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Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

Awesome sauce :D
MinuanoTai   1y ago

Did you happen to have any lingering questions before we get started?

Do you know anything about your character other than them being a hybrid?
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

Shit- yeah i need a minute to re-create the character cuz my laptop restarted itself when i was working on it and i forgot to go back and remake it >.<

Also might need a refresher on the realm/world and stuff- sorry
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Booo! I've had that happen on me enough times lol

The world is very much like our modern one, just with slightly higher tech and the existence of the Fiends, Yokai, Dragons, and other supernatural stuff. I'd say its not common public knowledge, but I assume your character would know of their existence because of their hybrid nature.

Then there's the Vigoor Empire which is a country in Western Asia that's super secretive, and are after your character for whatever reason. Probably a ritual or something, haha. I'd say the objective is to make sure your character isn't captured by the Vigoor Empire while at the same time trying to discover exactly what it is they want with them and stopping it. I have some other plot ideas, but I want to keep them to myself for surprises later ;P

I figure whichever country your character is from we'll start in. You have as much creative freedom as you need! Obviously we're just not going to be overpowered is all, haha. But try not to stress too much about the details of the world, a lot of stuff happens exclusively or in the shadows. We can treat it kind of like the X-men before mutants were public knowledge if that helps paint a better picture! (And if you're more familiar with that fandom, haha)
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

Okay- thank you a ton.
I'm loving the plot idea- the comparison to x-men also helps quite a bit xD

so I think I'll start where I'm more familiar with around the South-Eastern U.S.- maybe caught accidentally using their powers and getting recorded by passer-by's or security cameras somewhere. Either way- video's making their way onto the internet and seen by some member(s) of the Vigor Empire and put my character on their radar. (or something like that)
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

That's good, haha. Its like X-men but with more supernatural/magical elements and less variety of unique super powers. Also with a world renowned martial arts tournament happening in the background called "The Dead or Alive Tournament". However, I'd say it acts as this worlds UFC., so if your character wouldn't care about UFC, they probably also would not care about DOA, hahahaha.

And sure, that sounds good to me! Did you still want your character to be a lab experiment? Because that could add in another potential hostile faction for our character's to deal with as well!
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

honestly don't think my character would care much when trying to stay relatively unknown, haha. Sounds interesting too tho- so they'd probably watch it but not participate kind of thing.

Also, yes, created in a lab. It could be by another potential, hostile faction. Also, what if this faction- unlike Vigoor Empire- was a more widely known organization that does their inhuman studies in secret and have a public ficade of doing their experiments for a "good cause" and being "good" to the "volunteers" and my character could be the result of parents in it for the money who give my character away at a young age to be one of the labrats- possibly one of hundreds or thousands- and one of the very few to survive. And the only one to manage to escape.
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Well, this organization probably wouldn't outright say they're doing human experimentation, especially on children. Doesn't matter what world, that ain't gonna fly with all the laws we have in place against it, hahaha. It could be kind of like Umbrella from Resident Evil where outwardly they're a pharmaceutical company or something that isn't nefarious looking, but are secretly doing these experiments? Then they could do a bunch of kidnapping, coercion, and exploitation like in your character's parent's case without anyone able to go public about it. And since its a secret, it also clips your characters wings in that regard because if it was known about the experimentation, your character could go public easily, but this way its now a case of "no one will believe you".
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

Well that makes more sense- yeah. More like Umbrella then. Though what about sketchy ways of getting their "volunteers" so even if they were found out the people they have would be bound by inescapable contracts or something? Instead of outright kidnapping people

I was also thinking that the volunteers would have to be adults at a certain age but there would be an odd couple of people who give away their unwanted child(ren)?
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Yeah, that's where the exploitation and coercion would come in to play. Like, if your character's parents were a bunch of low-income addicts, just as an example, they'd probably be more than happy to give their kid up for a nice chunk of change. Then, of course, like anyone else (volunteer or otherwise), they'd be slapped with a bunch of contracts and NDA's so they will be ruined if they say anything. All the typical lawyer stuff, hahaha.

But yeah, it all works, just covertly because of human rights and all that!
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

Yea- sounds about right ^w^

Also the idea of having them tie into the government directly and all that to make the corporation harder to take down would be a typical but interesting add wouldn't it? Or perhapse they do run the government on the side- all the connections and stuff y'know? But that wouldn't be known to the public- they'd seem to deal indirectly with the government or something unbeknownst to the people until something happens that brings their experimentations to light.
Or something.
I dunno- its an idea, haha

I love how complex stories like this can get ^w^
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Yeah, I really like it! If they're making people like your character, it could be a sort of super soldier program, so either they're working with the government or under its supervision, and as you said, it'd be harder to take down since they have the government covering their asses and protecting their interests. They don't want something like Watergate happening again, hahaha.
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

Lmao yess thats true
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Do you feel like on your side that you have sufficient enough information and details for us to start? Or is there anything else you'd like to discuss or have other questions?
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

I think I have sufficient enough information- I just got taken away for three hours so imma finish making the character now sorry
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Hey, not a problem! Let me know if you need any help or want any input.
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

okie dokie lemon smokie
also thank you ^w^
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

I am going to be out of town until Friday, but I'm bringing my laptop with me so I may or may not be able to post. I'll be busy, but I will try, haha. I will definitely have time to chat and stuff if you want to or if you need to flesh some more stuff out! I'm just a slow writer when it comes to posts, unfortunately.

Are you alright if we start? Your character looks put together nicely!

right- haha- I dont mind waiting for replies so we can start whenever you want ^w^
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Hey, I'm finally back! Sorry to have kept you waiting! I'm gonna try to get you a post out early tomorrow.

So, in the mean time, what would you character be doing and where would she be doing it? I assume we'll start off light with an ambush ;P and my character coming in for an assist so they can meet and we can get that clunky shit out of the way, hahaha

That's cool- no rush tho

My character could simply be in the middle of training her powers- perhaps in the middle of a secluded area practicing the experimental abilities- creating odd bubbles and small portals.

the bubbles i dont know how to explain that well other than them being used in a variety of ways- they can be turned into small explosives, reflective surfaces to give her more advantage in seeing all around the area, temporarily record something for her to view (wont work if the particular bubble is destroyed which is why it's temporary), Can be infused with special elementals to use as a variety of weapons/attacks, and she'll be learning more things she can do with the bubbles.

the portals she makes would be used for travel/teleportation, temporary item storage- until she opens another portal- and as a kind of way to create and deflect attacks. ((if that makes sense))

sorry about all that-- anyway- she could be in the middle of training or something in a secluded area when/if she gets ambushed- like she was followed there or returning into town when it happens.
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

Sounds cool and works for me! I'll get started on a post now, and I'll try not to keep it absurdly long, haha.

I'll keep our chats here so we can refer back to them if need be!

okie dokie loki- and no worries about a long post- the starters tend to be the longest ones i think
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

I'm the opposite. I find starters kind of clunky and then my posts get longer as more momentum is gained during the RP and I add more characters, haha. I'll try to keep them shorter though so you're not reading a novel all the time. Sorry for taking so long! There were unforeseen events that happened over the weekend!
Minuano[DOA]   1y ago

[b “Why me?”] He stood there disillusioned for a moment. In front of him was a young man in modern ninja attire with long brown hair: the master of the Mugen Tenshin Clan, Hayate.

It was hard to believe that this was happening. Hayate as Clan Master didn't often grace the Hajinmon Sector with his presence, save for when he sent for Ayane, the sects Master. Even then, it was usually just a messenger if she wasn't already at his side. Tai and him haven't even formally met, either.

Hayate responded with a polite smile. [#42adf5 “I've been watching you for a while now, climbing the ranks. Ayane also recommended you. You're an impressive ninja.”] High praise coming from him, especially considering his power and the power of the company he kept.

[b “I do not deserve such praise. I simply do as any Mugen Tenshin ninja should.”] Tai bows his head for a moment, but then raises it, a question coming to mind. [b “Why not send Ayane? She's had experience with the Vigoor Empire.”]

[#42adf5 “She is attending to another matter, and I will be joining her, as well.”] Hayate tells him. That made sense as to why they would come to him... But he could probably rattle off a handful of ninja who were more capable of this task than him... However if Hayate and Ayane were counting on him, he would prove himself worthy of their choice. [#42adf5 “I'm counting on you, Taishiro.”]

[center ---]

He still couldn't believe it. Here in America, on an important mission against the Vigoor Empire. By himself, no less. They didn't have a lot of information, but the information they did intercept told them that the Vigoorian's had designated a target: a mysterious young girl in Florida.

The Vigoorian Empire has kept to itself for many years now, and their sudden covert activity was concerning. They were a small nation, but had access to powerful supernatural forces, had a surprising amount of military might, and they worshipped the Fiends. Whatever they wanted with this girl definitely was not good and it had to be stopped.

It was night time when he got to work. The information he had was sparse, even when it came to this mysterious girl. He knew next to nothing about her other than her gender and that the Vigoorian's were after her; but that's where he would start. Instead of finding her, he needed to find the Vigoorians and they'd lead him right to her. It was a move that put her at risk, but not finding her at all would be perilous, so finding them first was his best option.

And it worked. To the untrained eye, it would seem like nothing was happening in the city. However, a few SUV's with thick plated glass grouping together was a good tip off. So he followed them to a forest and soldiers wearing indistinguishable special forces attire piled out of the SUVs. This was slightly perplexing. This many people and that kind of gear for some girl? Either they were just being careful or they were expecting some kind of resistance. Did they know he was coming or perhaps someone else? ... Or was it for the girl?

Covered by shadows, Tai silently leaps from tree branch to tree branch as the Vigoorian's spread through the forest to surround an isolated area on all sides. This was where it would get a little tricky; Tai could block and dodge bullets, but he was sure this girl couldn't, and being surrounded on all sides would mean they'd be in the line of fire unless they cleared a path... So that is just what he would do.

Tai picks a side, and before the manage to get to the clearing to the girl, he falcon dives from his perch, unsheathing the sword from his back, and drives it through the chest of one of the Vigoorians. He violently rips it out, smattering blood across the dead soldier's allies before moving on to the next. Light and sound from the machine guns filled the forest, as well as the unmistakable sounds of battle as Tai fought the Vigoorians.

[OOC: Here's the post! I lightened it a bit and I hope its fun to read! Lots of exposition, but we'll keep it more action packed as we move forward!]

[ooc: Post is great! Also totally understand about the posting stuff- first is rather clunky and I try to keep it as the longest one and to have the rest of my posts either the same or shorter even though it's a bit difficult as the story goes on- just wanting write more and more the deeper you get into the story and stuff- but I still try not to write 1500 word essays y'know? xD]

[+crimson [b "Are you kidding me?!"]] Celest pretended to flinch as she ducked out of the way, and an angry customer chucked their drink at her demanding her order to be remade. With a sigh, she stood up again and stated plainly [b "I'm sorry ma'am. But our company has a strict 'no refunds' policy and your order was made exactly as you had stated. You are welcome to place another order if you would like."] She told them, not for the first time.

The child next to the woman looked up with pleading eyes. [+lightblue [b "mom please. Can't you just let it go? It's what you asked for. You don't have to get everything for fr-"]] The sharp look she had given him spoke volumes. Forcing the child to go instantly silent and turn his gaze downwards submissively. Celest's skin prickled with a familiar feeling as she recognized the expression on the young boy's face. Obvious signs of abuse. mental and physical. She grit her teeth.

[b "Ma'am please leave the store before I escort you out myself-"]

[center ----------]

Her blood was boiling as she ran into the forest to find a clearing. Finally, the tension and roaring headache eased as she lifted her ears which had been pressed flat on her head the entire day. She took several deep breathes and steadied her breathing. [b "some training will help-"] She grit her teeth. [b "maybe even a fight"] she grumbled and shook her head. [b "they're not that far off but I have some time"]

It was a mere few moments later that the forested area around her and the clearing was filled with seemingly innocent, seemingly harmless bubbles. Except- The moment these red bubbles had come into contact with a person, they detonated, effectively blowing them up. A few more went off in scattered directions and she knew she'd been surrounded.

Shots were fired, but before a bullet could make contact the hundreds of small red bubbles popped harmlessly and she encased herself in a larfe bubble the size of an average bedroom which took on a golden-grey color. This was one slowed down time around her, seemingly trapping people in time unless specific conditions were met. No one would be able to guess those conditions set only by her. She enlarged this dome-like bubble to fill in the clearing, looking around as the people attacking her entered and would slow down emencely, almost stopping in time which created a surreal scene. She looked around and just outside her protective dome she saw someone fighting off a sector of these soldiers using a fighting style unfamiliar to her. [i What is it these people wanted with her and why couldn't she just be left alone?] She wondered bitterly, walking towards the unknown person through the bubble she'd created, leaving the remaining soldiers trapped within as she came to the edge but did not step out. She watched the armed men getting easily beaten down by this single person and was intrigued.

[ooc: sorry for the suck post and that it took me so long to reply >.< I couldn't figure out a way to word it so it could make sense]


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