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The Demons

By ALonelyOtaku
So, I wrote a short story for a school project and wanted to write a story about it.
Plot Idea: A young boy (M/C) is terrified of his night terrors and deals with them every night but slowly the terrors don't seem so violent, but maybe even friendly? Soon the boy and the NT become friends that only meet in the dead of night... but what happens when (M/C)'s mom finds out about these friends and gives M/C medication to get rid of these new friends?

(Story Below)
It was the dead of night, or so I assumed… I was on my bed, it was absolutely silent around me and I assumed I just woke up for no reason again as always, so I didn't really care, eager to fall back asleep and get back to the dream I was in. As I feel myself fading into a state of unconsciousness I feel something heavy, like hands, pressing down beside my feet. My body tenses up and I suddenly feel frozen, feeling the weight of the person's hands beside my feet get heavier, my feet now physically going down with the weight of the person. I quickly opened my eyes and tried to see the person but nothing was there… I realized I was on my back and the bathroom light was off… It didn't seem like a crazy change, but for the last few days I had fallen back into my fear of the dark and required the bathroom light on to sleep, but now it was off and the door was semi-closed when it normally is completely swung open so the light would flood the room and hallway. I try to sit up but my body seemed stuck to the bed as I could hear the person crawling around the bed, under the bed, and behind it. My body was trembling without moving as I could hear exactly where it was, knowing it was just trying to scare me. I attempted to say something but nothing came out. My eyes darted around my room but nothing was there but the darkness of my room. I looked desperately at my window which was half-covered by black-out curtains. I was able to see faint moonlight above a large tree and the flickering street light. I tried to lift my arms out from beneath the blanket and allow myself to sit up but my body seemed too heavy to move… I realized it was the person's hands pressing against me, restraining me as it got closer. I then looked at my open doorway into the hall, seeing a large dark figure near the stairs. Its body was slim and large, its height could easily be 7 ½ feet tall as it was bent over in the hallway, and it had high ceilings… I looked fearfully at the being, its face was blank with nothing on it but I knew it saw me, the person around my bed getting closer… I could feel its breath as the large being in the hall tried to get into my room, its giant body becoming stuck in the door, though its elongated neck and head were already at my bedside, breathing ragged, heavy breaths as if it was breathing my scent in so it would never lose me again. I was now beginning to be able to move, I was able to move my fingers a little bit and I slowly lifted my head up, the being in the hall now moving at superhuman speed to get out of the door and out onto the roof window behind it. The person wrapped around my bed pressed its weight angrily at the end of my bed before disappearing entirely and not moving anymore. I sit up fully now, sweat running down my face and my shallow breathing became the only sound. I break down crying as I try to get over what happened… I was too scared to sleep but I knew I still had hours of the night to go. I was too scared to get out of bed but I wanted to run to my mother and father immediately and tell them what had happened, or call the police and tell them what had happened. My body was trembling as I laid back down, trusting they were gone for good. I lay my head on the pillow, laying on my back as I let out two long breaths and trying to close my eyes… As I drifted to sleep this time, I could hear the breathing of the large figure, but I didn't wake up at that time… I woke up later to my bedroom light back on and nothing had seemed out of the ordinary so I decided to get ready for school because that's what I needed to do. As I started walking to my doorway I noticed the roof window was open fully and the lock was broken…
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bbg_starrStarr   1y ago

can i joinnn?

Yeah sure, why not?

I was asleep and the house was silent... after a few moments, I suddenly jolt awake and sit upright. I look around my room, slowly inching back to the edge of my bed near the wall, looking into the darkness of the hallway outside, my bathroom light was off... I made a soft noise of fear as my eyes start making out the figure of someone or something in the hallway.

I updated Asuka's bio- for her true form) I looked around the hallway looking for the kids room I heard a soft noise and headed toward the noise and entered into what it looked liked to be a kids room.

I tremble in my bed, starring at the figure now in my room. A cry for help builds in my throat as I feel a chill go through my body, unable to look away from the creature as a small whisper escapes me, "H-Help me..."
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"No one can help you now...!" I ripped the sheets from the small boy and grasped his throat, lifting him up and out of the bed. "How would you like to die? Blood loss, fear, or suffocation?"

I tried to scream but no sound came from me, and due to this I lost all air in my lungs and the grip on my neck made me unable to breath. Tears ran down my face and my legs kick violently mid-air, trying to get away from the person/creature. Slowly, my head started to ache and my violent kicks started to slow.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"That's it, succumb to the feeling of DEATH" My howl ran through the night as I tightened my grip around your neck. "Rock-a-bye baby, scared and alone. I will kill you inside of your home!"

My tears ran down your wrist as I say in a thick strain, "P-Ple- ... Please!" My hands touched your wrist, gripping it so weakly I was hardly even holding onto them. My eyes started feeling heavy as my weak attempts to breathe became more desperate and quick and my legs start to go limp and still under me, only small sudden movements as I beg once more, "P-Please..." My hands trembled as they begin to fail to stay around your wrist.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

My hands loosened enough for you to breathe, but only for a moment "Give me 1 good reason why I should spare your pathetic life"

I take a few large gasps of air and cough once, though I don't say anything... I had nothing to say, there was no reason for her to keep me alive... I then say in almost a whisper through my tears, "I-I do-dont know.." I then tense up and take a breath, expecting you to re-tightnen your grip.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Breaks into a howl "This'll be my best kill yet!!" Revealing my sharp claws, I stroked them upon your cheek, slightly cutting it. "Any last words?"

I start sobbing and repeatedly saying 'Please' in a desperate, pleading and terrified tone as I start kicking the air as strongly as I could, gripping your wrist as tight as my hands would allow and trying to pull myself away from you, a scream starting to form in my throat as I feel a cold claw rub against my cheek.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"BE QUIET!!" Slaps you down to the ground and pins you down with my foot. "Wouldn't want Mommy and Daddy to die, do you?"

I immediately go silent, my body trembling under you so violently I assumed you could feel it and I started choking on my own tears, causing me to start coughing. The moment I stop I start quietly saying sorry repeatedly. I then say in a trembling tone, "D-D-Dont hurt my p-parents! T-They didn't do anything! I-I'm sorry for whatever I did!" I try to keep my tone quiet as I say this.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

I paused as your words hit me, bringing back forgotten memories. "Wh-What..?" I shook my head. "Alright, how about we make a deal; I spare you, BUT you have to do WHAT I say, WHEN I say it. Understand?"

"Y-Yes! O-Okay!" I felt relief flood through me and I wipe the tears from my face, though it didn't matter because I kept crying anyways.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Oh my god. If I change my form will you stop crying?" I lifted my foot up from you, freeing you.

I immediately sit up and back up a few inches, I nod and try to wipe the tears from my face again... They came back again for a few moments but after that I seemed to stop crying, though I would occasionally hiccup quietly, my body still trembling a bit.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Reverts my form to a more comfortable look, a female grey wolf. "Now, my first order for you is...go get me something to eat. I'm starving!" I wrapped my arms around my stomach, wincing in pain.

I nod and stand up and start walking to my door, glancing back and going downstairs and sneaking into the kitchen... I assume that she would want meat, but then I felt like that would be rude... I grab a bag of chips and a soda... I then decide, just to be safe, to grab my box of jerky sticks. I then struggle to carry them upstairs, but once in my room I lay them on my bed and I sit on my couch, reaching towards my lamp to turn it on.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Sniffs the food items, then devours them within 3.8 seconds. "Tasty!~ Got anything el-" Notices the crumbs on your cheeks from dessert and licks them off without a second thought. "WHAT WERE THESE THINGS CALLED?!"

I turned a bit red from this and stutter, "I-I don't know... My mom makes them on special days... I-I can go get some..." I say, starting to feel a bit guilty for stealing so much food tonight... I then try to add, "I-I cant steal too much! My mom will figure out I'm doing this!" I touch the lamp and turn the light on to dim, now being able to see you fully. I don't hesitate before saying, "Wow... You have a tail and ears!"
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Chuckles a bit "No sh!t Sherlock, how'd you figure out THAT one?"

I lower my head slightly, the grin I had on my face was gone now. I check the time and quickly realize it was 2 in the morning. I now seem panicked again as I say quickly, "Y-You need to go! I need to get back to sleep, I have school tomorrow!" I say, somehow managing to jump onto my bed, then looking at my torn-up blanket... I hesitate for a moment then throw it onto the floor, and look for my pillow, noticing it was a few feet away from the bed. I sigh and lay on the mattress, noticing you were still here.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

I huddled up on the other side of your bed and began to snooze. "G'night"

I hesitate but then say, "Yeah... Goodnight..." I roll onto my side, closing my eyes and falling asleep rather quickly... After a few hours my alarm goes off, waking me up almost immediately. I looked exhausted and I look at the foot of my bed, yawning.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

As you could clearly tell, I was wearing nothing but a bra and underwear, due to the heat inside the house. This being why I was panting, yet asleep. My face was red, sweat dripping from my body, and none of it helped.

I flush dark red, looking directly away from you and trying to avoid looking at you all together. I change and get dressed for school and then I walk over to you, facing the ground. I then hesitate as I put my hand on your shoulder and shake you gently, "I-Its time for you to go, my parents are awake and I need to go..." I say, still refusing to look at you as my mom calls from downstairs, "Liam sweetheart? Are you alright?" I hesitate then call back, "Yeah, Im fine Mom!" She doesn't respond and I start heading for the door of my room.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Gets up, gets dressed, and follows you downstairs. "What's for breakfast? I'm starving..." My stomach growled with hunger.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Suddenly remembers that I'm not supposed to be seen by your parents, so I get down on all fours, shift my hands and feet into paws, and licks your face to convince your mother that I'm your 'pet'. "Ruff, ruff!" Quietly speaks into your ear, "If you make this anymore humiliating than it already is, I'll kill you..." SLURP!!

My mother smiles and rubs my head then pets the 'dog'. I smile nervously and nod, grabbing my backpack and shoving $15 into it, then saying, "I-I need to get to school now mom... I'll see you later...! Bye..." I hesitate and look at my dog, feeling terrible about this, "B-Bye Princess." My face flushes red and I quickly run out the door, reminding myself to never name a dog something so embarrassing ever again. I wipe my face from the dog slobber and start walking to school, beginning to dread the kids I would see...The kids that bullied me daily.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Psst..." A voice drawing you in behind you was someone...familiar.

I freeze in my steps, then turn around quickly, facing you directly while a look of fear was in my eyes as I wasn't able to detect who you were at first.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Down here!" In between your legs was I, following you to your educated building. "Where are you going?"

I look down at you and I say in a soft voice, "Hell...But no, Im going to school... I-" I see two boys standing by the door, their eyes locked on me from here. I whimper softly and stop walking.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Why'd you stop?" I got up from your legs and stood in front of you, blocking the two boys' view of you.

I don't answer, my eyes locked on the boys as my body starts to tremble and I try to turn around as I say, "I-Im going home-" I attempt to walk towards home again.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Stops you. "This 'school' thing seems important, and I COMMAND YOU TO GO THERE. NOW."

I turn back and face you and say in a whimper, "P-Please, I don't want to go! I-I can't go!" I say, my shoulders starting to tremble as I find myself slowly inching towards the building, the boys laughing and pointing at me.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

Reveals a terrifying face towards the children, slobbering all over my lips. "WHAT'RE YOU LOOKING AT?!" Shows my fangs, gleaming with light to present fear into their souls.

The boys scream and run inside, tripping over themselves to get away from the beast as I tremble slightly as you do this, then walk inside with my head low and I whisper a 'thank you' as I walk into the school, going into class. I drop my backpack beside my seat and hide my face in my arms, laying on my desk.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

I sat in a seat beside you, eventually getting stuck. "F*ck"

I quickly whisper, "D-Dont curse! A-And you shouldn't be in your human form here... I-I can play you off as a service dog if you transform now." I look up at you slightly, noticing I was first in class and the teacher would be out for only a minute more.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Let'em come!" I scooted my desk next to yours and ate some of your reports. "This. Is. Delicious. What is this?"
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Y'know, I like you." Grins at myself, finally saying something nice in my life. "You need me in your life."

"I-I do?" I say, confused but somewhat happy.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Yep!" puffed out my chest whilst stretching to continue on with the day

I whimper slightly, my hand reaching out to my math homework as I say in almost a whisper, "T-Thats called; 'Math Homework that's a week late'..." I sigh, defeated and then watch as kids flood our room, the teacher eyeing you confused as she goes to her desk.
Grey_wolf69Felisha   1y ago

"Blah, blah blah. I don't care about that stuff" Wraps my arm around you and pulls you in closer to me. "Just keep me well fed, and I'll protect you from whatever!"


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