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Chi no Monogatari

By Catlover33

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In a world run by vampires, vampire hybrids are coveted for their blood which is said to be sweeter than the blood of a human. They, like vampires are normally indistinguishable from humans however they are not prone to bloodlust like turned vampires. They are often referred to as halfblood vampires however, just recently, one vampire hybrid started to become more coveted than the rest of his kind. This vampire hybrid ended up being an eighteen year old boy named Firion. He had gone unnoticed by the vampires for most of his life however the turning point came when he stopped aging when he turned 18. He was then sent away by his adoptive parents due to them wanting to protect him from being taken away like the other hybrids before him when they came of age.

Saddened by the thought of leaving his parents behind, Firion turned to look at those who had taken care of him before he ran away. Unfortunately, this ended up giving a few vampires enough time to spot him. He was quickly cornered when he ran into the woods and was knocked out by one of the vampires. When he regained consciousness, he found himself shackled to a wall by his ankle. The chain that anchored him to the wall was long enough to where he could move freely around the room that he was placed in but short enough to prevent him from escaping. He tried a few times to escape however when the vampires that captured him showed up, he realized that he wasn’t able to escape.

Note: This Roleplay will not contain overly mature themes and is rated 15+ for blood and some dark themes. This falls into the dark fantasy genre.

Crossover characters are allowed and the vampires are allowed to be from any existing series out there. I’m not picky about what characters you choose but I have preferences. I would prefer for at least some of the vampires to be male and around 18-20 years old.
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The hall I walked in was quiet, cold and the air was thick was moisture. I disliked the smell coming from the place, and the older vampires beside me didn't seem eager for conversation either. I let out a low sigh, following them through hallways and into rooms that lead to even more hallways. It almost seemed maddening but then, suddenly... they stop in front of a door that was locked. I try to look inside but their large, bulky bodies were in the way. Finally, after a few moments of silence, they move. I now eagerly look inside and see a young hybrid chained to a wall. My eyes widen ever so slightly, but not entirely because of surprise. I walk in slowly, looking around the room and eventually letting my eyes rest on the boy in front of me, a dark smile forming on my face.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion growled softly when he noticed Sebastian enter the room. He was anything but pleased about his current situation and wanted to do something about it. His long silvery white hair currently wasn’t tied back to the point where some of it fell in his face when he tried to attack Sebastian. “Just who the hell are you and why was I brought here.” He said coldly while never even flinching. There was a look in his eyes that could only be described as cold to the point where almost any normal human would freeze in their tracks if they saw that glare.

I look at the boy, smiling as he attempted to attack. I dodge the attack easily and say, "I am Sebastian Foster, Just call me Sebastian. Now, I would assume you know why your here, half-blood. " I smile, eyes locked on you. "I would ask you dont attack me, Half-Blood. I wouldnt want to use force to restrain you." I say, seeming almost relaxed beside you, as if we were old friends.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“Don’t you dare call me a halfblood! I have a name and I will find a way to escape! You can’t just kidnap a guy whenever you please! Also, my name is Firion and you had better remember that!” Firion growled at Sebastian before he tried to attack him again. He was starting to become unreasonable and only had one thought on his mind. That was the thought that he wanted to escape and reunite with his adoptive parents who raised him.
ALonelyOtaku     1y ago

I laugh aloud, "You think I kidnapped you? Oh gods no, I let the lower ones do that." I tilt my head back slightly and dodge you once again. I then look into your eyes for a few seconds and see a greed in them, a desperate want... I stop smiling for a moment, confused. How could a half-blood have such an intense desire, even when he had no chance of escape? So odd... "Firion, Right? Why do you think you'll ever escape this place? Even if you break your chains what is your plan of escape?" I say, a grim smile on my lips, but my eyes full of question.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I won’t even tell that to a b*stard like you! I won’t let you or your damn cronies get away with taking me away! I do not trust that smile of yours and I have every right to be mad at you! You cannot hope to tame me!” Firion growled at Sebastian. What was once a gentle ember in his eyes had turned into a raging inferno of a mixture of a desire to escape and defiance. He tried to attack Sebastian once again and growled like a wild animal.

I pretend to be surprised and I put a hand over my mouth, "Oh, Profanity!" I take a moment too long standing around beside you and your attack graces my side but doesn't affect me much. I say in a fake sad tone, "Oh, what's wrong with my smile?" I smirk, just to be smug. As I attempt to get closer to you I say, "You have no reason to be mad at me though, I did nothing wrong!" I feel over-confident and begin my attempt to get close to you...
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“Would you just shut up you damn bloodsucker! I don’t like you and I will never like you so back off before I feel the need to kill you.” Firion growled menacingly. He tried to make himself seem more intimidating than he actually was. He ended up hissing loudly and was showing some very obvious signs of aggression.

I say in a dark, quiet tone, "I don't need you to like me, 'Firion'." I manage to find myself behind you so I put my left hand on your back, right below your neck. I then shove you to the floor with ease, my right hand gripping your right wrist and pulling it back. I then move my hand to the back of your head, tilting it to the side ever so slightly. I make direct eye contact with you and I smile kindly saying, "Ah, It seems like your ever so willing to obey me, Firion. How kind of you."
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“Don’t you dare! I am not willing to obey someone like you!” Firion growled at Sebastian. He started to growl loudly as a warning to stay away. He was ready to try to fight back and escape if possible and only started hissing a few moments later. He was anything but pleased at being restrained and knocked onto the ground.

I smirk and say, "Don't struggle, you might get yourself hurt." I then pull your head back, straining the muscles in your neck and leaving your throat exposed. I pull your arm back a bit farther, starting to pull your shoulder. I then say calmly, "If you attempt to get away or attack, I won't give you any mercy, so I expect you to willingly obey me." I then sink my teeth into the right side of your neck, a gush of your blood filling my mouth.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion continued to growl loudly. He didn’t like being bitten on the neck however he didn’t try to escape. He didn’t want to risk harming himself in an attempt of escaping. He also didn’t speak since he was too busy growling and trying to scare off Sebastian. He wasn’t as threatening as he made himself seem previously and this was partially due to him being restrained.

After a few moments, I pull away, not wanting to make you pass out or get too lightheaded I let go of your arm and stand up, wiping the blood from my lips as I step off of you, moving back a few paces to give you your space. "See, it wasn't that hard to obey, Firion, Now was it?" I say with a small smirk on my face. I turn a bit, now facing the door and say, "Do you want anything? Oh, and please be reasonable, nothing over-the-top." I glance back at you, my hand on the handle of the door.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I just want my freedom back. Is that too much to ask for…” Firion growled softly. He ended up glaring at Sebastian and hissed softly. He felt slightly lightheaded since he lost some of his blood. He was still not very pleased about his current situation and it became clear that it would take him a while to no longer be hostile.

I dont answer for a while and I say calmly and lowly, "Who knows... depends with you and I and what we both want." I meet your eye for a moment before opening the door and saying, "Good Day, Half-Blood." I close the door silently and go a few doors down, led into a large bedroom. I sit on my bed, looking around as I begin to think of your request and the desire in your eyes... So odd...
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion curled up on the floor of the room that he was locked in and slowly fell asleep. He felt tired from all of the repeated attempts to attack Sebastian from earlier and needed to sleep. It only took him a few minutes before he fell asleep completely while forgetting about the fact that his request was likely impossible to grant.

(Time Skip: 5.5 Hours Later)
I wake up, crawling out of my bed and getting dressed. I choose a fine tail coat with a black polo and black pants, I then slide on some shoes and walk down the hall over to Firion's room. I knew I shouldn't be in there interfering with him so much, due to the fact only one visit per week was allowed, yet I find myself inside the room, leaning against a wall waiting for him to wake up. I stay silent as I watch him sleep, wanting to speak to him when he does awake.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion was still asleep and remained curled up. The bite mark on his neck had healed rather quickly in just 5 hours. However, after a few minutes, he woke up although he remained curled up in order to make himself seem as small as possible. He was scared however, he didn’t feel like lashing out at anyone.

I notice you were awake so I say quietly, "Oh, Good your awake... Don't worry, I'm not here for violent matters now, I just want to talk to you." I slide down the wall and sit on the floor, staring directly into your eyes and try to see if I could detect any violent desire in them.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“What do you wish to talk to me about? Is it anything important?” Firion asked Sebastian. He was still somewhat sleepy however, he tried his best to hide it. He slightly uncurled and yawned softly as well. He seemed to be looking at the ground as well as if he was longing for something. The burning desire that he had earlier had been suppressed.

I say in a still soft tone, "Why do you want out of this place so badly? We feed you, bring you water and keep you alive..." I say, starting to doubt that slightly but I continue anyway, "What is so amazing out there? It's only humans and vampires, normally rouge and rabid. " I say, disgust in my tone as I then look at you and notice the beauty of your hair, though it was now somewhat undone and unkempt. Apart of me wanted to fix it but I decided not to.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I had a mother and father who cared about me but they sent me away so that vampires couldn’t find me… I just wanted to see them again but when I realized that they might be dead, I’ve just given up on trying to escape…” Firion muttered softly. He had completely stopped being aggressive and had become a soft speaker in contrast to his previous behavior.

I nod silently and I say, "Well... What are their names? I might be able..." I pause, not wanting to give you false hope before finally saying, "I might be able to find them if they are still alive or in the near area." My voice remained soft and near-silent. I let out a small breath then look at you. After a few moments, I then say, "I'll also request a brush for you, your hair shouldn't be a mess.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“They never told me their names… I only referred to them as my mother and father because they raised me.” Firion muttered softly. He didn’t show any hints of sadness as he spoke. He didn’t notice that his hair was a mess or that it was in his face. It was either that or he noticed and didn’t care. He seemed to also be a lot more tame than before.

I nod silently and then say, "Did you enjoy the outside world?" I tilt my head slightly as I ask this, wondering what his life was like compared to my own. I notice his new tameness and I wondered if it was just because he was tired or some other reason. I sigh softly and wait patiently for an answer.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I did when I was younger… It lost it’s splendor as I grew up and saw the dark side of humanity…” Firion said softly. He had remembered when he had seen one human killing another human when he was younger. He wouldn’t admit it but the experience ended up giving him a mental scar that lasted for several years. He had never fully gotten over that traumatic event and continued to avert his gaze to the floor. He slowly sat up however, he still looked at the floor.

I put my hands to the floor, ready to make sudden movement if Firion did. I nod, seeing darkness in your eyes and a cold aura came from you. I let out a breath and I say, "Would you want to go back to the outside if you had the choice...and if so, why?" I say, now becoming eager for your answers.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I… wouldn’t want to go back… I don’t want to face the horrors that the outside world has again… I-I can’t face them again…” Firion muttered softly. He started to shiver slightly as he spoke and just remained motionless. He didn’t seem to want to fight and remained silent after he spoke. He was still staring at the floor.

I stand up and walk over to you and I say nothing. I realize I was getting soft around you so I tilt your head back, my hand under your chin as I stare into your eyes, no emotion in my own. I try to read your expression before pulling my hand away, walking to the door silently and saying, "Stay awake, I'll be back eventually."
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion opted to remain silent. He didn’t wish to speak and silently waited for Sebastian to return. There was still some long hair in his face however, he still didn’t care about it. He also seemed to be more distant than before. This was partially due to the bad memories about some moments of his life prior to his capture rising to the surface.

I come back about 30 minutes after, a brush along with a few hair ties and I walk up to you and ask softly, "Would you like your hair to be done, It is a mess." I held out the brush and hair ties to you if you wanted to take them and I then sit down beside you, starting to feel bored with your silence and tameness. I smirked at the thought of provoking you, though I also enjoyed your newfound enjoyment of being tame.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I don’t mind having it being done. Just don’t put it in a braid because I absolutely hate that. It is not cute and in my opinion, it doesn’t suit me…” Firion muttered softly. He didn’t seem to show any emotion whatsoever and decided to remain completely still. He also didn’t feel sleepy anymore although he continued to be tame.

I nod silently, brushing out your hair and then putting it into a bun with a few strands of hair free in front of you on the left side. I back up from you a bit and look over you, enjoying the look on you. I hear a knock on the door and I go over to it, leaving without a word. I close the door and I hear one of the vampires say darkly, "the Higher Ones request you stay in your chambers until further notice, Lord Sebastian." I growl softly, "I don't need to be told this from a low blood like you, I would rather they tell me themselves." I go into my room anyway, but I still didn't enjoy a lower blood leading me around and telling me what to do.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion undid the bun in his hair since he didn’t like it and then redid his hairstyle into a ponytail. This was his preferred hairstyle and he seemed much more content with it than he did with the bun hairstyle. He almost immediately curled back up and started to purr softly in order to prevent himself from feeling lonely.

( 1 Hour Later)
I sneak out of my room once again, and I make it to Firion's room. I slip inside silently and listen to you purr for awhile before clearing my throat to let you know I was here. I stand by the door, glancing out the thin window, making sure nobody would interrupt us.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion sat up and looked at Sebastian. He opted to remain silent and was still purring softly. He had gotten used to his new situation rather well and was adapting quickly. He didn’t smile and remained completely motionless. He had slightly closed his eyes as well.

I seemed angry or annoyed and the look you had on your face seemed to irritate me more. "Smile. The world looks terrible with people who don't smile" I say, my eyes full of a new hatred to you, a look of disgust on my face while also smiling. I let out a breath, my features relaxing and then forming into a smile as I look at you. "I said... Smile. "
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion ended up smiling nervously as he continued to remain silent. He was still purring softly and completely opened his eyes. He only stared at Sebastian and then, he slowly started to move. He stood up and then looked down at the floor again for a few moments before he looked back at Sebastian. He was now starting to purr loudly.

I dont seem amused by your purring and I say grimly, "Why are you doing that?" I seem to be glaring at you now, hardly able to keep up my smile and I begin walking over to you, my posture was stiff and tense, my fists clenched.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I’m doing it to help keep my mind off of how cruel the world can be sometimes… It’s something that I’ve done since I was younger and it’s kind of a coping mechanism…” Firion said softly. He slowly started to back away until he ended up with his back against the wall. He didn’t avert his gaze to the ground this time and seemed to stay calm.

I don't slow my pace and stop once directly in front of you, leaving only a few inches between us. My eyes seemed to be dark and angry compared to the normal lightness and humor in them. I lock eyes with you my hand on your chin, my fingers brushing against your neck as if I would grab it tightly at any second. I seem to be questioning you in my mind, my smile was gone and replaced with a frown.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“I-is anything the matter…” Firion said softly. He seemed to be scared however he couldn’t back up any farther. He had pinned himself up against the wall and was now directly staring at Sebastian. He didn’t dare to avert his gaze out of fear that something bad would end up happening to him if he did so.

I shove my hand to your throat, my grip tight and my eyes still locked with yours. A small smile forms on my face now as I tighten my grip more, wanting to watch you struggle in my grip, wanting you to be desperate for air which I could give to you easily.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“W-what are you doing?!?” Firion growled softly. He was starting to struggle in Sebastian’s grip and desperately wanted to be let go. He closed his eyes and proceeded to let out a soft scream however he stopped himself from doing so. “P-please let go of my throat… I-I can’t breathe…” He muttered softly.

I tighten my grip, lifting you off the floor and I say calmly, "If you can talk, you can breath" My nail begin to cut into the sides of your neck, my eyes emotionless as my smile widens.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

Firion tried to raise his hands up to his throat however he had started to become lethargic from the lack of oxygen. He looked like he was about to lose consciousness however, he was still struggling against Sebastian’s grip. He didn’t want to give up that easily and now was unable to speak.

I stare at you for a few more seconds before dropping you, moving back slightly so you wouldn't collapse into me. I glare at you for a few moments before kicking you in the stomach and staring at you as if you were a small bug... I had no emotion or care for you in my eyes or movements.
Catlover33Firion   1y ago

“Please stop… I don’t want to be harmed…” Firion muttered softly. He curled up as a response to being kicked and had started to become rather timid. He was scared of Sebastian and was starting to shiver slightly. He only wanted to make himself seem as small as possible so that he wouldn’t be noticed.
hillory17     1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

(hey can i join at the moment or did i have to join at the start?)
Catlover33     1y ago

((Well, you probably should have joined from the start but I’ll probably make another version of this thread soon.))


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