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mushroomsarecute31Tubbo   1y ago

Tubbo took a soft breath and quietly squeezed his eyes shut tightly, starting to scream out loudly as he gripped his arms until his nails cut into the skin. It drew blood, but he hardly noticed it, merely continuing to scream as his eyes glowed. A nuclear sign flashed in his good eye as he shuddered and bit down on his lip to cut off his scream, shuddering and collapsing to the floor. All he could feel was the burning pain of his body reliving every firework slamming into him, his eye getting injured, the burning scars seared onto his body even after he respawned. Everything hurt, everything, EVERYTHING. All he could do was scream and cry as tears fell down his cheeks, beginning to pass out before his body forced itself awake again. He couldn't even pass out, everything was forcing him to relive his pain over, and over, and over again until he couldn't handle it and his vocal chords gave out, hitting the floor and groaning softly.
mushroomsarecute31Tubbo   1y ago

Tubbo was just sitting alone. Alone, just like he liked it. Alone, alone, alone, ALONE. Nobody around to hear him scream...perfect. He took a soft breath before baring his teeth, biting onto his arm and ripping his skin slightly, biting it and eating a piece of it before sighing shakily with a soft wince. "Ow. Fuck."


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