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♡Maybe You're My Love♡ V.2

By -Noir-Kurosu-
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Noir Daniels has transferred to Ouran Academy from America. Her family had deemed her a failure and were raising her sister to be the new heiress to their company. Upon enrolling in Ouran, she realizes that to most of the students there, money and connections meant everything. For several months she keeps to herself, not making friends as she didn't know who truly wanted to be her friend, or who just wanted to use her. One day during one of her free periods she wanders into what she thought was an empty music room, only to meet the Host Club. Tamaki and the others try to make her feel welcome, but it is actually the cold Shadow King, Kyoya who manages to get her to let her guard down while there. Soon she begins to view the Host Club as people she may want to be friends with. However, even after they extend their hands to her, she is still wary. She has a dark past that is slowly coming to light, and she was not sure who she could rely or trust. Kyoya being the guy that he is, makes it his mission to show her that not everyone does something for personal gain, and that she can trust him and the others. What happens if their relationship moves past being friends? Will they ignore it, or throw caution to the wind? Find out in: ♡Maybe You're My Love♡ **Character ages are older than canon due to romance. Years in school are still the same.** **Rating: MA for certain topics** Rules: 1. Post when you can, I have work so my posts may be delayed by a few days. 2. This a mature roleplay no one under the age of 18. 3. No sex scenes per rules of the site. 4. No text talk, please be semi-literate. 5. No godmodding 6. So I know that you have read all the rules, when you pm me asking to join, please put "Hazel Eyes Shine Bright" as the subject, and include a sample post of your writing. Be warned this is not first come, first served. If you have not done this and request to join, it will be an instant denial. 7. Have fun
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-Noir-Kurosu-Noir Daniels   1y ago
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Noir Daniels
A violet gaze looks out the window, a bubbling fountain could be seen in a very opulent courtyard. It had been several months she had moved her, and she still wasnt used to people flaunting their wealth like it was a second skin. Brushing raven colored locks behind her ear she let's out a soft sigh. She had a free period, and didn't really want to spend it staring out at the same old scenery. Pushing to her feet, she barely disguises a grimace as the bright yellow dress brushes against her knees. She hated wearing dresses or skirts, give her a pair of jeans and a loose shirt anyday. As she leave the classroom, she could hear the whispers spoken behind her back, in Japanese. As far as most of the students were concerned, she could not speak their language well, and so they could be as open about their dislike or dismissal of her as they wanted. When the teacher had introduced her, she had stumbled through the correct Japanese greeting. They thought it was because she couldn't speak Japanese, which was partly correct, she could speak it, just not that well as she had not kept up on her studies, she did however understand what was spoken to her quite well. As she wanders through the halls she tries to find somewhere that was not full of people, she didn't feel like trying to interact with anyone at the moment. After a while she comes to a room labeled music room #3. Opening the door, she at first thinks it is empty, until she hears several voices at once bid her welcome. Stepping into the room, she takes a good look at the people in front of her. She faintly remembers the girls in her class giggling about a group called the Host Club, that was run by a bunch of different students. Sighing softly, she puts a polite smile on her face and says in very halting Japanese [+red "I'm sorry if I interrupted anything. I was simply looking for some place quiet to spend my free period."] Before she can say anything else, a tall blonde male advances towards her and gets far to close for her liking. [+blue "Well, now, aren't you an exotic princess! Welcome to the Host Club!"] He gestures to the others behind him and continues on, all the while speaking in Japanese [+blue "You have such a unique accent, Princess, what beautiful land are you from? Do you have a type of guy that attracts you?"] Not giving her a chance to respond to any if his questions, he introduces each other the other hosts as well what type they are. [+blue "Well, fair princess what shall it be? If they do not tempt you, how about me?"] Thus saying he gently grasps her chin and tilts it up as if he were about to kiss her. That was more than enough for her to quickly slip out from under his arm and put a few feet of space between them. [+red "Please remain from getting that close to me again. It makes me very uncomfortable."]


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