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Eternity ((CLOSED TO erismornisfine))

By Kitiki_Anemara

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At age 16, everyone gets a number on their neck that tells at what age they are to die. M/C gets a sideways figure 8- eternity.

Now its been 178 years and M/C has loved and lost many people and friends over the years. One day, at yet another funeral for M/Cs lost husband/wife, Y/C comes along. Towards the end of this funeral, Y/C approaches M/C and asks to go out, M/C is about to decline only to pause and find themselves syaring at your neck which is revealed to also have the sign of eternity.

(Lets just say the sign is extremely rare for someone to live for eternity)

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  • Semi-lit to lit please ((300 chara. limit)) {{2000 MAX}}
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  • please keep in touch and do not ghost and i will try to do the same- i will not ask about posting unless its been like a month or so- im not that picky.

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Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

Sophie was getting ready for school when her mother came to check if she'd gotten her number. With a pained gasp, her mother had informed her that it was not a number- but a sideways 8 which signified the symbol for infinity. Eternity.

[+purple "Well that's good right?"] her mother had not responded. [+purple "It's a good thing isn't it??"] She questioned, only to have a simple "Oh.. honey..." as a depressed reply.

At first she thought it was good, even when her mother gave no explanation as to why it wasn't. Sophie was happy the first few years. Until they started leaving. Dying. Only when her mom had died and she outlived her little sister and even her own first children did she understand what her mother had meant. Now at 174 years old and still looking like she had the unfortunate day she'd turned 16, Sophie was at yet another funeral, for yet another late husband then wife and another child in the same year. She swore she'd give up on love and save herself more pain as she finished speaking for the dearly departed and walked towards the back of the room, her head hung as no one met her gaze and she retreated to the dark corners where no one would adress her.

Mizu Was Walking Around, His Family Had Died Out Years Ago, 1,000 Years Ago To Be Right You see, Mizu Has A 0 On His Neck, He's Been Dead Since Birth, His Eyes Glowing, Like Normal, He Was Sad Very Sad, Everyone Hated Him, He Never Made Any Friends, That Was, Until He Looked Into A Window OF A House And Seen A Mother And Daughter, "I Found Eternity." Someone Who Could Be His Friend! He Knocked On The Door, 'Ok, Time To Act Like She Is A Huge Deal, I Mean, I Have A Mansion...I Can Pull This Off.' He Thought, He Knocked On The Door Calmly...
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She narrowed her eyes as she looked up. The funeral doors were closed. Who would show up this late to the funeral unannounced? She looked around, everyone was accounted for so she didnt know who would be left. With a sigh, she walked over and opened the door. [+purple "Hello?"] She asked, looking the person up and down skeptically.

"Greetings, I am Mizu Darktides, I Am Looking For Someone, Apologies For The Late Arrival." He would bow briefly and smile, his covered eyes glowing. His Neck having a black 0 nearly seen by the normal eye, he was barely translucent. He held his hands behind his back, formally, He asked, He was ready to act like he had the wrong door if he didn't get the name right: "I'm Looking For A Sophie, She Or He Has A Sideways 8 On His Or Her Neck."
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She was immediately tense looking at him and took a half-step back from the door. [+purple "What do you need Sophie for? Or.. why are you looking for her?"] she asked very unformally and somewhat uncomfortable as she became quickly paranoid. Though she couldnt help but notice the black 0 on his neck which she couldn't take her eyes off of.

"I am Here To Pick Her Up, For her Arrival To The Maison, She Is Allowed To Bring One Person Of Her Choosing. That May Be A Friend, Or Family." He Stated, His Eyes Locking On Her, His Gaze Was Almost Un-Eased, Like He Was Holding Back A Fear Of Guilt, But Non-The-Less. He Was Cold Hearted In Voice And Manor. "Once Again, I Am Asking For Sophie, Do Not Fake You're Number, I Will Know." His Voice Was Colder Now...
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

Her eyes went cold as she looked at him, a part of her feeling guilty as she decided she would not be kind either. [+purple "I am Sophie. And I refuse to go anywhere without reason.. especially with unfamiliars.."] she stated calmly and prepared to close the door as she became rather tense. [+purple "assume I would not go even if you were a familiar to me"] She stated in an oddly cold tone. Maybe she should simply return home now- or shut the door on this persons face and return to her secluded corner. She contemplated the decision.

"Miss Sophie. It it By Law That You, And One Person-OF Choosing Follows me To You're new home." He was getting more and more colder around him, his voice adding to the effect "Who Would You Like TO Take? In This Occasion, You May Bring Three People. More People with Marks like you will come."
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She bit her tongue and growled under her breath, pushing past him instead and heading to her car. [+purple "already said im not interested so buzz off"] She stormed off, only now noting the near-silence that had fallen over the funeral during their exchange which only pushed her to move swiftly at a brisk walk. [+purple "I don't have anyone now and damn me if i'm just going to blindly follow someone somewhere after two hundred years"] She hissed quietly to herself

He laughed, his eyes glowing more and more "Ill See You Starside." he disappeared, as a folly to this, he burned the place down. His Eyes Glowing the normal green hue of sorrow...(Sorry If its Short-)
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She froze, standing at her car and turned around in time to see the destruction, tears stung her eyes but they quickly turned cold and she looked away again minutes later, getting in her car and going home.

(its okay- as long as we try to stay away from one liners im more okay with short replies)

He would smile, knowing they'd all be dead, his Eyes would water and quiver, hed cry, "why did i do this?!" He'd yell, the firefighters arriving, the fire of green soulfire raging, his mask for his three eyes fell of...
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She remained silent on the drive home, ignoring the nawing at her soul as she imagined being sucked into a void and becoming emotionless. She felt she should have done so long ago. No more getting close to people or being too kind. Just living another day.

"Mizu." "Eris?" "You Have Done A Great evil here." "I-" "You lied." "I Didn't-" "You broke the seal." "Im Sor-" "Get out of this city, take Infinity with you." "Why--?" "Just Do It." He nodded, Eris's spirit faded quickly. leaving him in disarray
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

Wasnt long before she returned home and stepped out of her car, heading inside silently and locking the door behind her then face planting on her couch and turning on the TV and raising the volume some, laying there tiredly.

"Thsi Just In, Mizu Darktides, The Last Has Been Seen Burning Down a building! back to you tom," the other spoke "Now, If you dont know who Mizu Darktides it, heres a story his entire family was killed in a place called 'The Pit.' Heres his saying,: " on a greenscreen showed him,: "Six Of Us Whent Down Into The Pit, All Had Until An Hour To Leave, none made it out, ive seen it time and time again...people getting ones...i, Mizu Darktides, have 0, i have been dead for years...i am the Last."
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She grumbled something and shut off the TV quickly, getting up and going to her kitchen to prepare some raman she wasnt going to eat instead. Her phone buzzed but she ignored it as she grit her teeth together in frustration and her eyes were filled with selth loathing and guilt which she tried to push back continuously.

Mizu knew people would try to get to Sophie, he just wanted to make a that so hard to ask? "why why why why!?!?" he yelled, his tears fallinbg faster the the stars..."Im sorry..."
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

The jewel on her necklace started to glow and felt like it was starting to burn her skin. She swiftly ran across the room and pulled a 500 Smith and Wesson Magmum from under her pillows then dove for cover before the front door was blown open by a small explosion

He heard it, he ran, the smoke covering the view, he grabbed her and bolted for the roof, he could call his friends hele for help, "You Alright?" He was in different clothing, his eyes not covered....
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She growled at him, holding her handgun ready and glaring at him with narrowed eyes. [+purple "What the hell do you want!?"] She was already tensed and ready to shoot someone as sirens could be heard in the distance and people were raiding her house.

"We Gotta Go! Shoot Me Later!" He Yelled, runing faster and faster into the dusk of smoke...."Im Here TO Save You!"
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She scoffed and turned the other way, irritated and going back into the smoke to defend her home as she lifted the gun and shot a few of the intruders then beelined for her bedroom.
erismornisfine     1y ago

"This is why I'm part gay-" He scoffed, "Woman are stubborn!" Ye yelled, running into the smoke to grab her, he grabbed her and used his might to run with her to the safety of the abandoned part of town
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

[+purple "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?"] She screamed at him angrily and twisted herself to force her way out of his grasp. She growled at him now, clutching the gun in her hand tightly.
erismornisfine     1y ago

"IM SAVING YOU GODDAMNIT!" He Yelled, His Eyes Flikkering, He Was Pissed At This Point "IM SAVING YOU FROM THEM OK!?! YOU AND ME ARE LEGENDARY MARKS OK!?!!?" He'd Angerly Move His Neck Covering To Show The Black '0' "See."
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

[+purple "I DONT CARE!!"] she screamed back at him, starting to hiss painfully as the pendant around her neck- cursed and bound to her forever- started burning bright red with her anger. [+purple "I DON'T NEED ANYONE TO SAVE ME!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!"] With this- she took a deep breath as she could, let it out slowly and turned around, storming away and needing a place to safely release her anger as she ran off since she couldn't shoot anybody 'legally'.
erismornisfine     1y ago

"Hey, You Know If You Need To 'Kill' Someone, Kill Me, Im Dead." His Mumbled, Able For Her TO Hear, Just Above His Anger Was Sorrow And Regret, "I Made A Pact...I'll Carry On With It..." He Mumbled
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She ran away, not really wanting to kill anyone without true reason to and instead retreating into the nearby forest, putting her gun away in her waistband and finding a clear area. She ignored what he had said

He Kneeled In Pain, His Heart Paining To 'Live', "Ok Ok Ok! I'll Get Her Here! Eris Just-Egh Stop Making It Hurt!" He Yelled, His Eyes Forged Closed
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She was shaking, the pendant around her neck burned a scar deeper into her skin as she screamed and seemed to be surrounded by fire- the dry wood of dead trees catching instantly as the secluded section went up in flames that died out almost as quickly as they had begun.

He'd See The Flames OF Woe And Rush There, "Sophie?!" He Yelled, He Was Truely Worried For her, He Barely Knew Her! But...Al He Wanted Was A Friend...
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She breathed heavily and crouched in the ashes, on her knees she hugged herself- still shaking and seemingly spaced out as the pendant changed color from red to blue, gold, and violet, sometimes black or white, pink or green until it settled back on its usual slate-gray color a few minutes later. It took longer for her to calm down as her eyes had filled with tears and she shut them tightly.

"Sophie?!" He'd Yell Again, Closer Now, "Sophie!?" Even Closer, He Could Almost See her...Even More Closer, The Ashes And Left Over Smoke Lingering..
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She was still dazed, silent and kneeling there with her arms around herself as she seemed to have blocked everything out and keep her eyes closed shut

"hey? Hey! Sophie? You Ok?" He Asked, His Eyes A Cold Green, Sorrow, His Eyes Unmasked, "Sophie...?" He Asked Again
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She didn't quite here him- though the feeling of his presence jolted her back to Earth and she jerked sideways, her head turned to look up at him. Clearly startled and tired of being followed. [+purple "What do you want!?] She asked with narrowed eyes and a guarded tone.

"Hey! The Smoke IS Going TO Get More People Here! We. Gotta. Go!" He Yelled, his voice strained, his eyes brighter green, worry...
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She growled, immediately standing and walking away from him. [+purple "You need to stop! Stop acting like you give a FUCK about me! and just leave me ALONE!!"] She yelled back, her voice becoming strained and temper barely leashed as she walked away- again.

He'd Sigh, "Fine, Don't Blame Me When You're Locked Up For Years And Years Harvested For You're Organs. Because You Can't Die" He Mumbled For He TO Hear, He Felt The Same Pain In Hus Chest Again "Ok Ok Ok! I'll Try TO GEt Her Back Here OK!?" He Said To 'Her', He Felt The Pain Go away And He Rushed After Her 'Come On...I Don't Wanna BE Alone In This World Any More...I Just Want A Friend OR More..." He Whispered To Himself
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She growled and spun around on her heels [+purple "WHY DO YOU INSIST SO MUCH ON THAT BEING ME!?"] her eyes were still filled with tears that wouldnt spill as she kept forcing back certain memories after the mention of imprisonment which had forced the memories to surface and made her visibly tense and begin to shake a bit.

He'd Make A Drastic Move, And Came Closer And Closer, Pulling Her Into A Hug, He Knew She Could Easily 'Hurt' Him, But He Did Not Care, "...Im Sorry." He Muttered
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She seemed to tense even more and stood brick still- motionless as she looked past him into the burned forest she had caused- and into space as she said nothing.

He pulled away, his eyes dull, "You Ok Now?" He Asked, His Eyes Worried And Worn, Filled With Sorrows Of The Past, "Sophie? You Ok?" He Asked Again, Unsure.
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She had been spaced out- snapped back to when hed asked her the question a second time. [+purple "Why do you care...?"] her voice had gone quiet and her tone sounded more hurt and scarred by the past rather than rude as she turned her gaze away.

"Because, You'll Live Forever. Ive been dead for Forever...don't you see? i want to love someone i want to know someone, like a new friend!" He 'laughed', his eyes glowing slightly
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She finally spared him a glance- stonefaced and unsmiling as she looked away again. [+purple "I suppose..."] she mumbled, her eyes changing with the pendant as it gradually changed color repeatedly. She brought a hand up to feel the jewel and a small jolt of electicity shocked her- she merely lowered her hand slowly as it now had a 3rd degree burn scar. She ignored it.

He'd See And Take Her Burnt Hand, "Does It Hurt When I Hold It?" He Asked, His Voice Hopeful Or Sorrowful, His Eyes Glowed A Green Blue, Remorse.
Kitiki_AnemaraSophie   1y ago

She had become numb to pain so she didnt know, pulling her hand from his and staring at the burn she mumbled [+purple "no..."]

"Alright..." He Mumbled, he fidgeted with his hands and walked to her left some, "So...Um...Yeah..." He Mutterd (ill be offline for sometime k? fam issues))


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