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just like the movies 1x1

By hillory17

Replies: 264 / 65 days ago

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a group of friends all around the age 13 start to notice weird things happen around them what will happen when they find out they are some of the only people in the world born with superpowers
mallory saw adrik as well then stood there frozen scared then turned around and ran to the car that primrose was

ashley was still looking around but hadnt seeen anyone and was getting very frustraited
Adrik neared the next car and entered, stepping over the open gap and into the next section. He saw Mal but didn't fully register who it was yet.

Primrose grimaced, trying to keep herself busy with matting the cut with blankets to keep herself from losing consciousness.
mallory was walking towards adrik asking people if they had medical experiance she knew primrose wouldnt be able to stay awake any longer

ashley kept looking around getting frustraited
Primrose hissed as she sat up more, taking one of the extra blankets from under the bed and using those to press on the wound. She fought to stay awake.

Adrik hadn't quite come up to Prim and Mal's car yet, but he was coming close. he was about two cars away and moving through them quickly.
"i will" Mallory went out to look for anyone that seemed like a doctor
Primrose hissed in pain, "It's already infected." She pulled out the frayed stitches then pressed her sweatshirt to the cut. She was feeling fuzzy, but she was sure that the fever wouldn't get worse. But despite how it sounded, that was a bad sign. Fever would burn off infection, but a light one wouldn't get rid of it. She made up her mind, "Okay, just be careful." She huffed, closing her eyes.
"no your going to get an infection someone here must be able to help" Mallory looked at primrose
Primrose grimaced in pain, "I don't think there's anyone here that can help, anyways if we ask, it'll stir up trouble." She shook her head, "We have to wait." She could feel a light fever forming.
mallory looked at primrose "prim we need to get that looked at its going to get infected"
(Oh gosh, used the wrong character for the last reply. I was speed typing)
Prim closed and locked the room's door and laid on the lower bunk of the small bed, sitting up slightly and leaning on the wall. "Ow." She whispered and pulled up her shirt to uncover the wound, a couple stitches had come undone and it was bleeding again, she could already feel infection setting in.

Adrik opened any doors that were unlocked, but most of them were shut and bolted.
Mallory nodes and followed primrose

Ashley looked around as well but she went the opposite direction and looked knowing her sister couldn't change her face and she would know her sisters eyes from anywhere
(I both love and hate Ashley's personality)
Adrik was already pushing through the train cars, looking through each car, examining each passenger.

Primrose leaned on the hall's wall, then spotted an open room and went inside, tapping Mal on the shoulder to ask if she wanted to follow to a less crowded spot.
Ashley quickly followed and as soon as she got inside the train doors closed she had to push people out of the way but she didn't care about them

Mallory nods but didn't sit down as there wasn't enough room and she didn't know who had sat there
Adrik nodded, the train pulled up.

Primrose sighed, "Once we're at your parent's house, we can." She watched the train stop and the doors open. "I'll rest on the train." She started getting on the train, handing two tickets to the ticketmaster. She pulled Mal with her into the train car.

Adrik followed the crowd, "I'm following, if they're on the train then they're trapped, we can confront them inside." He threw back at Ashley and slipped onto the train.
Ashley nods "yeah I did they are here but where exactly we can't let them get on a train"

Mallory was next to primrose "hey are you sure we shouldn't go get that looked at"