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Splatoon Rp

By Purplepero

Replies: 283 / 11 days ago

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he grabbed 6i and held him close.
Marcus came to grab 6i to heal his wounds but Pluto and pulled 6i closer, hitting a certain spot making 6i whimper.
"Please..We wont hurt him...He needs help, hes hurt badly...That inkling was taking him to an infirmary.."
pluto seemed to calm down a bit and handed 6i to marcus. Marcus smiled and put him on a chair in the corner and tended to his wounds. Pluto though glanced every few seconds at marcus.
James looked at the lime green inkling and went to talk to him, eventually taking hold of 6i and setting him next to Pluto. "There ya go. We may be on different sides but I ain't heartless."
James / Purplepero / 1d ago
Marcus looked at ava. "she has a few scratches..I-Ill go get the medkit.." he went walked off to go retrieve the medkit.
Pluto just huffed and looked at the door. when looking at the door he saw some inkling with lime green hair carrying 6i. 6i was the second youngest and the sweetheart, also somebody who loves explosives too much. pluto got a bit angry and yelled at the guy, slamming his fist on the table. "LET HIM GO RIGHT NOW BEFORE I COME OVER THERE AND-"
"that much is for sure." She said, looking around. "Aaaaaanyways, James was supposed to be here to do this but he had to go do something-" That's when James showed up carrying what looked like an unconscious Ava. "Found her." He said, laying them on a bean bag.
James / Purplepero / 1d ago
"How would I know..She came into my cell or whatever and set me free..shes a confused octoling....Thats all I know.."
Annie shrugged. "he does this a lot." she said, sitting down. "alright, first off, do you know where ava is? she's been gone for hours after she went to follow you." she said with a slight hint of worry.
Annie / Purplepero / 1d ago
he gets brought to a different room. an interrogation room. He gets put down on the chair. He could see some people come through the door and he sighed put of annoyance.
Marcus looked at Pluto and hid behind annie. "hey there...seems you are in our hands..once...again.."
Pluto just looks down and shrugs, now placing his head on the cold table.
Ava took off her mask, still close by but out of view, and gave a sigh. She was feeling a lot of things right now, she wanted to save him again, but in her mind he didn't want her there, she was considering just giving up at this point.
Ava / Purplepero / 1d ago
"ill.....be fine..." he seemed sad now being alone. usually, he has his friends with him but now he felt all alone. he could hear the door being broken down but he let himself he caught this time, not even bothering to escape. why? he doesnt exactly know, maybe he didnt want to be alone finding his group again, maybe he did want to see ava again, have some kind of company.
She still didn't speak, and she disappeared out of view, Pluto was alone now, in the dark.
Ava / Purplepero / 1d ago
"I had this under control..I wouldve been fine on my own.."
She didn't say a word as the straps dropped, she just turned around and began to walk away, it was a bit hard to see her because of the dim light but she was still there.
Ava / Purplepero / 1d ago
"great...what are you doing here...I thought I already told you im fine...all on my own.."
It was Ava again, though this time she was wearing a hoodie and mask that blocked everything on her face except for her eyes, and she was loosening the straps on the chair.
Ava / Purplepero / 1d ago