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Parappa the rapper rp

By bfrules1666

Replies: 313 / 38 days ago

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I like this game please kill me
Parappa @brrules166
sunny open
your n/y open
another oc you have is ok
Who knows anything anyway? Hmm?
who knows anyway
sick tom / bfrules1666 / 20d ago
You dunno?
I don't know
edd / bfrules1666 / 21d ago
Who's dead this time?
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh no they dead
edd / bfrules1666 / 23d ago
*Eats a snake and dies*
"walks away " ...
edd / bfrules1666 / 23d ago
Um what now what now?
edd / bfrules1666 / 23d ago
okie dokie cookie Lokie
edd / bfrules1666 / 23d ago
Okie dokie lemoin lokie?
okie :3 :3 :3 :3
edd / bfrules1666 / 23d ago
Okie dokie lemon lokie smokie?