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Pokemon Roleplay

By Narrator_Clock

Replies: 579 / 12 days ago

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It's um....pokemon. You can have a trainer or be a pokemon, or be both! I'd love to hear ideas too. so yep! :D
Remus loooed up again, he had picked up the trail of Jackson’s scent, “Did I get it..?” He was asking himself
Remus / Kyleren285 / 8h ago
"wait jacksons gone?"
evie / hillory17 / 17h ago
"our trainer..he went missing.."
Shady / Narrator_Clock / 17h ago
"oh who are we looking for?"
evie / hillory17 / 17h ago
"Hello, Evie...um we will be going...We are looking for somebody..." he picked evei up carefully, making sure not to drop starr either.
Shady / Narrator_Clock / 17h ago
evie looks around confused
evie / hillory17 / 21h ago
"I got the scent, trying to find the trail..." He kept sniffing, walking slowly
Remus / Kyleren285 / 1d ago
he came back to then be jumped on by remus. "what the- did you get the scent remus?" he tilted his head seeing remus looking up.
He sniffed it and picked up a scent, raising his nose and looking around
Remus / Kyleren285 / 1d ago
they hop to remus and hold the fabric out to him.
Xatu / Narrator_Clock / 1d ago
He didn't like this but sighed, "Alright..."
Remus / Kyleren285 / 1d ago
he stopped remus. "He will come back..We need to find jackson and youre the only one here with a strong enough nose..Except for gunner but hes having some problems.."
He sighed and walked after him
Remus / Kyleren285 / 1d ago
"try me..." he muttered before walking away.
"I'll give you a scent if you keep complaining." He huffed back at Gunner, then looked at the hoodie
Remus / Kyleren285 / 1d ago