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poontangboomerang     1y ago

He gasped as the air in his lungs was knocked out his lungs and hissed through his teeth at the searing pain that throbbed down his ankle. His entire right side ached from the collision, but that was soon to be the least of his worries. Before Sam could even brush off the pain and the anxiety brewing inside his stomach, a voice caught his attention along with the sound of creaking steps. And that voice was all too familiar; a sweet symphony of graceful noise amid basement ambience, Sam would've taken the time to cherish it if it weren't for the fear chewing away at his chest and the oncoming abuse.

He squirmed in place and whimpered pathetically, the intense pain having settled in his stomach, causing an excruciating nauseating feeling. He was hunched over in an instinctual attempt to hide his stomach from another blow and his arm gripped him close, but that didn't protect him from the next blow that clashed with his cheek. In a flash, Sam was on the floor, practically screaming as his mouth filled with the warm, sweet taste of hot blood and bile. As his mouth opened and closed with muffled yelps and garbled whines, he could feel a distinct crunch between his molars; fragments of broken teeth that hadn't survived the attack.

His mind was racing, every thought instinctive and intense. His body launched him into survival mode, and any attempt to speak and beg for his life came out as delirious moans and bleats of pain and anguish, but the oncoming stench of decaying flesh and old blood overpowering his sense as his mind was overtaken by the sensory overload, Sam's mind suddenly cleared with his enough integrity to form a sentence; a desperate and motor-mouthed one, but a sentence nonetheless. "No, no! Wait!" He yelled out, trying futility to prop his body on his side to maintain eye contact with Jenny through his blurred vision. "Please, no more! I'm sorry, I- I'll leave, I swear! I just- Fuck!" His mouth ran faster than his mind now, and that wasn't helped by the discovery of the body rotting in the darkness of the basement. Sam only noticed as the smell got stronger alongside Jenny's own input.

He couldn't look at her- at it. Just one look at the greying, decaying skin and flaked blood dried on the floor made him want to puke with both sickness and panic. Fuck, that was going to be him. "Fuck, I- I don't wanna, no!" Was that the inevitable panic attack of being close to a dead body... or the realisation that his beloved was a serial killer? Fuck, as if that mattered right now.
poontangboomerang     1y ago

poontangboomerang     1y ago

Full Name: Clarence James Hudgeson
Nickname: C.J.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White-American)
Occupation: Technician
Sexuality: Bisexual (Closeted)

Family: C.J is the middle child of an estranged family from the small town of Cold Springs, located in Massachusetts. His father was a WWI vet who had died in combat whilst his mother worked as a nurse. His siblings consist of his older brother and younger brother, along with his younger cousin who the family had been given custody of. In 1943, C.J met Ellie during his leave in California and the two eventually got married, but due to personal issues, they soon separated but he never forgot what she meant to him. They never expected to meet again after that.

Jobs: C.J was never really going anywhere in life, the death of his father and his treatment as the middle child only solidifying his nihilism. It wasn't until his 18th birthday that he enlisted himself into the U.S army and served in the second war as a weapons technician. Using his newfound skills and knowledge, C.J took some odd jobs where his expertise were needed, soon finding himself lodged in with an archaeological team who hired him as their technician for their expedition in Iraq. Though, was hiring a WWII vet really necessary? It wasn't just his knowledge of old tech that was needed...
poontangboomerang     1y ago



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