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[+red "Emily Bass... get your butt out of bed."] an older woman's voice rang through the young girls bedroom. [+red "It is the first day of your senior year and you better be ready for your workout in the next 5 minutes"]

A mess of blonde hair lifted slowly from the pillow before a small frame followed it. A huff of loud air blew through her mouth before she shoved herself off of the bed. She was exhausted and the last thing she wanted to do was do a work out for the next 45 minutes but she knew her mom wouldn't let her rest until the weekend. Moving to her attached bathroom, she stepped inside and began to get herself ready for whatever grueling workout her mom had planned for her. Pulling her hair into a messy bun and grabbed a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra, the girl moved from her bedroom and down the hall, making her way down to the private gym to meet her psycho trainer.

Her mom had made her work out basically every morning to keep a very toned physique. Emma's mother had made sure everything in her daughters life basically reflected what she had gone through herself. Emma had gotten braces at a young age to make sure her teeth were perfect and stayed perfect, when she began to get acne like a normal teenager, her mother paid top dollar to make sure her skin would clear quickly and stay cleared. Of course not without the occasional red bump here and there. Her mom had grown up the same and became a model at a young age so she expected Emma to be perfect in every way. Emma had just gone with it for her entire life and rarely questioned her mothers motives.

After a sweaty and harsh workout organized by her mother, Emma finally slunk herself up the stairs back into her room to strip from the clothes clinging to her body and stepped into her shower to get ready for the first day of senior year. She was excited to see the friends that had gone away for summer break and see if there were any students transferring to her school. Emma tried her best to make a point in greeting every new person she could in school. She was on a ton of committees to make sure everyone liked her, a part of her very toxic personality. Apart from trying to force people to like her, she was quite manipulative. She loved getting her way and tried to sneakily make it so people did what she wanted without coming out as an outright bitch.

Once time got closer to when she had to leave, she made sure she had a perfect outfit, her hair was curled and her makeup was perfect. She looked at herself in the mirror for one last time before making her way down the stairs and out of the rather large house she resided in. Her mother had been a model for most of her life, getting plenty of gigs so she was good for money herself and her father was a business man that was mostly gone so he generated a lot of money as well. Emma walked down to the car her mother bought her. Everything her mother did for her, was for her image. She got her daughter a semi-expensive small sports car for her, something way too out of Emma's league but it just showed up for Emma for her 16th birthday. Even she thought it was a bit pretentious but she went along with it like she usually did, pretending it was the best thing she's ever seen.

Finally arriving at school, Emma parked the car and got out, looking around for the group of friends she had since the beginning of high school. She found the small group and smiled, making her way over them. "Finally, last year of this place." Emma smiled, rolling her eyes a little bit before she slung her hair over her shoulder. The bell wouldn't ring for a little while, so Emma took a look around to see if she could see any new faces other than the freshmen crowd.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

It was another School. Another town. Another time where he had to leave all of his friends behind. Every time that his family makes him move, it seems like the more he becomes an asshole. He was tired of restarting his life all the time. But his parents wouldn't understand that. One way or another. They were going to understand. They ended up moving over the weekend. So then by the time Monday would get here, he would be able to start his new week of school. If they even made it that long. But then again, what did he know?

The male heard the annoying sound of his alarm going off. He groaned slightly, then sighed intently. He hated he had to do this. He hated that he had to be the new student again. But, what more did he expect? His life was never going to be the way it used to be. His parents get used to this new Francis.

He ripped the covers off his bed, and then treaded downstairs, grabbed something to eat, and then was going to go back upstairs. He heard his parents say good morning, but he ignored them. Because quite frankly, he was pretty pissed off at them anyways.

He went back upstairs, took a quick shower, and headed to school. "Now son," began his dad. [b "Save it, dad. I don't want to hear it. It's always the same excuse with you guys. Well you guys are really going to hate constantly moving when I become the biggest problem in your life."] With that being said, he slammed the door behind him, and headed to this new school. Luckily, he had his own vehicle so he drove himself to school.

Francis reached the school, and his eyes scanned the entire school and all the students that were outside the school. Francis sighed, and put the hood on top of his head, as he shoved his hands in his pockets, and headed inside to get his schedule and go to his first class. He didn't want to talk to anybody. or even get to know anybody. He just wanted to get this day over and go back home, and crawl underneath his blanket, and never come out.

A few freshmen passed Emily's group by, getting a pleasant greeting from the group and it was usually always met with a shy reply from the new kids, except for a few excited and eccentric kids. Emily typically liked greeting the new students and of course with all the clubs she was in, it was always a good idea to invite in the new students into them. Soon enough, the entrance became quiet as the kids grabbed their things from their lockers and made their way to their classes. Emily walked with a couple of friends to her own locker, setting in some books she didn't need and made her way off to her first class. Luckily, she had a couple of friends in her first class so she didn't have to sit on her own. She hated going to classes alone, but of course not every class could have her friends in it. She walked into class and let out a deep sigh. Her blue eyes scanned the entire room, seeing mostly the same people she had gone to school with since the beginning of school. There was a few new faces that Emily needed to meet and greet and try to convince to join some clubs but she had time to do all that. She found a seat near her friends, looking over her shoulder at a hooded figure near the back of the class. She looked over at her friend with a raised eyebrow and motioned her head towards the boy in the back. "I didn't see him outside.." she mentioned, looking over her shoulder at him again.

Her friend looked back for a second and shrugged. [+red "I don't know.. he must have snuck by"] she whispered, leaning towards Emma to keep her voice down a bit. Emma looked over at her friend and bit at her lower lip. He was extremely hidden from the world and definitely didn't want to be bugged but Emma was so used to making sure she spoke to most new people that it was like a habit. She debated mentally whether or not to speak to the mysterious figure in the back.
[+red "Emily, don't. He doesn't want to be bombarded by you on his first day."] her friend sighed, brushing her brunette hair back from her face as she leaned upright in her seat again. She knew Emily couldn't help herself.. especially when it came to new boys.

Emily let out a small sigh and shrugged. What harm did one high do? How could she get his attention. She didn't want to come off as annoying in the first little bit of class but if this guy didn't want to be bugged, she assumed anything she did might be annoying to him. She shrugged her thoughts away and cleared her throat, looking towards the boy in the back. "Excuse me? Are you OK?" she started. Maybe asking how he was doing was the right move.. she could only hope at this point. Emily blew her hair from her face, waiting for a response from the boy. She could feel her friends annoyed gaze at the back of her head. Emily hardly ever listened to sound advice, she should have known this already.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   350d ago

Franco hated school so much, but he only did this to make his parents happy. The only thing that he tries at to make his parents happy. Everything else he does, they don't like. But he really didn't care. He felt like he was his own person. He didn't really have anyone in his corner. And that is why he didn't really talk to anyone. 

Franco eyes were glued on the board, when he heard people discussing about him. He didn't really care. He hated new schools. He hated people. Franco sighed as he pulled out a notebook, and started to doodle on the page. Then he heard footsteps approaching him. He blinked as he heard a voice speaking to him. He turned his head and his dark eyes were on this female that was in front of him. Franco kind of looked around, thinking that maybe she was talking to someone else. 

Franco then realized that she was talking too him. [b "Um, yeah?"] Franco knew that he gave off a very dark persona. But usually that stops people from approaching him. What he didn't understand was why she was talking too him. He was very confused by all of this. 

[b "Why are you talking to me?"] Franco was always a bit of a dick sometimes. And in reality, he didn't really care. He didn't want friends at all. Not here anyways. He already had friends. Yes, they were in a different town, but that is why he has a vehicle. He can drive to see them. They understood him the most. He felt like he could be himself around them the most. 

Once the female didn't answer he just looked away from her, and then just like that, the school bell rang. And god has he never been so thankful for a school bell. He still was confused on why she would talk to him. Probably because he was the new student. Franco shrugged it off, and focused on his drawing once more.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   350d ago

Emily watched the male intently, raising her eyebrows and waiting for an answer from him. As he looked around before finally answering her, she leaned herself against the desk next to his, looking him over with a sigh. The tone in his voice gave off 'Don't talk to me' vibes but Emily was used to it from a lot of new kids. She didn't really have a 'Go away' filter. When he asked why she was talking to him, she tilted her head slightly and shrugged. "You've got your hood up like you're depressed or something.. so I wanted to make sure you're OK." she spoke, a sickly sweet tone coming from her mouth as she spoke, even though she didn't believe it herself. Emily bit at her lower lip before the bell rang, a sigh escaping her before she pushed off the desk. "Also, I'm Emily.. if you have any questions or want to talk or anything don't hesitate to ask.. ." She spoke, flashing a smile at him before turning around and walking back to her desk, taking her seat. 

She was happy she wasn't shy so talking to new people never phased her. She grew up extremely social thanks to her parents. Sometimes she didn't have a filter or any idea as to when she was making someone uncomfortable she just knew she had to talk to people. 

Emily crossed her arms over her chest, looking over at the new boy and chewed on the inside of her cheek. She wondered if he'd take her up on the offer of talking or asking questions or if he'd just ignore her invitation. She loved the chase of getting to know people.. and this boy seemed to have a very guarded demeanor to him. She knew she'd have fun with this one. Her friend gave her a look before shaking her head, receiving a quiet giggle from Emma. "It's what I do.. leave me alone." she whispered back as everyone settled in.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   350d ago

Franco blinked, as he felt that the same eyes were on him once more. He looked over, and saw her looking at him. He didn't understand this at all. Emily. That was her name. It was a pretty name, if he had to admit himself. But that invitation that she offered, he definitely wasn't going to accept it. 

Franco heard the bell ring. He didn't even want to go to the rest of his classes. And part of him was thinking of not going. He headed to his locker, and put his books in them. Luckily, this next period was a free period for him. Franco decided that he needed to try. For the next hour, he was going to sit in his car and just listen to music, and forget about the conversation he had with this person. 

He put headphones in his ears, and then he strolled out of the high school, and headed to his vehicle. It was a nice day out and he wanted to enjoy the weather as well. 

Once he got to his vehicle he shut his door, and he watched as other students came out because of their free period. But one student he was praying that didn't have free period was Emily. He could tell that this could be a female that could annoy him very quickly. But then, everything annoys him. He sighed, as she leaned his head against the seat, and slowly closed his eyes.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   350d ago

Emily sat in silence the rest of the class. She prided herself on her focus during lessons, even though they were as boring as they come but she was so fascinated by this new boy that she was being thrown off. She watched as he looked over at her then looked away, no doubt feeling her eyes bore holes into his skull but she didn't avert her eyes from him. She was so curious about new people that they always excited her when she got the chance to talk to one. This one, in particular, didn't exactly want to talk. 

As soon as class was over, she stood up, grabbing her books and following her friend out of the class. [+red "You're not going to bug him into talking to you, are you?"] her friend asked, nudging her lightly with her shoulder. 
"Yes I am. That's what I do." Emma smirked, flicking her hair over her shoulder as she stopped at her locker. 
[+red "Is it because he's cute?"] her friend asked, receiving a scoff from Emily.
 "That's besides the point." she muttered. "It's what I do.. it's how I operate." she spoke. She was a people pleaser much to her own disdain. 
 [+red "He just doesn't seem like he wants to talk or be bothered by anyone."] the girl mentioned, stuffing whatever books she had in her hands into her own locker close by Emma's. 
"I know.. I'll crack him." Emma grinned mischievously.

She said her goodbyes to her friend. She had no friends in her free period but it was a great time to just relax and hang out. Today was one of the nicer days. It was sunny and warm and the perfect day to spend it outside. She figured a bunch of other students were feeling the same way as she followed the flow of others outside into the sun. 

Emma made her way over to the garden area, a small student made project that attracted a bunch of attention thanks to the gorgeous colors of the flowers.  She sat herself down on one of the benches, pulling her hair up off her neck so she could feel the full warmth of the sun on her as she took out her phone. It didn't take her long to notice the new boy sitting in his car. She watched him for a second before he seemed to relax into it. She shook her head and looked down at her phone. One way or another she would crack that hard shell he had.. she usually did. Her blue eyes peaking over her phone at the boy once in a while.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   350d ago

Franco was enjoying the music in his ears and the sun in his face. He lifted his head once more, because once again he felt like someone was looking at him. When he lifted his head, his eyes scanned the area quite quickly, and then he spots her. He groaned out. Luckily, she hasn't come over to try and talk to him. But yet, free period just started. 

Franco watched as everyone was going to where they were going to be going. As he sat there for a minute, noticing that he was staring at Emily. There was something about her that he couldn't shake off. But he knew damn well he needed to shake it off. 

Franco promised himself that he would not have the time to try and focus on a female. He likes them for sex but that was about it. He sighed intently and shook his head. He closed his eyes once more, and then he put his head against his car seat again.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   350d ago

Emma looked up again from her phone, watching as the boy kept his eyes on her. She smirked and looked back down, taking in a deep breath. "Okay, newbie.. I see how it is." she muttered to herself. She cleared her throat. She was no stranger to guys staring at her. She didn't mind the attention, in fact she really liked it. The only time she was grossed out was when it was her dad's creepy friends. She was far to young for them but for some gross reason, they liked it. Her dad never actually liked them, but they were all in the same company so he had to tolerate them. They gave her dad the money so they could stay wealthy and top status so he couldn't ever speak up about. Emma was always feisty with them anyway, which might be more exciting to them but she luckily didn't have to see them that much. 

But with the new boy, she liked feeling his eyes on her. She bit at her lower lip and grabbed the hair tie holding her hair up, letting her hair down again and ran her fingers through it as it fell over her shoulder. 

She waited until he closed his eyes and leaned his head back again before standing up. She wondered if she should bug the boy again,but then again did she really care? She loved this. She moved to his car, stepping up to the window and quickly knocked on it, crossing her arms over her chest and stared at him through the window before biting at her lower lip. She never could give up on anything.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   350d ago

Franco was glad that he was able to finally relax. Well he thought. He heard a knock on his window. Shockingly enough, he actually heard it. He groaned, and then he opened his eyes. His dark brown eyes looking black. He turned his head, and saw that it was her. He just looked at her, and rolled his window down. [b "You just don't take a hint, do you?"] 

Franco knew that was really cold, but he didn't care. She just kept coming back. He just wanted her to leave him alone. He sighed, and then got out of the car, and took his headphones out of his ears. He might as well see what she wants, because she obviously wasn't going to give up at all. He don't even remember the last time someone tried to talk to him this hard. 

Franco sighed, as he put his headphones in his jeans pocket. [b "You obviously don't give up. What do you want, Emily?"] His voice was as cold as ice. But he didn't care. He was starting to get really irritated at how often she tries to get him to talk to her. Franco might as well entertain the thought that she could be possibly having.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   350d ago

Emily watched as his eyes turned irritated. She internally laughed. She waited for him to roll down the window and listened to him talk to her. She continued biting at her lower lip, trying hard not to flash a smile. "Never have and never will." she replied to his comment. Emily never got the hint of someone not liking her. She just kept prying. She could feel the tone of his voice. It was so cold. She just matched it with her own warm tone feeling the challenge of this boy starting to rise up and giving her more interest in talking to him. She was doing basically the opposite of what he would give to her. 

She took a step back as he got out of the car, standing up from it. Her eyes following his. He was quite a bit taller than her but she was naturally short so taller people never intimidated her. She looked up at him as he spoke to her, still quite annoyed. She linked her hands behind her back, staring up at him curiously. "What's your problem?" she asked. "You want to spend the rest of your school days a loner?" she asked, a challenging look on her face. 

She slightly tilted her head just slightly as she stared up at him, keeping her feet planted on the ground. She refused to move an inch from him. "Plus it's my job to talk to all the newbies.. make sure they are getting along fine in the school." she spoke, slightly rolling her eyes. "So, sadly.. you're stuck talking to me." Emma said, finally smiling up at him.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   350d ago

Franco realized that she was tinier than he thought. It didn't bother him that much. He's been around shorter people. He listened to her reasoning. It all dealt with school. 

Franco sighed out loud. [b "See my problem is, you only want to talk to me because of school. I don't give a fuck about school. That's my problem. You keep trying to talk to Me like we are going to be friends or something. Well guess what toots? Its not going to happen. School is fine. So you can just leave me alone."] 

Franco slammed his car door, and then he realized that he got really mad. But he didn't care. She wasn't getting the idea that he didn't want to talk to her. He wanted to just be done with this day. His life at home sucks. Schools sucks. Franco just wanted to be done with it. 

Franco went and sat on a bench. He put his hood up again, and just looked down at the ground. He doesn't want to hurt this girls feeling. But she needed to get the hint that he didn't want to talk at all.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   350d ago

Emma looked up towards him as he explained himself and the fact he didn't want to be friends with her. She stayed quiet as he spoke and then watched him slam his car door shut and walk off. She watched him in silence, a chill running up her spine as he walked off. Emma, who could never get the hint of someone not wanting to talk to her, smiled a little at his attitude, a quiet giggle escaping her lips. 

He once again pulled his hood up and looked like a loner. He was fascinating and the way he acted just intrigued her more. She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest and walked off after him, keeping her distance from him until he went and sat on a bench to be alone. She'd have to leave him alone, not wanting to actually harass the boy at this point. She'd done enough damage. "Wouldn't that be ideal for you if we weren't actually friends and all I did was talk to you once in a while here and there at school to make sure you're doing OK? Friends talk after school and on weekends. You really want my persistent ass on you on the weekends and after school?" she spoke, crossing her arms as she moved passed the bench to finally leave him alone. 

"You don't scare me new guy.. you barely phase me." she spoke, annoyance lacing her voice. [i Keep calm] she thought to herself. She would crack him. It might not be that day, or even a week from them but she was annoying when she wanted to be.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   350d ago

Franco looked up as she stood by his vehicle for a minute, and then turned around and started to come his way. Franco sighed. He was getting irritated more and more. Franco didn't understand what was going through her head. Why she kept trying and kept trying. Like why didn't she just give up?

Franco shook his head. [b "You just don't get it do you?"] He called after her. And watched as she continue to walk away. Franco didn't want her bugging him, but what harm could it actually do? Franco was fine with being a loner. And it felt like she wasn't okay with that at all. 

Franco heard the bell ring, and he didn't even move a muscle. He was done with school. He was done with it all. Franco knew that he needed to calm his attitude. She didn't do anything wrong. But he knew deep down, he didn't want to talk to her. Franco sighed, and then put his headphones back in his ears, as he thought about how horrible his life has been. It probably be a lot different if he actually had parents that cared for him. And weren't so abusive towards him as well. Franco shook the thoughts away from his head. He could not let the emotion in.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   350d ago

Emma let out a huff as she heard the bell go off, moving into the school and found her friend. [+red "How's the new boy thing going?"] Her friend asked, looking over at the blonde intently. Emma stuck her tongue out and let out a groan. "He's really hard to get to." She grumbled, leaning herself against her locker and looked around slowly. "I'll get to him but he's pretty annoyed with my persistence." She muttered, running her fingers through her hair. "He's giving me a rush though." She spoke, a smile creeping along his face. "He's such an asshole.. why is that so fun to me." She spoke, looking towards her friend. 
[+red "Cause you're an asshole and you love the challange"] her friend shrugged, pulling new books from her locker to put into her backpack for the next couple of classes. [+red "and I'm sorry but have you seen him? I'd let him yell at me too just for him to get up in my face too."] Her friend giggled. 

Emma looked towards her friend and shrugged. She couldn't deny the guy wasn't hot as hell. Having a new hot guy in school was pretty exciting. "Ugh... I'll leave him alone for now. Let him get through the day without bugging him too much. I always break people down." Emma spoke, a hint of pride in her voice. "Just might take a bit with this one." She spoke turning and grabbing some books from her own locker.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco was still sitting on the bench as he was thinking about everything that was happening that day. He just didn't understand what was happening. Why he deserved this life. He don't understand any of it. 

Franco sighed intently and just stared off into space. Franco kind of felt bad, but at the same time, he didn't. There was so many things he didn't want to feel. He just wished someone could understand that. But he knew it would be difficult.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma moved to her next class, looking out of the window to see Franco still sitting on the bench. She stopped dead in her place and tilted her head. Was he actually OK? She chewed lightly on her lower lip, debating if she should go out and confront him again but shook the thought off. It didn't work out too well last time. She figured it might be best to leave the boy to his own thoughts, just for a bit. 

Emma let out a soft exhale, moving herself again to her next class. If she saw him later, she might want to bring it up, maybe apologize. She wasn't entirely sure what her plan was. She was always far too abrasive. She blamed her mother for that aspect. Whether or not someone was interested in talking to her, she always had to push. Another feature her mother sunk into her brain. People please, make sure everyone likes you or at least try your best to make sure people like you. It was all bullshit. Her mother missed her own glory days so brainwashing her daughter seemed to be her only option. 

Emma pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind, finding her next class and parking herself in a desk near the back. She typically sat up front but for today, she figured she wanted to seperate  herself a bit from everyone else.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco didn't realize the day went by so fast. But then again, the day probably would go by faster when you didn't have someone pestering the entire day. Franco never moved from the bench. He was pretty much fighting with himself all day to stop showing so much emotion. 

Franco watched as all the kids piled out of the school. Franco is still trying to decide if he wanted to apologize to her or not. Franco shook his head. He could just sit here or he could go home. It wasn't like he was in a rush to get home. Why would he? His dad is just going to get mad that he skipped school. 

What Franco wanted to do was go to a party with his friends. But he knew his dad was never going to let him leave town. Not on a school night. Franco laughed at his own thought. He didn't care what his dad thought. Franco shrugged lightly, and then he saw her. Franco eyes watched her very carefully. 

Franco's biggest fear is that she was going to come over, and of course then he would try and apologize to her. But then again, they would only be talking because she had to because of school. Franco shrugged and got up and started to head to his vehicle.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma finished up her day in her classes, knowing if she skipped out, her mother wouldn't be too happy. She didn't want to hear about it when she got home. The day passed quickly much to her surprise but she figured it was because of the new boy playing on her mind. She didn't realize she basically chewed right into her pencil. 

Emma moved to her locker, pushing whatever books inside she could so she didn't have to take much home other than the homework that one of the asshole teachers assigned for their first day back. She brought her hair to one side before moving out of the school, still seeing Franco on the same bench, not moving. She watched him for a second before seeing him look over at her. She averted her eyes and made her way to her car, tossing her book bag into the passenger side before standing there. She knew she should apologize for making him upset but for some reason she was internally fighting with herself to do it. She played with her keys for a second before letting out a sigh, turning on her heel and moving towards him slowly as he moved towards his own car. 

It was now or never and she knew the boy would instantly get annoyed as she approached him. "Okay, I'm sorry." she muttered. She hated apologizing but for some reason she felt it was right in this moment. "I wasn't taught boundries. My mother believed you could make people like you and if they didn't you kept trying. She basically mushed it into my brain growing up so I actually do not know when to stop." she explained, fiddling with her keys again as her eyes lowered to them. "But I get it, it's annoying constantly having someone come up and try and talk to you when you don't want it so I promise I will stop." she spoke, crossing her arms over her chest. "And that's all I have to say." she shrugged and turned around. Sucking up her pride was not easy. She moved back to her car and got into the drivers side, letting out a long, held in breath.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco heard the familiar voice once more. He had to listen to what she had to say, and understanding it. Oddly enough. Franco watched as she walked away, and then he caught up with her, and stepped right in front of her. 

[b "You were just trying to be nice. To answer your question, no. I'm not okay. I have a very shitty life. That's where I'd like to leave it for now."] 

Franco was more surprised with himself. He never does anything like that. Was this female going to be the reason he was going to feel emotions again? He didn't like the idea of that or did he? 

Franco realized that his eyes were locked with this female. He looked away rather quickly. [b "I'm sorry too,"] he mumbled, and then started walking off to his vehicle. What was he even thinking? She was now going to be an invitation to talk to him more. This is why he never apologized for anything. Franco gulped as he pushed his forehead against his fingertips. Franco wasn't understanding what was happening. But did he honestly question it?

Franco sat in his vehicle for a minute. He didn't even know if he wanted to leave at the moment. Going back home to his father wasn't even ideal. Franco rolled his eyes and then slammed his head against the back of the seat. He didn't understand why his life was so fucked up. He sometimes wish it would be so different.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma kept her pace towards her car before she heard his footsteps behind her and suddenly he was in front of her. She stopped quickly, looking up towards him as he spoke. She watched him intently as he spoke about how he wasn't OK, her eyebrows lifting. She got SOMETHING out of him finally. 

The two stood in silence for a moment just staring at each other before he apologized then quickly walked off back to his own car. She stood there for another moment, trying to process what just happened then looked over her shoulder at him as he got into his own car. 

She moved to her car again and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from her book bag, shutting the door to her car and writing her number quickly, moving towards his car again. The boy was troubled, stating his life was fucked up and she was intrigued as to why.and what made him this way but she had to remember not to pry or bug him in order to get where she needed to be.

She stepped up to his car, playing with the paper in her hand. "I'm not bugging you." she reassured him. "And I don't want to pry into your life but if you DO want to talk or anything, you can text me or call me whenever." she spoke. "And we can talk about whatever whenever you want but I wont bug you into it." she spoke, slipping him the paper before turning and walking back to her car again. 

She got in and looked down at the steering wheel. She hadn't given her number out like that before. Not so soon. What was she doing? Was this the angle she was going to go for to break into those high walls he had? She moved her hair back and shook her head. She had to wonder what was going to happen at that point.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco gulped as he sat there in his car for a minute. Franco noticed that she was walking somewhere. Of course, his eyes were on her the entire time. Franco chewed on his lip lightly. What was he doing? Could this be the female that could turn his life around? The one that could make him not feel so insecure about himself. The one that can make him forgive his father for everything? There was so many questions. It was all what ifs though. 

Franco realized he was still watching her. Then he realized that she was coming over with a piece of paper. With what on it? When she approached the vehicle, he was realizing that she wasn't being as pushy. Franco nodded as he slowly took the piece of paper. [b "Okay, thank you."] He was being gentle now. And he didn't understand why. He felt like his head was going to explode. Franco watched as she walked back to her vehicle. Once he knew that she wasn't going to turn around and try and talk to him more, his slowly trailed down to the piece of paper. It was actually her number. Franco felt his heart racing. Of course he would never admit to that. He reached for his phone. Was he actually going to save her number? And was he actually going to text her? 

Franco typed the number in his phone, and goes to add a contact, and then he just stares at the number. He couldn't believe that this was actually happening. Franco gulped, and then saved her number. He was still staring at her number. He needed to get home, before his dad started to blow up his phone. 

Franco started up his vehicle, and before he decided to drive off, he looked at her vehicle once more. He locked eyes with her. Maybe just maybe she could be the one that could change his outlook on life. Franco gave her a very small smile. Long enough for her to see it, and then he took off to his house.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma sat in the drivers seat, looking over at him for a moment before realizing he was just staring down. She bit at her lip, wondering what was going through his head at the moment. Was he going to text her? Was he just going to toss it out the window when he drove away from her and forget the whole thing happened. She sat there in silence, looking over at him before their eyes met again. Then, she saw something she never thought she'd see.. not this early on. A smile coming from the boy. Albeit a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. She smiled back, matching his before watching him drive off. She had to remember to breathe at that moment and let out the huff of air she didn't realize she was holding. That just happened. She figured he was OK with her giving him her number if he actually smiled towards her before driving off. 

Emma sat there for another second, thinking over everything before smiling to herself again. Okay, so don't be so pushy. His tone had been a lot softer to her just now than it had been all day. She just couldn't push too much. It was going to be hard, because she wanted to keep pushing but if it worked for him, this would be the main mindset for her. She mentally patted herself on the back before starting her car and driving off to her own place. 

Once she got back home, she found her mother sitting in the front lounge area, a glass of red wine balanced on her crossed over knee. [+green "Hi, sweetheart. How was school?"] she asked, looking up from her phone to watch the blonde. Emma turned quickly and looked towards her mother. 
"Good. There's a new boy at school." she started, her mother sit up in interest. "He didn't like me at first.." she spoke. 
[+green "But he does now?"] her mother asked, raising an eyebrow at her. 
Emma made a noise, moving her hand a little bit. "Not..entirely...per-say." she spoke, clearing her throat. Her mother gave her a look, looking her up and down before shaking her head. 
[+green "Well no doubt, look at how you're dressed today. How did you slip passed me in that?"] her mother sighed, waving her hand. Oh the life of a fashion model. 

Emma looked down at her clothes and played with the hem of her skirt before letting out a grunt and walked away from the woman. 
[+green "Remember you have piano lessons in an hour!"] her mother shouted after her. Emma rolled her eyes, moving to her room and tossing her book bag onto her bed. She lived a lavish life but god damn if she didn't want to run off and leave her parents behind most of the time. She looked towards her phone, biting at her lip and tapping her fingers to her cheek, wondering if Franco would text her or not. She had to be patient, she knew how to work this guy.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco pulled into the driveway, and took in a deep breath. His dad wasn't home from work. But he knew his dad was going to be surprised to see Franco actually home. He's so used to Franco not being home. He was praying that he wouldn't give his dad a heart attack. 

Franco walked inside, and looked around. Franco was kind of not used to be in his house at this time of day. He took his shoes off, and sat on the couch. He grabbed his phone and just stared at the phone number once more. He was trying to determine if he should text her or not. [I Oh - well the hell not.] 

He clicked on message, and then he started to text her: 

[b It's Franco.] 

At this point, he didn't know what else to say. He didn't text a lot. He usually hates texting. He likes phone calls. He likes to get the conversation over with. He put his phone down, and turned the tv on. He then saw someone messing with the door handle and he watched as his dad walked in. 

Franco and his dad just stared at one another. [b "Yeah yeah. I know. I'm actually home."] His dad closed the door behind him, and then sat on the chair. "Are you okay, son?" Franco gulped lightly, and nodded. [b "I met a girl today... But I was kind of mean to her.. Like big time.."] His father just laughed. "That's because you don't like anyone. She'll warm up to you and you'll warm up to her." 

Which is father isn't wrong. It just takes some time. [b "I agree, because I texted her..."]
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma looked down at her phone as it buzzed, the anticipation making her heart pound a bit. She put her hand to her chest and exhaled. That was odd. She stared at her phone, sitting on the edge of her bed and bit at her lower lip, smiling down at the screen. It only said his name, but for some reason she was far more excited about it than she thought she would be. 

She moved her lip between her teeth and took in a sharp breath. How was she going to respond? Not pushy.. but she wanted more from him. 

[b Heyy! Thanks for the text!] 

She texted back, tapping her cheek a bit and thinking if she could add something else. It wasn't the most open ended conversation. She let out a soft breath, looking around her room before opening their conversation again. 

[b I appreciate the honesty today. If you ever want to talk, I'm always around.] she texted back. Not pushy, but it was an invitation if he so chose to take it. She hoped he wouldn't be mad and think she was prying.  

She tossed her phone back on her bed and stood up, moving to her walk in closet to change. The day was so nice she might as well sit by her pool and take in some sun for a while, debating on skipping out on her piano lesson. She wanted nothing more than to stay home and relax after the day.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco sat there for a minute as his father was staring at him. "Did I hear you correctly?" Franco nodded slowly. What was also weird is that his dad was being super nice to him. He didn't understand why. It still didn't change the fact that his family has always treated him like trash. Franco gulped as his dad shook his head. "This might good for you." 

Franco nodded, and then jumped a little when he heard a buzz. He saw that is was her. His heart starting thumping against his chest pretty hard. He didn't understand why it was. 

[b Of course.] 

Franco kept it pretty simple. He thought at this point that he was afraid to even get close to her. He's been through enough. He was getting ready to put his phone down, when he felt his phone buzz again. His eyes kept reading over the text that she sent. Talking about she's there if he needs to talk. He's had people say that to him before. But it ended up leading a whole different direction. Franco gulped and started letting his fingers go over the keyboard. 

[b ..thanks. I'm not used to people wanting to be there for me] 

Franco pressed sent and then shook his head. Why would he even say something remotely like that. that wasn't her business. He felt like he can talk to her. Obviously. he is saying things that he would normally never say. Franco just decided that he was going to go with it.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma moved from her room, grabbing a pair of sunglasses as she walked out and moved out to the backyard to the outside pool area. She grabbed a towel before she moved to the edge of the pool, sitting in one of the lounge chairs that lined it, relaxing into the back of it and looked over her phone as he replied. She set her phone down beside her and let out a small sigh. He liked small talk over text. She laid back and felt the sun soak into her skin, a soft and satisfied sigh escaping her lips before feeling her phone buzzing again. She looked the second text over again, taking in a short breath and smiled down at the screen. There we go. A crack in the thick armor he's wrapped himself in. 

Emma brought one leg over the other in total relaxation mode, watching the text line blink as it waited for her to text back. The fact she was getting more out of these texts than she did when they were in person said some things. He found it easier on text it seemed.. or maybe she was just looking for excuses. 

[b Well I'm here. Don't hesitate. I know we don't know each other.. but I'm a great listener... if you can believe that.] 

Emma replied, a slight giggle coming from her. She didn't listen to him when he told her to go away.. so she was sure he'd get the irony of the text but she did listen to most people's problems. She was just someone to confide in. 

She hoped he'd break with her.. she hoped with his life that he wouldn't keep it bottled up. She wanted to know why his life sucked and she wanted to help the guy as best as she could. She was sure he could help her out too.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco was watching some tv, as his dad was doing his own thing. He always felt like his job never stopped when he came home. But he understood. His father ran his own business. What more could he do? He always had something to do. Franco laid down on the couch. He wanted to do something, but he wasn't for sure what he wanted to do. 

Once he kind of started to think about what he wanted to do, he felt his phone buzz. Franco read it, and started to think. Was he actually going to open himself up to this female? Like was he going to do something out of the blue. Franco wasn't even for sure himself. Franco took in a deep breath. 

[b I will keep that in mind] 

Franco sent the message. He felt like if he was going to talk to her about certain things, he shouldn't be texting them. Especially if he explains things about his father. Franco shook his head, and his glued back to the tv once more.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma kept herself planted on the lounge chair by the pool, the reflection of the sun hitting her just right. She was in total bliss. She wasn't at school, her mother wasn't bugging her about anything as she was probably working on the next fashion design to model and her father was in his office, slaving away like he always did. She rarely saw her father. As much as she loved him, she was so over his excessive working. She wanted to spend more time with him and less with her obsessive mother. She didn't want to be the perfect princess her mother wanted her to be. She wanted to actually go out and have fun, eat a damn cheeseburger without feeling guilty and like her mother would find out she cheated on her diet. She wanted to go out and get drunk without worrying about her image because she knew her mother would be on her ass about getting drunk and making a fool out of herself. She wanted to be young for gods sake. 

Emma snapped out of her thoughts as she looked down at her phone, smiling at Franco's reply. She was happy he was willing to keep in mind that she was open to talking to him. She wanted him to know that anything he said was safe with her and that he could get anything off his chest with her.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco was patiently waiting for her response and after a while she didn't respond. Did he say something wrong? Why did he care so much? Franco knew exactly what was happening, but he didn't want to admit it. At all. 

Franco pulled out his phone once more and started to text her again. 

[b What do you like to do for fun?] 

Franco was going to see if she would want to go out. He likes to party. And she looks like she likes to party, but he wasn't too sure. Because looks can be deceiving sometimes.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma pushed her hair over the lounge so she could feel the sun on her shoulders before feeling her phone vibrate again. She picked it up and looked at it, sitting up slightly as she looked over the text. He was still texting her? She figured he would have stopped by now. She smiled to herself, looking over the text before sighing a bit. What did she do for fun? She had piano twice a week, dance once a week, music once a week and she had a cooking class the other day of the week. On weekends she helped her mother design clothes and went to her fashion shows. Emma didn't have time for fun.. not by her standards anyway. She thought about it before shaking her head. She had to be upfront with the boy.. she couldn't say she went out every weekend and got so drunk she couldn't stand because she didn't. She hadn't gotten drunk before. She only got alcohol when she sipped champagne at her parents' functions. 

[b You're going to think I'm so lame.. but my mom has me on a tight schedule. I don't get to do fun. I want to do something so badly.] 

She responded. Maybe he could be the excuse to get her out of doing stuff during the week.. or at least skip out of somethings. She wondered what he did for fun. An antisocial, or so she figured, guy like him? What could he possibly do to have fun.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

When Franco got the message back, he kind of just blinked at the message. But he knew what kind of mother Emily had. Franco never understood that type of life style, but looks can be deceiving. Franco had a great idea. He didn't know how well it would end, but he was going to ask this girl if she wanted to go out. Better than this texting stuff. 

[b Wanna go out tonight? I could show what fun is about.] 

Franco realized that messaged sounded super weird. But he jus went along with it. What more was he supposed to do? Franco smiled. An actual smile. And his dad walks out of his room. [b "You have horrible timing."] His dad laughed in agreement with him. 

Franco went up to his room, and decided to wear stuff that is nicer. Or at least get it out of the drawers. Even if she didn't want to go, he was still going to go. But this time he would go out of town.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma waited for his reply. He was going to think she was so lame for that but it was the truth. She didn't have time for fun thanks to her mom. She looked down at her phone as it buzzed, her eyes widening a bit as he asked if she wanted to go out that night. She bit her lip and squealed a bit before putting her phone down beside her. What was she going to wear, what was she going to do? What lie could she tell her mom to get out of piano tonight. She stood up from the lounge chair and picked her phone up again so she could text him back. She had to play it cool. 

[b Really? That sounds like fun. What time? I need time to get ready.] 

She replied to him, putting her phone to her chest and let out an excited breath. She was actually going to have fun.. and with a guy she was convinced wanted nothing to do with her. She moved back into the house and looked over at her mom as she sat in the same position as before. She could just tell her mom she was going to piano but not actually go. "I think Rebecca wants to practice for a while.. so I might be home a bit late tonight." she said to her mom. 
Her mom looked up towards her and tilted her head. [+green "Are you not trying hard enough?"] her mother asked, taking a sip of her wine. 
Emma gave her a blank look and rolled her eyes. "I guess not." she mumbled turning to leave. "Don't wait up for me." she sneered before running up to her room. She had to figure out what to wear, what makeup she wanted to do and how to do her hair.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

By the response of Emily's text message, it made it look like she has never really done anything. Sound like she did things to impress her mother or obey. He really wasn't sure what situation it could be. 

[b I'll pick you up in a couple of hours?] 

Franco was wondering if he could even pick her up because of her mother. So he texted her one more. 

[b Or we could meet someone so I can pick you up?] 

Franco was kind of excited as he had a couple of hours to spare. He wondered what tonight would bring.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma looked at the text as her phone went off. She looked down at it before seeing the second one, letting out a soft breath. 

[b It's probably better I meet you.. she thinks I'm going to piano] 

Emma replied, running to her private bathroom and hopping into the shower. She was so excited to go out with him. She had no idea how this night would go but she was down for whatever happened. She was excited to drink and let loose and have a good time with him.

Once she was done her shower, she wrapped a towel around her body, wanting to wait until the last minute before getting dressed to see how the entire ensemble looked when put together, thought she still didn't know what she was going to wear. Emma sat at her vanity to start working on her hair and make-up.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco nodded his head, and then decided to put his clothes on real quick. Then he went to the bathroom and sprayed on some cologne. He wanted to smell good for her. Why? He didn't understand actually. But at this point he didn't care. 

Franco looked at the time and realized it was almost time to meet her somewhere. 

[b Where are we meeting?] 

Franco felt like a fan girl right now. meeting up with her. He gets to hang out with her in his type of scene. And she wasn't against it either. He didn't think this night could end very bad. Franco grabbed his keys and looked at his dad. [b "Me and her are going out. It will be late."] His dad nodded. "Alright, be safe."
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma put on her makeup, keeping it as simple as possible. She didn't want to look like a try hard with a face full of complete glam but she did want to look good. She finished up her makeup before blow drying her hair and curling it up. She had so much hair it took so long to accomplish her favorite curls. She typically had to keep it straight because it always took way too long to do herself. Usually, if she wanted full glam and hair, she had someone come to her and do it for her but for tonight, she wanted to do it herself. 

She ran her fingers through her freshly curled and bouncy hair before looking over at her phone as it buzzed. She looked at the text and bit her lip, thinking of a good spot to meet up.

[b The school?] she texted back. Why not. Start the night where the two started their conversation. Plus the school wouldn't care if her car sat there for a while. She walked to her closet, looking around for something to wear. She decided on one of her tight black dresses with an open back that stopped mid thigh. Give him a little something to look at. What was she thinking? She shook her head, getting herself dressed and pulled on the dress, looking herself over and shook out her hair. She hoped he liked it but she also wasn't sure why she wanted to impress him so much. She grabbed a pair of black heels and slipped them on her feet, grabbing her phone and ran out of her room. "Okay bye!" she yelled through the house, grabbing her car keys and running out of the house to meet the boy at the school.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco saw her message come through, and nodded his head. That sounded like a great place. Sort of. Not a place he wants to be at. But it would be easy enough to pick her up and start their night. 

Franco pulled up to the same spot that he parked this morning, waiting for her to get here. But then he pulled out his phone and texted her, just in case she was running a bit late. 

[b I'm here]

Franco sent the message and then he patiently waited for Emily to show up or to even text her back.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma got into her car, driving from her place like her ass was on fire. She drove off to the school. She was nervous. Not just because of him, but because she didn't know where the boy was going to take her or what was about to happen but she knew she was extremely excited to see what the night would bring for the two of them. 

As she neared the school, she could hear her heart pounding in her chest. The drive over seemed so short. She fixed her hair before she pulled into the parking lot, taking in a deep breath. She had to pretend to be her confident usual self even though she was mentally panicking. She could hear her phone buzzing, no doubt him saying he was at the lot. 

She turned the corner and entered the parking lot, looking to see his car sitting in the same place it was that morning during school hours. She fluffed up her hair a bit and parked a couple of spots down. Even though it was late and no one was going to park by her car, she still parked a bit away so no one hit it. If anyone hit her car, her father would kill her. The car was stupid expensive. She got out of the car, grabbing her small bag and put it over her one shoulder, putting her keys and phone into it before moving towards his car.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco was getting impatient. But he didn't have much patient as is. Franco felt himself get nervous. He didn't know why. Maybe because this time he wasn't trying to use this female. He was more curious if this female could change his life around. 

He saw another vehicle came in, and he recognized it right away. It was hers. Franco smiled, and watched her get out. He looked her up and down, as he got out of his vehicle to open the door for her. He noticed that she was wearing a tight black dress. That was the main thing he noticed. Of course that was being the first thing he noticed. 

[b "Hello again."] Franco smiled and then closed the door behind her once she got into the vehicle. Franco then walked around the vehicle and got in. [b "I have a buddies house where we can drink. And no worries, I'll make sure nothing happens to you. We are just too young to go to a bar."] Franco sat there for a minute. He wanted to make sure that she was going to comfortable with something like that.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma looked up towards him as he got out of the car to open the door for her. She stopped for a second and looked at him. "A gentleman." she giggled a little and got into his car, feeling his eyes on her. She worked hard for the body she had so she didn't mind the boy looking her over. She watched him move around to the drivers side and explained what they would be doing. She nodded as he talked, shrugging her shoulders. "Sounds good." she smiled, feeling a bit nervous. She wondered what his friends were like or if maybe she was a bit over dressed for such occasion. "Sorry.. I don't really have.. like.. chill clothes." she mentioned. The worst thing she had was a pair of bright pink sweatpants that she had to practically fight her mom to keep. "My moms a fashion model... she goes through my closet once a month to make sure I didn't buy anything atrocious." she spoke, rolling her eyes at the absurdity of her mother. 

She was excited to spend the night with the boy and find out what she missed out on. She hadn't been to a house party before, well not anything less lavish than her mothers friends parties or her fathers work parties. She lived a privileged life . "I'm excited to finally go do something." she spoke, looking over at him with a smile.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco could see that she was excited to go and do this. He was more happy that she agreed. So immediately, he started driving. [b "It is a bit out of town.. Because I have no friends in this town."] He cleared his throat slightly. He feel like talking to her was no problem now. Why? 

[b "Well.. Minus you.. Of course."] Franco was actually admitting that they are friends. This was all weird to him. His dad would be so proud of him. But his dad would like to see him keep one of these girls. And he was thinking that maybe Franco would like Emily to stay away. 

Franco got a text on his phone and then groaned. Not the text he wanted to see. Franco kept driving, and then he looked over at Emily for a quick second. [b "Oh no, that's okay. It makes you look really hot."] He had no problem saying words like that, but he knew that he needed to warn Emily about his ex. 

[b "So Em.. My ex girlfriend is going to be there. I hope you can hold your own. Because she will try to push you around. Don't let her. Your here with me. That's all that matters."]
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emily looked over at him when he said it was out of town. She was excited to get out of this place and see something else. "Oh thank god. Get me out of here." she sighed happily, leaning back in the seat.  As he admitted she and him were friends, her eyes widening a bit before letting out a soft laugh. "So you admit it." she smirked before looking out the window and crossed one leg over the other one, looking over at him again as she complimented her. She looked herself over and bit at her lower lip softly. He was really laying it on thick tonight. She shook her head and flipped her hair over her shoulder with a smirk. "My god, Franco." Emily laughed a bit, looking at him. "I didn't know you were trying so hard to get into my pants." she joked. 

When he mentioned his ex, her eyes focused in on him with a shrug. "Yeah I can handle exes." she spoke. There was so many situations with boys where their exes weren't exactly fond of her. Emily was used to it and could handle her own. "That is no problem. I'm still excited about tonight." she smiled watching everything pass her by in the car. 

"Thanks for taking me out tonight. I didn't think after today you'd want to hang out with me for the night." she admitted, looking back over at him. Maybe he was just bored and wanted someone to hang out with. She was the only one who actually talked to him so she was kind of his only option anyway.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco didn't realize what kind of affect this female had on him. The way she said his name. That sent shivers through his whole body, but of course, he was never going to admit that. He was just admitting to himself that he liked the little chase. If that's what we were calling it now. Franco licked his lips. He was hoping she would understand this was a joke. In a way. [b "A man's gotta try, right?"] He winked at her. 

Franco let out a sigh of relief. He was glad for that. Because his ex was a bit of a psycho. But as long as she could handle her own, he wasn't going to worry too much. 

[b "I didn't really want to talk. But you will find more out about me when we are alone later. And you will understand why I am the way I am. And you will also see why I don't open myself up often. My ex is there. She did a lot of damage to me. She isn't the only one that has damaged me."] Franco was only going to leave it at that. He didn't want to get in much detail right now. 

[b "Of course. Once you told me you didn't do much, minus what your mom plans for you, I wanted to bring you out."] Franco knew what he was doing this time. Franco wanted this to end well. For the both of them. [b "You gave me space earlier, and weren't so pushy. That's all I needed. I know it probably sounds weird."] Franco smiled, as they pulled into town rather quickly. But then again, they have been drive for about 20 minutes now. But it was another 15 minutes to get to his friends house.
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   349d ago

Emma giggled happily at his joke. She liked that he was opening up a bit with her and he wasn't so closed off now. She was excited to get to know him more as the night progressed. As he mentioned why he didn't want to talk, she looked over at him, leaning her head back against the headrest as she did, watching him talk. As he talked about how his ex damaged him, her eyebrows raised a bit before she let out a soft sigh. He had gone through such a rough time in his life.. and he shut down because of it. She felt sad for him and whatever he was going through. "I'm sorry to hear that." she muttered softly, keeping her eyes glued onto the boy. 

As he explained why he started talking to her normally, she nodded and looked away. "Yeah.. sorry about that.." she sighed. "I've been trying to work on not being so up in peoples faces but." she shrugged and rolled her eyes. "Stupid.. parents." she grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest and looked out of the window again.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   349d ago

Franco looked at her, and saw that seemed to get a bit upset about the parent part. Franco watched her look out the window. [b "Well maybe this could help you be who you want to be. not who your parents want you to be."] 

Franco understood the parent thing way too much. More than he probably should understand. He pulled up his buddies house, and then smiled and looked at her. [b "We are here, are you ready?"]
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   348d ago

Emma listened to him speak and gave a bit of a scoff. Being her own person would be nice. She hated being her mothers plaything. She obeyed but only because she lived the life she did. She was gifted with basically everything she could have in life...without having and actual life. She shook the thoughts out of her head as he mentioned they had arrived. She looked over at the house before looking at Franco. 

Was she? She was a bit nervous, but she couldn't let him in on that. She had to pretend she wasn't nervous.. for the sake of keeping her image up. "Mhm" she nodded, turning and pushing his car door open and stepping out. She looked back at the house and took in a deep breath, walking over to his side of the car. "Are you ready?" She asked, a smile creeping up on her face.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   348d ago

Franco nodded his head, and was quite excited for the both of them. [b "Sure am!"] he got out of the vehicle, and he looked her up and down again. She was so hot in that dress. Franco shut the door behind him, and then locked the door. And then he walked over to the house and knocked on the door. Of course his ex answered the door. 

[b "Ugh. Its you."] He grabbed Emily's hand and walked both of them inside completely ignoring her. "Awe, you miss me sweetheart?" Franco laughed loudly. [b "Me? Miss you? Fuck no. I rather die than be with you again."] He rolled his eyes and went and met up with his friends.

[b "Hey guys! This is Emily!"]
K1NG0FH3LLEmily "Emma" Bass   348d ago

Emily looked up towards him with  a bright smile as the two of them moved to the door. She nervously bit her lower lip, staying as close to Franco as she could before seeing the door fly open, a girl standing on the other side of it. Emily stayed quiet, but from Franco's tone, she knew exactly who this was. She stopped biting her lip, standing up a bit straighter and put on the straightest face she could as she looked at the girl opposite of her. 

Her face faltered a bit, feeling Franco grab her hand and pull her inside. Her heart skipped a beat before following him inside, placing her other hand onto his forearm as she looked around at the house full of people. A bit more intimidating than she wanted but she smiled and looked around, giving a bit of a wave. "Hello." she greeted. She wasn't normally shy but she was a bit out of her element. She figured  she could fake it till she made it. She couldn't let Franco know she was so nervous. [i Confidence..] she thought to herself before standing up a bit straighter again.
MysticDreamer-ғranco   348d ago

Franco felt Emily's hand on his forearm, and he didn't even try to get her to let go. He noticed that he actually liked it. "Hey!" All his friends chime in. One looked at Franco and smirked. "she's hot dude." Franco laughed and rolled his eyes. Then one of his other friends look at him. "So are you guys a thing?" Franco looked at her and whispered in her ear, [b "I can tell your nervous.. But don't be. Your safe with me. Your safe here. The only one that is going to cause issues is my ex."] Then Franco caught himself kissing her cheek. 

Franco looked at his friend. [b "Not exactly. She actually was trying to make sure I was okay today. And she got the dick side of me."] Everyone chuckled. "Don't worry dear, he's mean to everyone." Franco rolled his eyes, and then looked back at her. He wanted to make sure she was doing okay so far.


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