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{Libertas} RWBY Roleplay

By Mr-X

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ATLAS To the outer world the city of Atlas is a modern marvel. Home to the Schnee dust company and the world's strongest military. Hunters and Huntresses are proud to claim lineage to this wondrous world of endless possibilities. As the upper aristocratic people mingle and enjoy the peace which was hard fought and won, hardly anyone pays attention to the oppression and subjection of those below. Beneath the beauty of it all lies a darken secret that will eventually shake the world to its core.
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Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

[i “You cost this company a consider sum of money… What, with your human rights protest. You’re filthy faunist are animals! You don’t [b deserve] to be treated with [b humane decency.] ] Shaking the words from his head, Adam stood upon the train platform with a group of others just like him. The train heading west was carrying supplies to one of the Schnee company dust mines. Mines which held faunist slave labour. The redhead had seen it first hand; he bore the scars of the cruelty of man himself. As he drew his sword he held his breath. This was his first attack, his first charge.

[b “On my Mark. It’s time we hurt them the way they hurt us!”] He knew that from this point forward, he would be hunted by Atlas military personal But it was time, time that he woke up the city to the horrors which the oppress were facing behind close doors. And as the train horn blazed signaling its arrival and to move out of its way. Adam let out a sigh and lower his sword signaling the charge to attack.
Kitiki_AnemaraMaka   1y ago

[center --- ONE MONTH AGO ---]
Maka crouched in the freezing snow, watching the supply trucks bring brought in. This was it... This was her chance to prove she was useful and lead the charge against the Schnee's. At least, at this mine. She grit her teeth and held her swords at her sides as they entered at a steady pace. Once the trucks were past the gates, she screamed [b "CHARGE!!!"] and launched herself into the fight. Though many could call it a slaughter. A fully trained hunter had been on one of the trucks using an explosive semblence which set off the dust in the mine- trapping many faunus within as they killed the rest. But Maka managed to survive and escaped.

[center --- PRESENT DAY ---]

Maka hid out once more in another Shnee dust mine, awaiting the orders to charge as she grit her teeth and hissed under her breath. [b "Come on already..."] She mumbled tensely, a part of her wanting to charge in guns-blazing and swords clashing. The white fang got no where by being peaceful. Now they were making change. Making a difference. And she would stop at nothing until the Faunus ruled Remnant.

Finally, the signal was given and she charged ahead, surrounded by dust-filled bubbles which will explode upon impact thanks to her semblance. She spun around, whip swords singing in the wind as she swiftly turned them into colts and shot through the hearts of Shnee workers, aiming precisely in areas that would let them bleed out painfully. She didn't believe in giving them mercy.

((sorry for the crap post >.<))
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

The attack was on two fronts. One at the mine and the other on the train. This was Adam's initiation into the white Fang. As the train came to a screeching halt the mad jumped onboard and instantly sheath his sword. Leaning forward he looked at the Schnee guards which were ready to protect Atlas and their precious dust. It infuriated him to no end. Without hesitation he drew his sword and charged. He led a small group of other faunist. There mission was simple. Take control of the train and meet up with Maka and the rest of the white fang at the Mines where this was going to.

Without any hesitation he drew his sword and began to attack those around him. Dodging gun fire and magic, he jumped up before attacking one a guard and threw his sheath at another, before dashing forward and catching it. Heading towards the front of the train he slide the door open and met the human conductor who was screaming when he met him. Cowering before the redhead he pleaded with his life pathetically and Adam ordered him to keep the train going straight towards the Schnee mines where the other White Fang members lied in wait.

Reaching for his scroll, he dialed Maka's number and spoke fast. "We're be there in twenty. How are things holding up on your end?" he waited for her reply as he stare out across the frozen tundra and felt the snow and ice bit into his skin.
Kitiki_AnemaraMaka   1y ago

She picked up her scroll as she beheaded another driver. Since her first failed rebellion shed made sure to have gotten stronger and in the past few months shes been able to take on fully-trained huntsmen and win. But she refused to stop training. [B "Convoys and supply trucks are cleared- theyve sent more huntsmen than usual but we'll take care of them"] she replied quickly, pausing to doge one of their attacks and retaliate. Just overhead, a large electrically charged bubble of aura was forming overhead. [B "Hideo! Hurry the hell up with those conductors!"] she shouted as her human-looking brother shot the Shnee workers and guards as well as the huntsmen. [B "see you when you get here"] she told Adam then hung up the scroll.

[+blue [b "Done!!"]] Hideo shouted

[B "SCATTER, DUCK AND COVER"] She screamed at the rest of the White Fang that accompanied her as she the giant bubble created by her semblance decended, the hardly visible conductors sticking to their enemies as planned as the dust-enhanced bubble decended upon them- she smirked as the huntsmen lunged for her with their weapons raised only to scream in pain as the shock drained their auras and knocked them out.
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

As soon as the scroll went dead the faunist nodded his head and look ahead. This was the very beginning of the revolution which was happening in Atlas. A beginning of a wake up call. Stalking away from the commander the male turned his attention towards the group of warriors which had come with him to take hold of the train. A cheerful roar went up all around as they subdued the trains people and tied them up. Sheathing his sword the male walked towards the human crew and spoke menacing at them.

[b "Spread the word that us Faunist are done being abuse in Atlas. A revolution of freedom is coming and we've officially declared war on the Schnee Dust company!"] As Adam spoke those words a cheer went up in response to him. Turning around the male closed his eyes before opening them once more. With this he knew that his initiation into the white fang had been completed and his mission more then a success. It was all he could do keep from breathing out a sigh or relief.
Kitiki_AnemaraMaka   1y ago

Satisfied with the result as the bubble popped, Maka was proud of their work this time around. But they could always do better. She took a look at her scroll and smiled. [b "Just fourty two minutes- we're getting faster."] She chuckled and signaled that it was safe for the rest of the White Fang to emerge from hiding as they heard the screeching of train wheels on tracks. [b "Right on time"] she smirked and made her way to the train to meet with Adam and his group only to be stopped by the grounds tremers and a distant roar.

[+blue [b "LEVIATHAN!"]] Hideo shouted as the head of the massive grimm leared over the horizon, showing it heading straight for them.

[b "Shit!"] Maka cursed as the entire group ran for the train to meet Adam, the beast would arrive in a few minutes with the pace it was going. [b "Adam we're not done yet, get everyone ready to kill some grimm- we have a Leviathan headed this way!"] She announced loudely, holding a mask over her eyes to hide their silver gleam. She still didn't know the amount of power her eyes held, nor how to use it, only that people with her eyes were powerful, dangerous and hunted to near extinction and that she was to keep them hidden at all times. The only one who knew about her eyes was Adam and he had found out on mistake when her mask had been knocked off during a sparring match in which they'd tied. Now she tightened the strap around her head to hold it in place and scowled as the Leviathan drew closer.
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

Wars are won by a combination of small victories leading up to the final climax. Pale snow littered the ground along with the bodies of slain oppressors and as Adam was greeted by Maka and the white fang his breathing was slowed. Hijacking the train and stealing dust from the Schnee company went as planned and now the second plan was to turn around and use the dust to better equality amidst the faunist. As his group cheered at this small success the distance roar of grim and the encroaching horde of monsters was proof that humanity wasn’t their only problem. Reaching for his sword the male turned his back on his group and looked at Maka he still had something to prove.

Dashing forward he inhale the scent of the cold before exhaling through his teeth. Bracing himself he leaned forward before propelling himself into the air. With his blade he descended upon one monster of Grim and impaled the beast. Grabbing his sheath, he pulled the trigger and instantly shots rang out making monster evaporate into mist. As one creature tried to hit him, he brought his blade and sheath together and absorb the impact making himself get stronger due to his semblance. Exhaling he turned his eyes towards the behemoth of the monster.

“Adam get back!” A voice called but that fell on deaf ears as the hot blood Faunist ran full speed at the creature of Grim. Each time a beast tried to attack him, he blocked it with his sheath, absorbing the hits, building it up, till finally. Drawing his sheath, grinned as he activated his semblance and then all he saw was a bright red flash.

That huge giant monster stumbled back and let out a roar it’s mouth wide and gurgling black fluids. Adam had hurt it pretty badly but it would take more then that. “MAKA NOW!” He shouted knowing that she’d known what to do.

With a sigh, she locked eyes with Adam and gave a brief nod before they both charged ahead. Using Mildrid, her weapon, she transformed it into two whip swords and launched several dozen bubbles of aura, all with a glassy look filled with explosive dust which easily took out a few dozen of the smaller grimm. As she drew closer to the Leviathan she encased herself in a shielding bubble using light-dust which reflected around her, making her appear invisible as she used her powerful legs to launch herself in the air, face-to-face with the Leviathan as she whipped around to cut into the creature. Moments later, as she stood- invisible- on its snout, it opened it's jaws and quickly began charging its attack in retaliation to the damage done by Adam. If the attack were released, they would all surly die and Maka refused to let that happen. She would have no choice but to figure out how to use the silver eyes in the precious seconds counting down.

She closed her eyes, tilted her head down slightly and focused on unlocking the ability, focusing on what she was fighting for.

The Leviathan's head tilted back, ready to launch it's attack just as Maka's eyes flew open and a flash of silver light blinded everyone, even going as far as to kill a few of the grim closest to the Leviathan and freeze others.

She dropped the sight shield bubble she'd made around herself and sheethed her weapon. Pulling back her arm she smirked and punched into the head of the Leviathan, the strength of a mantis shrip multiplied by her size as a faunus as it was the final blow. The beast tilted back and disintigrated into dust as all grim do when they die.

And she fell.
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

That blinding white light which engulfed spelled the demised of the Grim. Adam had known that she'd was capable of greatness but such power was beyond his imagination. Without hesitation he sprinted and jumped into the air as he watch her free fall from where the monstrosity had once stood. Arms cushioned her as he held her against himself tightly and before releasing her. With that the cheers of all the faunist rose up and there was a cheer for celebration. Turning upon his heel the male watched as the White Fangs congratulated him on his first successful leader. He'd successfully had robbed a full train of Dust and liberated it from human hands. Those in the white fang and the higher ups were going to reward him with membership.

Turning he spoke softly. [b "Thanks.. Everyone.. Now, let's unload this stuff and see the humans back to their pathetic city. The war on Atlas and the Schnee Dust company is just beginning!"] With that small comment another cheer rose up and the male didn't even try to hide his smile. At long last the time had come to fully join the white fang.

Staring at the reflection of himself in an ice crystal, Adam's left eye blinked. It had been over six months since he'd been branded as though he were nothing more but an animal. Six months since he lost sight in that eye. Six month since he turned into this rebel. He'd always had the ability to fight and his semblance-channeled through his sword-was a powerful one. However, he'd never fully put it to use. Touching the brand marking on his face he let out a low sigh. This, this was why he was fighting. He wasn't the only faunist to bear this brand or be treated cruelly by those in the Schnee company. He'd seen it all first hand. The cruelty of mankind and how they treated Faunist. He'd seen more then he'd care to admit.
Kitiki_AnemaraMaka   1y ago

Maka had fallen unconscious for a brief moment after using her silver eyes only to open them as she was being set down and cheers errupted from the Faunus. Her brother Hideo ran over to her and frowned as she appearred on the verge of collapse. [+blue [b "Maka! You need to be more careful and not do that when you're like five hundred feet up in the air on top of a freaking Levia-"]] She cut him off with a sharp, raspy voice indicating she may be about to pass out but would be too stubborn to accept any help. [b "Do not. Sart acting like you're my mother"] She hissed and limped when they left, a sudden chill going up her spine as she looked towards the not-so-distant forest. [b "Apathy..."] She mumbled and shook her head, they weren't distressed, unless something bad happened, the apathy would not come anywhere near them. She grit her teeth, limping towards their transport back to base.

Once she'd returned home, she stood in front of a mirror shakily, stripping down preparing to shower as she looked over herself, inspecting the burns and scars that covered her body. Several brands of the Schnee Dust Company logo were around her torso, legs and back. One particular brand mark was on the back of her neck. She closed her eyes, counted to a hundred, then opened them again with a shaky sigh. She showered and tended to the fresh wounds around her leg and arm before getting dressed and stepping out for a run to help clear her head.
Mr-X     1y ago

[center [pic] ]
[I "God damn those fucking faunist!" ] the evening silence of the Schnee manor was shatter as the voice of a madman reverberated throughout its halls. Jacques first pounded against his pak desm as he heard the news that his shipment of squat had been taken by members of the white fang. And as James sat in front of him the man was shaking with anger at the cooless by which the general had in his face. Ironwood eyes narrowed as he heard the foul language by which the white hair man cursed these people and he said nothing. Instead he let this anger and range surged then fizzle out and soon the male once more composed himself. Brushing his silver hair back he spoke softly.
[I "This is an unfortunate day for Atlas James. My people told me that a new member of the white Fang is leading this attack. And I know this man very well. He's a danger to us all. A bull like Faunist with red hair whose name is Adam."]

Lifting an eyebrow James leaned forward. This, this was news to the general end as he looked at the male who stood behind his desk he spoke softly. [b "Was this the same person who a year ago tried to raise concerns about your questionable treatment of faunist? It seems as though you created your own monster. And if he's only attack Schnee owned property and not Atlas-"]

Before Ironwood could finish that temper of the man flared up again and he slammed his hand upon his desk once more. [I "Are you suggesting that the fault is my own! And that I'm suppose to handle this!? By my self!?"]

[b "No. What I'm saying is that this is just one isolated incident. And the work of one abused employees who is getting revenge on what YOU started. I dont think this is the actions of a terrorist like your claiming it to be. Into I feel otherwise this is your own mess. deal with it yourself."]
With that ironwood stood and headed towards the door. As he did so Jacques shouted for him to come back. That this wasnt over and that he demanded to be heard out properly. Threats of bringing this up with the council fell on deafening ears as Ironwood shrugged his shoulders. This wasnt his problem. At least, not yet. The James had. a strong distaste for Jacques. Despite the fact that all of remnant depended on Dust and Schnee was the biggest contributor to it after the second word,the policy employed by the company did not by any way justify the means. And this was a lesson the greedy money obsessed man had to learn. And learn it he would.
Kitiki_AnemaraMaka   1y ago

She managed to calm herself down as she walked until the roaring pain in her legs became a dull ache and she was able to normalize her walk from the limp it had been before. She ended up having walked to the edge of town and entered the forests, deciding to train her aura and her semblence for a few hours before it was time for the initiation ceremony that would officially accept Adam Taurus into the White Fang. The forest around her quickly filled with a hundred floating, bubble-like orbs made from ehr aura. Pulling out Mildred from its sheeth on her back, she split the bastard sword in two and closed her eyes, swinging the blade and infusing the bubbles with dark orange dust- explosive. She focused her aura, eyes still closed for the bubbles to react to specific conditions then she sat down with her legs crossed and began to meditate as well.

A mere few minutes ticked by when distant bubbles exploded in a mass of glass shards and dust. She remained unflinching as the grimm were drawn to her by a special device she had created and hidden within her cloak which she could activate or deactivate at any time. Currently she had activated it, unaware of theNucklavee headed her way until her eyes shot open in reaction to the booming hoofsteps and spine-chilling roar. It was time. It had destroyed the remaining bubbles and toppled trees as she turned the device off and jumped into the air, tossing up a bubble which she quickly infused with gravity dust and used to launch herself upwards then dove down on the ancient-looking beast. She put Mildred back together and flipped as she changed her weapon into a rifle and shot at it, flipping once more to change it back into the blade as she turned last=second and sliced through it with east, decapitating it before finishing off the rest of the grimm she'd lured in then sprinting to Adam's ceremorny, using her bubbles to accelorate herself.

She was a good 40 minutes late as she arrived just in time for everyone to cheer and begin celebrating the new additions to the White Fang.
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

Adam was never one for celebration of loud commotions. Instead he preferred to move in silence and strike hard. Yet as the whole entire White fang came out to greet him the young male felt as though he could blush. Finally, his work in Atlas was beginning to make a difference but he was far from done with his goals. Afterall, there was still discriminaton and racism happening all over and thanks in part to the Schnee company. Walking across the stage and looking out at all them he sighed as he felt a pat upon his back.

“We’d like to welcome Adam to our family!” The voice of the leader spoke as he stood there. He’d come all the way from Mistral and he it showed that he was tired from his journey. Still he gave a hefty speech and stepped aside for Adam to introduce himself. As the redhair faunist did so he slowly spoke softly. “My name is Adam.. And I only have one goal; to wage war against those that had abused the faunist in Atlas for to long. The Schnee dust company is going down!”

As he spoke cheers went up all around him and he smiled looking forward to the change.
Kitiki_AnemaraHideo   1y ago

Maka stood at the back of the crowd and off to the side, looking up on stage at Adam and smiling meekly before shaking her head and serving herself some punch. She sighed as one of the faunus looked at her resulting in a low scowl from her as she brushed them off and walked away. Grumpily, she went and stood silently in a corner, turning her gaze downwards as she sipped her punch and began to lose herself in her thoughts until Hideo walked over to her.

[b "You alright sis? You been pretty distant lately..."] He sounded concerned as he looked down at her from where he stood, crossing his arms and frowning

[b "Perfectly fine- Don't worry about me"] She scowled suddenly and bit her tongue, causing Hideo to frown even more

[b "you're a terrible liar"] He mumbled [b "But whatever"] He fell silent and walked a few feet away, looking up at Adam on stage and sighing

Hideo stood there for several minutes before stalking off towards the entrance. He exited and hopped onto the roof, watching for grimm or something as he stood in the chill air.

((sorry its a bit short- >.<))
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

[i “We have a new target… A Schnee dust factory.”]

As Adam stood atop of a building wearing the Mask of grim, his voice seemingly disappeared into the night air. This mission which he was leading was something of great importance to him. He’d heard that the white fang had gotten its after the Faunus right’s revolution. But it seemed as though they’d hadn’t succeeded at all. What, with people still discriminating against and being cruel and brutal to them, Adam saw no reason to not return the favor. In the distance, the redhead watched as smoke rose from the building of the dust factory. It was clear to anyone that the time to attack was now and that any sense of hesitation was foolish at best.

Waiting for Maka to arrive the male turned towards his group. Those eyes never leaving any one of them
Kitiki_AnemaraMaka   1y ago

Maka was nearly late again. This time wasn't her fault though as she'd left her trainiing early. It was her brother who made her come pick him up, whining about not having a ride and his semblance not being useful for travel as much as it is for battle like her's was. She reluctantly picked him up and now they were floating around in a bubble- which she moved rapidly towards their destination. Hideo was regretting asking her as he struggled to keep his lunch down whilst being pressed against the back of the bubble as Maka moved steadily yet fast. They were roughly at the height of a skyscraper as they sped over the buildings.

Thirty minutes later, and barely on time, they decended slowly onto the roof and just behind Adam. As soon as she released the bubble- it popped and seemed to shatter like glass. Hideo immediately ran off to throw up, causing Maka to sigh and grumble about him having a weak stomach. [b "If he didn't want to fly, he shouldn't have called me-... I wasn't even going that fast."] She mumbled, though they had been going at nearly 200mph until they'd reached the building. She sighed again and lifted her head, walking up to stand next to Adam. A smile tugged at her lips. [b "We're making a difference now... If they won't respect us like normal people after peaceful protests... they'll respect us out of fear."] She said softly, looking out at the factory in the distance then turned to look at Adam and smiled before taking a step back and waited to see what he'd do or say.
Mr-XAdam Taurus   1y ago

[i ‘We’re surrounded by weaklings pathetic and oppress content to feed on crumbs to scare to leave the nest. Tonight we change that and let those who’ve tortured and revile us feel our rage, our hatred our retribution!”] Adam Snarled as he gripped his blade and looked down at the factory which was slowly closing down on. Adam had a personal vendetta when it came to this place. He’d been a teenager, just 16, when he’d been ask if he wanted to make real money and work for a company that ‘valued’ faunist. What a fool he’d been. The owner of this factory who worked under Jaque was a cruel man who enjoyed doing the unspeakable to his works. Nickoli was his name and as Adam gave the signal he looked to Maka and spoke softly. [i “You’ll see, I’m your Hero. Tonight I’ll become lionize. Afterall, I have the strength that needed to unify our people with no compromised.”]

Jumping down from the building,he leaned up against the door as he watched waited for one of his subordinates that where nervously looking at the door. “Shit i thought you knew the combination!”
“I told you I only, whoa, Adam where did you get that mask.”

As adam walked towards the door, he pulled out his blade and spoke softly. “They called us monsters, so we’ll show them monsters. It’s time we get what we deserve!” he spoke casually, before he sliced open the door and enter into the facility,


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