn't been out for long, she could smell that her blood was fresh. So what was she?]]

[center [font "times new roman" She didn't have much time to ponder on it as she could smell that of a dog? Her eyes quickly shot to that of the male and she was up in seconds, using that inhuman speed to create distance between them both. [#BD4E37 "Who are you? What do you want with me?"]]
Starless-вeaѕт   1y ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Dominick had been watching the woman sleeping. He didn't fully understand what she was, her smells were different. He could tell she might have some wolf in her, but the other smell was something he hadn't dealt with before. As she was sleeping, the male made sure to keep Miranda updated on the woman. When the older woman came into the room a third time to check on them, he looked towards her. [b "Any change in her?"] she asked softly. The male shook his head. [#D1B419 "Not quite yet"] he admitted. He was getting kind of worried.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Alright. I'm going to make some tea, do you want some?"] she asked him. She was being a mother hen and it warmed his heart a bit seeing her that way. [#D1B419 "That would be wonderful. Maybe make one for the woman as well. She might want some when she does awake"] he said in a soft tone. Miranda nodded and slipped back out of the room, shutting the door behind her. That's when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He forgot he had it on him. He sighed as he pulled it out, and read the message that came through.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b [i Is everything okay? Are you okay? Is the woman doing okay? What is she?]] The message read. Dominick knew that everyone in the pack was wondering what this woman was. He wanted to know what and who she was as well. He sighed as he started to type out a reply. [#D1B419 [i Miranda and I got the arrow out, and she's all bandaged up for the time being as well. I don't know what she is, but there's some type of wolf blood I can smell on her.]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#D1B419 [i She's still sleeping right now, but I can see she's starting to stir. Once I find out more information, I'll let you know.]] He then hit send, and as soon as he did the woman sat bolt upright, and finally noticed him. The way she moved wasn't human. Wasn't like any other wolf he'd dealt with either. She was asking what he wanted with her. The male stayed where he was, and held his hands up, his phone still in his hand. He had to warn Miranda somehow, but he didn't know how too.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#D1B419 "My name in Dominick Monte, and you are in Miranda Howard's home. You were shot in the chest, I don't know who shot you, or why. Miranda and I took care of you. I want nothing from you, I just want to know who you are as well. Also, Miranda will be in here in any moment with some tea, so please be kind to her"] he said in a small, stern tone. He didn't want to have more blood on his hands. That's when his eyes moved to her chest, her wound was already healed? How was that possible?]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 That's when he heard Miranda slowly making her way back to the room. He slowly stood and backed towards the door, leaving his hands in front of him, so as not to startle the woman more. He opened the door slowly, and Miranda stood there with three mugs on a tray. [#D1B419 "She's awake"] was all he said. Miranda could hear the tone in his voice, and she nodded lightly as she slowly entered the room, with the tray of hot tea. She then looked towards the woman and smiled warmly towards her.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "It's good to see you up and about. I honestly didn't think you would have made it, because of the wound in your chest. I see you've already removed the bandage, and it's healed already.. That's pretty strange.. But that's besides the point. Would you like some warm tea? I just made it. Also if it'll make you feel better, I can shoo Dominick out, and you and I can talk"] she offered. Dominick wanted to place his hand over Miranda's mouth to make her stop talking, but she finally stopped talking herself.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He didn't like the idea of leaving Miranda alone with this woman, but he would be willing too if it helped the woman be more comfortable. Maybe another woman would make things a lot easier. He sighed lightly, as he slowly slid his phone back into his pocket, then crossed his arms. The silence was starting to get a bit heavy, but he didn't dare say another word in case something in her snapped. He was trying to protect his pack member first and foremost. He kept his eyes on the beautiful woman before him as well, watching to make sure she didn't do something rash.]]
Hana_Panda13{pacĸ}   1y ago

[center [size12 [i Mr. Claire walked around the room, the glass on the floor cracked beneath his feet with each step. [b "How many causalities?"] One of the soldiers stepped forward, "None. There were injuries but no causalities." The older man nodded his head as he continued to walk around the room, examining everything. [b "Seems she had some self-restraint this time."] He knelt by the machine that was pumping the anesthetic seemed to be unplugged. [b "Was anyone in the room before she woke up?"] He looked at the soldiers to see them all shaking their heads. [b "Find the footage and tell me if anyone came into this room.]]]

[center [size12 [i As he continued to examine the room, another soldier walked in, carrying a crossbow. “I shot her before she exited the building. The wound is enough to slow her down, as is the anesthetic and wolfsbane coating the arrow’s tip. If the arrow is still in her chest, she could not have gotten far. We’ll find her.”] Mr. Claire only grunted in response to this news. He knew the soldier would have rather put her down permanently, but that was no longer an option. [b “Bring her back, soldier. Alive.”] He emphasized the last word so there was no mistake of what he wanted. “Yes, sir,” the solider spat the word like venom before turning to leave.]]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]][center [font "times new roman" Dahlia pressed her back so hard against the wall, it was a surprise that it didn’t crumble around her. Her body was on edge and exhausted at the same time. So much had happened that she was still wrapping her brain around the fact that it wasn’t just a come induced nightmare. This was real. Her being shot was real. What she did to those guards was real. She was wanted to sink to the floor, to scream out. What was she?]]

[center [font "times new roman" But her focus was on the male that she had woken up to. His stern voice caused something in her to snap to attention. A part of her that was bound to listen to him like a guard dog listened to it’s owner. She eased a little as another woman entered the room, the scent of the tea hitting her nose as soon as the door opened. Even though she was on the other side of the room. How was that even possible?]]

[center [font "times new roman" At the mention of the arrow wound, her hand instinctively went to her chest where it once was. No wound. No scar. Nothing. The woman’s voice was so warm and inviting, like one’s favorite aunt. She eased even more as she slowly peeled herself off the wall. She hadn’t even realized she had dug her nails into it until she stepped away and heard the drywall sprinkle on the floor. Wiping her hands off on her pants, she spoke softly. [#BD4E37 “He can stay.”]]]

[center [font "times new roman" She couldn’t explain the feeling but the idea of him leaving let her uneasy. Even though she didn’t know either of these people, they did save her life. Or atleast treated her. They didn’t know her and they brought her into their home. She could atleast treat the with some form of respect, until she learned if they were truly trust worthy. She took a seat back on the bed, hugging her knees to her chest as she looked between the two.]]
Starless-вeaѕт   1y ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Miranda nodded lightly as she looked over her shoulder at Dominick. [b "If I was you, I would keep your distance from her for a little while longer"] she said as she clicked her tongue. The male looked towards the older woman and nodded. [#D1B419 "I wasn't planning on doing anything"] he muttered lightly. Whenever Miranda looked at him, or spoke to him in a different voice he seemed to back down, and fast. The older woman walked over to where the other was, and set the tray down onto the bedside table, lifting one of the cups.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Drink this child, and it will help you feel a lot better. When you are ready, I would like to know what you remember, before waking up here"] she said lightly. She was being so motherly and it was making Dominick's stomach turn. He didn't like how the older woman trusted her already. They didn't know anything about her, and yet Miranda felt like a mother over her. He was curious as to who she was, and where she came from as well. He wanted answers, but at the same time he wasn't about to rush her either.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He slowly sat back down in his chair, and took the cup that Miranda handed him. He slowly lifted the cup to his lips and took a sip. The tea tasted amazing, and he tasted a small hint of Lavender as well. He locked eyes with Miranda and she smiled lightly. [b "You found the small ingredient I added"] she cooed lightly. The male broke out into a small grin. [#D1B419 "How can I not? You know how much I love your tea, and always trying to throw me off"] he teased the woman.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Miranda nodded lightly as she moved over to the other's side once more. She then took her own cup and took a sip. [b "There's this thing Dominick and I do, whenever I make tea, I try to throw him off with adding little things here and there. I want to see if you can find it as well"] she said with a knowing smile. Dominick was kind of surprised at how well the older woman was handling everything. He would have been freaking out with a total stranger in his home. He sighed lightly watching the other woman.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She looked like a scared little girl. She seemed lost, and didn't trust them. He understood that all too well. [#D1B419 "I know you don't trust me, or Miranda for that matter, but you are more than welcome to ask us both anything you can think of. I'm pretty much an open book, and I'm willing to try and answer your questions the best that I can"] he said softly. He felt like if he moved too fast it would startle the woman. So he figured it was best to let her take the lead on everything.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He just hoped that she wouldn't run off screaming. He wouldn't stop her either, but something was tugging him towards this strange woman before him. He didn't know what it was, but he hoped that sooner or later he would be able to find out.]]
Hana_Panda13     283d ago

[right [pic]][center [font "times new roman" Dahlia watched the exchange between the two. She was surprised that the woman was not his mother. The way they acted would say otherwise. She never had a mom growing up. Like Dahlia, her mom had cancer but when she passed away, she did not come back as a monster.]] 

[center [font "times new roman" Her body tensed when she was asked what had happened before she came here. She couldn’t tell them what had happened. They would lock her away and call law enforcement. Or just kill her because she was a monster. That is what she was, a monster. She had torn through those soldiers like they were flies and she was the swatter. She wanted to do more to them and that was the part that had scared her the most.]

[center [font "times new roman" She slowly reached out and took the cup from the woman, but instead of drinking it, she rested the cup on her knee and stared into it. When was the last time she drank tea? Her nurse was always drinking them but her dad had her on a strict diet during chemo so she didn’t get to drink any of it. Her room always smelled of it though, until it smelled like a hospital and death. Memories of her last day slowly started to creep into her head. The pain, the coldness. She had to focus on the steam coming out of the cup just to stop them from filling her head.]]  

[center [font "times new roman" She had become so hyper-focused that she almost missed Miranda’s question. [#BD4E37 “Oh, I don’t know how you usually make it, but I can smell everything in it. Lavender, honey, a bunch of other things.”] She muttered the last part as she slowly brought the cup to her mouth and took a sip. She didn’t smell anything poisonous, so it seemed safe enough to drink.]]  

[center [font "times new roman" She set the cup back down on her knee as she stared at the man, Dominick. Would he really tell her anything she wanted to know? And if he did, would she have to tell him? She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t tell them what happened. She didn’t even want to repeat what had happened. [#BD4E37 “Where am I and who are you people? I can assume wolves. You and all the people outside that are texting you trying to find who and what I am.”] She could hear them, and she could smell them before Miranda handed her the tea. With the herbal scents so close, the dog smell was faded but still there. Mainly because of Dominick. His scent was the strongest.]]


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