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Forbidden Love

By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 91 / 10 days ago

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"Ma'am, this is no time for games. May I have your license and registration, right meow" The officer said

When the officer said 'Meow', Leilani began to laugh her ass off, she found it the funniest thing. She even snorted at one point, it was that funny to her.
Leilani Kahle / K_E_n / 1d ago
Genevieve covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. She glanced over at the officer. Genevieve started to pick at her nails well waiting.
Leilani just shrugged as a response before completely pulling over. An officer walked up to the window and said, "Do you know how fast you were going?"

"Do you know how fast you were going?" She shot back
Selene / K_E_n / 1d ago
She looked behind them [+pink ''Are you gonna have to pull over?..''] She asked when she felt the car slow down more. [+pink ''They are gonna be so pissed''] Genevieve muttered quietly before looking back at Leilani.
Looking at the speedometer, she was pushing 100 miles per hour and with a laugh, she began to slow down once she heard sirens. The cops were on her ass and she didn't feel like dealing with them but she had to keep up a mortal appearance.
Leilani Kahle / K_E_n / 1d ago
[+pink ''Let's get it!''] She said happily as she watched her closely. Genevieve had a rush of adrenaline inside of her as she felt the car starting to get faster.
"Wanna go faster?" She asked, as she began to slowly press the gas pedal harder. A laugh bubbled up from her lips but it was one of joy
Leilani Kahle / K_E_n / 1d ago
She couldn't help but laugh about it. [+pink ''I agree with that'']. Genevieve was having a bit of fun. [+pink ''I love this''] she had a smile on her face as she looked around excitedly.
"FUCK THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!" Leilani shouted excitedly as she began to drive. she drove like a maniac. She had severe road rage and screamed many profanities at those drivers she did not like.
Leilani Kahle / K_E_n / 1d ago
[+pink ''Mhm.. No problem..''] She says as she looked forwards. Genevieve chuckled a bit when Leilani revved up the engine. She smiled at Leilani. [+pink ''im over all the nice girl shit..''] she says. [+pink ''I hate always having to be 'perfect' '']
"Thank you, I bought it to appear normal to... Ya know" She closed the door and quickly got in the drivers side, with a smile she started the car and revved it, trying to show off
Leilani Kahle / K_E_n / 1d ago
She nodded a bit [+pink ''Okay.''] she smiled a bit. Genevieve thanked her when she opened the door for her. She got in and put her buckle on. She looked around the car. [+pink ''This is really nice''] she says softly.
"My Car.. I'm taking you to my place" She said as they approached the dodge charger. She pulled keys out of her pocket and unlocked the doors. Being chivalrous, she opens the passenger door and says, " M'Lady"
Leilani Kahle / K_E_n / 1d ago
Genevieve did feel a bit normal now. [+pink ''Where are we going?''] She asked her quietly as they continued to walk. Genevieve was looking at Leilani now. She didn't know what to say so she grew silent after asking her question.