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Naruto Fandom Search

By artfulheart
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artfulheart     1y ago

Let's get right down to it shall we?

Here is about me as a roleplayer and what I am looking for in my partners:
1. Please be active.
2. Communication is key!
3. No controlling my characters.
4. No one-liners.
5. I only do M/F romantic pairings.
6. Be able to write as multiple characters if needed, and no character sharing.

Whew! Now that that's done with, here is my idea.

In this plot idea, the Uchiha Clan has been brutally destroyed by Sasuke's older brother, Itachi Uchiha. Difference is, Sasuke has a younger sister, Yaka Uchiha. And together it's their goal to destroy Itachi Uchiha, their older brother.
Our story will start in the Forest of Death. When they are trying to collect both the Earth and Heaven scroll. They both are on different teams but in the same class. Yaka sees Gaara of the Desert in action in the Forest of Death, and learns she has a huge crush on him (like Sakura with Sasuke or Hinata with Naruto). During their time in the Forest of Death they meet Orochimaru and both Sasuke and Yaka Uchiha receive the Forbidden Curse Mark from Orochimaru.

Yaka Uchiha - artfulheart
Sasuke Uchiha - OPEN
Orochimaru - OPEN
Gaara of the Desert - OPEN

If interested please don't be shy in about sending me a private message!


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