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New NEW Roleplay

By HomeOnJupiter

Replies: 318 / 11 days ago

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"u-umm...w-wait you shouldnt even be here- god i-" he got up. "God i wish i knew your- umm do you know your parents number at all? or will they just come and grab you here?"
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 18h ago
"what did you think about circus baby?"
"yeah just once..Or no....a few times I think...I think I use to work there..im not sure.."
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 1d ago
"you have been once?"
"never...No..once but thats when.." he remembered the pills and shook his head. "n-nevermind.."
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 2d ago
"you might of have you been to circus baby's pizza world?"
He yawned slightly. "god those pills did some s##t..." he mumbled to himself. "um..have I seen you before?" he looked at elizabeth.
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 3d ago
Elizabeth walks over "and one of you is annoying"
"I'm Blackheart."
White Luck: "And I'm White Luck! We're twins!"
"oh um...alright then..Im Nao.."
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 4d ago
"Oh we work here!"
he looked up and looked at blackheart, sort of confused. forgetting he didnt have his helmet on he hid his face with his hair. "um...h-hey...I-I dont think you guys should be in here..if you dont um.....work here?"
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 4d ago
He came over to the doorway and leaned on it. "Hey"
He was still on his phone and playing some crossy road. The blobs were just watching what he was doing.
Nao / Narrator_Clock / 4d ago