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Roleplay for me and youmaycallmekotoko

By HomeOnJupiter

Replies: 672 / 13 days ago

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HomeOnJupiter / 9h ago
(im baaack)
He smiled a goofy little smile (alright, i might be off a lot this weekend since im visiting family)
HomeOnJupiter / 1d ago
masaru smiled cutely (i gtg but ill talk when im off the bus)
(ya) "You're welcome husband UwU"
HomeOnJupiter / 1d ago
(ah so theyre still playing)
(lance is)
(whos saying this and its fine)
"Ok! I'll make some!" (sorry 0w0)
HomeOnJupiter / 1d ago
(huh that was sudden lol) "yes please!"
"Would you like some fries with your burger?"
HomeOnJupiter / 1d ago
masaru enjoyed having someone too play with too
He loved having someone to play with
HomeOnJupiter / 1d ago
masaru had lots of fun