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Is This Really Helping?

By Ren_Hickman

Replies: 120 / 12 days ago

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  1. [Allowed] Kitiki_Anemara

If you don't anything to do with blood depression amount other things like that please dont join this Rp.
This is a slice of life/Angst and mostly
others mixed in not horror.
Your oc must be at lest 12

I would like for the other person to
understand how to rp not not just do a one
liner all the time.

lest be 15+ to rp here because of the
context like it says above.

If you no longer want to rp tell me I'll
understand You got sent here to get help everyone
said you needed it for something so
now your here. It was like a house but not there really; was cells,
some people had roommate others,
didn't, some rooms looked normal
others couldn't have mach things in there
. Depending on what was 'wrong' with
the person determined the kind of room
Hey have. There is a school there everything
anyone else had. One of the differences
was you have to see a doctor you have
To go to therapy. People say this will help
you but will it really?
It was like a small world. But in this
world some people need this kind of help
other are here just because of there life style

After notes
Wrong is like that because some people are
sent here because there parents thought
something was off but wasn't.

you don't have to be the best writer
because I am no where near the best.
I'm horrible at grammar and
sometimes spelling just to let you


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

He was quite . "uuuuhhhhmm, " he slightly nodded and shook " d-dont cry please" he whispered
She fell silent, unsure of how to respond as she hugged herself tightly and her eyes watered "I dont wanna be anywhere but in the dirt" She mumbled shakily and put her head down, starting to cry as she kept her face hidden
Raina / Kitiki_Anemara / 13h ago
" no one cares for me I always care about other" he said fairly quickly. " I font even want to be back home I just want out of here.." He was quite and rocked back and forth
She looked away and grumbled "youre not bothering me... im just curious to know why someone cares about me all of a sudden.... no one has before" She mumbled
Raina / Kitiki_Anemara / 20h ago
he wa still in a ball shaking " im sorry if im bothering you"
She shifted her gaze to look up at him silently.
" i- i don't know" he said in a muffled wispered
"why are you so worried about me...?" She finally spoke quietly, her voice nearly a whisper
He just was in a tighter ball. He seemed to be shaking his head
She shook her head, hugging her knees tighter as tears pricked her eyes but she refused to cry
He slowly sat back down and was in a ball. " I'm sorry" he said muffled by his pants and hoddie
She made no effort to stand as she hugged her knees instead, making it obvious she would not be going anywhere as of yet
he still stood up waiting. he just slightly swayed
She remained sitting in the corner and looked down silently