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Witches and Vampires, two of the many supernatural creatures that live unknown amongst humans. Usually, they are neutral towards one another as two of the more long-lived species. Some even bond over their shared weakness of fire. But there was one small coven that had allied themselves with humans, and turned to vampire hunting.

When the Frostblade witches joined with the most effective monster Hunters in the world, vampires started dying by the dozen. Entire city’s worth of vampires would go into hiding all at the same time at the slightest hint that one of the Frostblade witches or one of the Belladonna Hunters that they were allied with was in the area. Vampire families were killed, children and all, with no remorse.

Wicker Frostblade was part of this crusade against the vampires, when they were just a teenager. They had been raised since birth to believe that vampires were different from every other race on earth and deserved death. So they would go on hunts throughout all of their teenage years, and they had murdered dozens of vampires themself.

But unlike humans, Witches live for up to nine hundred years. And as their initial human allied died either in battle or of old age, Wicker found themselves learning more about the world. Learning, slowly, that what they had done during the Frostblade’s vampire genocide was wrong. And then they realized that “wrong” was too gentle a word.

Now, over two centuries since the vampire murders began, Wicker is the last Frostblade witch left alive. The rest had been killed by either the vampires they sought to murder or by the other monsters that fought for the vampires’ right to life. And those that didn’t die in battle, died by Wicker’s own hand. Not that anybody knew that, of course.

And now, Wicker has one last mission. They turn up at the door of (Y/C), the only surviving vampire of the very first family that they had killed during the Frostblade crusade. Wicker had killed (Y/C)’s Family all on their own, as a test from their coven. And as such, they arrive all by themselves in front of (Y/C).

And they offer their life, and blood, to (Y/C) in an effort to repent for their past crimes and the pain that they had personally caused (Y/C).

How will things proceed from there?


Witch blood is actually a very prized commodity for vampires. Often, witches will sell their blood in bottles to vampires for a high price if they need to win a favor or pay off a debt. Witch blood is not only more delicious than human blood, but it carries more nutrition and can cure a vampire of any silver poisoning or other injuries it might have.

This taken into consideration, it is still nearly unheard of for witches to offer themselves up to be fed on by a vampire directly, not to mention offering to be their personal blood bag.

The Frostblade witches were disowned by the rest of the Witch community, and other witches would help fight them and (on the rare occasion they caught a Frostblade alive) handle their executions.

Vampires are still a fairly feared species, considering how they literally need to feed on other species’ blood to survive. But most of the Monster/supernatural community regards them as very civilized (but also to be treated with extreme caution).

Human vampire hunting organizations still exist, but none of them are nearly as bad as they once were, when they had the help of the Frostblades.


Yeah just pm me if you’re interested in playing the vampire. I would just like to know

Character name:
Character age:
Basic bio:

And we can discuss any questions you might have or anything else in PMs.

Oh! Any gender is welcome! Wicker is actually going to be Genderfluid, if that’s okay, so I will primarily be using they/them pronouns for them. Thanks!
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