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Love and All It's Glory

By Virtual_Insanity

Replies: 331 / 10 days ago

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This is a love roleplay. It's 16+, so be mindful about what you post and how you do so in a RESPECTFUL MANNER. Anyone who post inappropriate subjects will be kicked out of the roleplay, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please PM me if you would like to join, and I'll send a link to you. :)


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"Is that a challenge?"
"I thought you were the groom.So why don't you kiss me?" they grinned
"So. You gonna kiss me?"
i turn to you and smile.
"Here we go!" The man pronounces us man and wife. I turn to them.
"I'm so excited!"
We got to the chapel.
"Woooooooo!" They ran with you, careful not to ruin their platformed sneakers.
I grabbed their hand and ran down the steps to the chapel. "Let's DO THIS!"
"Mhm!" They were extremely excited for this and had a huge smile on their face.
"Ready to go babes?"
They get ready and come out and meet you.
I get ready and wait for them.
0w0 "We gotta get ready then!"