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CharliexoxoPurpled   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Purpled was peacefully curled into the arm of the couch, watching Tommy, Shroud, and Dogchamp play as father, son, and dog as he watched from nearby with a soft smile. He, too, would have joined the three in playing whatever little game it was that they were playing; he didn't quite know as to what, the smp customs were still foreign to him; but something was visibly bothering him despite his smile. Or, rather, tickling him. Specifically, tickling his nose.
Purpled's nose lightly twitched every so often, much like a rabbit's would, but he did his utter best to fight off his sneeze. He didn't want to have to excuse himself just to sneeze in peace after all, but he knew that if he accidentally sneezed in front of Tommy and Shroud, he'd have some explaining to do, and possibly some serious apologizing if he scared either badly enough with his more alien and horrific form.
Though, the space-themed alien pushed his luck a little too far, holding it in for a second too long, and, as a result, he let out a high-pitched sneeze and instantly regretted it. There he sat; four-armed, four-eyed, twin-tailed, scarred pale-ish purple skin, hellishly tall and thin much like Ranboo, clawed, sharp-toothed, and practically anything else the average person could find terrifying. Purpled tried to get up and scurry away before either of the two could notice.

Tommy had looked up to say bless you before his eyes widened, his wings flaring out in a surprised and instinctual way as he took a soft breath. "Holy fu-" He moved back and gently pulled Shroud close, hiding Shroud's face into his chest to make sure he didn't get startled before taking a soft breath. "Purpled...?" He whispered out as he shifted slightly, trying not to seem scared before sighing softly and standing up while still holding Shroud. "Purpled, is that you...?" He asked softly, making sure Shroud didn't look at Purpled until he felt like he could, his eyes glimmering softly as his wings opened again, flapping up to look at Purpled's face in confusion. "You look really weird, Purpled...what happened?" He asked softly, reaching out for him as he shifted uncomfortably. "Please, Purpled, can you talk?" He asked quietly, then his wings flapped as he took a soft breath and stroked Shroud's hair. "Hm..."
CharliexoxoPurpled   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Purpled fearfully looked to Tommy the second he heard his voice and froze in place. He kept his eyes trained on the now smaller avian as he approached him, feeling the tiniest bit of relief that he was identified as himself at the very least, though it didn't fully shake off the fear of possibly scaring either of them. The alien leaned down after a few more seconds of standing frozen, gently nuzzling the hand that was reached out towards him a few times. He tried to be affectionate to a reasonable degree given his circumstance, given the fact he knew it wouldn't be the best idea to provide Tommy with an audible response to any of his questions. His speech would be too hoarse, fearful, and otherwise filled with too much glitch-like static for anyone but his own species to understand. Besides, he would much rather *not* give either of them haunting nightmares that theoretically could scar them for their entire lives; that got a firm ''no thank you'' from him.


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