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Just A Human Pet (rp)

By Ninjagirl666

Replies: 584 / 43 days ago

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Amber a 17 year old was a human and that was rare. Almost everyone was a vampire and if you weren't one you would become a slave to them and they would have to bite you to successfully have you as theirs. Every vampire wanted a pet or a slave. They always would just go human hunting. Though Amber always wore a mask. Y/C had been following Amber and knew exactly Amber was human so he made a plan to make him theirs once and for all.

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It was March 29th and Amber was walking an alley way Y/C pinned them to a wall taking off Amber's mask. They pushed his head slightly so they could bite down. Amber teared up. There was nothing he could do to stop Y/C or maybe there was.


I don’t have many rules but here are the few I do have

Please do not request in queue and PM first instead
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Pain factor is used (your character will feel pain and weakness if hurt and healing will take time)
Keep things sfw
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Amber smiled back a little but didn’t get up not wanting to wake Eva
Thalia looked up and smiled at her- though her smile seemed a bit pained
Amber looked at the others
She had fallen asleep again and cuddled up to Amber
Eva / Kitiki_Anemara / 7d ago
She pet her head softly
she grumbled as she fell asleep on Amber
Eva / Kitiki_Anemara / 7d ago
“Yes you are~” she smiled humming
Her eyes started to drift shut as she yawned again "not... sleepy..." she mumbled
Eva / Kitiki_Anemara / 7d ago
She smiled and watched her
Eva kept pouting "mn-" she frowned and looked down, feeling the petting making her sleepy again
Eva / Kitiki_Anemara / 7d ago
Amber smiled “well we will have to wait and see” she said patting her head
She pouted "nuu-"
Eva / Kitiki_Anemara / 7d ago
“We’ll see ina few minutes “ he smiled
Eva looked up and gave her a pout "Im not sweepy-"
Eva / Kitiki_Anemara / 7d ago
She laughed softly “yea yea’