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Drama between 2 Gays

By HomeOnJupiter

Replies: 1115 / 16 days ago

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  1. [Allowed] amyumino

A roleplay where I see what kind of trouble Cami can get into when she meets "Amy"


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He rolled his eyes, but stood still
"Stay still",she says as she looked at him with wide eyes
amyumino / 19h ago
He looked over "What?"
"S..shit", she says as she looked at Ash
amyumino / 1d ago
He stared at the entrance.
She nods then went quiet when she heard footsteps
amyumino / 1d ago
"It's way worse than having one of your horns ripped out by one, which also happened to me at a young age"
"Oh shit man, that's rough",she says as she looked at him
amyumino / 1d ago
"A troll tried to kill me once"
Nods "I think I've had maybe one run in with them as well",she says
amyumino / 1d ago
"I've had run in with trolls before, I'm just lucky to still be alive"
"You're lucky a trolls sense of smell is not thst good",she whispered as she seen it walk off
amyumino / 1d ago
He continued to smoke, and just got bored
She put her hands over her mouth as she watched to see where it went
amyumino / 1d ago