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Eternity ((CLOSED TO erismornisfine))

By Kitiki_Anemara

Replies: 220 / 23 days ago

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  1. [Allowed] erismornisfine

At age 16, everyone gets a number on their neck that tells at what age they are to die. M/C gets a sideways figure 8- eternity.

Now its been 178 years and M/C has loved and lost many people and friends over the years. One day, at yet another funeral for M/Cs lost husband/wife, Y/C comes along. Towards the end of this funeral, Y/C approaches M/C and asks to go out, M/C is about to decline only to pause and find themselves syaring at your neck which is revealed to also have the sign of eternity.

(Lets just say the sign is extremely rare for someone to live for eternity)

[b RULES:] [list
Photo of character is required to join (or ask for help I have no problem helping you find an image)
NO text talk
NO godmodding
NO force shipping
Swearing is allowed just dont over do it
Follow ES rules
Digital or Illustrated images preferred
Semi-lit to lit please ((300 chara. limit)) {{2000 MAX}}
Please to not use asterisks!
please keep in touch and do not ghost and i will try to do the same- i will not ask about posting unless its been like a month or so- im not that picky.]
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(9Sorry its one liner on on vakay and im busy)) He cleared his throat and smiled,
As her transformation went away once more she layed there in a depressing silence, deep in her thoughts as she couldnt bare to look at him any longer- turning over to face the wall shakily
He copyed her movement, for a moment, they coped eachother for an hour.
She made no movement and layed there in silence
He cuddled close to her, he was like ice, cold and stiff, he was still recovering from what happened, in the dawn, it was a heat wave of hot. he was still cuddled to her when the blast of heat got to them, a smell of sweat started to linger.
She looked away, unable to sleep as she slowly moved at some point throughout the night and cuddled him while he slept, remaining almost completely silent
he was fast asleep, not events al in the night, normal, he clung to youre side, sleeping calmly
(Its cool dude- no worried :3))

She stayed silent and looking down at him from where she sat on a corner of the cot
he was silent, he had fallen to the cot and was sad (Sorry its short im B U S Y))
She frowned and hugged her knees tighter against her chest, falling silent
"yes. the kinderd lamb and wolf. i fled to live." he hushed
"Death...?" she frowned, still shaking and feeling scared as she looked at him
"The Kinderd Lamb And Wolf. Death." He said, shaking "I Ran."
She remained painfully still and in a bit of shock [+purple "w who?"] she asked- not knowing what to do