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|| To Be Gods || CLOSED!

By Charliexoxo

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Dorkapye god au

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CharliexoxoGod!Skeppy   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Skeppy strolled around the world he and the other gods called their home, barefoot as per his usual, though it never bothered him. He was mindful of where he stepped in order to avoid hurting himself after all. Yes, even the gods got hurt, and Skeppy tended to get simple injuries rather often with how reckless he easily became if circumstances were right.
He made his way back to the mansion that he and Bad resided in, walking amongst the wooden Prime Path as he held onto his sleeves. Skeppy had just finished attending to the needs and wishes of a greedy worshiper, and, unfavourably, things had taken a dark turn, evidence of such being the crimson blood that stained his clothes and dripped sloppy trails behind him as he walked.
What was it with people and sacrificing animals and blood to the gods? Skeppy didn't know, and he definitely didn't like it. It meant the possibility of time wasted by arguing with Bad about the fortune god needing to clean his attire properly. He knew Bad meant well, but damn the god of karma could become annoying quickly in those situations. Nonetheless, he walked onwards back to the mansion, keeping his eyes peeled for said god of karma.

Badboyhalo was a merciful god to most, but harshly punished those he saw fit. If he felt someone had done wrong, especially his own worshipers, he punished them greatly, some even to the point of injury and death. It had spawned a rather unfortunate phrase, "Karma's a bitch", and Bad often cried to himself about it. However, this was not one of this times, and he silently looked up at the sky as he let out a slow breath. "Hmmm..." He hummed while looking back at Skeppy, his eyes glowing as he moved close to the other. "Diamond. What happened?" He spoke sternly, crossing his arms as he tilted his head silently. "Avarice?"
CharliexoxoGod!Skeppy   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Skeppy moved forward so that he and Bad could be at a decent speaking distance, as per usual needing to crane his neck up just to see his face. His slightly sour and salty mood grew worse at the reminder he was one of the shortest out of the gods. Hell, even some of the kids in the world easily towered over him; he didn't like that either. Skeppy let out a sigh and nodded upon hearing the one word that described most of his worshipers and followers to a T. He and Bad had been over it many times, so it was no surprise that the fellow god was able to figure that out in a matter of moments. "Avarice, yeah... They kept summoning and summoning me relentlessly, the stupid bastards... The god of sin must be going haywire or something..." Skeppy grumbled aloud as he attempted to wring his attire from the blood, the crimson liquid pooling underneath him. "...But I took care of it, don't worry." The diamond didn't plan on explaining what exactly he did to get soaked in blood, but given him and his pungent sour mood, it must've been gruesome. Which it was; he gutted the annoying people like fish meant for sushi; but he wasn't going to admit that. Bad was the god of karma, and karma still applied to the gods as well.

He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head before looking down at him. "Come on, Skeppy, let's get your clothes washed, you can wear one of my robes while we wash yours." He offered a hand to him softly, smiling at him before taking it. "Come, come." He hummed out as he lead him to a new bath house, grabbing one of his own robes and placing it down near the water that Skeppy could bathe in. "Here."
CharliexoxoGod!Skeppy   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Skeppy didn't bother to comment immediately, begrudgingly following Bad to the new bathhouse. Did he want to bathe? Kinda, if he was being honest. Did he want to change though? No. Not at all. He quietly whined upon Bad placing down one of his robes, folding his arms together as he huffed. "I don't wanna take a bath, Bad! I don't wanna change! I like what I have on!" Skeppy declared, which, to be fair, he often did pride himself with his usual attire. He loved every inch of the fabric to death; from the cropped and skin-tight shorts, to the long baggy sleeves, even to the decorative pannel falling between his legs and the band at his waist that held everything together. Of course, Skeppy being Skeppy, he closed his eyes, further crossed his arms, and huffed like a toddler. "You can't make me."

"Skeppy. You need a bath." The god of karma's voice had gone from sweet and gentle, offering him a choice, to stern and parent-like, telling him what needed to happen. "Look, I'll join you in the bath if it'll make it easier, but it won't be good for your skin or your clothes for you to keep the blood near you." He spoke out, reaching out and placing a hand on the diamond god's cheek with a soft sigh. "Please, Skeppy?" He seemed to beg a bit, rubbing his cheek as his wings shifted softly.
CharliexoxoGod!Skeppy   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Skeppy huffed as he sharply pulled his head away from the hand that rubbed at his cheek, looking back up at Bad with a pungently distasteful expression. The god of fortune bickered, whined, and silently protested with himself for a few mere moments before leaning back into Bad's hand, slowly unfolding his arms and letting them drop by his side. He couldn't just say no to Bad; the god of karma always found a way to get to him no matter what. Skeppy let out a defeated sigh, "Fine. Fine, you win this time, Bad. Only ONE bath though."

Bad seemed a bit surprised by Skeppy's actions, but sighed in slight relief as he closed his eyes. "Good..." He mumbled out before lightly looking away. Bad seemed a bit guilty, his body language being quiet and sad for a moment as he sighed and glanced at the water. It took him a moment, but he moved into the water as his clothes changed into a tank top and swimming shorts.
CharliexoxoGod!Skeppy   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Skeppy, in contrast to the broader range of magic Bad had, needed to physically change rather than play some fancy move and magically switch outfits. His magic was much more specifically tuned to what he was the god of, oriented better to precious minerals and stones more so than anything else. He scurried away and changed out of his clothing, sliding into a different pair of shorts and a water shirt, setting aside the blood-stained outfit neatly. Skeppy quickly scurried back and hopped into the water, ready to get his required bath over and done with.

He looked over at him before moving close and nuzzling Skeppy's hair gently, smiling at him. "Thank you, Skeppy." He mumbled out, hugging him as he sighed softly and ruffled up his hair, then fixed it a bit. Bad was happy that he could be with him at the moment, and happy that he got Skeppy to take a bath.
Charliexoxo     1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

The fortune god only hummed softly as a response, too focused with scrubbing off the half-dried blood splattered on him so he could get himself crystal clean; or, rather, in his case, polished as he typically kept himself extraordinarily clean. It didn't take him long at all thankfully. "You should have forced me to shower beforehand, Bad. Now the bath water's tinted red and shit," Skeppy stated in a playful matter-of-fact tone, letting a smile grace his face as he looked up to the other god. "Sorry not sorry, heheh."

"Worth it." Bad spoke casually as he dipped his head under the water, letting a breath out casually while listening to the world around him through the water. His eyes were closed as he purred to himself, then came back up from under the water as he grinned at him. " know you love me~" He teased as he splashed him casually, letting a soft laugh before dipping his head back under the water. "Hahahaha!!"


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