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{Hydra and Humans} CLOSED

By RavennFlightt

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CLOSED Rp with PenguinTheHybrid!

In a land much like ours, there lived a variation of intelligent creatures. The most prominent among them were humans, but few other species exist. These species, who would be called alien in our realm, act as servants and companions to the humans. Even the less intelligent ones (mainly those who basically have the brain of a dog) are able to be trained and used like pets or even accessories.

The fantastical creatures of this world, dubbed 'Astalia' by the natives, is full of danger and beasts. Dragons and gryphons (as well as other winged creatures) can be regularly seen in the skies. But beware- the most deadly beasts congregate in the wild, eager to eat whatever they come across.

And humans who own creatures are constantly watched- nobody knows who, but there's an army forming beneath the walls of the city... threatening the people of the city

Information about the city

the Rich Sectors

Middle Class

Poor Sectors

The Rims

(ignore the hovercraft)

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The streets of Astalia were dark and bland, even in the rich sectors. Today was cloudy and a storm brewed in the horizon. Almost everyone huddled beneath shelters or curled up next to the warm hearth in their homes. Few were outside, it was mainly the poor folk who needed to scavenge food and money. Even the beasts were inside.

Arcus paced along the streets, he was in the middle class sector today. He wore a blue cloak with the hood pulled over his head, his small dragon, Smolder, curled around his shoulders. The dragon's long tail curled around one of his arms.
Arcus was looking for something, or more specifically- someone.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i she didnt mind the storm since she was used to it. she figured it would be safe knowing most of the humans would be inside. She was walking around looking for certain plants]

The small sapphire-scaled dragon squeaked, sensing another dragon nearby. She clambered off of Arcus's shoulders, her useless wings coming undone from the wrap she wore and flopping up and down ad she ran towards the smell.

Arcus sighed and followed Smolder, jogging to keep up with the speedy little thing.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i she heard someone or something coming so she hid in a bush not knowing what it is. the stars under her wings still glowing so she hid it as best as she could hoping it would be good enough]

The dragon came over and sniffed around, her little nose brushing the ground. Arcus scooped up Scorch, who gave out a small squeaky growl in protest. Arcus pat the dragon and redid the wrap to hold Scorch's paralyzed wings to her back. Then he placed her back on his shoulder and looked around, he knew something was watching them. The hair rose on the back of his neck.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i great a human. She thought. She grabbed a rock and threw it in the opposite direction hoping to distract the human then hid the stars again and stayed still and quiet]

Arcus turned to look, but Smolder squeaked and jumped back off his shoulder running into the bush. She came up beside Blair and placed her tiny talons on Blair's snout with a squeak.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i Another dragon? She thought. She only noticed the human at first.] Shh there's a human right there.

Smolder squeaked again, this time louder. She had underdeveloped vocal cards and couldn't speak, she hatched too early... causing her wings to be paralyzed.

Arcus peeked into the bush, spotting Smolder, then he looked and saw Blair, freezing.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i She also froze when the human saw her. She didn't know wether this human was dangerous or not so she stayed still and stayed on guard]

"Uh- hi?" He said, picking up Smolder, "Looks like you've found yourself a friend." Arcus smiled, his accent was slightly western, something uncommon in the City.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Hello. [i she said as she slowly came out of the bush] I didn't expect to see a human out in the storm.

Arcus stepped back to give her space to exit, sliding out of the bush and brushing leaves from his hair. Smolder decided to curl around his arm, resting her head on his shoulder. "A lot of people don't expect things about me, it's how I stay alive." He grinned, "Name's Arcus, and this little beast is Smolder." He nodded to the tiny dragon. "And who might you be?"
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Blair. What are you doing out in the storm? [i she opened her wings a bit and shakes some leafs off]

"Meetin' someone." Arcus shrugged, making Scorch squeak in delight. "Best when less people are around."
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

I can agree with you on that one. I usually come out when there ain't people around just to be safe.

Arcus chuckled, noticing she said "ain't". He stepped back again, casting a glance over his shoulder. "I best be going, if you want to tag along, you may. It's not a sensitive meeting."
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Sure. Maybe we can talk more after. Does the dragonet talk? [i she decided not to tell what she was doing out here]

Arcus shook his head. "Nah, she can't. Hatched too early, and believe it or not, she's almost fully grown." He pet Smolder, turning and starting to walk to the meeting spot. "And sure, sounds great. We can talk at my place once the meetin's done."
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Sorry to hear about that. [i she followed him by his side] Why don't you teach him sign language? Maybe he could communicate like that.

"She-" He thought for a moment. "That's auctaually a good idea, I guess I could teach her Morse code." Arcus stopped at a small inlet in an alleyway, he didn't go inside but instead sat on a wooden crate, waiting.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

My mistake. And why not both? I can help with sign language and writing and reading if needed. [i she was still following]

"I'd like that, thank you. " He replied, as a clattering sound came from the alleyway. A man pushing a cage on wheels came out of the alley and stopped in front of Arcus. "Sir, I've got your order." The man nodded, the cage was covered by a tarp but the sound of pacing could be heard, whatever creature inside was restless, nails tapping on the floor as it walked.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i she didn't know what was in it but she could only imagine what the poor creature was going through] what goes around comes around. [i she whispered towards the man]
RavennFlighttIone   1y ago

The man gave out a growl at Blair and threw off the tarp, a brilliant raptor-like creature was pacing inside, she turned her purple head up to Arcus and Blair immediately. Unlike most Grepple, her posture was more animalistic, like a dinosaur. She lashed her long tail, the fluffy feather-like fan at the end waving.

Arcus rose an eyebrow, impressed. "She's beautiful."
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Whoah. Never saw that creature before. What are they called? [i she ignored the man and slowly walked to the creature]
RavennFlighttIone   1y ago

"It's a Grepple." Arcus replied.

The creature gazed at Blair, her eyes were completely black with aqua irisis.

"Her last owner called her Ione, for her color." The man barked.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

What's a grepple? Never heard of the species before. [i she got closer to the species looking at it] Do you speak?
RavennFlighttIone   1y ago

Ione just gave off a brief squawk, coming closer to the dragon and waving her tail.

The man came up to Arcus. "Twelve thousand klen for the creature."

Arcus shook his head. "That's equal to millions of gold coins, we decided on two thousand klen."

The man narrowed his eyes.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

I guess not. [i she glanced at the man watching him carefully] yknow karma gonna come back for you someday.

"What?" The man growled at both of them, getting angrier.

"Here we go." Arcus whispered with a sigh, reaching back for a weapon hidden beneath his belt.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Are you death now? I said karma is going to come back for you some day. [i She snarled] Maybe sooner. Maybe later. Who knows?

"I will NOT back down!" The man hisses furiously at Arcus, who narrowed his eyes. Then the man turned to Blair. "And you, I don't care about stupid karma!"

Arcus kept his hand on the weapon but didn't draw it. Smolder gave out a small growl, which Ione imitated.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i she snarled at the man] Y'know I haven't aten yet. How about I make a meal out of you? Chew you up and swallow you in one bite

"Uh- no thanks... just take the beast and leave me be!" The man stalked away, back into his little hole.

Arcus was impressed, pacing up to the cage and reaching a hand inside to pet the creature. "Good threat, I was about to shoot 'em." He chuckled to Blair.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

I was actually being serious. And karma will be coming to him. [i *she smiled*] You think we can go hunting after this?

"Hunting? Uh- sure I guess. As long as we can get outside the city borders." Arcus opened the cage, Ione stepped out and started speeding around.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Blair: Alright thanks. [i something was different about if she was hiding something..but what?]

Arcus was slightly confused, he did notice her behavior changed. "So... to get out we either pay a toll at the gate and let every government official know we left. Or we can fly out."
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Blair: Fly out. Hop on. [i she bent down so he could climb up on her and tucked in her wings completely]

He shrugged and slid onto the dragon's back, sitting himself comfortably so he could keep Scorch from falling off also. Ione kinda just watched.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

[i she helped lone up and waited for her to settle] Your gonna wanna hang on I ain't a slow flyer.
RavennFlightt     1y ago

Arcus held onto a spine, bracing himself. Ione waved he rtail and gripped Blair's shoulder with her forepaws.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

You all ready? [i she spread her wings ready to take off] and which way we heading? North east south or west?

"East, gonna make it to the forest, not the desert. Huntin's bad in the desert." Arcus smiled.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Alright. [i she lifted off flying at a decent speed east to the forest] So what you plan on doing with the grepple?

"Not sure, most people just keep them as pets, I might do the same." He pat Ione, who chirped.
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Oh. Do you see a clearing in the forest where I can land? [i she slowed down a bit to look some more]

"Yeah, down there." Arcus pointed to a small clearing. "It's pretty tiny, doubt you'd fit."
PenguinTheHybridBlair   1y ago

Blair: Y'all think you can climb down a tree? [i She had an idea and knew it would risk her secret being revealed]


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