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Guardian Demon ((CLOSED TO LeeTheNarrator))

By Kitiki_Anemara

Replies: 93 / 45 days ago

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> PAST <<

Age 9- M/C is laying inda bed, eyes closed as if sleeping while a shadowy-monsterous creature(Y/C) slips into her room from the open third-story window and slips under her bed. M/C opens her eyes and speaks in a small, sad voice [b [+purple "I'm not afriad of you, monster."]] Y/C stops mid-assent of the intent to terrorize her like Y/C had terrorized and vanished hundreds of children before and, in confusion, silently return under the bed just as heavy footsteps could be heard banging throughout the house towards the room.

[+slateblue [i This child was different from the others.]]

She sits up and slides the blanket off of her to reveal a variety of scars and fresh cuts, bruises, and burns.

[+slateblue [i The difference was beyond the scars of abuse.]]

She then slid off her bed, laying on the floor as she looks right at Y/C. Visibly afraid of something else as they sat face-to-face.

She goes to crawl under the bed, telling Y/C [b [+purple "Move. Over!"]]

She crawled under quickly just as her father entered the room- but not fast enough for him to miss where she had gone. [b [+crimson "Well, well. Wanna play hide n seek?"]] His voice cracked as his hangover subsided and the fresh dose of drugs settled. He kneeled down and reached under the bed. He nearly grabs M/C, but Y/C puts their own hand forward as her father grabs it roughly. [b [+crimson "Come to daddy!"]] He grinned darkly, a maddening look in his eyes as he pulled Y/C out from under the bed. One look at the hand he had grabbed and a sense of dread set in as he looked up and was face-to-face with Y/C.

A dark, terrifying smile came across Y/C face as Y/C looked down at M/C father. [b "Yes... I would like to play...]

The last thing M/C had seen of her father was that terrified expression before Y/C covered her view. This day, her father was declared missing and was never seen nor heard from again. Even years later, M/C searches for the truth, wanting to know what Y/C does to vanish people and why they did it before deciding to become her "protector"


M/C has been bounced around the foster care system. Moving schools yet again and as she enters her second year of high school Y/C continues to vanish anyone who is mean to, harms, or upsets M/C. Y/C has also since gained a human form in order to keep watch over her while Y/C and M/C search to find what is special about M/C and why. Only M/C has been able to see Y/C in their true, monsterous form wether or not Y/C wanted to be seen. On top of this, M/C has odd abilities and heightened senses that allow her to not only view, but also interact with the other side. Another world, so to speak, that lives within the human world. The world in which Y/C resides alongside various "mythical" creatures.

Question is, how will their search for answers and a normal life affect their relationship as they had grown to be rather close over the years?

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Belil slept calmly as the fae flew around Jade and Sylvester to get their attention before shifting to grow to the size of a dwarf and speaking aloud. [+teal [b "I cannot say while she is conscious. I have some important information for you both."]] It spoke in a lowered voice and waved a hand in Belil's direction. A small stream of blue smoke circled her head to guarantee she'd remain asleep for a short while and be unable to hear them speaking. [+teal [b "Of course concerns do involve the Queen as well."]]
Sylvester sighed relived. He rubbed her back as he pulled the blanket over them so Belil wouldn’t get cold. [b “ Anyway you could make something for her? That seamed to help a lot-“] He would whisper.

Jade nodded as she should up and gently lays the flower on the work desk.
Belil whimpered something in her sleep as she held onto Sylvester tightly, the night terror almost seemed to bring back some long forgotten memories but left her restless and fretful. Once Jade calmed her dreams to nothing she noticeably relaxed on Sylvester and nuzzled into his neck as she now slept soundly.
Sylvester sat down quickly and sat her in his lap holding her close. He rubbed her back gently, never knowing what to do in this situation- seeing as he usually caused night terrors more than anything-

Jade sat up and walked over to one of her plants and gently picked a flower from one of them. This flower was dark blue and hand gold specks on it. She gently kneeled down in front of belil, and held the flower under her nose.

The scent leaked into her mind and a fog rolled over her field of vision as Her night terror reduced into just a dreamless sleep-
((Lowkey does tho- lol))

As Belil slept, she began to have a nightmare and tightened her hold on Sylvester, whimpering quietly in her sleep as the fae flew nearby, staying close to her and Jade. The fae squeeked out its concern that Belil's nightmare may escalate to a night terror.

Belil wasn't letting go of Sylvester even when they attempted to lay her down, her ears drooped and she started shaking in fear as her nightmare gradually grew worse. She couldnt seem to wake up from it even as she began to sweat, mumble in her sleep, and move a bit fretfully as it ecalated into a night terror and she had begun to cry in her sleep quietly.
(It reminds me of l beauty and the beast. Not on purpose though)

Jade listens glad someone was informing her of things.Jade nods as she listened intently. Sylvester signed as he adjusted bell, so she would be more comfortable. As it began to darken it grew cold fast. Sylvester wanted to grab Belil a blanket but he didn’t want to wake her. [b “Jade,Will you set up a sleeping mat?”] He whispered. Jade would stand up and grab a mat from her shelf and lay it down near the fire. She also grabbed a thick blanket for her to cuddle up in.

Sylvester gently picked her up and walked over to the mat and lays her down gently as jade laid the blanket over her.
((ooooh- that's a really interesting draft tho-))(and i'm trying to imagine how the curse may be broken- x.x though I have random theories i dunno-)

Belil fell asleep in his arms, holding onto him a bit tightly as she did. The fae spoke in an odd language which they expected Jade to understand as they explained about Belil's mother's death and what Belil and Sylvester have been going through together up until they arrived to see her.
(Omg With you saying that- I need to tell you Sylvesters backstory-) (So My Loose draft was: That Their was a young, handsome, and popular Prince. He was given everything he ever wanted, and in return expected everything for him. He grew greedy, selfish and power hungry. he became cruel And Evil. One day, And Old woman came to him and asked him for help, begged him. And he took everything that the old woman offered, then sent the old Woman off to die. But that woman put a curse on the prince. A curse that made him become as Ugly as his heart. And I’m sure you know what happened after that.) ((The curse complete stopped him from age-ing. I originally had his backstory happen during a time like the renaissance.)) (And of course I’m not going to tell you how the curse is broken. Only that its already being broken)

Jade smiled back and nodded. Sylvester sighed. [b “Your alowed to eat you know-“] He said
((I would say they were aquainted thanks to Belil's mother who I'm debating on whether or not should be the Queen of the other world or somthing and Belil is unknoingly a princess or something which owuld explain the large amount of mythical beings that are always around.... still working a bit out sorry- x.x but something to do with Belil's mom...))

Belil shook her head as she let out a small yawn, watching as the small fae accepted the fruit as her eyes drifted clothes and she tried to fight the pull of sleep. The fae looked at Belil for a few moments then looked back up at Jade with a smile.

((also sorry it's short...))
(How do you want jade And the fae to know each other?)(Also jade Is a demon Like Sylvester)

Jade sat and listened, as she picked a small berry out of her pocket and held it out for the fae with a smile. Jade would look to belil and nod as she motioned to the pot, as if asking her if she were hungry. Sylvester smiled as he looked down. [b “She’s asking if your hungry-“]
Belil looked up at Sylvester and gave a small nod and looked as the fae landed in the palm of Jade's hand and grinned up at her. [b "I am alright..."] Belil answered quietly.

The fae glanced at Belil then at Jade again and continued speaking with her- catching up on the past and whispering to her about what happened to Belil's mom
The girl nodded a hello back, a small bell jingled as she nodded slowly. As the face flew out jade watched it and gently held out a hand for it to sit in. She seamed happy to see an old friend-

Sylvester watched curiously, as he looked down to bell with a nod. [b “you doing alright?’”]
Belil was still a bit tense as she lifted her gaze and glanced at the girl then looked away again quietly with a mumbled [b "hello"] before falling silent and holding onto Sylvester nervously as she rested her head on his shoulder again. The ring she wore suddenly glowed softly and one of the three fae which lived in it flew out, flying around the girl in excitement and acting as though it knew her and it had been a while since they'd seen each other.
The girl put her stuff away paying no mind to the two. She set her bag down on the work table before walking gently over to the stew and stirring it for a few moments before nodding, satisfied.

[b “She might- “] he would say not Certain if or if not, she knew. After a few moments The girl quietly sat down in front Sylvester. Laying her hands gently on her lap as she waited. Sylvester nudged Belil slightly, [b “Bell, This Jade, Jade this Is The girl I was telling you about.”] The girl nodded softly, her face covered by the mask.
Belil continued to cling to Sylvester silently shaking as she hesitantly opened her eyes to see who had walked in. She slowley started to calm down as she looked at the woman and whispered in Sylvester's ear. [b "D-do you think sh-she can tell me a-about my mom and w-what I might be?"] She asked in a small, nervous voice, hoping to find who and what she is, knowing full well she wasn't really human despite the way she looked. She knew only her mother had the answers she needed but that wasn't an option since she was dead now, she had to turn elsewhere and keep asking the creatures/people that existed in the world unseen by humans. The fae which inhabited her mother's ring were no help at all, keeping silent since the last order her mother had given them was to not tell Belil anything until a near-death event occured which could not be prevented. But that was something else Belil didn't know, she just assumed that the Fae didn't know anything either as she merely kept searching for answeres where she could.

((feels like a lowkey bad post-))