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To Love the Dread Wolf

By -Noir-Kurosu-

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Nimariel had gotten close to Solas, the only person in Haven who would talk to her as if she were normal. The humans here only tolerated her due to them believing her to be the Herald of Andraste, which was ridiculous. She already stood out, even amongst other Dalish. Her markings for one, we not normal. They were not a thing a beauty. They were crude, and obviously made to be a punishment, not a gift. She never knew what it was, but she never got along with anyone in her clan. Things got worse when her affinity for wolves was brought to light, along with her magic. All of that could have been avoided had she not said she chose to walk the same path as Fen'harel, note she had said walk the same path, not worship. The Keeper had been most angry. They put those markings on her and cast her out, declaring her clanless. She had gone to the conclave eventually, to try and see what could be done for the ongoing fighting. That had been a mistake.

It's been several months since the event at the Conclave and she still felt as if she were an outsider here. The only bright spot in her days were when she spoke with Solas, and listened to his stories about the fade. She thought of him as her only friend, besides the wolves she often walked amongst. Eventually she explained her past to him, and her belief that how the Dalish worshipped the elven gods were wrong. She couldn't truly explain why, but it felt wrong to her, like they were giving strength to a lie.

Soon came the battle with Corpyheus and Haven was lost. Eventually, with Solas' help she led them to Skyhold, and against her many protests, she was made Inquisitor. Though the position gave her power, and a bit of protection, it did not escape her eyes how many of the human stared at her, most with anger or disgust, and some with an emotion she did not wish to identify. Still she did her duty and helped all she could, and the end of each day would find her with Solas listening to his stories or asking him countless questions. Soon enough, to the surprise of both of them, they share a kiss in the fade.

And that is where our story begins.

This basically going to be a big What If fic. What if Solas told her the truth about who he really was, and that it was basically his fault she has the anchor and that Corypheus is as dangerous as he is? How would the Inquisitor react to being told that the person she is in love with, is not who she thinks he is? Would she be willing to forgive his omissions and half truth and try to move forward, or would she walk away from him believing that she just a means to an end for him?

1. Obviously there will be spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition and the Trespasser dlc, so please only apply of you've played through the game in its entirety.
2. Post when you can, if an issue comes up please reach out to me
3. This a mature roleplay no one under the age of 18.
4. No sex scenes per rules of the site.
5. No text talk, please be semi-literate.
6. No godmodding
7. So I know that you have read all the rules, when you pm me asking to join, please put "He loved a Dalish girl" as the subject, and include a sample post of your writing. Be warned this is not first come, first served. If you have not done this and request to join, it will be an instant denial.
8. Have fun

☆This a work of fanfiction. The Dragon Age series and all its characters belong to BioWare, no copyright infringement is intended☆
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-Noir-Kurosu-Nimariel   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

Nimariel gives Solas a shy smile after their kiss ends, her verdant green gaze warm as it stays on him. Most thought her cold, or aloof when she spoke with them, but they weren't Solas. They didn't treat her as if what she spoke to them mattered, nor did they show that they truly enjoyed her company. She had not expected him to return the kiss, but that did not mean she had not enjoyed it. [+green "I will admit to being a bit surprised, Solas. I had not expected you to reciprocate my feelings, though I suppose I do owe you an apology for not asking you permission first."] She says in a faintly regretful tone. She knew he valued his boundaries and personal space, and she had indeed encroached on it in a very unexpected manner.

[+green "Perhaps we could talk about this a bit more after we return from the mission in the Hinterlands, I doubt Ms. Montilliyet would be happy if I decided to ignore the job at hand."] She says quietly. Looking around a sad smile graces her lips as she looks over Haven. [+green "I don't know what magic you used to perform this illusion but, I'm glad to be able to see Haven one more time."]


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