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{Humans and Hybrid} (Closed)

By RavennFlightt

Replies: 38 / 47 days ago

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Closed 1x1 roleplay!

[b [i In a land much like ours, there lived a variation of intelligent creatures. The most prominent among them were humans, but few other species exist. These species, who would be called alien in our realm, act as servants and companions to the humans. Even the less intelligent ones (mainly those who basically have the brain of a dog) are able to be trained and used like pets or even accessories.]]

[i The fantastical creatures of this world, dubbed 'Astalia' by the natives, is full of danger and beasts. Dragons and gryphons (as well as other winged creatures) can be regularly seen in the skies. But beware- the most deadly beasts congregate in the wild, eager to eat whatever they come across.

And humans who own creatures are constantly watched- nobody knows who, but there's an army forming beneath the walls of the city... threatening the people of the city]

[b Information about the city]

[i the Rich Sectors]
[pic https://neverwasmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Lantern-City-concept-art-3.jpg]
[pic https://i0.wp.com/neverwasmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Lantern-City-concept-art.jpg?ssl=1]

[i Middle Class]
[pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CXrGEZTUMAE3ACb.jpg]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/83/09/bb/8309bb5a0afc9c92ee230cf466353598.jpg]

[i Poor Sectors]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f9/56/93/f956934ea9d79e35f5e320f5ea0bfe06.jpg]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7e/6a/62/7e6a62066caf046944295c72e20703b1.jpg]

[i The Rims]
[pic https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/1373403.jpg]
(ignore the hovercraft)
[pic https://i.redd.it/qkqsj56pqhp21.jpg]
[pic https://pro2-bar-s3-cdn-cf2.myportfolio.com/c0703432d9f331e119a69396cc3ffd2b/dd(0f809-c6b7-4ff5-9204-2264893f017c_rwc_57x0x)194x2364x4194.jpg?h=04df76c57eee5f47c6d92f5f03d58543]


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"I am, I really need a roommate. It's sooo boringgggg having the families' kids try to play with me all the time." Teras smiled, "They just want to ride on my back, it's obnoxious." She sighed, talons tapping of the stone floor.
[+red ''Are you sure you are fine with it?..''] She asked her quietly. Akemi sighed as she looked at the ground waiting. She rubbed her temples slightly as she looked at Teras. Akemi felt that she was doing it out of pity.
"Come on, I wouldn't ever get a kinder roommate. And believe it or not, I've lived on the streets until the family let me stay on their property." Teras smiled, "Nobody is safe on the streets."
[+red ''A-are you sure you want me as a roommate? I mean.. you only just met me..''] Akemi said quietly. [+red ''I-i also don't want to be a bother..''] she says as she looked at the ground. Her ears lowered once again. [+red ''ill be fine out on the streets.. i promise... Thats where i grew up..'']
"Oh come on, I'm right on the outskirts of the middle class sector. Don't worry about it." Teras shook her head. "You're not going to sleep in a dusty alleyway, I have a small home connected to a private alley. A family lives in the house but they added a roof to the alley so that I can sleep there. It's spacious and I've been wanting a roommate for a while."
Akemi tilted her head to the side. [+red ''I w-wasn't really looking for anything she said.''] She took a deep breath. [+red ''I'm sure ill find someplace there to stay..''] Akemi told Teras. [+red ''I don't want to intrude... Besides no one really likes people from the poor sectors going into the upper classes..'' ]
Teras tipped her head, "Are you sure? You seemed like you were looking for something when we first met." She clipped the bag to a band under her wing. "Also if you come from the poor sectors, I'd doubt that there'll be good places to stay tonight. The air smells of rain." She was casually offering Akemi a place to stay, but was hesitating to ask outright.
[+red ''O-oh..''] She said quietly. Akemi sighed a bit and pulled her cloak down from her head. [+red ''W-well... now is the time id assume we split up?..] She asked her. Akemi just wanted to leave at this point even though she had no idea were she was going to sleep for the night.
Teras smiled, "Yes, we keep the more animalistic ones as pets and companions, it's more popular in the Rich Sectors. But Muffin, and this thing, isn't just a hybrid. It's more like a mix of two creatures. But they're undead and can only be bonded with one person, for life." She explained. "I had Spade help me get one, they're expensive but useful."
[+red ''What's in the bag?''] Akemi asked her quietly. As she watched Spade and Muffin leave. [+red ''Also, what do you mean by her being spades?.. Hybrids have other hybrids as pets?''] she asked as she tilted her head to the side.
[center -]
Akemi shivered a little more as she looked up at Teras. Her mind was racing with thoughts and questions.
Teras took the bag with a nod of thanks, then turned to Akemi. "This is why." She held up the bag, there was a weak, quiet hiss from inside the bag.

Spade dipped his head and slid away, the small mismatched creature running to catch up with him.

Teras watched them go. "I'm not taking Muffin, she's Spade's."
Akemi looked to the side as the bag was set down. She wondered what was inside of it. Her tail swayed as she stepped to the side of Teras. Akemi looked up at Spade. She looked at the mismatched fox-like creature. Akemi stayed quiet as she listened to Teras and Spade.
[center -]
She shivered a bit as her eyes went to the ground. Her tail stopped swaying. Akemi gave a small wave to the small creature. She quickly glanced back up at Teras. [+red ''I-is this why you came to meet with him?..''] Akemi asked in almost a whisper voice.
Teras sighed and looked up at Spade. "She's shy," Teras explained. "Thanks for agreeing to meet me here."

Spade dipped his head, the metallic arrowhead marking over where his right eye should be caught the light and glinted dully. "It was no problem, but making the package was difficult. Be aware this will be the only one you'll recieve." He took a large bag and placed it down in front of him.

A small, mismatched fox-like creature stood next to the bag, waving its long plumed tail. The creature looked part jackalope, part fox, but instead on antlers it had a horn nub on the left side if her head.
Akemi looked at the two and stayed quiet. She looked at Spade her eyes seemed to have darkened as she looked at the ground. Akemi backed up and hid behind Teras.