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About The Boiling Isles Roleplay and Accepted Characters

By Kitiki_Anemara

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Basically The Owl House in another timeline or an alternate reality.

Emperor Belos is still trying to unite the two realms in order to take over the human world or something.
The original characters are still there and are optional to use:
  • Emperor Belos:
  • The Golden Guard (aka Hunter): reaper_birb
  • Kikimora:
  • Tiblit Tibley Tibbles:
  • Proffessor Abominable:
  • Hieronymus Bump (Principle Bump):
  • Amity Blight:
  • Alador Blight:
  • Odalia Blight:
  • Tiny Nose:
  • Boscha:
  • Willow Park:
  • Gus Porter:
  • Lilith Clawthrone:
  • Edalyn Clawthrone:
  • King: Me
  • Luz Noceda: Me

If you have another character you wanna be- please PM me


Highly encourage OCs and please have some basic knowledge of the world before requesting to join.


Since magic is based around the Coven system, here is the list of Covens/magic:

~The Emperor's Coven~ -Color: Gold-, Sigil: Winged Sword and Shield in a pyramid.
Not considered one of the "main nine", but essentially rules over them all.

Coven Color Sigil
~Abomination~ -Magenta- Abomination's Face
~Bard~ -Red- Lyre
~Beast Keeping~ -Orange- Hatching Egg
~Construction~ -Brown- Fist
~Healing~ -Blue- Bandaged Hand
~Illusions~ -Cyan- Mirror
~Oracle~ -Violet- Eye
~Plant~ -Green- Flower
~Potions~ -Yellow- Potion Bottle


Character skele for OCs:

Coven / Magic type(s):


  • A "coven" refers to a group or gathering of witches that meet on a regular basis. It can also refer to a secret or affinity group of associates.
  • The system is similar to the Housing system from the Harry Potter books, with the coven tracks in the Boiling Isles' magic tracks acting like the Houses for students who gather points during the school year.
  • The nine main covens are similar to the Schools of Magic found in Dungeons and Dragons, with potion-making filling in the ninth coven.

A coven is made up of witches that specialize in a specific form of magic. A Coven membership is mandatory, and failure to join a coven is a high order criminal offense, potentially resulting in petrification.

Witches studying under a specific track but have not yet formally joined a coven. All witches studying a magic track will have their school uniform marked by the color of their respective track.


Me / Kitiki_Anemara



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Kitiki_AnemaraValeri   1y ago

It was another hot day in the boiling isles and the chances of acid rain were high as students got up to go to school. ((It should be noted that witches of the boiling isle do not know what summer is... or human technology like phones and internet and stuff...))

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Valeri was walking home from work. Going her usual route along the side of the main road which had a steep drop of about a hundred yards on either side. The weather was particularly odd this day. The winds were picking up and blasts of lightening were coming from one side of the road, it looked like the world was split in half as she looked at it. One side was rather sunny and nice and the other was utter chaos.
She just happened to be walking in chaos and unable to switch sides as cars sped by.

Little did she know that the odd weather was caused by a witches dual happening on the other side of a portal somewhere below. Until lightning shot the ground out from under her and she fell over the edge with a scream. Falling through the anomoly and causing the unstable portal to close. She fell immediately unconscious upon contact with the ground not too far away from the dual but oddly close to the owl house.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]] Claudia was irritated on her way to class. Of course her parents would put their petty fued with the Blights over anything and force her to join several tracks. And put her in the Abomination track with Amity Blight no less! Not to mention being on the Illusion track with Emira and Edric Blight- Amity's older siblings. Only they often skip class so she doesn't really have to deal with them much unlike Amity.
reaper_birbrylen archer   1y ago

James was running away from the usual bullies who liked to chase and beat him up before school starts and saw a old abandoned apartment building that looked like it could be haunted.He ducked into it as now his worries transferred to being a trespasser and not being able to afford or even worse go to jail from it. He went and opened one of the doors and then it happened in a flash.He walked near the broken half of an apartment room but cast a levitation spell quickly.He looed around as it appeared to be on the edge of a cliff now. James tried to hold on to the cliff best he could and climbed over the edge eventually making over but barely slipping into the water. It was basically nothing he's ever seen as he looked out at the water.It was pretty cool in his mind and then was shrouded by worry.He thought he might miss class

Now you'd think wondering around in a big island would be fun at first but you would be wrong as in the first few seconds of his day he almost fell off a cliff. Then he realized he was closer to hexide then he thought.He laughed as he almost just died before the few first horse of his day.He turned and started to walk into hexide.sadly he had oracle first which was his least favorite class since he was very bad at it.As James got his stuff and brought it to his oracle class.
Kitiki_AnemaraVeronica   1y ago

Veronica flew down from the titans knee and did a fly over of part of the isles before classes. She traveled onto Hexide, landing gracefully as she walked up the steps and onto Campus, having chosen four tracks. Her first being Beast Keeping which she happily ran to.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]]
Claudia sat in the abominations class grumpily, prefering to be an Oracle or Potion maker rather than this. But of course her parent's feud with the Blights wouldn't let her. Speaking of which, she grit her teeth angrily as she watched Amity Blight walk into the room and take her seat. A bitter dislike boiled underneath her skin as she gripped her pencil tightly enough that it snapped.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[left [pic]]
Veronica remained unconscious in the woods near the owl house as Luz finally walked out and rushed off to school, sprinting.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]]
Luz bolted towards school only to stop dead in her tracks to see someone unsconscious on the ground. She slowly walked up to them and gasped in shock as it was another human. [b "Oh my gosh- I gotta tell Eda!"] She explaimed quickly, forgetting about school as she ran back towards the owl house as fast as she could

[left ((sorry it kinda sucks...))
incog_sniper     1y ago

James was listening to his oracle teacher talk to the class boring him as he thought he might fall asleep and then they were told to do something with crystal balls but he didn't generally care or listen at all.He was doodling and then got to work trying to see something in the crystal ball and to his surprise he saw...absolutely nothing.He expected this and the teacher came over and tsked as they saw james wasn't able to do absolutely anything with it.So oracle: more than he can keep track of and him:10. So over all oracle to him was a waste of time so when it was time to go he rushed out of the class to his next class which was potions, with the person he pretty much despised the most in it also known as sasha and her crew.

--- --- --- ---

Eda was taking care of owlbert and got up and went to luz "what is it kid?" as she was informed on what luz saw."well look at that...but still get to your class before your late" she ordered and sighed picking up the unconscious human with not to much care and brought them into the owl house cautiously and put them on the couch and went on with her day like nothing happen checking on the human by poking them. Eda also took to seeing if they had anything valuable on them.Eda got done and then just started to think and wait for the human to wake.
Kitiki_AnemaraVeronica   1y ago

After Beast Keeping, Veronica ran off to Potion Making happily. She was silent mainly because she had no friends but she didn't mind since she prefered the creatures she tamed as companions rather than make friends with kids who may be mean to her. She was good at all kinds of magic too, which helped keep her mind away from a slight feeling of loneliness which she'd always ignored. She refused to become top of the class like Amity had to be though, even though she has no parents to praise her or be disappointed in her. She believed she wasn't supposed to exist either but it didn't stop her from putting on a smile and taking her time in practicing magic as she went in and sat in the back of the Potions making class.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]]
Valeri didn't wake up for hours as she layed on Eda's couch, but when she finally opened her eyes she went into a blind panic and grabbed the first large blunt object she could find, holding it up like a weapon and looking around wildly as she stood up too quickly and nearly collapsed again. She shook as she held the item and stared at King, who had been watching her a little too closely.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[left [pic]]
King let out a squeal of surprised and fell backwards, running off to get Eda. [b "Eda the cruel peasant is awake!"] He screeched in a loud squeaky voice as he ran back to greet Valeri. [b "Who are you and why have you come here!?"] He shouted at her from a few feet away, not wanting to be hit. Valeri moved the object she held- which happened to be a coat hanger- and acted as though she were about to swing it, making King squeal and run back to hide behind Eda.
incog_sniperkenny lyle   1y ago

He sat down in the back of the class comfortably taking his stuff out and looking around.He was rather early but saw veronica but said nothing and waited as everyone filed into the classroom and james eyed sasha when she came in and then payed attention to the teacher.The teacher told them all to find partners for their assignment but he stayed in his seat and looked around as people scrambled to find their friends but he just sat there staying still a watching people and eventually everyone found partners comfortably.With the exception of him of course but he didn't think anybody was really left to be his partner so he started following the steps to making the potion but it was more an elixir to him. It was to help get rid of pimples and warts which he thought was somewhat useful for teens around his age and looked and saw someone working on there own and he decided to try and befriend them. He grabbed his stuff and walked over to them and sitting down next to them saying "hello" a bit quieter than he meant to say it and gave a nice smile.


Eda came back out to king "what now?" she looked out at the human and saw they were awake "oh, your awake" she said and used magic to get the coat hanger out of her hands "also please don't take my furniture and use it as weapons you might break them" she said blandly and looked at king."don't call them a peasant squeals a lot" She snorted at her own retort and looked at the human "now can you sit down so we can explain what happened?" Eda asked and sat down waiting for the human to do the same.As she started to explain not caring if the human sat down watching the human carefully "and then luz found you unconscious and i brung you in" she finished and looked at them "and apparently luz brang in somebody with fight in them"
Kitiki_AnemaraVeronica   1y ago

((you are a lot better at this than I am x.x))

Veronica used a cloaking spell while people found partners for the potions assignment, only letting it down once everyone found a partner and began creating their potions. She silently got to work, ignoring the instructor giving the instructions as she went ahead with the potion making, mixing careful amounts of each liquid without using a measuring tool as she finished one vial rather quickly and smiled. Her smile faded as she turned her head when someone suddenly sat down beside her and greeted her in a quiet voice. [b "Uh.. Hi?"] She responded and tilted her head curiously, not used to being approached as she wondered if she should've kept up the illusion of invisibility.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]]
Veronica remained tense and had her fist clenched, immediately switching her fighting stance as soon as the coat hanger had been taken. [b "Who are you!? Where am I!? What am I doing here and Why did you kidnap me?!"] She screamed out, still somewhat in a blind panic as she just wanted to go back to her crappy human life.
incog_sniper     1y ago

((nah i really ain't to be honest-))

james gave a small smile and kept tending to his potion now going on his own accord "i saw you were alone and i just thought i'd come over to talk to you,but i'm sorry if i'm intruding" He carefully added ingredients so he wouldn't ruin the potion and then laid back in his chair a bit now his potion had to simmer."so how have you been?" james asked nicely like they were friends already and Knew her for a good amount of time and kicked back "well you like potions that much?" he said and heard his potion simmer and calm and started to stir it. He finally finished and it looked like nobody else was.


Eda backed and looked at her "calm down kid i'm not gonna hurt you" eda stated and listened to what she had to say "just calm down" she stated clearly bored of telling her to calm down."i'm the eda the owl lady and this is king" she pointed to king."your at the owl house right now and we found you outside randomly unconscious so like the decent person i am i dragged you in" Eda restating what she said before "and we didn't kidnap you" Eda exclaimed "also you don't have to scream"
Kitiki_AnemaraVeronica   1y ago

((eh... I think you are-))

She looked away from him awkwardly and turned her attention to her potion [b "No... not intruding"] She said awkwardly in reply, deciding to grab another vial and create a different potion- she usually did this for the pranks she did around the isle. Stink bombs, some turned people into certain creatures for a temporary amount of time, others would turn them into complete clutz's. The one she was making right now would make them float around for a while. It helped her remain calm and keep her social anxiety at bay as she answered him. [b "I've been... alright I suppose..."] she answered quietly, her shyness around people being apparent in her voice. [b "I do like potions... and beast keeping... and the plant track... and Illusions"] she said quietly, a pendant around her neck beginning to turn black as a few feathers popped out of her head, causing her to momentarily panic as she quickly pulled out a golden potion from her school bag and drank half of it. The feathers fell and the pendant changed back to its usual golden-red hue. She fell silent and focused on finishing the potion before slipping it into her bag as well.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]] Veronica fell silent, remaining tense with her fist raised and staring at Eda and King. Moments later a low rumble came from her gut and one hand moved down as she grit her teeth, trying to mentally will her hunger away as she didnt move from her defensive stance.
incog_sniper     1y ago

James smiled and looked at the time and went and pulled out another cauldron and bottled the finished potion and put it in his bag and started to do what she was doing and started making another potion that would help him with bullie problems.The portion was gonna make him faster so he would rather run quicker or he could attack faster.In the other cauldron james was making a mana potion to help him use more illusion magic or better magic in general. Jame glanced over to her as he was preparing the potion."shy?" he asked and looked back at his potions adding the base ingredients that would help him get started almost spilling the speed potion in the process."i'm also pretty shy a good amount of the time..." he replied with a smile chancing another glimpse at her and quickly looked back at her and started adding the required ingredients in the prepped speed potion and stirred them now allowing it to get to a boil. "thats pretty neat, my favorite classes are illusions and healing" he smiled and stirred the boiling potion and the bottled it once it cooled down a bit and then finished the mana potion and bottled them and put them in his bag."well class is almost down so im gonna get the last bit of stuff on my desk,i hope my company was not to annoying" he was joking on the last part and smiled."i hope we can be friends or atleast can be chill with each other" james left as the bell rang but heard someone say his name behind him.

--- --- --- ---

Eda studied them and sighed and went and got some food and gave it to the human "eat it and trust me its not poison" eda added and looked at the human.
Kitiki_AnemaraVeronica   1y ago

She made several of the floating potions and put them all into a bag seperate from her school bag. [b "Yeah..."] She quietly replied when he called her shy. She mumbled something as she was taking the potions out and the golden liquid turned sapphire blue as she hurried on before the dismissal to lunch. [b "I dont really care much to take the healing track... I know plenty"] she muttered and sighed. She didn't look over at him as she finished and cleaned up her area, shrugging on her school bag and opening a small portal which she'd tossed her potions bag through before closing it, a small satisfied smile on her face as the bell rang. [b "You weren't an annoyance at all"] she said quietly, smiling a bit as she headed out of the classroom and away from the lunch area.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

[right [pic]]
She continued glaring at Eda and King skeptically as she grit her teeth, glancing at the door which was wide open with a creepy owl staring at her and talking nonstop. It was beginning to annoy her as well. She glanced at Eda again before bolting for the door in an attempt to run away.

James turned his head slightly to see the bullies that were chasing him earlier are back and he sighed turning around completely."will you guys ever give up?" He seemed familiar with dealing with the situation he was in and really wasn't scared at this point."if i'm correct we've got a plant wannabe and two healers" He said smiling and looking down.Since they have bullied him for so long he knew there covens and tracks."i just have to take out that plant wannabe before you healers can start healing" James smiled proudly as one of his favorite classes were healing so he knew most about it.So alot went down and he ended up with a couple scars and multiple cuts but nothing he wasn't used to already.The other three bullies came out pretty beat up to though they didn't tell anyone.James went and saw that the free period he had was waisted as he went to his next class which was healing then it was illusions.The day seemed to go by fast as it felt as in no time at all he was leaving hexide after another day of school.James then decided he did need money as he and his brother weren't doing to well so he decided to ask to clean houses.

--- --- --- ---

Eda sighed "hooty stop the girl please" eda went and got owlbert not appreciating making food for someone when she could be eating it.


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