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ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ, ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ

By wicker

Momma I'm in love with a criminal

H e was a rebellious boy who grew up into a full-fledged criminal. He always knew he'd never be able to settle down. He did what he could to keep them at arm's length. Close but not too close. He did what he could to protect and provide for those he cared about. Unfortunately, some are too stubborn to let him do what he needed to.

And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical

Momma, please don't cry, I will be alright

S h e is returning home from finishing up her Master's degree. She's approached with a choice she must make. A choice she feels isn't much of a choice. She's loved him all her life but has never been able to get close enough to him. This will be her opportunity to show him someone other than himself can protect him.

All reasons aside, I can't deny, I love the guy
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wicker. | Please | .   250d ago

Hannah shivered from the cool metal seat she was sitting on. Her fingers tapped anxiously on the table as she awaited Adam's arrival. She was nervous, that was one thing she was sure of. She’s visited him multiple times, basked in the laughter she’d get to emerge within him. Those laughs were rare. This visit was different. This was going to be her last visit for a while. She wasn't sure how he was going to take it...or how she was going to take it. 

“Straighten out, Hanfield!” She heard one of the guards call out the order as the door buzzed loudly, a sound she’s become used to. The sound of the trinkets maneuvering and clanking together as the barred doors slide open. There he was in all his glory.

The six-foot, three-inch broad shoulder of a man stood in the doorway. A small crack of a smile formed but quickly disappeared. It was something she was used to. The look he’d always given her still melted her right where she stood. He flipped his dark locks, moving strands out of his face. Stubble was starting to appear as finding a razor was less likely in prison. His hands were shackled and so were his feet. It was a pitiful sight. One that ached her heart.

She bit her lip, wishing this was all a dream. That he wasn’t in prison and that she could finally say come with me. Join me elsewhere. Start over with me. If he’d even agree to such a thing. If he ever had feelings for her, she never knew it. Most would say she is crazy for allowing him to use her the way he did but she was...is in love with him. It's tough. 

He stepped further in, the officers remaining outside to give privacy but also to keep close by. Anything they couldn’t see was watched by guards on the security cameras. She'd come to know some of the guards with how frequent she visited. It wasn't something she was necessarily proud of but it admitted her some perks, as long as he behaved as well. 

“Spontaneous visits are usually not a thing for you. I must say, I never get tired of seeing you.” He spoke softly but yet his voice was so deep. It sent shivers down her spine immediately, goosebumps 

[b “You always have to start with a joke?”] He gave the most insulting look he could've given as he shimmed over towards the seat. He plopped down, adjusting some before responding.

“Do I ever joke about my feelings?” She gave her answer through a look, just like the one he gave her. “What’s going on in the world of Hannah??”

She shrugged her shoulders, [b “Oh, you know. Finishing up a couple of loose ends from school. My last final is supposed to be tomorrow. Dad wanted to do some sort of graduation party.”]

“Too bad I can’t be there to celebrate with you.” Why did he have to say such things like that? She frowned, feeling the same way. Except there was worse news ahead. 

[b "Too bad you can't be with me."] She said, clasping her hands in her lap. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table. "Soon."

She sighed, looking down at her hands. How was she possibly going to break the news?

[b “Well, actually…you remember how a few months ago I mentioned an excel program for my Masters?”] He nodded, recalling the conversation. [b “I found out that Terra Haute doesn’t offer the program. I checked a lot of the surrounding colleges and none of them offer it either."]

He leaned back into his chair, seeming to take in what all I was saying. "Oookay. And this means?"

[b "Well, it means that I had to check out of town. Out of state, actually."] 

"It is an excel program, isn't it? So if you go out of state, you'll be back quick, right? Couldn't you just do...I don't know not an excel program? You've been going to school for shit, four years now? Why do you even need more?" As shocked as she was to hear him protest against her choice, it was still an annoyance.

She scoffed, rolling her eyes. [b "I want my Masters. Once I get that, I am a Registered Nurse and that's my dream. I have done four years. If I did a regular program, It'll take me three more years...with this one, it'll only take me a year and a half. None of the colleges around offer the regular program...I'm sorry. It's the only choice I have. I've got to take it."]

He took quite a while to process this information. He just stared so blankly at her. She could never tell what he was thinking. "It's not far away." It wasn't even a question, it was a statement. She could feel her eyebrows scrunch together. [b "Look, there were closer colleges but, the one I chose is...ten hours away."]

"You had other options? You chose one that was ten hours away?"

She cleared her throat, relaxing her eyebrows. [b "Yes. I need to step away for a second. Not from you, just from eve--"] He held both his hands up, since they were shackled, stopping me. 

"It's fine." 

He was pretty still and it was nearly impossible to figure out how he was feeling. His arms were tucked under the table. She had to admit, she didn't have to find a farther college. She needed distance from her father who was hounding her constantly. She found out she had her own little spy on her. That didn't go over too well. 

[b “I will call every chance I get. I promise. I will try to visit on holiday. I know how lonely it can get…I’ll miss you, you know.”]

For a moment, there was a glimmer of actual sadness. She could see it, clear as day. Yet just as quickly as that glimmer came, it was gone. Painted over with his natural blankness. He rolled his eyes and she already felt like she’d been braced for the impact for a while. “Riiigghht. Don’t worry about me. I’ve got plenty of other lovely visitors that keep me company. I’ll be far from lonely.”

She felt herself stiffen. There was a pause between them as they stared at one another. It could’ve gone on forever but she knew she wouldn’t survive under his stare much longer. That and she knew he was hurt. He was saying it to hurt her. He probably did have other visitors but to mention it at the moment....he knew what he was doing. 

She straightened herself up and plastered as much of a smile on her face as she could. [b “I see. I'm glad to hear it.…I’ll call you when I can.”] She gave another moment of a pause, a chance for him to apologize or spill some sort of personal emotion towards her. There was nothing.

She stood, hearing the buzz go off once more. She rounded the table, about to pass him. She placed her hand on his shoulder, giving him a squeeze. She left without another word exchanged between them.


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