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By Virtual_Insanity

Replies: 12 / 10 days ago

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"Starr, Im a chewing gum champion" she says chewing bubblegum
Starr / bbg_starr / 10d ago
Welcome! I'm Mr. Andys. What's your name?"
(Yep,im ready)
Starr / bbg_starr / 10d ago
(Yep. You ready for this?)
(ah... okay)
Starr / bbg_starr / 10d ago
(Like violet beauregarde.)
(like veruca salt?)
Starr / bbg_starr / 10d ago
(You're a gum-chewing champion. Your name is Starr. You get a tour of a kid's factory and don't listen to him when he warns you not to chew his factory gum, chewing it anyway. After a while, starting with your nose, you turn into a giant blueberry. Then the roleplay ends.)
(So whats the plot?)
Starr / bbg_starr / 10d ago
Starr / bbg_starr / 10d ago
(Welcome. I'll send the character pic for you to use.)