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Eternity ((CLOSED TO LenaDuchanness123))

By Kitiki_Anemara
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At age 16, everyone gets a number on their neck that tells at what age they are to die. M/C gets a sideways figure 8- eternity.

Now its been 178 years and M/C has loved and lost many people and friends over the years. One day, at yet another funeral for M/Cs lost husband/wife, Y/C comes along. Towards the end of this funeral, Y/C approaches M/C and asks to go out, M/C is about to decline only to pause and find themselves syaring at your neck which is revealed to also have the sign of eternity.

(Lets just say the sign is extremely rare for someone to live for eternity)

  • Photo of character is required to join (or ask for help I have no problem helping you find an image)
  • NO text talk
  • NO godmodding
  • NO force shipping
  • Swearing is allowed just dont over do it
  • Follow ES rules
  • Digital or Illustrated images preferred
  • Semi-lit to lit please ((300 chara. limit)) {{2000 MAX}}
  • Please to not use asterisks!
  • please keep in touch and do not ghost and i will try to do the same- i will not ask about posting unless its been like a month or so- im not that picky.

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Kitiki_AnemaraLeslie   1y ago

Leslie was getting ready for school when her mother came to check if she'd gotten her number. With a pained gasp, her mother had informed her that it was not a number- but a sideways 8 which signified the symbol for infinity. Eternity.

[+purple "Well that's good right?"] her mother had not responded. [+purple "It's a good thing isn't it??"] She questioned, only to have a simple [+darkblue "Oh.. honey..."] as a depressed reply.

At first she thought it was good, even when her mother gave no explanation as to why it wasn't. Anna was happy the first few years. Until they started leaving. Dying. Only when her mom had died and she outlived her little sister and even her own children did she understand what her mother had meant. Now at 174 years old and still looking like she had the unfortunate day she'd turned 16, Leslie was at yet another funeral, for yet another late husband then wife and another child. She swore she'd give up on love and save herself more pain as she finished speaking for the dearly departed and walked towards the back of the room, her head hung as no one met her gaze and she retreated to the dark corners where no one would adress her.
LenaDuchanness123Carmilla   1y ago

i was walking around because my mother had kicked me out when she saw my number so i started to roam.
Kitiki_AnemaraLeslie   1y ago

((erm- sorry... do you think you could write a bit more than that? >.< Dont wanna sound mean but would like more to work with to introduce your character and push the story forward))
LenaDuchanness123Carmilla   1y ago

of course sorry.)
Kitiki_AnemaraLeslie   1y ago

((sorry again and hope that didnt come out mean at all >.<))
LenaDuchanness123Carmilla   1y ago

(oh no your fine)


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