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[font "century gothic" [center [pic] [b Obsession ] It was like love at first site... [+red Warning this is going to be a dark and violent role-play! ]
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-Neko-Lie   1y ago

Hotaru had fallen in love with you! You did love him back, you only saw him as a friend. Over the years things started to get a little bit creepy. Hotaru seem to know almost everything about you. What you ate, what most of your interests are. You tried your hardest to push him away but he just came back. It was then you decided to settle this once and for all. You told Hotaru you didn't want to be friends you didn't want to see him, that if you did your boyfriend would kick his ass. This is the rough outline of what I have! This rp will be 1x1 It is a Yandere! So it will be dark and twisted romance they may not have a happy ending. Pm me if you are interested
-Neko-Lie   1y ago

[center Hotaru had fallen in love with you. It was like love at first site that day he saw you. It was high school graduation. Hotaru couldn't get you out of his mind all summer. Hotaru wished he had gotten closer to you. Hotaru didn't give up hope. He hope he would see you again someday. That day was today, the day you both head to you phycology class. ​ ​Hotaru smiled softly as he approached you. It just happen to be fate that the two of you went to the same college and moved into the same town. [+darkred "Hey.... I don't know if you remember me but I am Hotaru Hinata. I think we had gym class together..."] he said with a small smile on his face. [+Darkred "Is it okay if I sit with you in class today?"] he said in a sweet voice. Hotaru was hopping that you would say yes. If you didn't he still sit near you. Things probably seemed normal right now. Just boy interested in a girl from others eyes. But things weren't always as they seemed. This was only the beginning of this make-shift relationship that was soon to form.


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