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Guardian Demon ((CLOSED TO LeeTheNarrator))

By Kitiki_Anemara

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>> PAST <<

Age 9- M/C is laying inda bed, eyes closed as if sleeping while a shadowy-monsterous creature(Y/C) slips into her room from the open third-story window and slips under her bed. M/C opens her eyes and speaks in a small, sad voice
"I'm not afriad of you, monster."
Y/C stops mid-assent of the intent to terrorize her like Y/C had terrorized and vanished hundreds of children before and, in confusion, silently return under the bed just as heavy footsteps could be heard banging throughout the house towards the room.

This child was different from the others.

She sits up and slides the blanket off of her to reveal a variety of scars and fresh cuts, bruises, and burns.

The difference was beyond the scars of abuse.

She then slid off her bed, laying on the floor as she looks right at Y/C. Visibly afraid of something else as they sat face-to-face.

She goes to crawl under the bed, telling Y/C
"Move. Over!"

She crawled under quickly just as her father entered the room- but not fast enough for him to miss where she had gone.
"Well, well. Wanna play hide n seek?"
His voice cracked as his hangover subsided and the fresh dose of drugs settled. He kneeled down and reached under the bed. He nearly grabs M/C, but Y/C puts their own hand forward as her father grabs it roughly.
"Come to daddy!"
He grinned darkly, a maddening look in his eyes as he pulled Y/C out from under the bed. One look at the hand he had grabbed and a sense of dread set in as he looked up and was face-to-face with Y/C.

A dark, terrifying smile came across Y/C face as Y/C looked down at M/C father. "Yes... I would like to play...

The last thing M/C had seen of her father was that terrified expression before Y/C covered her view. This day, her father was declared missing and was never seen nor heard from again. Even years later, M/C searches for the truth, wanting to know what Y/C does to vanish people and why they did it before deciding to become her "protector"


M/C has been bounced around the foster care system. Moving schools yet again and as she enters her second year of high school Y/C continues to vanish anyone who is mean to, harms, or upsets M/C. Y/C has also since gained a human form in order to keep watch over her while Y/C and M/C search to find what is special about M/C and why. Only M/C has been able to see Y/C in their true, monsterous form wether or not Y/C wanted to be seen. On top of this, M/C has odd abilities and heightened senses that allow her to not only view, but also interact with the other side. Another world, so to speak, that lives within the human world. The world in which Y/C resides alongside various "mythical" creatures.

Question is, how will their search for answers and a normal life affect their relationship as they had grown to be rather close over the years?


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Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]

Belil took a deep breath as she silenced her alarm, waking up four hours earlier than necessary to get ready for school as she would be the only one awake. She crept around the house, got dressed, made a small breakfast so as the amount of food she takes would not be notiiced. She then grabbed her school bag- a napsack- and would not take the bus as with three hours to spare she began walking the five miles to school, giving herself plenty of time to ask a few neighbors to help make her lunch since her latest foster family refused to feed her and would force her to vomit whatever she ate at the end of a day anyway.

She shrugged that thought off as she went on her trek silently.

[ooc: sorry for the sucky post >.< I wasnt too sure how to start]
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

He would emerge from under the darkness of Belil’s bed, by the time she had left her room. He would Follow her silently, not saying anything, just watching. He only stayed in the shadows, watching calmly.

His presence wasn’t scary, seeing how frequently he was around. And when Belil left the house, He’d shift into his human form.

His human form was typical. Shaggy sandy blond hair, that fell down to his lower shoulders. Hazel eyes more on the blue spectrum, and he was the normal height for his age. All of witch made him unsuspecting to be a monster…

He would hurry to walk beside Belil, and would look down at her unsmiling, but not frowning. He would look forward, walking in silence.

She ignored the fae and fairy's which flew around unseen by anyone else as she walked along with the same neutral expression. [b "Nice of you to drop in... again"] She mumbled quietly, not in a rude way as she actually enjoyed his precense sometimes despite the rare exchange of words.
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

He would nod, a sharp quick nod. [b “I had business to attend to-“] He would say, his voice was deep, and unchanging. He had been gone for a week. Doing what? Well he will probably never say.

He had not been their when Belil got her new foster home transfer. He had not yet inspected Belils New foster family, and has not given them his silent approval.

He had watched Belil be skipped from foster family to the next, ever since they had first met. He had always wondered why she never got adopted. It confused him why she was so miss misfortunate.

She always figured no one wanted a child who'd been named "worthless liar to cause another to suffer evil", she had not even been given her mothers name, nor her last name, but a full arbritrary name chosen by her father who saw her as nothing but a mistake. She had forced herself to shake those thoughts aside and continue walking. It was apparent that she appeared starved and she stopped at one last house, putting on a fake smile and cheery tone. [b "Hi miss Amari, I'm sorry to be a bother to you, really. I forgot my lunch at home again and was wondering if... would you mind making me a peanut butter sandwitch again? Nothing big really-"] She smiled sadly. The look in the womans eyes was enough to say that she could tell what was going on. She entered her home and came out a few minutes later with a full bagged lunch for her.

[+blue [b "would you like me to drive you to school? It is a long walk-"]] she offered kindly. Tears pricked Belil's eyes and she shook her head [b "No thank you. I'm sorry for intruding but I am happy with walking, really. I just forgot my lunch is all and don't have a house key so I don't want to wake miss Penene so early in thr morning"] She said quickly [b "thank you again so much for the food!"] she ducked her head and quickly walked away, making her way to the school and breathing heavily from the anxiety she'd felt from the exchange which was by no means Mrs. Amari's fault
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

He would continue beside Belil, taking in her appearance. He wondered if he could find a new name for her, To Release her from that dreadful name. He would put that task aside for the moment as he watched her have to ask for food.

He didn’t seam pleased by the tough of this, and would see just how poorly her new foster parents were treating her. He would growl something under his breath, witch was something he did often.

When she would come back he would put a hand gently on her head, and pat it. He wasn’t the best and comforting people, seeing as it was easier to scare people. But he tried his best regardless.

She pushed the food into her napsack then pulled her hood over her head. The cloak she wore had once belonged to her mother and many of the fairy creatures flying around would comment on it thinking she did not have the same "gift" as her mother. The jewels embroidered into the fabric helped to hide her although she never knew from what, she had sworn to never take it off. Shaking her head again, she wiped her tears and stayed silent, having not looked up at Sylvester since she had resumed walking and keeping her gaze downwards in fear of what might be said as she clutched the napsack she called a school bag tightly in her hands.
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

Sylvester would sigh, seeing their might not be a point in trying to ease the girl. He continued to walk beside her as he put his hand into his pants pockets. He would glare angerly at the faes that would talk about Belil. He was able to see them too, but he could see everything-

He would think over ways he could help belil. [i ‘ I could get a job-‘] He though to himself. he knew that jobs gave money, and you need money to buy things… so a job didn’t seam that bad.

[b “Do you need more food?”] He asked belil, looking back down to her.

As they walked along, she kept thinking about two years from now, how she would be 18 and able to do things for herself but for now she would just survive. Shaking her head, she jumped, startled out of her thoghts when he spoke. [b "N-no... I'm okay..."] She replied quietly, looking downward as the school came into view and she hugged her bag. She gulped, hoping no one would have to go missing today but fully aware that was not possible
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

Sylvester didn’t believe that one bit. He would stair at her, his gaze unbreaking. He would look away as the got to the school, [b “Have a good day at school-And tell me if anyone gives you any trouble-“] He would say staring at the front of the school.

He was thinking of weather to follow her through the day. Watching through the shadows, or if he should go pay her foster home, a visit-

She frowned and gulped again, she had a bad feeling and something felt off about today [b "I..."] She hesitated and looked up at him [b "I have enough food but... do you think you could come to school with me this time?"] She sounded a bit afraid of something for some reason. It was rare that she would let fear show in her voice and she looked away again. [b "I mean... if you want to come to school with me.."] she mumbled
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

He knew that was bull shit, He could see her bones. But he knew he couldn’t force her to do anything…

He would stair at her, thinking over the choice. He would nod once Sharply. He knew that if she was scared, then something was going on. [b “Do you need me to be their physically? Or DO you want me to stay in the shadows?”] He asked ion a low wisher

She was quiet, holding her bagged lunch close to her and painfully calm about having a full meal for the first time in weeks as they walked along. [b "Whichever you prefer... I would like it if you're comfortable rather than just do what I want you to..."] she said quietly, her pace slowing down as they got closer to the school and her grip noticable tightened on her school bag
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

What did he feel comfortable with? He neVer really though about that. He never really FELT uncomfortable- well… As far as he remembered. He had a tendency to forget things, not things like [i ‘Where are my care keys?’] or [i ‘Their was something I was going to DO today-‘]. No- The things he forgot were memories…Memories of his past… A time before he became…A monster…

He realized he had spaced off, and looked down to Belil. [b “My apologies. I will stay in this form.”]

She gave only the slightest of nods, taking a deep breath before walking through the front gates and walking the edges of the large crowd of students. She quickly slid the golden headband that used to be her mother's off her head and tucked it away in her napsack shakily, holding onto it tightly as she attempted not to be pushed down by the mass of students walking along, some of which were pushing people aside in a rush for no reason. At some point she had dosed and ended up getting pushed down, but instead of protecting herself- she clutched her bag even tighter, closed her eyes tightly and braced for the impact of the brick wall and concrete floor.
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

But it never came. Sylvester would pick up Belil And quickly carry her to a clearer spot, one like the band hallway. He put her down and stood he up. [b “This is a much bigger school then your last one-“] He would say softly as he dusted her off. [b “What have I told you, You need to stop letting your self be knocked around. Stand tall-“] He would say smoothly. He didn’t know what Belil would do if he wasn’t their to protect her…And watch her-

She remained silent and turned her gaze to the floor, feeling almmost like a chastised child as she mumbled [b "sorry"] and the bell rang to signal that it was time to head to first class. She tensed and gulped, pulling out her schedule and glancing at it then putting it back in her pocket. [i Upstairs, building eight, room two-thirtynine.] She repeated in her head multiple times, begining to walk there at a steady pace, sniffling once in a way that would sound like she had been crying.
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

He would shake his head and sigh. He did not mean to be mean. But everything he seamed to do had a layer of anger in it, due to his voice. He tended to forget emotions too, or at least, it seamed that way. He never showed emotions other then Anger, and emotions that branch off of it.

He would step into the shadows looking for the quickest way to belils class. He would step out of the shadows and join her. [b “Your get their faster if you take a right up those stairs and take a left at the door that has poems on it-“] He would say to her

At some point, when he returned to tell her thr quicker way, she took his hand for comfort and mumbled [b "thank you"] as she took the route he suggested. She slowed down when the class came into view and gulp again nervously. She wasn't quite sure what she was so nervous about other than a few select students who had bullied her on the first few days of school just last week. She held an eerily neutral expression as they walked in and she took a seat in the back of the room for the sake of being a stereotypical edgy teen. And for the privacy the back corner gave which let her be invisible the way she prefered to be.
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

He would pass and eerie and angry glance too the bullies. He would turn and sit in the desk next to Belil. He would sigh as he shook his head as he looked over to belil. He would watch her, Trying to guess her feelings. He would read the glitters in her eyes, and the wrinkles of her face. He would look away and memorizing her classmates, getting a feel of who was who. Who where the “cool kid” who where the geeks? The drama nerds, or the band kids.

She sat there silently, pulling out a small book and beginning to draw a character, then turn the page and write a story for their character as she kept her head down and ignored the items being thrown around and at her. One of the kids walked up to her, unable to see Sylvester with their human eyes as they stabbed a pen into Belil's hand, causing her to cry out in pain as they snatched her book of drawings and stories and proceeded to go through it, make fun of her, and tear it apart. Belil did nothing as she hid her face shakily and pulled out the pen, watching a light stream of blood come from the small wound on the back of her hand and set the pen down on her desk. She looked up at the girl who had done it then put on a smile. [b "I do need to improve on them, thank you for letting me know"] She said in a painfully kind tone, holding her injured hand just above her heart and using her other hand to put pressure on the wound. The kindness in her tone caused the girl to pause, look at her in a disgusted way and proceed to slam her head down on the desk, hard, just once before stalking away without a word towards a group of kids snickering as they'd watched. Lifting her head, blood covered her desk as her nose bled and Belil chuckled slightly, a tear going down her cheek as her numbness to this pain indicated that the new foster family brutally abused her beyond this. Slowly but surly, she finally turned her gaze upward to Sylvester and smiled, a trail of blood going from her nose down her chin and dripping all over her desk and clothes along with hands covered in blood from the first injury. [b "I will be okay"] She assured the demon with a pained smile [b "They have a bad life at home too, they don't need to be hurt"] She said to him, mostly asking that he did no harm to her bullies this time despite the obvious pain she was in as she slowly became lightheaded and began shaking, trying to keep herself up and awake.

((sorry for the late- and long- reply >.< I forgot to reply and it got lost in my recent activity and I just noticed it-))
LeeTheNarratorThe Demon [Sylvester]   1y ago
The Narrator

(It’s fine! I completely understand)

Sylvester growled deep in his throat. He so badly wanted to hurt the kids, Sylvester had an opinion about people. That all of them, minus Belil of course, where monsters. It was comical seeing that a monster was calling human-kind, monsters.

He looked down to Belil, [b “You should go to the nurse-“] He would say calmly, but he was clearly angry. He HATED seeing Belil in pain, It made his blood boil, or What ever he had instead of blood.

She knew no one could see Sylvester unless he was going to harm them and "disappear" them, along with him wanting to be seen. She was fine with it although it made her look crazy to everyone else. She hesitated in reaching out before keeping her hands to herself, a part of her had wanted to hold his hand for some reason but she didn't want to get her blood all over him as she shook her head and smiled lightly. [b "Ice helps everything hm?"] she joked lightly to the demon before pushing herself up on her feet and frowning down at her backpack before taking a shaky step forward. The teacher merely watched with narrowed eyes as if she'd disruppted class despite it having not started. It was as if they couldn't see the blood and instead merely saw a troublesome child- though they said nothing and remained silent with merely a frowning face. Almost as if they payed students to physically harm others- Belil could tell this may be the case not just because of the glare he gave, but also because of the look in the teacher's eyes. She hasn't told Sylvester why the teacher dispises her yet as she finally managed another light-headed step forward and gripped the wall to make her way to the clinic.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

He would wait and follow her until she was out of the room. Then as he followed after her he made himself visible in his human form as he quickly picked her up. [b “Lets go- Where’s the nurses office?”] He asked as he looked down to her. She was carrying her one arm under her leg bend, the other holding her back. He sort of cradled her, as he waited for hr response. His eyes glittered with hidden anger, as he looked at her terribly blooded up face. This was only another thing that solidified his hatred for humans.

She gasped and stared up at him with wide eyes as he picked her up. She was pale and lightheaded but still stubborn as ever as she frowned. [b "You dont... dont have to carry me.."] She hid her face, ducking her head as she shook and a hint of fear glazed over her eyes at his anger. A small whimper escaped her lips as she didn't need to see his anger to be able to feel it. [b "N-Near the f-front office I th-think"] She whispered her reply as to where the clinic was before passing out in his arms
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

Sylvester would carry belil as quickly as he could, without people questioning him. He never mentioned to scare her, but he felt guilty for even seeing fear in her eyes.He would quickly find the rest of the way their as he carried her over to the nurses office. He entered quickly. [b “Hello? This girl is bleeding rather badly-“] He would say still holding Belil protectively
Kitiki_AnemaraNurse Ayami   1y ago

Nurse Ayami looked up from her desk which was a clutter of paperwork and clinic passes, she narrowed her eyes upon seeing Sylvester enter with Belil then appeared to be in no rush as she merely asked one of the students occupying a bed due to a headache, to move. The student grumbled and groaned, getting up slowly and dramatically. [b "Put her on that bed I'll be there in a second"] She sounded disconcerned as she finished typing something on her computer before finally pulling out her First Aid Kit.

Meanwhile, Belil remained pale and unconscious as her nose slowly stopped bleeding but the injury on her hand did not as it continued to soak her clothes in blood and ruin the white cloak that had belonged to her mother many years ago.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

(Hello I would just like to tell you that I won't be on Alot anymore due to a number of factors. I will try my best to find space in my day to reply, but my options are limited! Thank you for your understanding)(Aka, My school Ipad blocked Roleplaycloud.)

Sylvester laid down Belil quickly, not giving the boy much time to get up. He would quickly give the snot-nosed boy a spine chilling glare before quickly reverting his attention back to Belil, as he made sure she'd be as comfertable as she could be. He would look quickly over to the nurse, who acted as if she didn;t get payed to help children with wounds. He would grumble a distasteful remark under his breath as he turned back to Belil.

(Do you want me to Have Sylvester Take of the cloak? Or would that ruin any plans?)
Kitiki_AnemaraNurse Ayami   1y ago

((I completely understand as I have been in the same situation before- dont worry too much about posting as I dont want to add to your stress ^w^ youre a great roleplay partner and im glad you were able to make contact tho))

The nurse finally came by to tend to Belils wounds as she mumbled under her breathe grumpily and merely cleaned the wounds themselves as she ignored the blood on the rest of her before packing the kit and waving them off as if Belil were fit to return to class before she finally put the kit away.

Belil breathed evenly but it was a bit slow as she remained pale, slowly opening her eyes to look up at Sylvester silently and give the demon a weak smile. It was almost sad to see the relief in her eyes at seeing she hadn't been left alone.

((Doesnt ruin any plans- you can do whatever ^w^ i dont wanna be the only one shaping the story after all lol))
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

(Thank you. I'm glad to see you understand. You are also A great Roleplay Partner, And I thoroughly enjoy the story so far.)

Sylvesters Hot glare burned into the back of the nurse as she "Worked". The feeling it would give her would be like- Like walking down the street of a neighborhood alone at night. The constant feeling of unease and fear ebbing at your back as you look over your shoulder. The constant dread of someone, or something watching you or following you as you walk alone.

Sylvester would growl as he saw just how much the nurse did. He would give her a look of disgust as he passed her. Then he began to grab things to take care of belil's wound himself. He would bring back the stuff as he ignored any looks of distaste from the Nurse. [i 'If you want something done, You have to do it yourself-'] He though as he began to properly clean her off.

Sylvester was tempted to take off the white cloak, but thought against it. He would be cleaning the blood from Belils forhead when she would have peaked open her eyes. He would pause what he was doing before giving belil a nod. His sandy colored hair fell in-front of his face. But he quickly pulled the shaggy strands behind his ears.

To a high-school Girl, One might find Sylvester's Human form attractive. With hazel eyes that glitter like tree sap, and sandy blond hair that swayed effortlessly in the wind. Not to mention that his tall skinny form, and soft pail skin-! Why even, some may find him to be attractive personality wise! The strong and mysterious type is kind of a thing. Of course, Sylvester knew not that he was in any way attractive, nor would he care if he did.

(Well Alright! Sorry for the longer then normal reply. Just kinda felt like writing today.)
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

((glad to hear- ^w^ also no worries about the long reply- it's great!))

The nurse felt a deep chill run up her spine as she hurridly stood and got out of the room, feeling the need to be somewhere else as she acted as though she merely went to talk to some administrators.

Belil kept looking up silently at Sylvester before closing her eyes and smiling a bit more. As she layed there, she opened her eyes again then turned her head to look around the room as her stomach rumbled and she remembered she had left her things in the classroom- including the food given to her by kind neighbors earlier. Her smile faded and she turned her head away, closing her eyes and letting out a small sigh as she closed her eyes again and dozed off, unable to hold back the pull of unconsciousness as she slept again.

((sorry It's a bit short- I kept calling away and the idea/inspiration for a decent reply to what you wrote left my head sadly... though I have no excuse really TwT))
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

(Thanks, And your reply is also fine. We all have those times :D)

Sylvester got this feeling, that he never really understood, when Belil Truly smiles at him. A slight flutter in his chest, and the strong urge to smile back. The feeling made him miss seeing her smile, A true, sincere smile. Though, the demon always ignored these feelings, thinking they were some-sort of sickness. Or possibly maggots-

Sylvester worked swiftly, so much so that only a few moments after Belil fell back asleep he had finished properly cleaning and wrapping her up. He would stand swiftly discarding the bloodied things and putting back the excess materials. He would walk back and sit in the small metal chair he sat in moments before; tending to her wounds. Then he began to think of what he'd do next.

He knew Belil was hungry so he thought of going to get her stuff. He Didn't want to leave Belil alone, but it was better then waking her up and making her go back to that godawful class. He would stand up again and sighed as he looked down to her. in his mind he was reassuring himself that she'd be alright in the few minutes he would be gone.

He would swiftly exit the nurses office, still visible in his human form. He made his way to her class room, entering softly. He looked to the teacher, not even caring for The other students watching eyes. [b "I'm here to grab Belils Stuff."] he would say.

Belil could barely rest and was mostly drifting in and out of sleep as she listened to Sylvester walking out before slipping back into unconsciousness.

The teacher was a boy that looked merely to be in his early to mid twenty's. He gave a sidelong glance to Sylvester with a slight growl under his breathe, disapproval clear on his face due to the interruption of his class. [b [+blue "That little demons shit has been put outside"]] He said through gritted teeth. A few students snickered at the remark and a slight smirk tugged at his lips. [b [+blue "You might find it in the dirt or mud"]] He sneered as one of the class windows had been open and papers from Belil's bag scattered on the floor around the windows as it had been thrown outside. The bag of food she'd gotten had also been taken, some of it smashed on the ground around her desk and the rest thrown with her school bag. [+blue [b "Now get out of my classroom or I will report you to the authorities"]] the teacher declared. Some students sat back smirking as a few people in the back ignored what was happening and kicked one of the apples that was once Belil's and kicked it around while giggling about it before one of them got bored and decided to simply step on it and smash it.

Meanwhile, the nurse had returned into the room, grumbling about the mess at her desk as she sat down. Three students then entered the clinic complaining about breathing and headaches simply to get out of gym class as one recognized Belil and chuckled. [+crimson [b "Hey look at this one- it's the mistake I told you about"]] She said snidely, not caring that Belil slept as she took a pair of scissors and began to cut up the white cloak Belil wore, then as she was about to cut into the necklace she was wearing, Belil's hand shot up, grabbing her wrist as she looked up at the girl. Her eyes having suddenly gone red from the sense of her intention to ruin the small jewels she wore- also an effect of the magic in the jewels in self-preservation, they made her angry and upset. [b "Don't... even... think about it"] Belil spoke darkly, her voice having sounded nearly demonic when she spoke. The unseen energy around her would easily affect the creatures that can't be seen by humans, upsetting them as well if they were too close to Belil in this moment, others that were a decent distance away would merely be able to feel the energy Belil had and would keep their distance so as not to be corrupted by her emotions. One fairy was close to Belil and began to wreck the clinic, making papers fly from the nurses desk, effectively scaring the woman and chasing her out. The two girls jumped back, startled and became immediately scared. [b [+crimson "L-Let go of me!"]] The girl shouted, attempting to free herself from the death grip Belil had on her wrist.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

Sylvester merely snickered as a crooked smile spread across his face. His Sandy hair fell-over his eyes creating a shadow, making it hard to see his eyes. He merely listened as his anger only intensified. When the teacher finished he would speak, [b "No, I won't be leaving just yet-"] He would say as he walked over to the teacher his eyes catching in the sunlight. They glittered with anger and hatred, and the room around the class seamed to get colder ever so slowly. Sylvester faced the teacher. [b "You say she is a demon, but in reality, You have never truly seen one. "] Sylvester still smiled that eerie crooked smile, as he turned to face the class. [b Actually- I am Wrong, You all have, You see one every time you look in the mirror~"] he says smoothly as his smile disappeared. His gaze looked across the whole class, and the room felt uncomfortable to be in. He would begin to walk down the rows of students. The feeling of intense fear was enough to leave each person he walked by paralyzed. [b "Vandilization, Physical harassment, Verbal harassment, disrespecting property, and that is not just the end of the list of crimes you all have committed. All of these can be brought to the police. And I have a lot of evidence to back up the crimes."] He would say smoothly as he walked. He stopped beside belils desk, having walked past each student. is crooked smile re-appeared. [b "Now- I don;t think any of you want to go to jail- But- I will leave that hanging over your heads-"] He would say as he walked out of the room, seeing nothing of Belils could really be salvaged.

He returned only at the end of the incident. He would quickly rush over to Belil and take her and pick her up, forcing belil to let go of The girls hand. Sylvester glared down at the girl still remaining their. [b "Scram-"] he growled

The girl ran off in fear immediately, clutching her now-broken wrist closely as Belil didn't snap out of it for several more minutes, her eyes remained red and only flickered at the sight of Sylvester. A few moments in his arms and her eyes faded to normal as she blinked several times. Her cloak was torn up but the jewels intact as tears filled her eyes and she suddenly held onto the demon and buried her face in his chest. [b "I'm sorry I don't know what happened, I couldn't stop her from coming out-"] she cried out, refering to the spirit form of her emotions which had taken over her, upset by the girl's actions earlier. Since Belil had sworn long ago to not let her emotions take control- she felt the promise was broken by this incident and it hurt her as she always made it her mission to keep her promises no matter how small they may seem.
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LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

The demon watched the girl go anger as he drove his attention back to Belil. he was worried for belil, because he never really saw that from belil before this. he would sigh as he wiped the tears from her eyes trying to be comforting. As she hugged him so suddenly he would freeze for a second before slowly hugging her back. he still held her up as he listened to her, rubbing her back with his hands.[b "Its alright-"] he would whisper as he looked down of the scraps of her cloak that had been cut off.

She held on for several minutes before loosening her hold on the demon and slowly returning to hugging herself, partially curling up in his arms as she rested her head on him silently and closed her eyes. She was shaking but tried to ignore it as she mumbled something about wanting a real home as she started dozing off again but unable to fall asleep as she looked down and tugged at her cloak, frowning at how torn up it was. [b "I don't know how to fix it this time..."] she whispered, unable to pull her gaze away from the destroyed cloak as she still didn't take it off and instead started to hum as she attempted to remain calm.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

He though that it might be best just to bring her home. He would sigh, [b "Don't worry- I'll figure something out-"] He whispered to her as he picked up the bigger peaces of the cloak still holding her close. He put them in his pocket as he adjested Belil to hold her more comfertably. He sighed as he walked out of the nurces office.

She nuzzled into him, humming a song shakily as she held back tears and held onto the torn pieces of fabric that once made her mothers cloak. She kept her eyes closed as she was nearly silent except for her humming as her hood had long since slid off her head and revealed her messy white hair, now gray with dirt and tangled horribly from the braid that came undone a long while ago. She couldnt help but pause her humming to sniffle as she fell completely silent, opening her paleblue eyes to gaze around and notice that Sylvester was carrying her out of school. [B "What about my classes...?"] She whispered softly, not really caring about her academic life so much as not wishing to return to the foster home in which she currently resided.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

Sylvester looked down to her and rubbed her back. [b “I won’t be letting you go back there-“] He growled, Pure anger stinging in his voice. His voice was deep and had that growl that he had when he was speaking in his true form. He hated the kids and teachers at that dreadful school. He looked down to belil, and he softened his image giving a crooked smile, trying to be calming but because he never really smile it was creepy.

She flinched slightly at the anger in his voice, looking down for a few moments and mumbling [b "Okay"] before shifting her gaze to look up at him and catch his crooked smile. It may look creepy to other people, but Belil thought his attempt to smile was somewhat funny and maybe cute as she bit her tongue and smiled softly up at him. Seeing that he attempted to smile to make her feel better helped as Belil then nuzzled into his chest before turning her head to rest it against him as she started to hum softly until it turned into her singing softly and closing her eyes, all the while smiling softly.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

That same fluttering feeling returned in Sylvesters Chest. He held her closer as he looked up, keeping the smile on a little while longer. Though the smile faded as he walked up to the yard of Belils foster home. He didn’t know how things where going to go, but he knew he would make her foster family “disappear” if he had to.

She couldn't help but smile a little when she felt him hold her closer. She kept her head resting on his shoulder as her smile slowly faded the closer they got to her latest foster home and she brought a hand half-way up to hold onto him silently. She at least finished singing the song she'd hummed earlier, shaking slightly as she opened her eyes and looked towards the house coming into view before she shifted her gaze to look up at Sylvester and relaxed a little. Comforted by his presence as she nuzzled into him again and smiled, making an odd sound that could've been a purr if she were a cat. She was glad he'd returned and felt an inexplicable feeling in her chest and stomach as she lay in his arms. [b "Th-they aren't as bad as my dad was..."] She said softly as she turned her gaze downwards.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

The feeling only grew more- He was seriously worried that there was maggots inside him. As he heard what she said about her new Forster family, his weird tingly feelings vanished. He was angry, angry that She wasn’t safe, anywhere, Not even at school. Sylvester frowned, as he gently put her down. But took her hand in his, he already didn’t like her foster parents. [b “Ready, Little Bell?”] he asked looking down to her, He asked.

She frowned when he put her down, lookiing towards the foster home as she frowned more only to relax as he took her hand in his. Upon hearing his words she puffed out her cheeks stubbronly and looked up at him [b "Im not little- I'm 5'5'' and almost 18 now"] she spoke softly and pouted as she looked at him with a small frown before shifting her gaze downwards. But before he could let go of her hand she squeezed his hand a bit and kept holding onto it quietly, feeling reassured by his presence but also seeming a bit sad at being called little.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

(I am currently on vacation so I won’t be replying often!)

[b “I did Not mean it like that-“] He would say not at all meaning to make Her sad. he was just trying to find something instead of the name she has. He shook her head as he walked with her up to the door. He knocked Firmly and waited for A foster family member to open the door. As he waited he looked down to Belil, and Looked at her for a few more moments before moving his attention back to the door.

((No worries about it! ^w^ Enjoy your vacation- there's no rush))

After he knocked, Belil looked up at him and pouted. She hadn't expected to be back so soon and wished to have been able to spend more time with him than she had so far since she usually couldnt. She returned her attention to the ground a few moments later as thumping footsteps could be heard.

A tall military man with jet black hair and red eyes stepped outside in his uniform. He stared down at Belil and Sylvester with distaste. [b [+red "What do you want?"]] He asked in a low growl, hand resting on the handgun on his waist as he eyed them skeptically.
LeeTheNarratorSylvester   1y ago
The Narrator

His eyes flickered to the gun for a moment before looking the man in the eyes. Not a glimmer of fear in his hazel eyes, Nor was he intimated. [b “belil Is returning home from school early today. She was injured, and I will be staying over to make sure she is alright-“] he says maintaining eye contact with the Man, but he held Belils hand tighter.

Belil looked down silently, shaking slightly as she held Sylvester's hand [b "I was sent back for my injuries. I will make up for it as you wish."] She whispered

The man sneered at her and Sylvester [+red [b "You may leave her, I will not allow [i you] in [i my] house"]] He growled at Sylvester, keeping one hand on the gun as he reached forward with his other hand and yanked Belil forward, pulling her inside as he stood in Sylvester's way to keep him out.

Belil yelped as her hand was yanked from Sylvesters and she was pushed inside. She scurried off to- not her room- but the man's room and shook as she held back tears and silently awaited what was to come. Her pendant turned blue and she struggled to fight back tears, her fear and sadness could be most felt by the creatures again- including Sylvester as the man stepped back and slammed the door in his face.

[b [+red "You already know what the fuck to do you little whore, get moving!"]] His shout could be heard from just outside the door as his footsteps boomed through the house towards his room.
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Sylvester stepped back as he growled, as he disappeared from the human eye. No, he had just went into his demon form. He slipped into the walls of the house quickly traveling through the house with complete ease.

The Evil man would see a black shape wiz across his peripheral, before the light in his hallway burst out. Glass shattered as the light burnt out, then a bunch more of the houses lights began to burst as the door to the mans bedroom slammed shut before he even got their. Their was a [i *Click*] as the door locked.

Sylvester came out of the walls by reforming under the mans bed. He came out still in his demon form. He looked around for belil.


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