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Vampire Bind (MxFxM) Need 4 People


Allowed Users

  1. [Allowed] hillory17
  2. [Queued] KillerSpider
  3. [Queued] LenaDuchanness123
  4. [Queued] Emma_Galaxy
  5. [Queued] CVM

Levels for the vampires
Male,Pure blood: Open
Male,Noble/Aristocrat: Open
Female,Nobles/Aristocrat: Taken
Male,Vampire that we once human: Open
Level E: Everyone is one level E but there all killed to save the human female
Female,Student at the school hiding the vampires: Taken
Level A: These are purebloods, they are very rare and are highly respected like royalty. To kill or even cause harm to one is viewed as a crime. Their powers are immeasurable, but we know that some are able to turn the air itself into a weapon, take away physical pain, manipulate plant life and having the power to control lower vampires to do their bidding (only when they need to use it) and probably many more. Each pureblood only has a certain number of powers, or one they're really good at (they can't be amazing at everything right?).
Level B: Nobles/Aristocrats. They also have powers but only one or two such as controlling fire, ice, heat, shape shifting objects, blood or electricity.
Level C: These are humans that have been bitten by vampires and survived. They don't suffer the ill effects of being a vampire (sensitivity to light mostly), but if they do not receive the blood of their master (I don't know if it's one time or on a frequent basis) they will eventually fall to -
Level E: These vampires have lost their sanity to the blood lust, are considered highly dangerous and are hunted down as soon as possible.

Killing level E
You can do it all
Starts at night school
PurebloodxFemale studentxVampire that was once human

The vampire chart in this it not make me goes to vampire night
Just pm me


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hillory17Sophie   156d ago

(ok i wont) "blood" she walks following the smell of blood as she gets closer she turns into a bat
Ash-IBITEYOU-UwUNarrator   157d ago

~After a long day of class, Jack had a job, it was to make sure the night class students and the day class students don't run into each other. She was working with her partner -- and they knew the night calss where vampiers, she was in love with two guys.. One was her partner she worked with and the other one was a pureblood vampire, she never knew that -- was a vampire but he was in the day class, but there good friends but he never does show it.~ "What a night, none of the day class is out and the night class is...-" ~She had jumped down form the roof-top and swung off a tree and landed on the ground, she was bleeding a bit, it had sent a smell of blood in the air now the vampires smelled it~(Its a lot yes.. But its really all I'm going to do.. Never doing 781 again)