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Hinata Chimamire is a pure blooded vampire. It was rare anymore considering all the mixed breeds there is. Hinata thirst for blood was rather strong. One night to his surprise he bit a werewolf. This wolf's blood was delicious. Considering most his life he hated these damn mutts.

Hinata decided to make a deal with this werewolf. In exchange for his blood, he would give this wolf a small amount of land. Over the years Hinata had gain a lot of land. Giving some of it way wouldn't hurt would it?

* This is the rough idea I have so far.
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-Neko-Neko   1y ago

[center [#e3bd26 What I am looking for ~
Anime pictures only!
This rp will be MxM
(Your character can be human or a werewolf)
Story line is soon to come!
-Neko-Honey   1y ago

[center Hinata Chimamire has lived for centuries. He watched his family come and go over the years. Now it was only him and his brother left. His brother moved to a new country after their mother had passed away.

Hinata stay in their family home. It was large mansion that had acres of land. There was even a forest but no wolves dare to step foot there knowing it was owned by vampires. Hinata was normally a peaceful that was until it came to food. His blood lust had grown strong over the years. Humans blood was satisfying enough but most the time it tasted terrible. Human blood was polluted most time with, smoke, drugs and alcohol.

Hinata smiled softly as stood up, he yawned and rubbed the back of his neck. It was time to go out on other hunt. Hopefully this time it would be tasty. Hinata smiled softly as he got dressed. He hid his fangs behind a cutely decorated mask. For being over 100 years old he kept up with the latest trends. Tonight was going to be fun. Hinata step out side and smiled feeling the cool evening air. His golden colored eyes danced around as he looked for his prey.

Finally he spotted someone who caught his interest. A slender young man who seemed to be alone and heading to the park. Hinata smiled softly as he approached the young man. It would be easy for his to catch his prey if he was all a lone. Seeing him head a long towards the park made things even more interesting.

Hinata quietly walked toward the man. Once he was close to the male he grabbed him shoved him hard again a tree. [#e3bd26 "Just hold still this will all be over in flash"] he said as pulled down his mask revealing his long ivory fangs.
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

i don't know who to use xD, i think i'll just use Kiko sense he's already a kitsune)) Kiko was originally heading to the park for fresh air and to go on run. he clearly didn't expect to be pinned to a tree by a blood sucking leach.

Most of Kikos life, which wasn't very long only 18 years, he was alone. His parents left him as a baby in the forest where he raised himself he never had anyone help him, he taught himself how to hunt and fend for himself he never even had a pack with him.

Kiko had light gray blue eyes he was very muscular from running in the forest all the time. he had white hair that faded into a dark gray at the ends. he was wearing a black hoodie with a X marking in the center of it. His skin was a light olive color with small scratches along his arm. he had short, sharp claws extending from each of his fingers. he seemed to only be around 16-18 years old he was a young werewolf still. (wait are werewolves immortal too?)

Kiko let out a soft whine followed by a growl once he realized what was going on . He bared his sharp canine teeth "Let go of me" he hissed quietly his hands curling into a fist.
-Neko-Honey   1y ago

[center Hinata had tighten his grip on the male, pushing harder again the tree. It would be easy to break this boy bone he though to himself. His sharp ivory fangs pierced into the male soft flesh. As he sucked the male blood something tasted off this boy wasn't human. He was a werewolf, not a very old on at that. Hinata didn't kill the boy, but he drank enough so that he was weak.

He then pushed the male to the ground and looked down at him after recovering his face with his mask. His golden eyes started at the male. [#e3bd26 "Thanks for the meal kid."] He said as he was about to walk away. The male's blood tasted good. It was much better than he had been drinking.

Hinata stood there in thought before finally walking away from the boy. As he told him it would of be over in flash. Hinata looked back at the man laying on the ground. He sighed softly as he turn around. He carefully picked the weaken male up. He carried him over to a benched and laid him down. He then decided to take his leave.

[#e3bd26 [i "Damn"] ] he thought to himself as he left the male behind. That mutt's blood it was so delicious. It was going to be hard to forget. The mutt wasn't that bad looking, tall, slender with beautiful hair, even his eyes were beautiful. Hinata shook his head, he need to get that man out of his mind he had other things to focus on.
Ninjagirl666Kiko (Black Fox)   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Dude i just deleted my entire reply 3 times in a row ;-l)) Kiko tried his best to stay conscious and calm himself down. but he couldn’t seem to get his mind off of that…. Vampire. Part of him wanted to learn more, he wanted to know what the boy was thinking and where he was going. The other part just wanted to forget all of this and just wanted to leave but he was to weak to stand. His vision was slightly blurry as he slowly fell into unconscious but he still couldn’t forgot no matter how hard he tried.

By the time Kiko woke up it was daylight. His head was hurting. He sat up rubbing his neck for a moment he forgot what had happened the last night. He started to remember what had happened. He shivered slightly the strangest part to the vampire was the golden eyes, from what Kiko heard vampires had red eyes not golden. He wondered if there was something different with that one. He sighed and stood up the wound in his neck had already pretty much healed just a small scar was left.
-Neko-Honey   1y ago

[center [i Hinata was long gone by the time Kiko had woken up. He was home and pacing around his bedroom. He sighed softly as he closed his golden colored eyes. He then laid down on soft bed. The silky sheets felt great his eyes started to grow heavy. Hinata closed his eyes as he started to drifted to sleep. He had rolled around in bed tangle himself up in the silky sheets.

Hinata didn't wake up until late that night. He yawned then stretch he soon realized he had tangled himself up in his bedding. He sighed softly as he got up. He remade his bed then headed down the large hall. He walked into his large and luxurious bathroom. Hinata smiled softly as he filled the tub with hot water. He added some flowery scented soap to the water. He then slipped into the hot tub. Hinata soak in the water for a while.

Once he got out he headed down the hall. This house felt so empty now that his brother had moved away. His father and mother were both gone. So it was just him in this large and lonely house. No wolves had even bother to tried to step foot on his land lately. Things were just bland, the only excitement came from hunting. Of course when he thought of hunting his mind went back to Kiko.
Ninjagirl666Kiko (Black Fox)   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Kiko was walking around the forest stretching his own senses out and felt around the forest, even though it was dark he could see just fine. He sniffed the air and looked up at the sky sighing, he didn’t normal transform into a full wolf unless it was a full moon but he was learning how to do it on command

He opened his eyes hearing a twig snap nearby and a soft rustle of leaves. He sniffed the air but what ever made the sound was downwind from him. He strained his eyes looking for any signs of movement and started t walk around trying to find what made the sound. It didn’t take long for him to realize it was just a deer *Man… I’m not normally this on edge* he thought to himself, ever sense he met Hinata he couldn’t get him off his mind. It was such a strange interaction and he was honestly surprised he was still alive. He shook his head … this wasn’t the time to think about him he needed to hunt. He looked around but the deer from before was gone most likely already ran off and Kiko really didn’t feel like tracking it down he headed out of the forest
-Neko-Honey   1y ago

[center [i Hinata sighed softly as he got out of the tub and got dress. Thinking of hunting always made him hungry but of corse that damn mutt was going to be on his mind. Hinata sighed headed out the door. It had only been day or two since his last meal. Hinata grabbed his sunflower covered mask. He put the mask over his face then headed out the door. The city streets where not very crowed at this time of night but there was always someone to grab a hold of.

Hinata golden eyes danced around the streets. No one really seemed of interested but, Hinata knew he couldn't be picky. Hinata grab a hold of a slender young man, he pulled the male quickly into an alley way. The male tried to scream but Hinata covered his mouth. It didn't take long for Hinata to sink his fangs into the male's neck. Hinata drank a lot of the males blood. He did not kill, he careful lean him again the building in the alley way he had pulled him into. [#e3bd26 "...Ugh.."] he said softly as he covered his face back up with his mouth.

Hinata wasn't satisfy, he rubbed the back of his neck. This wasn't not good, he had heard stories and rumors about vampires becoming obsessed with particular blood. Those stories never ended well. [#e3bd26 "Damn it.."] he said as he headed home quickly. He had to do something and something quick. He need to find away to for get Kiko.
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Kiko was still a bit hungry and was considering going back into the forest to hunt be decided against it. He walked back into the city the darkness not really affecting him as he walked around the city doing his best to be aware of his surroundings. He headed to his house it was small but it was enough for him to live in. He didn’t have any food or much of anything. He just walked to his bed and laid down just trying to rest. After a few hours of just laying there he gave up and checked the time, it was 4:16 am. He sighed and rolled over getting off the bed again. He got changed and walked outside yawing. He went to the forest again to look for something or him to hunt.

After about an hour he had caught a deer and eaten. He started to gain a bit more energy and explored the forest. It was still pretty dark sense it was so early in the day. He walked around listening to the forest around himself, his eyes had already adjusted to the darkness so he was able to see like it was still bright.


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