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A 1x1 of an rp that seems to have died.

said rp

Credit to Cursethewhitecat for the setting and lore.


The following is copied and pasted from the roleplay:

There had been news of a rise in crime and reports of people being attacked late at night. But that's normal, especially for a city dweller like you. So you just shrugged things off and went about your lovely night when suddenly it hits you- No I mean it really hits you hard as you are stuck with the force of a moving car and being handled like a ragdoll by a monster under the light of a full moon. You're unable to defend yourself much less get away. The only thing you can do in your dazed state is watch as this monster sinks its fangs into you with a bone cracking crunch. The pain is so severe that you start to fade in and out of consciousness until finally you do.

“. . . .” you hear something calling your name and open your eyes to that monster standing over you. Looking you dead in the eyes before opening its jaws wide and swallowing you alive, whole. You cry out for help as you suddenly sprung up and out of a hospital bed. Drenched in a cold sweat. You can felt the IV in your arm along with everything else currently hooked up to you as a few nurses and doctors come rushing into your own private room, in response to your blood curdling scream.

It takes a bit for you to fully understand why you were put in critical condition and how lucky you were to have survived such a horrible accident. But eventually you learn that you’ve been in a coma for about a week, that you're recovering quite nicely all thanks to the efforts of the hospital's resources/staff, and that you can be released in a few more days. It's not until you are released that you notice something's different about you but you can’t quite put your finger on it..


Modern day society in a city near a forest somewhere- you play as a character who is either a normal human getting mixed up in the affairs' of the werewolf community due to being attacked and turned into a new-blood or your part of a pack that already exists among the humans. Hidden in plain sight following a scared code.


Picture URL:

Theme song: N/a

Puppet-Master: YoruNeko

Puppet: Sienna Elanyl

Personality: Brash, eccentric, chill

Age: Twenty-seven

Gender/Identity: Female

Attraction: Straight

Role: Lycan

Bio: Sienna works as a Police Lieutenant by day and a pack leader by night. In this position, she's been able to keep her pack out of trouble as needed. Although she has strict guidelines over them, that doesn't make their hands clean, or hers. Just like how the mafia has people in the police as insurance, she quickly climbed the ranks to do the same for her pack. With hard earned trust of her department and solidified loyalty from her pack, this double life has worked out pretty well.

2 Fatal flaws: Her abilities are weakened on the first night of a new moon due to a genetic trait passed down in her family line.
When truly angered, she loses her sense of self and control over her abilities.

Extra: Her eyes turn purple in her weakened state

Lycan Skelly

Pack: The Anomaly

Rank: Alpha

Pedigree: Pure-blood

Phasing: Controllable

Nature: Strength and Speed

Mate: None

Offspring: None

Marking: Able to mark, but has only done so to a select few.


Pack Skelly

Clan Name: | The Anomaly

Founder: | Dante Elanyl

Origin Story: | The details of the story has been lost over time, but was founded out of necessity to protect themselves from human authority and hunters. They first started infiltrating human enforcers and aids back in the beginning of them becoming organized.

Territory: | downtown area

Relations: | Very territorial and aggressive to other packs that do not respect their claim. They are also aggressive to humans that have threatened their own.

Pack Traits: | two bite marks on the ears given at their coming of age or initiation into the pack

Curse: | The strength of the bond between the human and lycan who cursed said human is temporarily multiplied on a full moon. Every year, that intensity grows slightly.

Members: | Sienna Elanyl (current Alpha), multiple members are in law enforcement and/or are first responders. However, that is not a requirement, just a trend.

Extra info: | - the position of alpha is not something purely hereditary. It is earned by trial of combat. (Like in Black Panther)

Picture URL: |
Human form -
Wolf form -
Puppet Master: | NorthernWolves
Puppet: | Nim Airedalle
Personality: | Blunt , Callous , Restless
Age: | 22
Gender/Identity: | Female/She
Attraction: | Mostly straight
Role: | Lycan
Bio: | After several botched fights with other packs, the last one removing vision in her right-eye, outright left her pack and live among the humans. Currently attends university while aiding those recently bit in teaching them proper shift-control whenever one of them pops up. Keeps a small piece of land as a graveyard for people who fail in killing her; so far two hunters/huntresses had failed.
2 Fatal flaw(s): | Enjoys a good drunk night every once in a while, tends to make her shift forms much easier. Blind in the right eye.

Pack: | None
Rank: | Loner
Pedigree: | Half
Mark: | N/A
Shifting: | Controllable - except during the full moon
Nature: | Prowl & Howl
Mate: | No
Offspring: | No
Marking: | No

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YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

A trail of blue lights flashed in the early dawn along 17th Street. Yellow tape was already stretching across an alleyway in front of the cars with the bright light show on the roof and the city's name in large print on the side. Scattered about were men and women in navy uniforms. A few were speaking with civilians, most likely potential witnesses to whatever transpired. Others were standing guard and keeping any onlookers at a distance. The last were on the other side of that yellow tape.

A black unmarked police car drove up with lights also gleaming blue from the rear window. A fair woman with long ravenlike hair stepped out once it parked. This woman was also in police attire, except hers was all black. She casually walked over to the yellow tape, lifted it up, and stepped under to cross it. She observed the crime scene as she walked over to an officer. [+blue "Morning, James. Any updates on our victim?"]

[B "Good Morning, Lieutenant Elanyl."] He said while unconsciously straightening up his posture in front of his superior. Sienna Elanyl was known for being more hands on in serious crime scenes, unlike most lieutenants. She became a cop right out of high school and had cracked a lot of cases over the years since. She rather quickly rose in rank as her work gained the respect of those around her. In her current position, she oversaw what the officers did from sergeant and below. Although she was hands on, she let them do their work and mostly just guided things along when she deemed it was needed.

The officer walked the lieutenant over to where blood was splattered all over the walls and ground. This led to a pool of it surrounding a rather mangled corpse. The blood wasn't fully dry, but was definitely in progress. [B "We have another one of these. So far, it is the same M.O. as the others. This makes the third one this week."]

[+blue "Is Detective Riley here?"]

[B "Yes, he's over there with Officer Bates. Bates was the first to arrive."]

[+blue "Thank you, James."]

Sienna walked over to Detective Darren Riley. As she approached, he stopped his conversation with the officer and turned to greet the lieutenant. Once he did, the officer did the same. [+blue "Once you two are done, I'd like to speak with Detective Riley."] The detective immediately insisted that they had just finished up and was ready then.

As they walked over to the side, Sienna checked for cameras and spoke extremely hushed where any prying ears would be unable to register their conversation. [+blue "Any luck in identifying or locating our intruder, Darren?"]

[B "With this case, I believe I finally have a breakthrough. I just have to follow up on some leads. I'm sure we'll have the person by tonight."]

[+blue "Good. We'll gather tonight then."]
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

After a long day of paperwork, the night came. Sienna leaned up against the wall in an old subway system with her eyes closed. She arrived early to the meetup and decided to rest them a bit. Despite her restful state, she stayed aware of her surroundings using her other senses. She could smell and hear each arrival and identified each one as part of her pack. Yes, she knew her pack not only by look but by their distinct scent as well as their walking pattern. When she heard one unfamiliar and verified the new blood-mixed scent, she knew the time had come.

She opened her eyes to witness two of her pack dragging a man with swollen reddened cheek bones and two puffy eyes painted in dark purple and pink. The man was hunched over as they held him up by his arms. They then brought him before her, proceeding to drop and kick him into the ground. With the two keeping a foot on his back, two more walked up one each side and held his arms down on the ground in front of the rest of him. She circled them, eyeing the person they brought until she found something intriguing on his neck– a distinct curse mark. [+blue "So, he really is marked."]

[B "Oh. Wow. The lady has eyes."] The beat up man snarkily remarked.

She walked in front of him, and squatted with her knees together while putting her face in front of his. [+blue "This lady also has fully functional hands. Unlike someone,"] she grabbed one of his pointer finger and squeezed the top part between her two fingers. With a crunch, she broke that bone. He screamed some slurs before she continued. [+blue "You have 3 bones in each finger. This one now has two still intact. Insult me or speak out of turn, you'll lose another. With your fingers and thumbs alone we can do this 27 more times. Actually…"] She then crushed the second bone. He screamed again. [+blue "That was for cussing me out during your fit. 26."]

Once she got him more cooperative, she was able to interrogate him. She was able to find out what brought him to her territory and his knowledge of who marked him. As much as the blame for those murders were his fault, it also belonged to the one who marked him. She already knew he was the one committing those murders. Her pack did extensive research to make sure of it before bringing him here. Before long, he didn’t have any more to tell. His usefulness was up and after everything he had done… A jury would be too nice.

As they attempted to muzzle him, he started to shift in a final effort to save his life. One of her members gave him a good whack to the back of his head to disrupt that. After an easy muzzling, another shifted and picked him up with his mouth. [+blue “Burn him.”]

The following morning, she received a call that the body of a suspect for the murders was found in the forest by a campfire. [+blue “I’ll be right there.”] When she got to the scene, she saw ritualistic markings drawn into the ground.

[b “Lieutenant Elanyl. It’s good to have you here. However, we just marked this as a ritualistic suicide.”] Playing dumb, she gave a questioning look. [b “Yes. It’s charred, however, the forensics team managed to match the dirt residue under his fingernails to the crude drawings on the ground. It appears that he threw himself in the fire and ran out as the flames consumed him. It looks like paperwork will be easy this time around. I hope this closes that serial murder case as well.”]

[+blue “I hope so too. The less paperwork, the better. However, that is a horrible way to meet one’s end... Good day, Detective Hart.”] Sienna walked off further into the forest. On her way out, she let one of the officers know that she was going on a walk and not to wait for her. She planned to be out there to get some rare fresh air for a while. They gave an okay and she started her walk. Once she was far enough, she would continue… but not as a human.
NorthernWolves     1y ago

After extricating the male from the forest back to the concrete sidewalks and roads of civilization, Nim strolled along the hard pavement, boots occasionally giving the sidewalks a gentle slap, back towards the small, one story house she occupied. It wasn't her house. Renting such a house did cost slightly more than renting an apartment or living in a college dorm, but Nim didn't want to deal with implications involving accidental transformations into a werewolf in the public. She did have her switching under control. Well, most of the time anyway; alcohol, and she'd drink lots of it, tended to loosen her self-control. And it had happened a few times within the confines of the rented house.

The house itself was modest. One main bedroom, a miniature guest room, kitchen, single bathroom with a shower, and a small living room. Not much to brag about, but Nim didn't have anyone to brag to even if she could have. Finding it had been nice, as some couple had set it out for rent for the exact purpose of college students living in that house. It wasn't anything newfound, especially with people who had multiple houses. Paying off the rent meant working, and Nim worked, no surprise given her small lusting of alcohol, at a bar. And that particular bar located near a university, which meant that many of the college students would recognize the blue cotton-candy haired, dim right eye with scar female.

While changing Nim was required in moving a stack of photos of the night sky. Nim had an entire folder on her computer dedicated to digital images taken with her camera of the night sky. These various digital and physical photos Nim posted to her socials to explain why she'd disappear during the evenings for a week while the full moon would be active. The photos weren't the best. No way could she afford those higher quality cameras of more dedicated night photographers. But even amateur photographers could gain some sort of following.

A pair of blue jeans with brown leather belt, black t-shirt with a white Scorpius constellation on the front, grey socks with matching colored sneakers, and a grey backpack later, Nim locked the door after exiting the house.

While there were no classes over the weekend, the university was holding some sort of safety presentation by the local police department. Nim's choice of classes meant that she could go into something like forensics if she so choose, and talking to a police officer would be a good way of receiving some sort of intro level into how it worked.

The presentation would be held in the theater on the university campus. While the organizers had no idea how many students or other guests would show up, the theater was big enough to where even a medium underestimate would not overcrowd the venue.

As usual, Nim grabbed a chair as near one of the exits as possible. In this case it was on the right and a few rows up from the first row. Nim slipped out a notebook and a blue pen out of her backpack, ready to take any notes which were of interest to her.
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

Far enough into the forest and sure she wouldn't be seen, she stripped herself of her clothes and placed them on a tree branch. Within a moment's time, her bones grew and shifted and her face elongated as she grew a thick coat of jet black fur all over her body. Her eyes were now yellow and canine teeth in her snout now replaced the human ones that were in her mouth. Her nose was as black as her fur and her ears now peaked above her head. On all fours, she felt the cool ground under her paws. If anyone saw her now, they'd see no resemblance of a human, only a very large wolf.


The sun was just over the horizon, casting long shadows from the trees. Sienna had transformed within one of these dark shadows in the morning sky. It was an extra precaution. With that over with, she was able to roam. Truly roam without too much worry of pack territories. There were some outliers, but most packs agreed that the forest was an open territory. Even if a random pack tried to claim it, the rest wouldn't recognize it. In fact, a bunch of them would most likely gather to end said claim. This forest was the biggest greenery one would find near the city. Luckily, it encompassed a lot of land.

Dashing between the tree trunks, Sienna ran through the forest. The breeze coursed through her midnight fur like a gentle hand. Keeping in mind her route, she marked a tree with her claw and changed her course. This wasn't her first time roaming these woods. However, she wouldn't underestimate the power this forest had on getting people lost. It was nice to run in the forest every now and then. The concrete structures didn’t feel as soothing under her paws. Plus,there were less people around to possibly see her. So, that was one less worry that she couldn’t ignore in the city.

Her run sadly had to come to an end sooner rather than later this time. In a few hours, she had a professional obligation at one of the local universities. So, she only did one long loop within the forest before heading back to where she hid her clothes. Once she was back in that general area, she triple checked her surroundings before shifting back. With no one around, she regained her human form and grabbed her clothes from the branch. She got dressed and walked back to her car to go to the station.

Once she arrived, she headed to her office and grabbed a flash drive from her desk drawer. A black police jacket was hanging on a post near her door. Before heading out, she grabbed it off the wall and swung it over her shoulder to put on when she arrived at the university.

She picked up brunch on the way there and ate in the car before heading in. She met with the coordinating administrator and went over some details to set up the presentation. By the time that finished it was almost show time. Before long, the seats in the auditorium were filled and the administrator introduced her. It was her turn to get on stage.

She greeted the audience and started the lecture. She interacted with the audience by asking questions pertaining to the topic and letting them answer what they knew. She would then give her feedback on the subject before moving on to the next point. She saved all questions for the end. As she was presenting, something bothered her. She could smell a fellow lycan in the room, but with everyone in there, it was hard to pinpoint who it was. She was able to narrow it down to the right side towards to front. However, which student in those rows was a blur. The scent was too mixed with humans. She finished her presentation regardless and opened the floor for any questions.


Something began bothering her. A certain and feeling and scent started pervading the atmosphere of the theater, a familiar one, causing Nim's back to tense exactly down her spine while her shoulders tensed. The hand tightened around the blue pen, unsure whether to squeeze until broken or hold it in a knife like manner. This was a certain thing all werewolves knew instinctively. Living in a pack, loners could feel it to but not as strongly, taught you who was above and below you; the alpha was the top dog, and it felt as if there was an alpha in the house.

Nim's eyes moved slowly around. If there was an alpha in here, she could be screwed as a loner. She had no idea how accurately they'd be able to smell her out. Some werewolves had difficulty pinpoint a werewolf in a crowd of humans while others could beeline towards you during one of those Black Friday shopping sprees. Either way, Nim could not leave the theater auditorium alone. Leaving alone would reveal herself even more, and open up her for a possible attack. While some werewolves didn't mind starting a fight where there were humans, almost all werewolves agreed to the unwritten rule of keeping their fights away from the eyes and ears of humans.

This feeling seemed to come from the policewoman on stage, but Nim second guessed herself. Alpha werewolves weren't the only ones who could exhume the sense of confidence and authority, for some humans could to. And while one couldn't necessarily smell it, the body language was nearly identical.

A few pages of blue, neat handwritten notes later, the presentation was over. Nim still itched to pack up and leave, but she didn't want to risk her anonymity. If it hadn't been compromised already. Opening the floor for questions? This would be a good opportunity to gauge how much of a werewolf the policewoman was. Even if it compromised her hiding spot, at least she would know exactly what she was dealing with and could better prepare herself.

Nim's right hand rose into the air, both eyes squarely locked on the policewoman. Only one eye could actually see, and therefore only that one eye reflected any light from the darkened seats of the auditorium. Nim hoped the darkness hid her scar as well. The less identifiable features, the harder it would be to visually track her down. Visual tracking meant nothing when dealing with werewolves as they could smell you out. But with humans it worked.

[+blue "How do you manage to balance your police work and outside life?"] Nim put pressure on the last two words of the question with an almost innocent and naive tone, as if she never suspected the policewoman of being a werewolf.
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

There were a good number of raised hands after the presentation, one being the lycan she was searching the crowd for. She refused to look straight over there when the scent became more apparent due to the sudden movement. To make it seem like she wasn't interested or was clueless about the other werewolf in the auditorium, she even answered other questions from humans before getting to hers. However, she didn't lose track of the scent. 

The fact that it was so difficult to pinpoint hinted that of a prowler or someone who hasn't been around other werewolves, or someone who used various techniques to mask the smell. It was as faint and mixed as a human who has spent time around werewolves. However, those scents had a different base to it. Not all lycans could do this, but Sienna trained herself to recognize the difference between a human-masked lycan and a human often dwelled among lycans. This was a skill that often came in handy in her line of work. 

When she got to the female lycan's inquiry, [+blue "Another great question. It wasn't until I realized what works for others isn't a one size fits all that I really got to find my answer to that. You have to learn yourself and balance that before you can effectively balance your life in any aspect. All of that happens with time and effort."] She then glance around the room. [+blue "I have time for two more questions. Next up will be… you, the gentleman in the back row with the Hulk shirt."] She then listened and answered to the last two questions she she was going to hear there.

Afte that she wished everyone a safe and successful school year and exited the stage. Someone from the dean of students office then walked onto it. Sienna took off her police jacket and revealed her leather one. She had a few minutes before the students were dismissed. The blue-haired lycan most likely would exit with the masses, but that wasn't for certain. She retrieved her flash drive and put it in her pocket. She let the administration know that she wanted to explore the campus before she left and received their approval. She then headed out of the auditorium and waited along the side of its only non-emergency exit.


Well that plan didn't work out at all. Those words could've been said equally by humans and lycan's, which put Nim back to square one; either she was dealing with a human who knew no better, a human who knew what she was, and, equally as bad as the second possibility, another lycan. Nim hoped it was simply a regular human who just came across as an alpha type. She had no desire in playing cat-and-mouse games with hunters or lycans, have to relocate somewhere else, or end up dying. Nim took no pleasure in taking lives. Even when killing the one trying to kill you was the only choice for self-survival.

After her question had been answered and hand lowered, Nim's pen tapped quietly on the pages of her notebook. She itched to get out of here, go to someplace safe where she could have a drink. This situation had unnerved her. And there was nothing quite like alcohol to make that irritating, unnerved feeling to disappear.

The moment the lights came back on, Nim slipped her notebook and pen into her backpack. The closing zipper was drowned out by students standing up, chatting, and walking out. To exit the auditorium building, she would have to follow the same path in reverse that Nim had taken in. That meant traversing the hallways that led to the main ballroom of the auditorium, and then out through the non-emergency

She let out a wordless curse, the word both reverberating inside her mind and floating out her open mouth. That female standing off to the side of the entrance doors. The same female who had been that police-woman speaking on stage. That woman with the alpha energy floating right off of her. Nim had hoped to leave this building and head to the bar without running into that woman again.

Despite her wish being demolished by a demolition hammer, Nim still had to exit the building and pass by that woman. Nim shook her head, letting out the tension built up through her body. Didn't matter who this woman was. Didn't matter whether she be human, human hunter, or lycan. Nim could not show any body language that would give the impression she found something wrong with the woman.

Approaching the fire code compliant swinging outwards doors, Nim's soft voice thanked another one of the students who'd lingered to hold it open so she could pass through. Nim blankly stared ahead and slightly upwards, her right pupil slightly more up and to the right than her left one. Her hands held the straps of her backpack as she meandered forwards lackadaisically, a smile forming under her lips. No doubt the policewoman would be sharp enough to spot the difference between her unscarred and brighter left eye and the healed scratched dimmer right eyes. To be honest, it didn't take a genius to figure that out. But perhaps it would earn her some pity points with the policewoman.

And that was if the policewoman decided to pull her aside for a private conversation. Something legally she would have to oblige without appearing suspicious. No doubt the policewoman understood that concept as well.
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

Like she thought, the blue haired lycan came out among the masses. Sienna was waiting in plain sight to see if she'd get a reaction from the girl. There were signs that she knew she was there and wary of her. Looking straight and upward with purpose was one. If she was casually looking straight, that'd be one thing. However, the upward look showed that she was forcing herself not to look. This could have been because she was a cop, but she also could have been onto her identity. Or it could have been the combination.

She also picked up that the girl was blind in her right eye. That was based on positioning of the pupil and dullness. The cause of it left a scar as evidence of an attack. No wonder she was so wary. She had no clue of the details, but she could at least tell that wasn't by human means.

The student made her way out and Sienna allowed some distance between them before she moved. She kept herself to the right of the girl in order to stay in her blind spot. When the crowd dissipated enough, she went back to the left side of the girl in order to not fully sneak up on her and approached her. [+blue "Excuse me. I was hoping for a moment of your time."] She said that with a warm smile in order to show that she didn't mean any harm… at least, unless she needed to. [+blue "I'd like to discuss that topic of balance in more detail. You can pick the location."]


As she passed the female cop, who might or might not be a lycan, the woman made no sign, verbal or physical, in detaining her. Nim continued walking, waiting until she'd distanced herself from the auditorium before tossing her head. Some hair had become stuck in front of her shoulder. Not enough to cause any amount of annoyance, but enough to have an excuse at glancing to her sides and rear. The female cop had begun following her, keeping to Nim's blindspot. Smart and determined. That would be a trail hard to throw off.

Nim didn't walk with any extra haste. It was not her style, unless it was a rare moment she was late for class, and she felt no danger. The female cop would definitely not be such an ass as to attempt kidnapping or killing her in broad daylight in the midst of a college campus. If there had been darkness or a heavy, low laying fog, then maybe Nim would have felt somewhat afraid. But in the bright sun with many lines of eyesight to her, no such fear existed.

At some point the female cop approached her. Nim was curious as to why the approach had been on her left side and not on the right. Yes Nim couldn't see, but when facing a person backwards a human couldn't exactly see to their rear. Unless the female cop was being considerate and not trying to scare her?

Nim turned around to face the female cop. Her head tilted to the right so her right ear touched her right shoulder, before turning her head so her right cheek touched her right shoulder. Her bright, left eye scanned upwards and downwards across the female cop, occasionally locking eyes with either the female cop's left or eye right eye. Nim was still cursing the fact of which question she'd used to attempt even partially blowing the female cop's human cover. The whole 'idea of balance' was much too open for interpretation.

The place she would've liked to discuss would've been the bar near the university campus. That place would definitely be safe, as the other workers there knew her well, minus for the lycan details, and there would be no way the female cop could harm her. And that was the less important reason, for the bar served a wide variety of alcohol. Something which she felt herself craving with dealing with this unknown female cop.Unfortunately for Nim that bar only opened up closer to the evening, which meant finding someplace else to have this more in-depth conversation.

Nim's head slowly swung back left until it was perpendicular with her shoulders. [+blue "There's a coffee shop nearby. If you don't mind, you can follow and we can discuss the topic there."] While Nim's tone didn't leave room for argument, it wasn't the overbearing kind. It was a loud enough, smooth and soft tone with just a sprinkle of regret. The regret part was not for show, for Nim truly regretted in not having this conversation at the bar over a damn beer.

Nim slowly turned around 90 degrees counterclockwise, heading towards the block where all the shops near the campus begun showing themselves. She wasn't too concerned with turning her side to the female cop. It wasn't as if she hadn't said anything and left, on the contrary she had given the woman a choice.

The only reason Nim knew of the existence of the coffee shop was due to sometimes needing a beverage which would wake her up instead of having her lose touch with reality, and strong, dripped black coffee was that type of beverage. It was practically the only beverage Nim ever purchased from the coffee shop occasionally after staying up late.

The coffee shop didn't exactly have room to sit on the outside. Yes there were tables and chairs, but not a lot people enjoyed sitting so close to the sidewalk and road. Especially when those people were college students with laptops hoping for a cozy spot to work with their laptop. Some place which wasn't the haunting halls of the university library. And Nim thought the coffee shop pulled off the whole safe and cozy feeling very well. There was not a single overly bright spot of color inside, with the brightest color being the dull red tile floor of the coffee shop. Even the whites of the wall seemed more dark than the red of the floor, and the white walls were spotless. The furniture was varied. In some places, mostly near the windows, you had those long tables similar to the bar with those height-changing chairs. To the rear, near where the bathrooms were, there were a few of those booths with soft, leather seating and wooden tables. Everywhere else you had metal framed tables with wood on the top, and about four chairs were such table.

One of the employees happened to be who knew what Nim ordered constantly, a silent exchange taking place between Nim and the male barista before Nim walked over to where people picked up their drinks after paying with a debit card. Nim didn't bother checking where the female cop was, they were either on their way or already inside the coffee shop. There was no way that female would ghost, unless some sudden case had pulled her off course from pursuing this conversation.

Grabbing her tall, plastic cup of black coffee, Nim wandered over to one of the booths, slipping her backpack to the floor in one smooth motion before sitting down into the supple leather.
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

Keeping to her word, Sienna followed the girl to the location she chose. The coffee shop was a few blocks away from where they were on campus. In fact, most of the shops were in the vicinity of their new destination. There was a bookstore on the corner. As they passed that, there were three more shops before getting to the cafe. There were a couple small tables and chairs to the side of the entrance for people to get fresh air with their refreshments. However none were being used at the moment. Knowing college students, it made sense. No outlets meant no charging electronics, which meant it was not an ideal seat.

As she entered the coffee shop behind her, she subtly grazed the doorway with her nail. Due to her strength, she was able to leave a mark. This mark would leave no significance to the average person. However, it would indicate that she was inside the building to her pack in case something went sideways. As Alpha, she usually kept two prowling members in the vicinity, unless she ordered otherwise. So, this message was to make their job easier.

[+blue "Although it was stated in my introduction on stage, I'm Lieutenant Sienna Elanyl. Despite that title, unless I'm legally obligated to report something, this conversation is merely casual and off the books."] She lifted up her mug and gently blew the still slightly steaming top of her drink before taking a sip of her macchiato. Perfectly made with just enough foam. She needed to leave a tip after this. [+blue "That being said, have you been here long? Or did you just move in for the semester?"] She decided to start the conversation with some seemingly harmless questions.


Nim's spine fidgeted. She felt claustrophobic, but not from the enclosed space of the booth. She felt as if she were being backed into a trap she knew nothing about whereas the cop woman seemed to know at least one detail. Dealing with law enforcement as a werewolf was already tricky as it was. A werewolf who worked in law enforcement? It would be even easier to find where another werewolf lived and from there anything could happen.

Any conversation that started off as "casual and off the books" could quickly becomes serious and on the books. Nim had to speak or answer enough that it did not sound as if she were hiding, and in a way which would seem as if she were not attempting to hide anything. She wondered if she could've avoided this meet-up had she not pressed Lieutenant Elanyl during the Q&A session after the presentation.

[+purple "Two years doesn't feel like a long time"], eyes looking up at the ceiling before turning down as Nim took another sip of her coffee. [+purple "But sometimes"], a relaxed head nod, [+purple it feels as if the two years have barely crawled by."] Am amusing chuckle escaping past her open lips as Nim used her left hand to move a strand of her hair out of her face. Nim's head then twisted clockwise, a slight lean forwards as she fixed a stare at the police woman. [+purple "And to what do I owe this pleasure. Not everyday a cop asks for a casual and off the books conversation."]
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

Seeing the girl show different emotions were reassuring, but that was not to be taken as her guard dropping. [+blue "Two years huh? Yeah, that really does fly… I remember college was over before I knew it when I went through school. Though I was climbing the ranks at the time as well. Those years were nothing but grind. Truly a balancing act."] Sienna told no lie there. However, there were a few reasons she shared such information.

As she spoke the girl did something odd. This was the second time this student tilted her head in an odd fashion. Was it a tick of some sort? Or a tactic to throw people off? Sienna locked eyes with the girl but remained just as relaxed. [+blue "It's not everyday I run into an unknown person of an [I unspoken] lineage."] Almost in the same breath, she added [+blue "Again. Conversation. And I'm not a hunter, assuming you're still trying to figure out what I am."]

She finished off the rest of her coffee. She looked into the bottom of the cup as if some more would just happen to appear in there. There was visible disappointment on her face for a moment before she put the cup down, and continued where she left off. [+blue "So, is there something I can call you? Whether it's your actual name or an alias doesn't matter."] If needed, Sienna could always get her full name and everything from the school. Female. Appears Caucasian. Looks like early 20s. Blue hair. Blind in her right eye. That should narrow things down if that became needed. Hopefully, it wouldn't. It'd require more paperwork to fill out than what she'd prefer. She was still feeling her out before getting to the topic and this question was important in that.

If she had been in wolf form at that very moment, the back of her neck and all the fur would be standing several feet high. As it was, it only felt like for Nim. There was something quite suspicious about the way the Lieutenant had accented the word unspoken. Hell, that was not even the biggest problem. Why had the Lieutenant used lineage instead of different word, like person or something else that meant she was talking about an individual and not their entire family tree.

That was not the only part rankling Nim. The fact that the Lieutenant had to say outright she herself was not a hunter. It was just the right amount of specificity and abstraction that the Lieutenant could have been referring to either werewolf hunters or human criminals. Nim felt more frustration. She despised being at such a disadvantage. Nim still rued having opened her mouth to ask that question and attract attention onto herself. But perhaps her speaking or silence in the auditorium would not have mattered if the Lieutenant was truly a werewolf. Perhaps the Lieutenant would have still sought her out after the lecture.

[+purple "Yes there is."] Setting the cup to rest against the table, Nim leaned her body slightly forward and extended her left hand, twisting the left half of her body towards the Lieutenant, and stopping the hand when it was halfway across the table. [+purple "My name is Nim, neither an abbreviation or acronym."] The last bit spoken with an amusing tone. The amount of times she'd been asked about her short last name continuously somehow turned out to be a source of amusement for Nim.
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

[+blue Nice to meet you, Nim.”] From her body language and tone of voice, that was truly her name. Whether she decided to share it on a whim, based on the futility, or mere willingness to share her first name still evaded her. However, she seemed to have some emotional investment in how her name was what it was.

With an instinctive level of authority, Sienna raised a hand to get the waitress' attention. The waitress was on her way over in seconds. [+blue "Can we get another of our previous order? I'd also like a banana nut muffin. Put it all on my tab."] She then made eye contact with Nim. [+blue"Would you like a snack to go with your coffee?"] Back to the waitress. [+blue "Put that on my tab too."] When the waitress walked away and she made sure no one was in ear shot, Sienna got serious.

[+blue "I'll cut straight to the chase now. I noticed there was a lycan in the audience the moment I stepped on stage. My only purpose in coming to this downtown campus was not just for the lecture, but to find and possibly make a deal with any I find here. I need more intel on the college scene and in exchange I'll provide certain levels of security. Finally, there's no pressure to join anything. How's that, Nim?"]
NorthernWolves     1y ago


Despite how the conversation continued to turn out, Nim felt more and more unease. She could understand a cop wanting to have a chat with a random person out on the street. However, Nim could not understand why a cop would go somewhat out of their way to pay out of pocket for drinks and snacks. There had to be a catch somewhere. Nim was only smart to understand the probability of their being a catch, but not smart enough to figure out what exactly the catch what.

She hated this catch. Nim wanted nothing dealing with looking for other lycans. It was one thing when one of them blundered into the area around her struggling with their shifting skills. Nim would help with that so they wouldn't be set upon by either humans or sadistic lycans. But sticking her snout into other lycan's business or businesses? She had left her pack after the previous fuck up and had settled down with a quiet, more normal life of her own. Following the scent of another lycan risked dragging the past back to the surface and ruining the life she had created for herself.

[+purple "I'd be careful throwing around the word lycan or werewolf, many people would think you slightly not right in your mind."] Her tone seemed to creep back inside her stomach, no urge in jumping out in some new way. [+purple "The only werewolf thing I do is go out when there's a full moon to take pictures of the night sky. Otherwise...."], a long sigh being let out accompanied by a head shake, [+purple "I don't think I can help you besides showing the spots where I take my photographs of the night sky."] Then there was a spark of amusement in the eyes, the amusement pushing the tone back out from her stomach. [+purple "And werewolves don't even exist."]
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

[+blue “Who said anything about werewolves?”] Sienna decided to play dumb as well, [+blue “So, are you saying they’re the same thing or two different beings? Thank you for your concern, but unless we raise our voices, no one is going to hear at the moment.”]

Sienna leaned back in her chair and smiled. [+blue "I'll take you up on that offer. Let's see those spots. You never know what could be helpful. You might even be able to prove me wrong."] Sienna checked again to make sure no one was in ear shot., [+blue "In fact, if you manage to show that there's nothing of that sort in the area, then I’ll admit to being crazy enough to even entertain the idea and just be on my way. You can even add an additional term to that. If there [i is] something like that around, then you at least help me for the semester. Easy right?"]

Before Nim could answer, Sienna briefly put her pointer finger over her lip to let Nim know to be silent. The barista resurfaced from the back and came back with their order. After he set their stuff on the table, Sienna asked for the check and he walked off to fetch it. Once he was far enough, she added, [+blue “Deal? If so, I’ll meet you wherever at 9 o’clock tonight.”] She chose 9pm in order for it to be late enough to be dark, but not so late to be too wary. She could tell she had the girl on edge enough.


All of this, simply great to say the least. Not only would Nim require to lie to the detective about herself being a werewolf, she'd need to lie about a few other things concerning other werewolves, Nim's past with werewolves, and the two dead hunters buried. And that was just the short list of things Nim would need to lie to Sienna about. And if Nim was going to go with her gut instinct on Siena being a werewolf, then lying to a werewolf who was also a detective was probably not going to work out in the end. She wouldn't be able to simply pack up, tuck tail, and run away. That would allow Sienna to put a warrant out for her, a legally tracking down certificate.

[+purple "I'm working tonight at that bar near the campus, so I won't be able to show the outdoor spots tonight."] Nim smiled, a happy feeling coursing through her veins. Working there always put her in a good mood, definitely had nothing to do that she could buy alcohol there at a slightly discounted price and only had to do with all the friendly interactions between coworkers and customers. [+purple "For the legal record, I am not inviting you to the bar to get drunk."]
YorunekoSienna Elanyl   1y ago

[+blue "I'll take that as a yes for the next night you do not work, unless you want to take care of this after you are off."] Either worked, honestly. Sienna still had to pursue her leads on the one who marked the serial killer. 

She knew the lycan had a target at this school, she just didn't know who yet. Based on the trail of victims, the killer had recently narrowed that information down. Only the last 2 were from this university. Luckily, that was enough for her to have that 'safety talk' and gain an in. She didn't want to give this person too much time to change up tactics or create another new-blood during the upcoming full moon. 

Sienna was already in the process of having one of her Upsilons who's of college age infiltrate the school. However, it would be good to have someone who already is part of the school as well. Although she didn't question Upsilon's skills, this would speed up the process. Marking a human didn't guarantee that they'll turn into a new-blood. So, who knew how many humans may die or get turned just so this lycan can replace the new-blood she had killed. So, anything to speed up the process was worth pursuing.

[+blue "For the same record, good. I wouldn't even if you were. So, back to the matter. When will our little meeting take place? And don't lie about your schedule. I have no intention of letting someone waste my time."]


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