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Foolish and Jr ||(Closed)||

By mushroomsarecute31
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Jr blepped as they stared at their father, blinking before moving to get up, moving close to him and tugging on his sleeve. "Papa, papa? Can I help you build today?" They whined softly, continuing to hold onto Foolish's sleeve. They had taken to mimicking Foolish's style, lots of small but shiny jewelry resting on their skin and scales as their slightly darker green eyes watched Foolish softly. "I wanna help, papa! Let me help, please! I'll be good, I promise!" They clasped their hands together in a begging way as they made puppy shark eyes at Foolish in hopes that it would convince the elder shark god to let them help. They had promised to be good after all, that was good enough for them. Maybe not for Foolish, but it was good enough for Jr, and made them determined to keep trying to convince Foolish.
CharliexoxoFoolish Gamers   1y ago
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Foolish blinked, looking down at Jr with his emerald eyes that softly glimmered in the early morning sun. The shark god in question was half-inside a chest, once again fishing for materials within the vaguely unorganized catch-all container, but he popped his head out enough to at least look at his child. He seemed to contemplate what he was asked, or rather begged, lulling it over a few times as he pulled out a stack of mossy cobblestone from the chest. Briefly looking away to check the time, Foolish let out a quiet sigh. "Know what, if you tell me the basic rules for building, I'll let you help me today. Sound fair, Junior?" He offered, figuring he'd cut the kid some slack for once and let them help out. If Jr remembered the basic safety rules that is.

"Uuh. Stay outside when the roof is being built, be careful around stairs, 'n don't mix emeralds and diamonds?" They blepped a bit as they looked up at their father expectantly, tilting their head at him before floating up into the air quietly, coming to poke at his cheek quietly. "'N HD said you gotta watch me today, remember? They're stayin' with Finley!" They huff out as the soft totem wings on their back fluttered at the excitement of possibly helping Foolish with his builds. Someday, they told themself, they could build big things like their father. Maybe make another huge replica of a city, but bigger! Their eyes sparkled a bit at the thought, having gotten distracted by it as they showed their teeth in a grin.
CharliexoxoFoolish Gamers   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Foolish smiled and softly nodded his head upon his rules for building being properly recited back to him, glad to have drilled them into their head. He paused a mere moment upon being reminded that he had to watch Jr regardless since HD was staying with Finley, the gears that made up his brain visibly slowing down a touch. "Ah, right, of course." Foolish stated, brushing off the fact he had forgotten by swiftly swooping Jr up and holding him. "We're too cool for them anyways, ain't that right bud? Anywho, do you have any guesses as to what we're gonna build today?" He brightly questioned as he grinned himself, already trotting off to the build site.

Jr grinned and squealed softly before clicking while they thought, the soft noises seeming to translate into soft mumbling for the young totem god. It took them a moment, but they looked up at Foolish as they tilted their head and shifted their small hooded robe. "Nuh? Are we making another snake building, but in cobble?" They offered out, tilting their head at him as they leaned into him with a soft trill. They couldn't help but smile at the thought of another snake, shifting softly before looking over towards the build site. "It's gonna be fun!! We can do thisss!" They cheered as their wings fluttered again, then folded up into their robe slowly.
CharliexoxoFoolish Gamers   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Foolish grinned further, the shark god's expression contorting with ever more happiness whilst he nodded yet again. "Bingooo! Right on the first guess, who woulda thunk you'd become nearly this smart?" He rhetorically asked with a soft laugh, gently ruffling up their hair with a webbed hand as he kept walking. It didn't take him long at all to reach the build site, the walk being no longer than a handful of minutes for him. Foolish set them down once they arrived, handing Jr a few supplies. "Do you remember the layout for these fellas?" He quizzed, curious to see exactly how much they remembered.

They seemed to think for a second, blepping in thought again before shaking their head and looking up at Foolish. "Nuh...but you can teach me!" They hummed happily, bouncing softly as they held the materials dutifully. Jr would spend most of the time floating around and looking up at their father as he worked, seeming fascinated by his size changing abilities and trying (and failing) to replicate them. It seemed to disappoint them, but they merely sat on the staircase once it was built to allow Foolish to work on the more complicated parts of the snake. After all, they knew that the shark god got involved in every project, not knowing exactly *why* he got so wrapped up in them.


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