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The Fox and The Vampire [A Golden Child Fanfic] [Complete]

By AkiraInu

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Bomin is a nine tailed fox contractually bound a vampire named Daeyeol. Daeyeol is a vampire who is just trying to live his life. This is their story.


Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Daeyeol and Bomin are here with their story! I know, that plot seems a bit short compared to my other stories but xD.

Believe me, this story will get interesting.

Also, my take on the nine tailed foxes are that they're essentially shapeshifters, with their strength and age depending on how many tails they have. Bomin has one, but that doesn't mean he's weak compared to those with more tails than him, as he can easily overpower a two or three tailed fox thanks to the strength he gained from being contractually bound to Daeyeol.

Foxes with all nine tails however, are few and far between. According to Bomin, he had only encountered one nine tailed fox in all his years of being alive.

Anyway~! Onto the characters~!


Bomin: A nine tailed fox with only one tail. He came under the care of Daeyeol after being near death and they had been together ever since. He can come off as cold and indifferent, often times being rather blunt with things, but under all that is someone who is fiercely protective over his contract owner. His fox form is a large brown colored fox with white feet and a black tipped tail. His contract item is in the form of a gold necklace with a jade ring hanging off it only seen in his human form.

Daeyeol: A vampire who holds the contract between himself and Bomin. He had been the one to form the contract, after saving Bomin from near death, and they had been together ever since. He was turned after his brother left, and doesn't remember who turned him. He had been alone for a few years before coming across an injured Bomin and saving him. He can come off as emotionless and stoic but he does care for Bomin like a younger sibling. His contract item is in the form of a jade ring surrounded by gold on his ring finger on his left hand.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to these guys for the poster~!
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AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 1]

Bomin chewed on a toothpick as he sat on a wall waiting for Daeyeol to finish hunting. "You're just full of surprises fox," came a voice as Jangjun walked over and sat down beside Bomin. "Why's that?" Asked Bomin as he took the toothpick out of his mouth and chucked it off to the side into a trash can a few feet away.

"You're more than just a one tailed fox aren't you?" Asked Jangjun as he tilted his head to the side. "I'm not telling you that information," hummed Bomin. "Fair enough," said Jangjun. "It's just odd that someone like Daeyeol would take you in," he said. "The circumstances of what happened were enough for someone like him to do something," said Bomin.

"The two of you compliment each other though," said Jangjun, earning a scoff from Bomin. "Except for the fact that Daeyeol is older than me," said Bomin. "I don't go that route," he said. "Uh huh," hummed Jangjun.

"This is where you decided to hang out at while waiting for me?" Asked Daeyeol as he walked over with Seongyoon. "I was alone until Jangjun decided to bother me," said Bomin as he shrugged, hopping down from the wall he was sitting on. "Oi," said Jangjun as he scowled.

"We should get going then," said Daeyeol as he put his hands in his pants pockets. "Did you hunt?" He asked. "I did," said Bomin as he nodded. "I'm still full from our trip out of Finland so," he said, shrugging.

"Have fun," said Seongyoon as he walked them out of St Petersburg. "It's going to be weird with just us two running the city, but we got Kevin and them as help if needed," he said. "Tell Yuri we said hello," he said. "Sure," said Daeyeol as he nodded. Bomin waited until Daeyeol made his first move to leave before following after him, out of the city and into the countryside where Daeyeol used his full vampire speed to get to where they were going. Bomin had to transform to keep up with him, running as fast as he could.

[center ~]

Daeyeol came to a stop once he reached Berlin, letting Bomin stop and return to his human form. "Yuri went into hiding again it seems," said Bomin. "It seems so," said Daeyeol.

"What are we doing in Berlin again? You know I hate coming back here," said Bomin as he turned to Daeyeol. "I need information," said Daeyeol. "You can go rest in the forest somewhere, I won't be long," he said. "We're going on a plane ride so I need to get our papers," he said. "Back into Canada?" Asked Bomin. "Apparently my brother needs me for something," said Daeyeol.

"I'll sleep on the plane," said Bomin. "Let's go and get this damn information," he said. "I know how much you hate coming here, but we do this every time we go to Europe," he said. "Sungyeol already paid for our tickets, it's fine," he said. "First class?" Asked Bomin. "Business, but it's better than Economy," said Daeyeol. "So true," said Bomin. "Alright, let's go get the damn papers," he said. Daeyeol nodded and ran into Berlin with Bomin following after him.

[center ~]

"I'd be careful in Toronto," said Moonbin as he walked over with their passports. "Apparently there's a change of power going on within the werewolf pack there," he said. "Something happened that I can't disclose, but the four generals have decided to go their separate ways," he said.

"All of the sudden?" Asked Daeyeol as he tilted his head to the side. "I don't know the details, but apparently Kris did something big enough to be noticed," said Moonbin. "Well, that would explain why my brother is needing me there," said Daeyeol.

"Chani's tied to them somehow right?" Asked Moonbin. "Both his and Seungwoo's information networks intertwine because of their location," said Daeyeol. "Keep my best friend out of trouble yeah? Along with their human," said Moonbin. "Sanha wouldn't like it if he got caught in the middle of this mess," he said.

"You wouldn't object to sending their human here," said Daeyeol. "Not when the balance of power shifted," said Moonbin. "Only when he has no choice," he said. "I'm sure with that Jaemin's brother and cousin's pack wouldn't object to it either," he said. "The mutts and the others can take care of them selves I'm sure," said Daeyeol.

"Also, Chan," said Moonbin. "Jun's brother," he added. "We can't leave family behind," he said. "I understand," said Daeyeol. "I'll let them know," he said. "Wooseok and Seungwoo can take care of themselves I'm sure," said Moonbin. "Same with the others, but that's all we're willing to take in," he said.

"What will happen to Dragon Enterprises?" Asked Daeyeol. "I don't know," said Moonbin. "But be prepared to have another bank account ready," he said. "It's a good thing most of my money is in one of Kyuhyun's banks," hummed Daeyeol. "I have all my money in a bank here in Berlin," said Bomin. "I'm good," he added.

"Be careful in Toronto," said Moonbin. "We'll try," said Daeyeol. Bomin nodded in agreement and Moonbin handed them their passports and plane tickets. Daeyeol and Bomin turned around and left the coffee shop, heading straight to the airport.

[center ~]

"What a strange thing to happen," said Daeyeol as he stared out at the plane that would take them to Toronto. "Why did they have to do this [i now] of all times?" He asked.

"A shift in power could've happened at anytime," said Bomin. "But for all four generals to go their separate ways? Something [i big] must've happened," he hummed.

"Like what happened with you?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to Bomin. Bomin scoffed. "That's different," he said. "Not too much different, but still different," he said, looking down at the necklace that hung loosely around his neck.

"You said you've only seen [i one] with all nine tails before," said Daeyeol as he lifted his hand to examine the ring on his finger. "And yet, you used to have all 9 at some point," he said. "What did you do to even warrant someone deciding to chop off all but one of your tails?" He asked.

"That's none of your business," growled Bomin. "I'm not gonna push it," said Daeyeol as he let his hand drop to his side. "Tell me when you're ready to," he said. Bomin nodded, letting out a sigh as he looked down.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 2]

Sungyeol met them outside of Yuto's Starbucks, crossing his arms over his chest when Daeyeol walked over, standing in front of his brother. "What?" Asked Daeyeol. "It's good to see you too," Sungyeol said with a small bit of sarcasm, though the slight upturn of his lips showed how happy he was to see Daeyeol again. Daeyeol scoffed, the amusement heard loud and clear as he rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand.

"Still got the fox I see," said Sungyeol as he walked into the Starbucks with Daeyeol. "Bomin is a good kid though," said Daeyeol. "I'm not saying he isn't," said Sungyeol as he shook his head. "Sure sure," said Daeyeol as Sungyeol sat down, causing Daeyeol to sit across from him.

"How was the trip?" Asked Sungyeol. "Fine," said Daeyeol. "Bomin got hungry when we landed so he went hunting," he said. "Humans?" Asked Sungyeol. "No," said Daeyeol. "Bomin finds that hunting animals gives his fox self more satisfaction," he said, shrugging. "Of course, a fox is an animal," said Sungyeol as he leaned back in his chair.

[center ~]

Bomin was hunting, his fox side letting out an appreciative growl at the mere mention of deer meat. Or caribou. Or anything by this point. He had been silently stalking after his prey when footsteps interrupted his train of thought, causing Bomin to look up and spot Jinyoung sprinting past after a buck. Well, there went the herd.

"Damn it," he said, changing on the spot and chasing after one of the many deer that ran off. He managed to launch himself at a doe, tackling it and tumbling over and over on the ground a few times until he finally managed to snap its neck, jumping away with a huff as he nearly got squished by the bigger animal.

Jinyoung stopped by to make sure Bomin did get his deer, looking apologetic before leaving. Bomin had simply ignored him, going straight back to eating and tearing his meal apart as the fox side of him took over.

[center ~]

"So that's it huh?" Asked Sungyeol as Daeyeol finished telling him the news. "That's all Moonbin told me to tell you," said Daeyeol as he shrugged. "I don't know how things are gonna go from here," said Sungyeol. "But I'll pass along the message," he added. "Seungwoo should be here soon, so you can pass on the message for Chan," he said.

"Chani's already decided to stay here," said Sungyeol. "So whatever happens, we're staying," he said. "I'd recommend leaving your papers and stuff with Ace though," he said. "He's not involved with this mess thankfully," he said. "I'll stop by his place before leaving," said Daeyeol. "Does Chani mind if we spend the night? Bomin wants to finally be able to sleep in an actual bed for once," he said.

"I don't think he'll mind," said Sungyeol. "We can spend the night hunting or something," he said, shrugging, earning a scoff from Daeyeol. "Yeah," hummed Daeyeol.

"What, don't wanna spend the night with your older brother?" Asked Sungyeol. "I don't," Daeyeol said, the corners of his lips twitching upward as he looked forward to spending more time with Sungyeol. "The others are gonna think we hate each other," said Sungyeol as he chuckled some. "Let them," said Daeyeol as he got up. "I'll see you later then," he said, leaving the coffee shop.

[center ~]

Bomin sighed as he finished washing himself off, shaking out his fur before returning to human form. He was glad for one thing, at least his clothes stayed when he fully got all nine tails. Nine tails. Well, there went that happy moment.

Bomin made his way back to Toronto, feeling the pull of his contract leading him not to the Starbucks like he had expected, but towards the coffee shop that was owned by Ace and his coven. Things must've been worse than he thought if Sungyeol had sent Daeyeol there to drop off their papers.

Bomin entered the coffee shop, spotting Baron talking with Daeyeol who was the only one working at the moment.

"Things have really changed," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "Toronto is experiencing a shift in power, of course everything will change," said Baron. "I'll keep your papers safe, just be careful as you leave and enter Toronto," he said. "I'll keep that in mind," said Daeyeol.

"Bomin," said Daeyeol as he turned to face Bomin. "Did you have a good hunt?" He asked. "Well, I was kind of interrupted, but I managed," said Bomin as he shrugged. "Probably Jinyoung again, he tends to hunt around now to avoid the others," said Baron. "Don't mind him though, that's just how Jinyoung is," he said. Bomin nodded.

"We have a place to stay for a bit, before we move on," said Daeyeol. "Oh?" Asked Bomin. "Sungyeol said it was okay to stay over at their place?" He asked. "I'll have to hunt animals again while here, but yes," said Daeyeol. "You always hated the taste of animal blood," Bomin said with a sigh. "I'll manage," said Daeyeol. "I'm sure," said Bomin.

"I'll see you when you decide to return to Europe then," said Baron. "Yeah," hummed Daeyeol before leaving with Bomin.

[center ~]

"I passed on your message to Seungwoo by the way," said Sungyeol as he was hunting with Daeyeol. "What'd he say?" Asked Daeyeol. "He'll pass on the message to Chan, but I'm sure Chan wants to be with his brother right now," said Sungyeol. "Chani isn't happy to have to send off Yuto, but I think he'll have to for a few weeks or so," he said.

"Yuto hasn't seen Sanha in months, from what I've heard," said Daeyeol as he paused by a tree. "Which is why Chani may send him off to Berlin with Chan," said Sungyeol as he stopped beside Daeyeol. "We'll just have to wait on what Chan says," he said.

"And the pup?" Asked Daeyeol as he rushed forward towards a herd of deer and pouncing, tackling the biggest doe and biting into its neck, draining it quickly. Sungyeol quickly went after a buck and tackled it, draining it quickly before responding. "Chani doesn't want to send him off yet, but Jungwoo and Jeno said it was fine for him to head on over," he said after dropping the dead buck onto the ground. Daeyeol hummed, dropping the doe he had been drinking from to the ground and standing, facing his brother.

"What's wrong?" Asked Sungyeol as he blinked, tilting his head to the side. Daeyeol tackled Sungyeol who quickly caught him, surprised at the sudden movement. "Don't die on me okay?" Asked Daeyeol as he hugged Sungyeol tightly. "You're the only family I have left," he said, his voice quiet yet full of so much sadness that it caused Sungyeol to wrap his arms around Daeyeol, returning the hug.

"Don't worry," said Sungyeol. "I may not have a fox like you do, but I got a great mate in Hui," he said. "He's an idiot, but he's just as protective over me as Bomin is over you," he said, earning a laugh from Daeyeol as he moved away.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 3]

Bomin looked up from the porch swing he was sitting on when he heard footsteps, seeing Yuto standing in front of him. "What do you want?" He asked. "I have some information for you," said Yuto as he handed Bomin a letter. "Some guy dropped it off a few days ago, I don't know why, but he said to give it to someone named Bomin and everyone pointed me to you," he said, shrugging. Bomin took the letter, opening it and reading it as Yuto took a step back.

"Thanks for the information," said Bomin once he was done reading the letter. "You can burn this now," he said, handing the letter to Yuto who took a lighter out of his pants pocket and burned the letter.

"You just have a lighter on hand huh?" asked Bomin as he got up, dusting dirt from his pants. "I've had to keep one on me every time I get information to pass onto someone," said Yuto as he shrugged, putting the lighter back into his pocket and walking away, entering the house. Bomin sighed as he contemplated what to do next, looking towards where Sungyeol and Daeyeol had run off to. He knew better than to disturb the two brothers, as Bomin knew how much Daeyeol had really missed his brother.

"Going hunting?" Asked Chani as he exited the house. "I don't know," said Bomin. "I might, to top off my fox self's hunger," he said. "Is it hungry?" Asked Chani. "No," said Bomin. "But I'll accompany you, if you don't mind," he said. "Can you keep up with me fox?" Chani asked with a smirk. "If I can't, I think we got a problem," Bomin said with a smirk of his own as Chani rushed off the front porch and into the forest. Bomin rushed after him, changing to his fox form to gain some speed and was soon running beside Chani.

Bomin stopped when Chani went after some deer, pouncing on one and draining it. Bomin's fox side wasn't feeling hungry at the moment, so he sat down, waiting on Chani to finish. "I guess you weren't hungry huh?" Asked Chani as he walked over after burying the deer. Bomin shook his head and Chani reached out to pet him on the head.

"I'm sure whatever the two brothers are doing, they're fine," said Chani, moving away after petting Bomin on the head. "Sungyeol really does care for Daeyeol, even if they seem like they're at each others throats all the time," he said. "I would know, Sunggyu and I are the same way," he said, chuckling some as he put his hands in his jacket pockets. Bomin snorts, his tail wagging slightly as he sniffed the air.

"Come on kit," said Chani as he turned, sprinting off. Bomin huffed at the nickname, soon sprinting after Chani and just enjoying the wind in his fur. Chani ran with no real destination in mind, just going where he felt like going with Bomin running by his side.

[center ~]

Daeyeol suddenly stopped, turning when he felt the ring pulsing. "What's wrong?" asked Sungyeol as he stopped beside Daeyeol. "Just Bomin enjoying a run it seems," said Daeyeol as he lifted up his hand to look at the ring. "He really wanted to come out here with us huh?" Asked Sungyeol. "Overprotective I tell you," Daeyeol said with a chuckle, earning an amused snicker from Sungyeol.

"I'm sure Chani had a talk with him," said Sungyeol. "I'm sure," said Daeyeol. "I remember when Chani used to go toe to toe with Sunggyu, at the smallest of things," said Sungyeol as he chuckled. "Were they that bad?" Asked Daeyeol. "Just as bad as our bickering is," said Sungyeol, earning a laugh from Daeyeol.

"And here I thought our bickering was bad," said Daeyeol. "No no, you spend enough time with those two you'd think we're normal," said Sungyeol. "I'm sure," said Daeyeol as he let his hand drop to his side.

Hoetaek's large wolf form came into view, carrying a sleeping Bomin on his back with Chani coming to a stop beside him. "Aw, did you tire him out?" Asked Daeyeol. "He must've been getting no sleep, not 10 minutes into a run he collapsed and fell asleep," said Chani. "Hui here happened to find us as he was looking for you," he said.

"I'll take him back to the house," said Daeyeol, going to wake up Bomin long enough for Bomin to change back to human form and hop onto Daeyeol's back to get carried back before falling asleep again. Daeyeol made sure he had a good grip on Bomin and Bomin wouldn't fall before turning to Sungyeol.

"He can sleep in my room, it's fine," said Sungyeol. "Sure, and he'll just stink up your room for the night," retorted Daeyeol, though the relief was evident in his stance. Sungyeol scoffed. "Go then," he said, the hidden amusement heard as he glared at Daeyeol. Daeyeol shook his head and turned, heading back to the house.

"Going to hunt?" Asked Sungyeol as he turned to Hoetaek. Hoetaek nodded. "I'll join you then," said Sungyeol and Hoetaek ran forward with Sungyeol following after him. Chani watched them go, a soft smile on his face before turning and running back to the house.

[center ~]

Bomin was mumbling words in his sleep, random enough for Daeyeol to pause and try to listen before continuing the journey back to the house.

Myungsoo was sitting outside on the porch when Daeyeol showed up and opened the door for him before going back to sitting on the porch swing. Daeyeol maneuvered his way into Sungyeol's room and gently put Bomin down after moving the blanket away before covering him up. He was about to leave until he heard Bomin mumbling something again.

"...Don't go..." Bomin mumbled, turning to face away from Daeyeol who hesitated, sighing a bit before going to lay down beside Bomin. Daeyeol just hoped he didn't regret it later, humming to himself as Bomin turned to face him. Daeyeol reached out and moved a strand of hair away from Bomin's face before moving to lay on his back and stare up at the ceiling for the rest of the night.

"I envy you sometimes you know," said Daeyeol as he turned his head to look at Bomin. "At least you get to sleep for a few hours," he said, sighing as he looked up at the ceiling again.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 4]

It was close to morning when Sungyeol's door opened and Sungyeol walked in to see Daeyeol still staring up at the ceiling in his thoughts while Bomin was still sleeping beside him. "Having fun?" Asked Sungyeol as Daeyeol sat up. "Not really," said Daeyeol as he shrugged, looking over at Bomin who mumbled something in his sleep again before turning over.

"He's been mumbling in his sleep most of the night," said Daeyeol as he got up, stretching. "I'm surprised no one came in wondering who was talking in their sleep," he said. "Chani probably let them know," said Sungyeol. "Probably," hummed Daeyeol.

"You leaving today?" Asked Sungyeol. "That was the plan," hummed Daeyeol. "At least take this," said Sungyeol as he handed Daeyeol a phone. Daeyeol looked at it, blinking in surprise. "At least this time we'll be able to keep in touch instead of me waiting on a visit," said Sungyeol.

"Yeah, we all know you hate it when I visit," said Daeyeol as he put the phone in his pocket. "[i Please], I can't wait to see you finally leave this place," Sungyeol said with a scoff. "Can you two just [i not] bicker this early in the morning?" Groaned Bomin as he sat up, glaring at the two brothers.

Daeyeol turned to Bomin, raising an eyebrow as Bomin continued glaring at him. "I wasn't the one talking in my sleep most of the night," said Daeyeol. "At least I wasn't stuck awake for the whole night," said Bomin as he got up, stretching.

"Enough," said Chani as he stood in the doorway. "I believe it's time for you two to leave anyway," he said. "Can I at least get a shower before I go," said Bomin. "I suppose," said Chani. "Your clothes is still stashed in my closet somewhere," said Sungyeol as he turned to Bomin who quickly rushed to the closet to pick out an outfit before rushing into the bathroom to take a much needed shower.

"I don't suppose I can get a change of clothes either?" Asked Daeyeol. "I guess," said Sungyeol as he sighed. Daeyeol went to do so, waiting on Bomin to finish with his shower before going to shower.

"You're happy," said Chani as he went to sit outside with Sungyeol. "I haven't seen Daeyeol in months, can you blame me?" Asked Sungyeol as he turned to Chani. "It's too bad I can't ask him to join us," he said, sighing. "He already belongs to a coven?" asked Chani. "Unofficially yes," said Sungyeol.

"At least you got a phone for him to talk to you now," said Chani. "Mhm," hummed Sungyeol.

[center ~]

When Daeyeol and Bomin got ready to go Sungyeol followed them to the outskirts of the property, wishing he could go further but he had to go straight to Toronto after they left.

"Stay safe yeah?" Asked Sungyeol as he stopped, watching as Daeyeol stopped a few feet in front of him before turning around. Bomin had done the same, turning around to face Sungyeol. "You stay safe too," said Daeyeol.

"Keep my brother out of trouble fox," said Sungyeol as he turned to Bomin who scoffed. "I think your brother gets into trouble regardless of what I do," said Bomin. "Oi," whined Daeyeol as he scowled at Bomin. "Don't tell him that, he'll force me to stay," he said.

"Forge your own path, you can't live in my shadow forever," said Sungyeol as he let a genuine smile cross his face. Daeyeol turned and grinned back, tackling Sungyeol for one last hug. "Stay alive for me okay?" He asked, hugging Sungyeol. "I will," said Sungyeol. "Keep in touch okay? I didn't hand you the phone for no reason," he said, hugging Daeyeol back.

Daeyeol was the first to move away, albeit reluctantly as he did so. Sungyeol patted him on the head before turning and walking back to the house. Daeyeol watched him go for a second before turning and sprinting off, Bomin soon following after him.

Sungyeol turned back, watching Daeyeol disappear from view with a small smile before turning and continuing back to the house.

[center ~]

Daeyeol stayed in Canada for the most part, getting a feel for the country again as he and Bomin went from place to place.

It was a few weeks later when Daeyeol and Bomin were in Vancouver when he received the news.

"Wh-What?" Asked Daeyeol as he held the phone up to his ear. "[i I"m sorry to bring you bad news but your brother was killed]," said Chani as he let out a soft sigh. "[i He died saving Hui from getting killed]," he said. "Of course he'd die doing that," Daeyeol said quietly, a sob escaping him as he let his hand that was holding the phone fall into his lap.

Bomin looked concerned as he took the phone from Daeyeol to continue talking to Chani. "So what do you think we should do?" He asked. "[i Stay out of Toronto, if you must leave North America Ace has moved his coven to Montreal for now]," said Chani. "[i Your papers] should [i still be with them]," he said. "Okay," said Bomin.

"[i I'm sorry, I really am]," said Chani. "[i Sungyeol was a good person]," he said. "I know," said Bomin as he hung up the phone. He turned to Daeyeol who was sobbing now as he fell to his knees. Bomin was lost, but he brought Daeyeol into a comforting hug, letting Daeyeol sob out his grief into his chest.

"He said he would," said Daeyeol after he had calmed down some. "He said he would survive this," he said. "Accidents happen," said Bomin. "We just have to try and not join him," he said. "What a stupid thing to say," Daeyeol said with a sigh. "But yes, I agree," he said.

"We have to forge our own path right? I think he knew," said Bomin. "There's no way he could've known," said Daeyeol. "There's a possibility that it was one of the outcomes," said Bomin. "You know how stupid Toronto got when we left," he said.

"Let's just go," said Daeyeol. "I don't want to stay in Canada anymore," he said. "Sure," said Bomin as he moved away, helping Daeyeol stand. "We'll come back for something that belongs to Sungyeol when things die down," he said. Daeyeol nodded, and went to leave Vancouver, with Bomin following after him.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 5]


That was where they currently were as Daeyeol was getting thirsty. Bomin was wondering what was going through Daeyeol's head at the moment, the silence was not unusual but the uncharacteristically dark aura surrounding Daeyeol was [i very] unusual.

"We can't hunt humans here," said Bomin as he put a hand on Daeyeol's shoulder. "I know," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "I need to get a charger for the phone," he said. "And a bag, to carry our things in," he said. "I won't be long okay?" He asked, turning to Bomin.

"Don't do anything stupid," said Bomin. "I won't," said Daeyeol before he walked off, heading to the nearest mall. Bomin watched him go before sighing and going to walk around Seattle.

"Your friend seems like he's barely able to hold on," came a voice as JR walked over, stopping in front of Bomin. "He won't be a problem will he?" He asked. "Daeyeol needs time," said Bomin as he shrugged. "His brother was killed, he'll bounce back eventually," he said. "Sungyeol huh? I didn't interact much with him, but from what I've seen, he was a good person," said JR. "Mm," hummed Bomin.

"So you moved back to Seattle I see," said Bomin as he walked with JR. "We had to," said JR. "Jinyoung said it was easier to do so, since Toronto isn't a good place to be right now," he said. "Even Yedam and Byungchan's packs moved further out of the Toronto area," he said.

"Chani had to stay I heard," said Bomin. "He had no choice," said JR. "If we left Toronto undefended it would've caused a lot more chaos," he said. "He claimed ownership over Toronto though, to quell the chaos just a bit," he said.

"I guess it backfired, if Sungyeol was killed," said Bomin. "Some things just don't work out," said JR as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm not saying that his death couldn't've been prevented, but sometimes these things just [i happen]," he said.

[center ~]

"I find you talking with the pack leader huh?" Asked Daeyeol as he approached Bomin and JR who were leaning against a building still talking. Bomin turned to Daeyeol who now had a cross body bag around his shoulder. "You got the bag you needed then?" He asked. "Yep, completely waterproof, and I found a charger for the phone," said Daeyeol.

"Sungyeol gave you a phone?" Asked JR. "Mhm," said Daeyeol. "I have his number saved, along with the rest of Chani's coven and Ace's coven's saved," he said. "And Seongyoon and Jangjun's numbers saved," he said.

"Well, I would delete Sungyeol's number but I feel like it's better if I saved it for now," said Daeyeol. "Who knows who ends up with his number next," he said.

"We should get going then," said Bomin. "You still need to hunt I believe," he added. Daeyeol sighed. "I guess," he said. "Have a good hunt then," said JR. "I suggest an animal for the time being though, from here eastward is other territories that require animals, unless you're Eunki or are looking for blood dens," he said. "I hate blood dens," growled Daeyeol. "But thanks, I'll keep that in mind," he said.

"Be careful," said JR as Daeyeol turned and left with Bomin. Daeyeol waved his left hand in goodbye as JR watched them go, sighing before turning and heading home.

[center ~]

Hunting always seemed better when Bomin was there hunting with him, Daeyeol soon came to realize. Bomin didn't have to hunt every time, but it was easier to concentrate on what Daeyeol was hunting when Bomin was helping him.

They were currently somewhere in Colorado, near where Sunggyu lived with his mate Cory and the rest of his pack. Daeyeol didn't want to spend any [i more] time in the presence of other species than he had to, so he stayed clear of the territory that belonged to the werewolves that owned part of the state.

"I didn't think you'd actually show up," said Sunggyu as he met Daeyeol and Bomin at the pond just north of the pack house that Sunggyu lived at.

"We came this close," said Daeyeol. "But I don't want to be in the presence of the werewolves at the moment," he said. "Even if they already know I'm here," he added, staring out at the water. "Bomin just needed to rest so," he said, shrugging as he motioned to the sleeping fox nearby.

"How long are you gonna be around?" Asked Sunggyu. "Probably a day, I need to find a place to charge the phone," said Daeyeol. "We have a guest house you know," said Sunggyu. "Are they fine with me just stinking up the place?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to Sunggyu.

"I live with them don't I?" Asked Sunggyu as he sighed. "Come on, it's fine," he said.

"On one condition," said Daeyeol. "Can you tell me more about my brother?" He asked. "I feel like I've missed out on [i so] much with him since we've been apart," he said. Sunggyu smiled softly. "Sure," he said. "You need a chance to just finish grieving," he said.

"Did you hunt?" Asked Daeyeol. "I'm fine," said Sunggyu as he nodded. "Wake up the fox and we'll head back," he said. Daeyeol went to do so, gently shaking Bomin to wake him up. "Bomin," said Daeyeol as said fox jolted awake, yawning as he lifted his head. "Come on, Sunggyu said we can stay at the guest house," he said. Bomin got to his feet, stretching as he returned to his human form when Daeyeol stepped away.

"We can stay at the guest house?" Asked Bomin. "I'm sure they won't mind," said Sunggyu. "I don't think anyone is staying there at the moment anyway," he said. "I'll have to let Changkyun know you're there for a day first," he said, taking out his phone and checking the time.

"I think they're still awake," said Daeyeol. "Probably, come on," said Sunggyu before he headed back to the house. Daeyeol and Bomin followed after him.

[center ~]

After getting permission to stay in the guest house Bomin went to sleep in one of the rooms, flopping down on one of the beds and falling asleep immediately. Daeyeol checked up on him, covering him with a blanket before going to sit in the livingroom with Sunggyu who turned on the tv and had it at a low volume for background noise.

"Didn't this place used to be the old pack house?" Asked Daeyeol as he looked around. "It did," hummed Sunggyu. "I see why they moved next door," said Daeyeol as he shook his head. "Mm," hummed Sunggyu.

"So what was my brother like?" Asked Daeyeol as he went to plug the phone in, letting it sit on the table beside the couch. "Well," said Sunggyu as he started recounting stories about Sungyeol and their adventures with him in the coven.
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[center Chapter 6]

Bomin let out a huff, watching Sunggyu and Daeyeol hunt. The both of them were clumsy as hell, but at least Bomin didn't need to hunt yet. The two vampires before him had spent the night before talking, and Bomin had noticed a lighter mood in Daeyeol. At least he got to get to know more about his brother from Sunggyu.

"You didn't need to join us you know," said Sunggyu as he finished draining the deer he had found and turned to Bomin. Bomin shrugged, returning to human form as Daeyeol finished draining the deer he had taken down. "It's easier on Daeyeol," he said. "I hate the taste of animal blood," said Daeyeol as he scratched the back of his head. "Bomin's taken to hunting animals though, so it's easier on the both of us," he said.

"It'll get easier," said Sunggyu. "Just gotta get used to it," he said. "I'm sure I will," said Daeyeol as he heard the phone ding and Daeyeol took it out of the bag to see what was up. "Oh, Cory's asking for you," he said, putting the phone back in the bag and zipping it up.

"I should get going then," said Sunggyu. "It was nice to catch up with you," he said. "Tell Changkyun that we said thanks for letting us stay," said Daeyeol. "Sure," said Sunggyu before he turned and ran back to the house.

"And here we are," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "Time to head onwards then," he said. "Where do you wanna go next?" Asked Bomin as he tilted his head to the side. "I was gonna say we could hit up Chicago and then Detroit before heading into Montreal," said Daeyeol. "We won't have to worry about potentially losing our papers next time something stupid happens like what happened in Toronto," he added.

"Oh good, we can go visit Sandeul to see how things are," said Bomin. "He was with them wasn't he?" Hummed Daeyeol. "Let's wait on that," he said. "Detroit is a bit too close to Toronto for my taste," he added.

"We could go around, head over to Ithaca, New York before heading up to Montreal," said Bomin. "Either way we have to head up there anyway to get our papers," he said. "Right," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "We'll go that route then," he said. "Go around Lake Eerie to get to Ithaca," he said.

"God I hate dealing with other species," Daeyeol said, sighing as he started moving, with Bomin following after him in his fox form. "At least you'll be able to get some sleep in a bed," he said.

"It's just one of those things you know?" Asked Daeyeol. "I wasn't that social when I was human," he said. "It's why I never joined a coven until Seongyoon asked," he said. "I put up with you, because we were stuck together, no offense," he said, pausing and causing Bomin to come to a stop in front of Daeyeol before turning to look at him.

"Didn't need to put it so bluntly now," said Bomin after returning to human form. "Look at [i how] many times I had to save [i you] from nearly becoming ashes since we've been stuck together," he said. "No matter what, this contract we have somehow became permanent," he said.

"I'm sorry," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "For?" Asked Bomin. "I've been going through this phase and I never bothered to see how you were faring with everything," said Daeyeol. "Your brother was killed," said Bomin. "It's called grief," he said. "I understand how that is, trust me," he said. "Everyone has had their fair share of grief," he said.

"Everyone in the supernatural world has had more than their fair share at this point," said Daeyeol. "Exactly," said Bomin. "We just have to try and move passed it," he said. "I know, losing your only family member is hard, but you'll get through it," he said. "Okay," said Daeyeol. "Let's go," he said. Bomin changed to his fox form and Daeyeol continued moving, Bomin soon following after him.

[center ~]

Sungyeol woke with a gasp, sitting up as he did so. "Where the hell?" He asked, looking down at his wrist where he felt something move. A bracelet? Sungyeol turned when he heard the door open and someone walked in.

"Who are you?" Asked Sungyeol. "I gave up one of my tails for this crap," said Youngtaek as he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand, a similar bracelet on his wrist. "Sorry, I was coming to take Chan and Yuto back to Europe when this happened," said Kevin as he entered the room. Sungyeol blinked.

"When I heard you were related to Daeyeol I had to do something," said Kevin as he shrugged. "He and Bomin saved someone we came to learn was our sister," he said. "My name is Kevin, I'm a part of a trio of leaders that own Norway, Sweden and Finland, I call Finland home," he said.

"Oh, you're the dog Jun mentions every now and again," said Sungyeol. Kevin nodded. "You're under a fox's contract, I don't know what that entails but," he said, shrugging.

"I gave up one of my tails to bring you back," said Youngtaek. "I think it's permanent, but I don't know," he said. "Someone with more tails would know more than I do," he said, shrugging. "You're still a vampire," he added. "But with the strength of a 9 tailed fox who has one tail," he said. "Which, is still pretty powerful," he added. "But I don't know if you will end up with a fox form or not," he said.

"Am I allowed to see the others?" Asked Sungyeol. "It'd be best if you do," said Kevin. "Especially your brother after everything that happened," he said.

"Is there any restrictions?" Asked Sungyeol. "No," said Youngtaek. "As long as I'm alive you're fine," he said. "But since I'm under Kevin's contract I found out I am also pretty much unkillable, unless I remove all my tails," he said.

"Will your tail grow back?" Asked Sungyeol. "I don't think so," said Youngtaek. "It's part of the bracelet we both wear so," he said, shrugging. "Huh," hummed Sungyeol.

[center ~]

Daeyeol paused and looked at his phone when it dinged, seeing a text message from Kevin. Bomin stopped and turned to look at him, his head tilting to the side. "Nothing, Kevin wants to meet up in Chicago," said Daeyeol. "We're on our way there anyway," he added shrugging before replying to the text and putting the phone back into the bag and zipping it up.

"We're staying with a pack of 'shifters and a dog, are you okay with that?" He asked. Bomin nodded in response, earning a nod from Daeyeol. "Okay, let's keep going," said Daeyeol, contiuing the journey to Chicago. Bomin followed after him.

[center ~]

Eunki ended up joining them for the journey, as he had some information to pass to MJ who had apparently been away for a few months prior to this due to missions. "[i Apparently] he finally made it home so I need to pass on something to him," said Eunki. "Okay," said Daeyeol. "I'm fine with that," He said.

"Don't worry, I'll be out of your hair as soon as this information is delivered," said Eunki. "It's nice to have some company," said Daeyeol. "Every now and again," he added. "It's why I'm never really a part of a coven," said Eunki. "I prefer travelling alone anyway," he said. "But travelling with someone for a bit does work too," he added.
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[center Chapter 7]

There was always something nostalgic about entering Chicago, despite the fact that Daeyeol almost never spent more than a day in the city. Bomin returned to his human form when they were on the outskirts, and Daeyeol and Eunki let him get used to being in human form again before heading into the city with Bomin following after them.

As they reached the house where MJ lived Eunki split away from them to get his one hunt in saying that he'd be back afterwards.

"Hey you two," said MJ as he opened the door. "Kevin's out back on the dock," he said. "Can we come in or do we have to walk around?" Asked Daeyeol. "Come on in," said MJ as he moved to let them in and point to where the back door was. "Go through the kitchen, it's just in the hallway by the stairs," he said. Daeyeol and Bomin walked through the house and outside, spotting Kevin, Youngtaek and a familiar figure who had his back turned to them standing on the dock overlooking lake Michigan.

"Kevin, Youngtaek," called Daeyeol as he walked over. Kevin waved, and Youngtaek nodded his head in greeting. The third person turned around and Daeyeol paused in surprise while Bomin blinked in surprise as he stopped in his tracks.

"S-Sungyeol?" Asked Daeyeol. "The one and only," said Sungyeol as he smirked. Daeyeol blinked, scoffing. "Okay, continue being a stuck up prick," he said. Bomin nudged him forward and Daeyeol dropped the act and sprinted forward, tackling Sungyeol and bring him into a bone crushing hug. Sungyeol chuckled softly as he hugged Daeyeol back.

Bomin turned to Youngtaek who shrugged. "I didn't think you had it in you," said Bomin, earning a scoff from Youngtaek. "It was Kevin's idea," said Youngtaek.

"I did this because I wanted to pay you back for bringing Yoohyeon to us," he said as Daeyeol moved away from Sungyeol to turn to Kevin. "You wanted to pay us back for that?" Asked Daeyeol.

"I wanted to find a way to pay you back for that," said Kevin. "I wasn't sure what I was going to do," he added. "But after everything that happened in Toronto I figured that I would pay you back in this way," he said.

"I gave up one of my tails for that," said Youngtaek. Bomin blinked in surprise, though his expression remained blank. "I won't do anything," said Youngtaek. "The contract is there til I die anyway," he added. "There's always a [i but] to a fox's contract," said Bomin.

"What was the exchange for this?" Asked Daeyeol as he understoond what Bomin was saying. "Nothing," said Kevin. "I'm free to live out my life as long as Youngtaek doesn't get himself killed," said Sungyeol.

Bomin eyed Youngtaek who stared right back, looking for any fault in their reasoning. "Why don't you two go hunt?" Asked Kevin as he broke the tension between the two foxes. "I'm sure Bomin's getting hungry from his trip here," he added. Bomin scoffed, shaking his head. "Come on then fox," he said. "Oi, I am still faster than you," Youngtaek said, scowling before he and Bomin ran off to hunt.

"Did Yuto and Chan make it back to Germany?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to Kevin. "I literally watched them get on the plane," said Kevin as he shrugged. "I was there as a guide dog with Youngtaek so," he said, shrugging again. "When it was said and done I went to see about bringing Sungyeol back," he said.

"Well," said Sungyeol. "I need to hunt, want to join me?" He asked. Daeyeol blinked. "Sure," he said. "Can you keep up with me old man?" He asked with a smirk. "Oi," said Sungyeol. "I'm not [i that] much older than you," he said. "Come on then," said Daeyeol before he left, going to hunt. Sungyeol ran after him, leaving Kevin to stand on the dock and watch them go, a soft chuckle escaping him before he turned back to look out at the water.

[center ~]

Youngtaek and Bomin made it a game, the both of them running through the forest near the house to try and find something. Bomin was more inclined to hunt animals than Youngtaek, but they both made it a game to find the biggest game to go after.

Youngtaek ended up finding a rabbit, which was fine with him, but Bomin pushed to find something bigger. Bomin followed the pull of his contract and ended up near the two brothers as Youngtaek joined him, the four of them near a herd of deer. A silent signal went between Youngtaek and Bomin and they both tag teamed a deer, pouncing on it and scattering the herd.

Daeyeol and Sungyeol rushed to get their kills, quickly tackling a deer each and draining it. Bomin was triumphant as he and Youngtaek shared a deer, the both of them tearing into it and eating their fill.

[center ~]

When everyone was done everyone made their way back to the main house, where Eunki was standing in the backyard having a conversation with MJ and Kevin who was ready to go when Youngtaek came back.

"Let's go Youngtaek," said Kevin as everyone walked into view. Youngtaek sighed, nodding to Kevin who dropped his human illusion and ran off, Youngtaek sprinting after him.

"What are you guys doing?" Asked MJ as he turned to Daeyeol, Sungyeol and Bomin. "I need to shower for one," said Bomin as he returned to his human form. "It'd be nice to sleep in a bed for a night," he said. "We're not heading to Detroit from here, we're heading around Lake Eerie to Ithaca," said Daeyeol.

"It's good you do, Kangmin had to move his team, Sandeul, and Moonbyul away from Detroit as Taehyun had to lock down the city from other species," said MJ. "They had moved to Seattle since Sandeul's pack is there and Taehyun didn't want Moonbyul in danger," he said.

"God everything went to hell after what happened in Toronto huh?" Asked Daeyeol. "Apparently," said MJ. "Jinho had to go make sure that nothing was going to come this way, so that's why it's just me at home at the moment," he said.

"Even cripple Hongseok went with them?" Asked Daeyeol. MJ scoffed. "We kicked him out when he tried to defend his actions," he said. "Taehyun took him in and put him in a scar contract to keep him from getting any ideas," he said.

"What'd it do, leave him unable to walk?" Asked Bomin. "Worse, Taehyun took his wolf form," said MJ. "Leaving him essentially human," he added. "Damn," said Daeyeol.

"Well," said Eunki as he stretched. "I'm gonna go now," he said. "I have to head up to Detroit anyway, so let them know I'm heading over yeah?" He asked. "Sure," said MJ. "And thanks for the information," he added. Eunki nodded, bowing his head before leaving, heading in the direction of Detroit.

[center ~]

After showering and changing clothes he had borrowed from MJ while his own went through the wash Bomin went straight to sleep despite how early in the day it still was. Daeyeol wasn't in a hurry to leave, but they had both been running non stop for a few days since leaving Colorado so Bomin just wanted to sleep.

Daeyeol and Sungyeol showered and changed clothes, letting their clothes go through the wash before they moved on. MJ kept them company, though they mostly stayed outside so Daeyeol and Sungyeol felt more comfortable and Bomin could sleep without much disturbance.

"You know," said MJ as he turned to Daeyeol and Sungyeol as they sat in the backyard under a tree just enjoying the afternoon. "You two remind me of mine and Kino's relationship," he said. "I see Kino like a younger brother, and from what I heard of you two's reputation when with each other, I can see that we're the same as you," he said.

Sungyeol chuckled softly, shifting in his seat. "Well, this stems from our human days," he said. "We went from loving brothers to constant arguing," he said. "I remember our parents asking if we were actually fine with each other and we responded that we were," said Daeyeol. "Sungyeol started it though," he added. "I did," Sungyeol said, sighing.

"We don't hate each other, but this reputation continued as we ran into each other throughout the years," said Daeyeol. "Hm," hummed MJ.
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[center Chapter 8]

"Hey, do you have all your papers and everything?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to Sungyeol. "I do, but I'm not leaving Toronto," said Sungyeol. "Or at least, Chani's coven," he added. "Something will end up pulling you towards Finland," said Daeyeol. "Especially now that Kevin returned to Finland," he said.

"I'm not going to abandon Chani like that," said Sungyeol. "Look at Sunggyu," said Daeyeol. "He didn't abandon Chani, but he still left the coven in his care," he said. "I'm not saying you [i have] to join a completely new coven, but this would be easier on you if you did," he said.

"Especially if the contract is permanent," said MJ as he was half listening to the conversation while looking at something on his phone. "Something was exchanged for this to happen," he said, looking up from from his phone. "There is no way you got out of this scot free," he said.

"And you know this how?" Asked Sungyeol. "Changgu," said MJ. "The dog?" Asked Daeyeol. "What about him?" He asked. "Even someone like him is under a contract," said MJ. "It took a while for me to figure out what his was, but it's a scar contract," he said. "There's just a [i tiny] scar across his left wrist that is barely noticeable unless you look at it in the right light," he said.

"Someone brought him back," said Daeyeol. "It seems so," hummed MJ as he looked thoughtful. "Someone who knew who he was, or someone that wants to get back at this pack somehow," said Daeyeol. "It would seem so," said MJ. "No one else that we know has a scar like that," he said. "So this is very odd," he added.

"Hopefully no one is after your pack or anything," said Sungyeol. "I liked Changgu when he was still with my coven," he said. "It seems that he's fine though," said MJ. "I'm sure whatever happens will happen though," he said, sighing. "One day he will have to go back to his master, whoever that is," he said.

"Do the others know?" Asked Daeyeol. "No," said MJ. "I'm the only one who knows," he said. "If someone else knows they're hiding it well," he added. "Because no one will notice it unless you look [i very] closely," he said.

[center ~]

Bomin stumbled outside after a long nap, yawning and rubbing his eyes as he walked over to where Daeyeol was still sitting with his brother and MJ. "Had a nice nap?" Asked Daeyeol. "Mm," hummed Bomin as he shook his head to wake himself up more.

"Are you ready to go?" Asked Daeyeol. "We're leaving already?" Asked Bomin as he tilted his head to the side. "It'd be easier to go now," said Sungyeol. "Our clothes are done, we'll just change back into them and be on our way," he added. "Right," said Bomin as he nodded. "Alright," he said.

"Tell Changgu we said hello yeah?" Asked Sungyeol as he exited the house after changing clothes. "Sure, no problem," said MJ. "Take care of yourselves now," he said as Daeyeol and Bomin came outside and Bomin changed to his fox form, shaking out his fur. Daeyeol made sure he had everything in his bag before nodding.

"Tell Jaehyun I said hello then," said MJ. "We will," said Daeyeol. "Though, I don't think we'll even stop by there, just hunt and then move onto Montreal," he said. "I'm heading back up to Toronto once we hit Ithaca," said Sungyeol. "I'll let you know if it's safe enough to come back if you end up coming back that way," he said.

"Why not just go now?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to Sungyeol. "It's a straight shot to Toronto from here," he added. "I'll be fine on my own, I've been fine all those years we've been apart," he said.

A staring contest started between the two brothers and MJ and Bomin were hesitant to break the two apart. Eventually Sungyeol backed down, sighing. "Right, I told you to forge your own path, I guess that means I can't stay around much longer huh?" He asked.

"I never said you had to just [i leave]," said Daeyeol as he turned, walking in the direction of Ithaca with Bomin jumping over to follow him. "I'm saying it'll be easier on [i me] since I am sitll wrapping my head around the fact that you're back," he said before sprinting off. Bomin turned to look at Sungyeol, a soft growl leaving him before he turned and followed after Daeyeol.

Sungyeol looked surprised at the information, though he knew he should've expected that. He turned to MJ who shrugged. "Go after him or go to Toronto, it's your choice," said MJ.

"Go with what your hearts tells you," said MJ. Sungyeol hesitated, his mind wanting to go home but his heart told him the opposite. He ended up rushing after where Daeyeol had run off to, missing the soft smile that appeared on MJ's face as he left.

"Good luck you two, I know you'll need it," said MJ as he sighed, sitting back down in his chair and contemplated his own options.

[center ~]

Daeyeol was happy that Sungyeol had decided to join them, and Bomin was in a better mood now that Sungyeol had decided to join them. The two of them were so in tuned with each other that Daeyeol's emotions sometimes rubbed off on Bomin due to how intricate their contract was.

"I don't know why I even thought of going home," said Sungyeol as they stopped by a stream to let Bomin drink from it. "You miss Hui," said Daeyeol as he checked his phone for anything new happening. "You miss your coven," he added. "It's natural you want to head home from here," he said.

"We'll be fine though," said Sungyeol as he looked ahead. "We have to be," said Daeyeol. "I don't think you realize how much your death affected [i everyone]," he said. "I have an idea of it," said Sungyeol.

Bomin walked over after a few minutes and they were off again, keeping lake Eerie in to their left for the next few miles or so.

[center ~]

Their presence wasn't even that great compared to the stench of the 'shifters that were Jaehyun's pack. Daeyeol didn't want to stay in the area for [i too] long, but he at least had to let the vampires that were a part of the pack know they were in the area to hunt before moving north. Bomin had been getting hungry again, and Daeyeol took it as the perfect opportunity to top off on his thirst.

Mark was the first they encountered, as he was patrolling the area due to an increase of activity in the area. "They have you patrolling now huh?" Asked Daeyeol as he stopped in front of Mark.

"What's it to you?" Asked Mark. "We're just passing through," said Sungyeol. "We're hunting then heading up to Montreal, can you pass that on to Jaehyun before he has a cow?" He asked. "He already knows you're here," said Mark as he shrugged.

"Let me guess, MJ let him know?" Asked Daeyeol. "Mhm," said Mark. "You're free to hunt but you can't stay in the territory," he said. "You'll have to move on, all three of you," he said.

Daeyeol looked down at Bomin who let out a huff, nodding to that. Bomin was getting tired, even Daeyeol could feel it, but he would continue on if they weren't allowed to rest for a bit.

"Alright," said Daeyeol. "We'll hunt then be on our way," he said. "Ace's move to Montreal is stirring up a lot of trouble around this side of lake Eerie so sorry, we'd normally let the fox stop and rest but Jaehyun isn't having it," said Mark. "It's fine," said Daeyeol. "I'll just carry him the rest of the way if I have to," he said.

"We'll be off to hunt then," said Sungyeol. "Be careful," said Mark. Daeyeol nodded and turned, running off with Bomin following after him. Sungyeol bowed before turning and following after Daeyeol.
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[center Chapter 9]

Daeyeol ended up carrying Bomin on his back the rest of the way to Montreal after Bomin collapsed from exhaustion after a hunt. Sungyeol now had the bag on his back as they made their way up to Montreal after Bomin was secure on Daeyeol's back.

"Next time you're carrying him," said Daeyeol as he listened to Bomin mumbling in his sleep. "What, is the fox too heavy for you?" Asked Sungyeol. "Please," said Daeyeol. "It's just nice to have my hands free for once," he said.

"We're almost there," said Sungyeol as they stopped at the borders between the two countries to let Daeyeol adjust Bomin on his back again. "I know," said Daeyeol. "But why does it feel like we're about to walk into something big?" He asked.

"Lou's there right? He's Ace's fox," said Sungyeol. "Yes, but I have a feeling we'll be running into something else while getting our papers," said Daeyeol. "Hm," hummed Sungyeol.

[center ~]

A short while later they entered Montreal, with Daeyeol waking Bomin up so he could let him down, letting Bomin stretch after he was on his feet. Sungyeol handed Daeyeol his bag and Daeyeol slung it across his back before they entered the city with Daeyeol at the lead.

Ace met them outside a building, with Ayno flanking him like usual. Bomin eyed Ayno before shaking his head and taking a step back, staying back a bit further than Daeyeol and Sungyeol who had turned to Bomin in confusion.

"You've figured it out then fox," said Ace as he watched Bomin before turning to Daeyeol. "It's hard to not notice the fact that Ayno grew his first tail," said Bomin as he shrugged. "I'm just respecting his space, unlike Lou apparently," he said with a scoff.

"It's not my fault you decided to show up without letting us know ahead of time," came Lou's voice as he walked up behind them with Ziu and Baron.

"I thought we did," said Daeyeol as Bomin growled at Lou, the tension rising between the two of them. "Leave them be Lou," said Ace. "They're only here for their papers," he said.

"I got them," said Baron as he stepped forward, handing the papers to Bomin who took them and handed them to Daeyeol who immediately put them into the bag.

"Now get out," said Ace. "Oi," said Sungyeol. "We [i just] got here and you're kicking us out of the city already?" He asked. "It's okay," said Bomin as he sighed. "I was expecting something like this," he said.

"The foxes are very territorial," said Ace. "I'm sure you understand," he said. "I do," hummed Bomin. "Along with all the action going on between here, Toronto, Ithaca and surrounding cities," he added. "It's best to just stay out of this side of North America," said Ace. "Return to Europe if you can, but stay out of this part of the world for a while," he said.

"Let's go then," said Daeyeol as he took a step back, backing down for the time being. Sungyeol had no choice but to agree, sighing as he and Bomin looked at Daeyeol who turned to them before moving passed Bomin and towards Lou. Lou, Baron and Ziu moved out of the way, letting Daeyeol walk passed them. Bomin and Sungyeol followed after him, Bomin bumping shoulders with Lou as he walked passed Lou. Lou stayed where he was, watching the three of them leave.

[center ~]

"Why were we forced to leave?" asked Sungyeol as they were wandering the forest outside of Montreal trying to figure out what to do next. "I've never felt so much hostility from those three," said Daeyeol as he watched Bomin walk ahead of them with his hands intertwined behind his back. "Bomin was prepared for a fight," he said. "Really?" Asked Sungyeol.

"If he was in his fox form Bomin would've been more vocal in his distrust for Lou after what he had done," said Daeyeol. "I could feel it through the contract how pissed he was at Lou," he said.

"What happened between those two?" Asked Sungyeol. "I don't know," said Daeyeol. "This was before I acquired him," he added. "How many tails does Lou even have?" Asked Sungyeol. "According to the last encounter we had with him, 4," said Daeyeol. "Him and Youngtaek combined would've given Geumhyuk enough power to overthrow a fox with all nine tails," he said.

"Is there anyone with all nine tails left alive?" Asked Sungyeol. "Bomin would know," said Daeyeol as Bomin turned his head to look at them. "Know what?" Asked Bomin.

"The existence of others with all 9 tails," said Daeyeol. "There was me and one other person for a long time," said Bomin. "I'm sure there's others by [i now] at least," he added. "But we're a dying species," he said.

"Outside of everyone we know that's a fox, is there anyone else you know outside of this?" Asked Sungyeol. "Honestly? I haven't run into another new fox in years," said Bomin. "Russia is where they hide now according to Yuri," he said. "But I personally haven't run into anyone new in years," he said.

[center ~]

After hours of just wandering around outside of Montreal Daeyeol decided to move on. As they left the Canadian border behind going back into New York they ran into Yeosang and Mingi and Mingi was left to keep Bomin company while Yeosang invited the two brothers to hunt.

"Yeosang seems more frazzled than usual," said Bomin as he and Mingi perched on a cliff overlooking a small lake. "Toronto's situation is stressing everyone out," said Mingi as he shrugged. "Yunho and Gunmin disappeared off the radar after what happened, and Hyojin is worried that MK might too," he said.

"The subpacks are in chaos aren't they?" Asked Bomin. "Why wouldn't they be?" Asked Mingi. "They put their trust into Kris, and it came back to bite them in the butt," he said. "Yeosang hasn't heard from Hongjoong in weeks, and Hyojin's choosing to stick with JR but I don't know how long that's going to last," he said. "At least Yixing and Yedam are fine, but I don't know," he said.

"All I gotta say is, it's good that Jaemin and Yuto are out of the city right now," said Mingi. Bomin hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 10]

After they returned from their hunt Yeosang and Mingi moved on, going further north to speak with Ace and his coven before leaving North America all together to head to Austria to join Seonghwa. Daeyeol and Sungyeol decided to head south, hopefully towards Jaehwan's territory in Louisiana but they would hit up Virginia to visit Xiao's pack if Bomin didn't look like he would make it the entire trip.

After running into Taeyang who also warned them about not staying in the area, the two brothers and Bomin moved on, Bomin in his fox form as they quickly rushed out of the area as soon as they could.

[center ~]

"I still say we should've at least asked them to let Bomin stay for a few hours so he could rest up," said Sungyeol as they were running. "Well, there was no way we could've," said Daeyeol. "When Mark [i and] Taeyang said we couldn't stay in the area we really couldn't," he said. "I don't want to warrant any [i more] hostility than we have to," he added. "So it was best to move on," he said.

"Besides," said Daeyeol as he paused, causing Sungyeol to pause midstep as Bomin had to skid to a stop a few feet in front of them before turning to look at the two brothers. "Bomin's capable of going days without much rest, thanks to our contract," he said.

"You two have really worked out this contract of yours huh?" Asked Sungyeol. "Well, it's something we've come to learn over time," said Daeyeol. "As long as I don't push it when he's exhausted, he'll be fine," he said. "And you'll know," said Sungyeol. "Pretty much," said Daeyeol as he walked up to Bomin and bent down, petting him on the head before standing and moving away. "Are you hungry?" He asked. Bomin shook his head no. "Alright, we'll keep moving then," said Daeyeol as he walked around Bomin before sprinting forward. Bomin turned to Sungyeol, bowing his head before turning and running after Daeyeol.

Sungyeol watched them go for a second before looking down at his bracelet on his wrist. He noticed that the wooden cross that was on it now had a gold trim around it, signaling the mark of a permanent contract before he looked back towards where Daeyeol and Bomin ran off to. He soon rushed after them, a feeling of longing finally overcoming him as he moved further and further away from the direction he was assuming Youngtaek was.

[center ~]

"You wish to have the fox rest here for a few hours?" Asked Xiao as he sat outside on the back deck late at night when Daeyeol and Sungyeol had arrived in his backyard with Bomin on Daeyeol's back. "Well," said Daeyeol. "If you'll let him," he said, adjusting a sleeping Bomin on his back. "We'll move on if you say no, but Bomin just needs to sleep for a few hours," he said.

"I suppose," hummed Xiao. "Set him down on the loveseat," he said, motioning to said loveseat. Daeyeol went to maneuver Bomin onto the loveseat before moving away, watching as Bomin curled up into a ball. "Thank you," said Daeyeol, the relief evident in his relaxed stance as he moved away.

"What brings you out here late at night anyway?" Asked Daeyeol as he sat down in an unmarked chair beside the loveseat. Sungyeol sat on a chair on the opposite side, relaxing in his chair as he half listened to the conversation. "Xion asked if I could take his place some nights while he and Hwanhee went to look for Yunho and Gunmin," said Xiao. "Dongmyeong is busy with missions at the moment, taking Changhyun with him," he added.

"Do you think Wooseok is coming back here?" Asked Daeyeol. "I don't know to be honest with you," said Xiao as he shrugged. "This situation has everyone in a bind," he added. "I'm awaiting the decision, since Moonbin said he wasn't allowed to go to Berlin," he said. "I'm expecting those two to return to Austria at some point though," he added as an afterthought.

"You think that because he was the alpha before he'd be back as alpha?" Asked Daeyeol as he tilted his head to the side. "In a way, but I've been running this pack just fine," said Xiao as he shrugged. "Nothing major has happened since the two brothers were reunited," he added. "Dongmyeong and Xion," said Daeyeol. "Yep," hummed Xiao as he looked out towards the forest when he heard movement.

"What brings you this way Jangjun?" Asked Daeyeol as said vampire walked out of the forest. "I caught onto your trail when I left Boston," said Jangjun. "I'm just here because Seongyoon was worried since you weren't answering his texts," he added.

"My phone's dead, and I haven't been able to find a place to charge it," said Daeyeol. "Everywhere we've stopped we haven't been able to charge the phone," he added. "There's some plugs on one of the support beams of the gazebo if you need to use it," said Xiao. "If you don't mind," said Daeyeol. "Go ahead," said Xiao. Daeyeol got up and went to plug in his phone, watching as it finally turned on again and started charging. He put it on the small table conveniently beside the plug before going to sit down.

"Are you going to travel with us or are you going back to Russia?" Asked Daeyeol as Jangjun walked over and sat down in a chair beside Xiao. "I think I'll go with you for a bit, at least my phone's charged," said Jangjun, earning a sigh from Daeyeol. "If only you had [i seen] the stuff we've been through, then you'd understand why my phone is dead," said Daeyeol.

"I get it," said Jangjun as he nodded. "But you know how Seongyoon is," he added. "I'm not officially a part of your coven," said Daeyeol as he shrugged. "The only reason I agreed was because it was a place for Bomin to get some rest before we would hit Finalnd," he said. "Seongyoon knows that I never officially joined his coven," he said. "So don't feel obligated to travel with us," he added.

"I'm going, if you don't mind," said Jangjun. "I'm fine with it," said Sungyeol as he turned to his brother and Jangjun. "Alright," said Daeyeol as he nodded. "But I'm the leader in this situation," he added. "Fine," said Jangjun.

[center ~]

It was morning when someone new came outside, the back door opening to reveal Sunyoul who stepped out to get a breath of fresh air. "Oh, we have visitors," said Sunyoul as he spotted Bomin leaning against the railing. "Where'd Xiao go?" He asked. "He went for a run," said Bomin as he shrugged, turning to Sunyoul.

"Oh, it's you," said Sunyoul. "Yes, it's the fox," Bomin said with a sigh. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with that," said Sunyoul. "Where's your contract owner?" He asked. "He went hunting with his brother and covenmate," said Bomin. "I'm assuming that's what happened because Daeyeol's phone was next to me when I woke up, fully charged with a message saying where he went," he said. "I see," said Sunyoul.
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[center Chapter 11]

"Hyung," said Daeyeol as he turned to Sungyeol while the two of them got some time alone. "What's up?" Asked Sungyeol. "When... When our village was burned down, how did you deal with that?" Asked Daeyeol. "Well," hummed Sungyeol as he thought about it.

"I had Sungjong with me, when it happened," said Sungyeol after he thought about it. "I wanted to come find you too, but Sungjong didn't want to risk it," he said. "Were you vampires then?" Asked Daeyeol. "We were," said Sungyeol as he nodded.

"Why didn't you come looking for me?" Asked Daeyeol. "I wanted to," said Sungyeol. "But my thirst was out of control then," he said. "I wanted to find you at least, but it seems Bomin was there to make sure you'd make it," he said.

"I didn't meet Bomin again until he came to me," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "And that was long into the second world war where I was just trying to survive," he said. "I did manage to make it into Sweden but I didn't stay long," he added. "Some things don't change it seems," he said.

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Sungyeol. "Oh nothing," said Daeyeol as he turned and headed back to the house. Sungyeol followed after him.

[center ~]

They were heading back when the ring on Daeyeol's finger started pulsing, causing Daeyeol to pause and gauge what was happening. "What's up?" Asked Sungyeol. "Something is happening back at the house," said Daeyeol as he soon sprinted back, with Sungyeol following after him.

"Ah," said Bomin as he turned to the two brothers when they came into view. "Here they are," he said. "What happened?" Asked Daeyeol as the ring stopped pulsing when he came to a stop in front of Bomin.

"Jangjun went missing," said Bomin. "Are you kidding me?" Asked Daeyeol as he sighed. "He was supposed to come back here after he was done hunting," he said. "Did he leave a message on the phone?" He asked. "No," said Bomin.

"Okay, we'll have to find him somehow," hummed Daeyeol. "I'm not a tracker either," he grumbled, looking deep in thought. "He couldn't've gone far right?" Asked Xiao. "He said he was going with you three," he said. "Mm," hummed Daeyeol.

"I can try and find him," said Bomin. "I'm not the [i best] tracker, but how hard is it to find [i one] vampire?" He asked. "Just be careful out there okay?" Asked Daeyeol. "Seongyoon will have my head if he finds out anything happened to Jangjun," he said.

Bomin nodded, moving away and changing on the spot, stretching out by leaning down on his front paws before straightening and shaking out his fur. He sniffed the air, catching Jangjun's scent and running towards it, soon disappearing from view.

Daeyeol watched him go, worry evident in his eyes as Sungyeol put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Bomin will find him, don't worry okay?" He asked. "I know," said Daeyeol. "It's Jangjun I'm worried about," he added.

"He's not like you," said Xiao. "No, Jangjun hunts humans," said Daeyeol as he sighed. "But sometimes he takes things [i too] far and I'm thinking this happened to him," he said.

[center ~]

Following after Jangjun's scent was easy enough, but finding him was even harder. The scents of the 'shifters slightly overpowered Jangjun's and it was making it hard for Bomin to concentrate on Jangjun's scent.

When he finally came upon said vampire Bomin came across what looked like a massacre. What was once a human camp looked like it had been ripped apart, bodies strewn everywhere and even a dead dog by the base of a tree. Jangjun was currently kneeling in front of said dog, his hands shaking as he gently pet its head.

"I-I didn't mean it," mumbled Jangjun as Bomin walked over after changing back to his human form. "T-The dog was- It was-" started Jangjun before he moved away, a sob escaping him. "You tried to save the dog," Bomin said softly as understanding dawned on him. "The damn thing tried to protect its owners," said Jangjun as he tried to calm down, Bomin leaning down and bringing Jangjun into his arms to let him sob into his chest.

[center ~]

Daeyeol and Sungyeol appeared a few minutes later, looking at the scene before them. "Jesus," said Daeyeol as he looked around. "I was trying to save the dog," said Jangjun as he sighed, looking at the remains of the camp.

"You had a reason to go berserk this time?" Asked Sungyeol. "I'm normally better at controlling myself," said Jangjun. "You know this Daeyeol," he added. "Of course," said Daeyeol. "You only tried to do what you thought was right, and this happened," he said.

"Where'd Bomin go?" Asked Sungyeol. "He went to give the dog a proper burial," said Jangjun. "I don't know what to do with this though," he said, motioning to the mess. "I'm sure that Bomin will take care of the bodies," said Daeyeol.

"You realize I haven't hunted any humans in months right?" Asked Bomin as he walked over with his hands in his pockets. "I don't know how my fox form is going to react to this," he said. "We'll burn the bodies then," said Daeyeol. "I'll head back and let Xiao know the plan," he said. "I'll be back in a few minutes with Xiao and some matches," he said. "We'll get everything set up," said Bomin as he nodded. Daeyeol nodded and left, going to let Xiao know what was happening.

Jangjun and Sungyeol went to gather everything into a big pile, with Bomin surrounding the area with rocks to keep the fire from spreading and then the three of them went to get all the wood they could find to start a huge bonfire.

[center ~]

Xiao appeared with Daeyeol a few minutes later, bringing along Hwanhee who had just returned from trying to find Yunho with no success. "Guess that was a failure huh?" Asked Bomin when he saw Hwanhee.

"How could it be [i this] hard to find one person?" Asked Hwanhee as Xiao threw gasoline onto the pile to make sure it'd light before throwing a lit piece of paper into the pile, watching as it went up in flames.

"When someone doesn't want to be found, they [i really] don't," said Bomin as he looked at the fire. "Especially when they're grieving," he added. "Sometimes people want to grieve alone," he said. "Gunmin won't leave his side, but you get what I mean," he added.

"You think Yunho's still grieving over his brother's death?" Asked Hwanhee. "It's possible," hummed Daeyeol. "Especially when [i he] had to make the killing blow," he said.

"He'll come out of hiding eventually, he's waiting on what Hongjoong decides to do," said Bomin. "That's what I hear through the grapevine anyway," he added. "Either way he's staying with Byungchan and his pack I think," he said. "Due to Wooseok and Seungwoo leaving, along with Hanse and Chan," he said. "There's no hunters in the pack so Yunho may stay," he said. Hwanhee hummed in response.

[center ~]

Daeyeol decided to continue on after the fire burned out and Bomin got a chance to hunt. "Say hi to Jaehwan for me," said Hwanhee. "Will do," said Daeyeol before he sprinted off, with Sungyeol and Jangjun following after him. Bomin followed after them in his fox form, the 4 of them disappearing from view.
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[center Chapter 12]

Bomin was tired. Daeyeol was pushing the journey harder than usual, and it was really starting to wear him out. It was why he was grateful for a much needed break, the four of them coming to a stop by a river to let Bomin get a drink of water and sit for a few minutes. Daeyeol and Sungyeol were off to the side having a quiet discussion while Jangjun was left to keep Bomin company.

"I feel like the odd one out," said Jangjun as Bomin sat down and looked up at the sky. "The two brothers have themselves, you're with Daeyeol and I'm just me," he said, sighing a bit as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "I knew that coming into this would end up being like this but," he said, shrugging. "I do enjoy your company though," he added. "I just feel lonely sometimes," he hummed. Bomin nodded in understanding, lightly growling in response since he couldn't hum.

"We're almost there," said Daeyeol as he walked over with Sungyeol. "Sorry to push this journey but," he added, sighing a bit. "Things have gotten tense up north, and I want to stay as far south as possible before we leave the country all together," he said. "Are you ready to go?" He asked Bomin. Bomin got to his feet, nodding as he turned to Daeyeol.

"Oi," said Jangjun. "We've been running non stop at pretty much full speed for 5 hours," he said. "Bomin's exhausted," he said. "Let him rest a bit longer," he said. Bomin shook his head. They were almost there, so Bomin was fine with going a [i little] bit farther before his exhaustion caught up with him.

"We're going," said Daeyeol. "Bomin will be fine," he said. "How are you so sure huh?" Growled Jangjun. "You don't [i have] to be here you know," said Daeyeol as he glared at Jangjun.

"Let's go," said Sungyeol. "Bomin's ready to keep going anyway," he said, looking down at said fox. Bomin nodded, and with that Daeyeol turned and continued on, with the others following after him.

[center ~]

"Jaehwan, we got visitors," called Jihoon as Daeyeol and the others finally made it to their pack house by boat. Jaehwan came outside onto the dock as Daeyeol parked one of the boats by the dock and Jangjun parked the other boat on the other side. Bomin was fast asleep in his fox form in Daeyeol's boat so Daeyeol gently picked him up before getting out after Jihoon tied the boat to the dock.

"Why do I have a feeling this is more than a casual visit?" Asked Jaehwan as Jangjun and Sungyeol got out of their boat after Jihoon made sure to tie their boat to the dock. "It's been hell up north," said Daeyeol. "Do you mind if Bomin rests for a few hours?" He asked, looking down at the sleeping fox in his arms.

"Put him on the couch inside," said Jaehwan as he nodded. Daeyeol went to do so, soon coming back out after making sure Bomin was okay.

"What brings you and your coven down here?" Asked Jaehwan as Daeyeol stepped outside. "It's a long story," said Daeyeol as he scratched the back of his head. "The longer we stayed further north the more tense things got," he said. "We weren't the cause of it, but Chani's takeover of Toronto after everything happened is causing a lot of chaos," he said.

"How long are you going to be here?" Asked Jaehwan. "A few days, if you'll let us," said Daeyeol. "I still need to finish up some things here in the states, and Bomin's exhausted from all the running we've been doing," he said.

"Just the fox needs to sleep?" Asked Jaehwan. "Yeah, we'll be outside most of the time to not encroach on your pack house more than we need to," said Daeyeol. "You can help Zuho then," said Jaehwan. "Zuho, Seongwoo and Jinyoung are on the other side of the property building a bridge to at least let carts cross when we get stuff delivered," he said.

"I'm surprised the property owners are allowing you to do that," said Daeyeol. "We live on the property for free, just gotta keep the gators out," said Jihoon. "It is almost gator hunting season," hummed Jaehwan.

"We also do chores around the property when they need us to, but to get to us you'd have to go by boat," said Jihoon. "There's a road at the other end of the property that we got permission to connect a bridge to," he added. "A private island of sorts," said Daeyeol. "Pretty much," said Jaehwan.

"I'll go see what needs to be done," said Jangjun before he went to do so. "There's a small bridge connecting to the wilderness on the other side," said Jaehwan. "If you need to hunt," he added. "This one was here for a while now," he said. "It's only sturdy enough for foot traffic though, so," he added, shrugging.

"Uh," said Daeyeol. "Jangjun hunts humans, is that okay?" He asked, turning to Jaehwan. "If he keeps to one person, yes," said Jaehwan. "I'm more lenient than the others due to my close connections with Eunki," he added. "So I've made that a rule when any vampire that hunts humans is in the area for a short period of time," he said.

[center ~]

"Their house is a glorified shack," said Sungyeol as he and Daeyeol went hunting after telling Jangjun about what he could do regarding his hunt when he needed to. "Well, when all you really need is just 4 cots and a small kitchen it's not too bad," said Daeyeol. "They get electricity from the solar panels up top and they can just jump in the river to clean off," he said.

"It looks pretty comfy to be honest, reminds me of our old home," said Daeyeol. "Our house was not a shack," Sungyeol said, sighing. "Of course not," hummed Daeyeol. "But it was home," he said. "This is home to them, and home was home to us," he said. Sungyeol hummed in response.

[center ~]

When they got back to the house Jaehwan was talking with Bomin who had woken up on the couch and wondered outside after returning to human form to see Jaehwan fishing on the dock. "Welcome back," said Bomin as Jaehwan reeled in a fish, unhooking it and throwing it into the nearby bucket after making sure to kill it.

"Anything new happening?" Asked Jaehwan as he hooked another fish and quickly reeled it in. "No," said Daeyeol. "Jangjun is still working on the bridge last I saw," he added. "They're going to make it out of wood then reinforce it with concrete," he said. "Hm," hummed Jaehwan as he unhooked the fish and threw it into the bucket after making sure it was dead.
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[center Chapter 13]

Bomin was able to observe how things were run by the pack of 'shifters led by Jaehwan and even interacted with the humans who owned the property. An old man owned the property, and had inherited it from his grandfather. Jaehwan wasn't looking to take over the property after the old man passed, but it seemed, to Bomin at least, that it would be the case for Jaehwan and his pack.

[center ~]

"You think so too huh?" Asked Jaehwan as he and Bomin were helping repair part of a fence that surrounded the back part of the property. "I'd be surprised if you weren't included in the will to be honest," said Bomin as he shrugged, holding the pieces together while Jaehwan drilled into the fencing.

"I've already done so much for the old man," hummed Jaehwan as he worked on the bottom half of the fence. "But his son is going to fight me for it," he added. "Or make me buy the property from him," he said as an afterthought. "It's a good thing I know a good lawyer from getting my contracts for gator hunting season," he said with a small chuckle, finishing up the bottom half of the fence he was working on.

"How are things down here anyway?" Asked Bomin as they moved on to another part of the fence and started repairing that. "We never had any interaction with Kris, if that's what you're asking," hummed Jaehwan as he went to remove the old piece of fence post and Bomin held up the piece of new fence while Jaehwan drilled the wood together.

"We knew of him, all 'shifters do," said Jaehwan as he tested the strength of the fence. "But I had no interaction with his pack in general," he said. "I knew their hunters and such, but we were never on missions together or anything, just saw each other in passing when we ended up in the same cities," he said.

"Yedam, JR and Jinyoung are respectable enough I guess," said Jaehwan as he finished inspecting the fence to make sure there weren't any more weak spots. "Every hunter knows Yedam by now though, JR too," he added. "Jinyoung just kinda faded into the background when he was turned though," he said. "Yixing was just there since he was one of the original generals, and Byungchan just wasn't doing enough to be noticed," he said. "At least, compared to Seungwoo and his reputation," he said.

"Most teams avoided Toronto when they had the chance," said Bomin. "Pretty much," hummed Jaehwan as he went to pack up his tools. "Though, most teams went into Toronto for other reasons," he said. "We went because Chani and Youngbin pretty much called the place home after Chani decided to settle down," he said. "Youngbin is still nomadic but he is usually seen over there anyway," he added.

[center ~]

"Oi, Kevin's here," called Jihoon as he walked over as Bomin was helping Jangjun and Daeyeol with the bridge. "Tell him to come on over then," said Daeyeol. "I think Youngtaek is here for my brother anyway," he added. "Let me guess, Jaehwan went gator hunting?" He asked after climbing up the small bank to stand beside Jihoon. "Yeah, so he'll only be able to be over here," said Jihoon.

"Send him over," said Daeyeol as he went to text Sungyeol who had been out hunting. "I'm surprised you didn't go with them this time around," he said, turning to Jihoon. "You guys were working on the bridge, and Zuho wanted to join in on the gator hunting this time around," Jihoon said, shrugging.

"You guys need any help?" Asked Kevin as he walked over with Youngtaek flanking him like usual. "We got it, I think," said Jangjun as he walked up the bank and examined their work.

Sungyeol appeared after a few minutes, spotting Kevin and Youngtaek, with Youngtaek visibly relaxing in Sungyeol's presence. "It's about time you got back," said Sungyeol, earning a snort from Youngtaek. "It's not like I [i wanted] to leave," said Youngtaek.

"He'll be with you for the rest of the time," said Kevin as he nodded to Daeyeol. "Yoohyeon is safe in Berlin at the moment while my brothers and I are doing some stuff outside our countries for a bit," he said. "The others are keeping an eye out, I must return to Europe after this though," he said.

"I'll be fine," said Youngtaek. "Go on," he added. "It's not you I'm worried about," Kevin said with a scoff. "Whatever," said Youngtaek as he shook his head. "I'll be fine," he said. "I'm off then," said Kevin before he left.

"Jaehwan is going to be pissed," Jihoon said, sighing. "But you're working on the bridge so he should be fine with it," he added. "It's almost done," said Bomin as he looked at the bridge.

"Reinforcing it with concrete was a good idea," agreed Jihoon. "It's going to be awkward when the old man passes though," he said. "He's got enough time left to figure out what's going to happen to you," said Bomin. "How do you know?" Asked Jihoon. "Us foxes can sense that kind of thing in humans," said Bomin.

"I'd agree," said Youngtaek. "You got plenty of time to figure out your living arrangements before the old man passes," he said. "But also be prepared for anything," he said.

[center ~]

Daeyeol huffed out a sigh as he laid down on the dock looking up at the sky. It was the middle of the night, and the only people who were awake was himself, Zuho, and Sungyeol, who had disappeared to who knows where. Daeyeol was [i sure] they were going to overstay their welcome soon, so he needed to decide on where to head to next.

Daeyeol sat up when he heard movement, the pack across the front of his chest moving slightly as he looked around. Sungyeol had returned from whereever he had wandered off to, standing nearby as he too heard movement from across the river.

"It's nothing," said Daeyeol as he got up, readjusting the pack to where it rested on his back now. "We should get going," he said, turning to Sungyeol who nodded. "I think it's a good idea," said Sungyeol.

Bomin and Youngtaek made their way outside, with Zuho seeing them go. "You guys be careful now," said Zuho. "A lot is happening it seems," he hummed, looking across the water to the wilderness on the other side. "Stay safe out here," said Daeyeol as he turned to Zuho. "Same to you," said Zuho and Daeyeol ran off, going around the shack to cross the now completed bridge. The others followed after him, with Bomin going in his fox form.

[center ~]

Gunshots were heard, and Daeyeol had to pause, turning towards where they had left, with Sungyeol stopping beside him. Youngtaek and Bomin skidded to a stop a few feet ahead, turning back to look towards Jaehwan's territory.

"I hope everything is okay over there," said Sungyeol. "I'm sure it is," said Daeyeol as his phone pinged, causing Daeyeol to take it out of the bag and look at it. "We need to keep going," he said, putting the phone back in the bag and zipping it up. "So, let's go then," said Youngtaek. Daeyeol sighed and nodded, turning and continuing onwards. The others soon follow after him.
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[center Chapter 14]

A sigh left Daeyeol as he looked up at the sky, having paused for a bit to let the foxes go hunting. He wasn't thirsty yet, and neither was Sungyeol but Sungyeol had wandered off again, doing who knows what.

"You need to stop disappearing randomly," said Daeyeol as he heard Sungyeol come to a stop behind him a few minutes later. "Sorry, I can't help it," said Sungyeol as he shrugged, looking over at Daeyeol. "You've been kind of out of it too," he said.

"Bomin's been out of it," said Daeyeol. "His state of mind influences mine," he added. "You'd understand how it is the longer you spend with Youngtaek," he said. "I'm sure," said Sungyeol.

[center ~]

"What's on your mind Bomin?" Asked Youngtaek as they went to wash themselves off in a nearby stream after hunting. "A lot has been on my mind lately," hummed Bomin as he turned to Youngtaek.

"What I find funny is that they think we hate each other," said Youngtaek before he dunked himself into the water making sure to scrub himself off before coming up for air. "We don't though," said Bomin as he shrugged, putting his hands in his pants pockets. "Exactly," said Youngtaek as he got out of the stream, shifting to his fox form and shaking the water out of his fur. Bomin went to wash himself off, leaving the stream after getting thoroughly cleaned off. He shifted to his fox form and shook the water out of his fur before returning to his human form with Youngtaek doing the same, only missing his shirt.

"I guess I'll have to go get a shirt from somewhere," said Youngtaek as Bomin shook his head, a chuckle leaving him before they headed back to where the two brothers were waiting.

[center ~]

"And people wonder why I almost never change to my fox form," said Youngtaek as he and Bomin walked over to Daeyeol and Sungyeol who were waiting on them.

Daeyeol turned around, spotting the large scars across Youngtaek's entire front half of his body, blinking once in surprise before sighing. "Here," he said, taking off his bag and taking off his hoodie before throwing it at Youngtaek who caught it. "Are you sure?" Asked Youngtaek. "It's not like I can freeze to death," said Daeyeol before he turned around and put the bag back on and starting to walk off.

"We're leaving already?" Asked Sungyeol. "We need to keep going," said Daeyeol. "But we'll stop somewhere to let these two sleep," he added. "Jaehwan has a cabin out here that we can get to to let these two sleep," he said.

"Why didn't they just stay here?" Asked Bomin as he and the others followed after Daeyeol. "They needed a spot where Zuho could hunt in peace," said Daeyeol. "It's a good spot, but too many humans in the area," he added.

"You two are going to be fine right?" Asked Bomin. "We'll be fine," said Sungyeol as he nodded. "Yeah," hummed Daeyeol.

When they got to the cabin the lights were on, and Zuho was standing on the front porch waiting on them.

"You did make it then," said Daeyeol as he tilted his head to the side. "The others did too, it was nothing more than a bunch of poachers," said Zuho as he shrugged. "The water's been turned on and such, I don't know if you can fit into their clothes but Jaehwan brought some over," he said. "It'll let you get your own through the wash anyway," he added. "I'll see you then, let Jaehwan know when you leave," he said. "Sure," said Daeyeol as he nodded. Zuho soon left, disappearing from view as he sprinted away after he left the front porch.

[center ~]

It took at least an hour before Bomin and Youngtaek got to sleep, the both of them taking a shower to wash the rest of the grime off their bodies. When that was all said and done Sungyeol took his turn in the shower before Daeyeol did, the two brothers taking their time since they could afford to relax for another day or so before they left.

After making sure Bomin and Youngtaek were sleeping Daeyeol went to join Sungyeol in the livingroom, going to plug in his phone before he forgot before he went to flop down in the loveseat with his legs hanging off one end. Sungyeol was in a smiliar position on the couch, staring up at the ceiling as his phone was charging beside Daeyeol's phone.

"Do you know what happened to Youngtaek?" Sungyeol asked suddenly as Daeyeol was in his thoughts. "I don't," hummed Daeyeol. "Why?" He asked. "Those scars across the front half of his body, why didn't we notice those before?" Asked Sungyeol. "What happened to him between when he was with that douche bag and when he ended up with Kevin?" He asked.

"A lot could've happened," said Daeyeol. "Just as a lot has happened between me meeting Bomin for the first time and when I found him after he was nearly killed," he said. "Foxes live such a hard life, even Bomin has his moments where he drops his façade," he said.

[center ~]

Daeyeol leaned down in front of an injured Bomin, resting his left hand on Bomin's head. "Hey," he said. "I don't know why you feel familiar but," he said, the ring on his left hand glinting slightly in the sunlight as he felt a familiar jolt go through him. "I'm saving you, as you did to me," he said. Bomin nudged his hand, and Daeyeol smiled softly.

[center ~]

Jangjun entered the cabin, spotting the two brothers still in their spots. "Go shower and stuff, I know you had to split from us to go hunting," said Daeyeol as he sat up. "I'll do that," said Jangjun. "Is there a spare set of clothes?" He asked. "In the bathroom, you can throw yours in the washer," said Daeyeol. Jangjun nodded and went to do so.

"I was wondering when he'd show up here," said Sungyeol as he stretched out on the couch before moving to sit up. "I know he went hunting but he took longer than usual," he said.

"There's something about him that reminds me of the two foxes," said Daeyeol. "Hm," hummed Sungyeol.
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[center Chapter 15]

Bomin found himself jolting awake, sitting up in surprise as he felt an unimaginable amount of power coming from the livingroom. It was enough to give him caution as he got up, going to wake Youngtaek who immediately got to his feet when he too felt the power.

"What's causing that power surge?" Asked Youngtaek as he looked at Bomin. "I'm surprised you felt it," said Bomin. "It happens when a fox gains their first tail," he said. "It's not as strong to me, but I can only imagine how it feels to you," said Youngtaek.

They both head out into the livingroom where the two brothers and Jangjun were, with Jangjun standing in the middle of the room and the two brothers were on either side of the room, watching Jangjun.

"Jangjun?" Asked Bomin. "I don't know," said Jangjun as he held up his left hand and looked at the new ring on his index finger, a simple gold band with a sapphire crystal infused into the band.

"Well," said Daeyeol. "That would explain why Seongyoon is so protective of you," he mused. "It's not only that," said Bomin.

"I'm still a vampire," said Jangjun as he turned to Bomin. "You are," said Bomin as he tilted his head to the side. "But the thing is, because of the way our genetic make up is we can't be turned," he said.

"Wait you're saying we can't be turned into vampires?" Asked Youngtaek. "It'd kill us if they tried," said Bomin as he shrugged. "It's like the pure blood werewolves, it kills the wolf but for us it kills us all together," he said.

"The only explanation I can come up with is that you were half human, or at least human enough to be turned," said Bomin.

"How do you know this?" Asked Daeyeol. "It's how I lost all but my last tail, which is still with you," said Bomin. Daeyeol blinked in surprise.

"I mean I guess it makes sense," said Jangjun. "I was raised as a human," he hummed. "I don't remember having a fox form though," he added. "Most wouldn't find out until they get their first tail," said Bomin. "So it makes sense," he added.

"I think due to how we were raised we knew what we'd end up being," said Youngtaek. "I've always known I was a fox," said Bomin. "Back then it was mostly just my kind in the supernatural world," he said. "I'm nowhere close to being the first ever fox though, I think I'm still a few generations ahead of the first ever nine tailed fox anyway," he added.

[center ~]

In the morning saw Jangjun gone, having left to head back to Russia. Bomin and Youngtaek were standing on the porch waiting on Sungyeol and Daeyeol who had left earlier to see him off then go hunting.

"You 4 are leaving then?" Asked Jaehwan as he pulled up in his jeep that was towing a trailer with a boat on it. "Yeah, Jangjun's returning to Russia and we're heading on from here," said Bomin.

"I'm going then, have a safe travel out," said Jaehwan. "Good luck on your gator hunting," said Bomin. Jaehwan nodded and backed out of the driveway, heading to wherever he was going.

"We should get going," said Youngtaek. "I'm sure we can find our way to where they went," he said. Bomin hummed, looking down at his necklace when it started pulsing. "What's wrong?" Asked Youngtaek as he looked down at the bracelet on his wrist. "We need to get to them, and quickly," said Bomin before he rushed off the porch, shifting to his fox form and letting the contract pull him towards where the two brothers were. Youngtaek rushed after him, taking off his shirt so he wouldn't lose it and tying it around his neck before changing, rushing after Bomin.

[center ~]

Sungyeol didn't know how the hell he got separated from Daeyeol but one moment they were hunting together and the next he was being chased by a pack of 'shifters. He was lucky he was still faster than them, but Daeyeol wasn't, and he was still killable. He hopped over a log, going into a rolling flip as the wolf 'shifters tackled him.

Youngtaek tackled one of the wolf 'shifters, baring his teeth and snarling at them in warning as he moved away from them. Bomin quickly ran from view, running as fast as his legs could carry him as soon as he was sure that Youngtaek and Sungyeol could handle it.

Youngtaek and Sungyeol growled at the two 'shifters, daring them to do something.

[center ~]

Daeyeol ran as fast as he could, weaving in and out of the trees. Five more wolf 'shifters were chasing after him and frankly Daeyeol was tired of them chasing him. He leaped over a log, taking his bag off his back and throwing it to the side as he landed in a river with a splash.

He let the current carry him downstream, noting that the 'shifters had stopped following him. He closed his eyes, letting the current take him where ever, hoping that someone would at least see him in the murky water and get him out.

[center ~]

Bomin came upon the bag, changing back to his human form as he came to a stop. The wolf 'shifters were gone at least, but Daeyeol was nowhere to be found. Sungyeol and Youngtaek appeared a few minutes later, keeping their distance from Bomin who looked around the river.

"Where is he?" Asked Sungyeol. "I don't know," Bomin answered honestly. "The necklace stopped pulsing, but I assume he is downstream somewhere," he said.

[center ~]

"Oi, we fished up a vampire," called Jihoon as he went to bring Daeyeol in, with Seongwoo helping Jihoon haul Daeyeol into their boat. Daeyeol coughed up water, sitting up and coughing water out of his lungs.

"Didn't Jaehwan say you were leaving?" Asked Jihoon. "We were on our way out when we got chased by a pack of 'shifters," said Daeyeol once he had finished coughing up the water. "I don't know where I am but I came from that way," he said, pointing in the direction he had come from.

"You're lucky we were heading that way," said Jihoon as he started the boat engine, going further upstream.

They pulled up to the shore when they spotted Bomin, and Daeyeol got out, nearly stumbling as Bomin caught him. "I'm fine," said Daeyeol as he let Bomin lead him up the bank. "Be careful on the way out," said Jihoon. "If we could we'd take you out of here but," he said before pushing the boat away from the bank and steering the boat back towards where they were going.

"So much for clean clothes huh?" Asked Bomin as he and Daeyeol joined Sungyeol and Youngtaek. "We need to keep going," said Daeyeol. "We'll get more clothes when we finally get out of this state," he said.
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[center Chapter 16]

Bomin wandered around, being alone for the first time in a long time. Daeyeol and Sungyeol had gone to get new clothes and Youngtaek was back at their hotel sleeping. They were currently somewhere in the Oklahoma, as Daeyeol had to stop here to check on something.

"Hey fox," came a voice, causing Bomin to turn around and spot Yunho and Gunmin walking over. "Long time no see dog," Bomin said, an amused smirk appearing on his face. "Oi," said Yunho as he scowled, before shaking his head in amusement as he chuckled, dropping the scowl for a slight upturn of his lips.

"Everyone's been looking for you, you know," said Bomin as he walked with Yunho and Gunmin. "I know," said Yunho. "This place is pretty much unexplored territory, the no man's land of the north and the south," he said. "I feel like being here would be best instead of dealing with whatever's up north," he said.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Bomin. "I don't know," Yunho said, sighing as he turned his head to look at Bomin who was walking to his left. "It's a hard decision to be honest," he said. "I know one thing, Hongjoong, Jongho and Wooyoung aren't staying," he added. "MK is waiting on my decision before he makes one, and Hyojin isn't forcing his side to stay if they want to leave," he said.

"And Gunmin is with you and your decision no matter what at this point," said Bomin. "Pretty much," hummed Yunho as he paused, causing Bomin and Gunmin to stop walking.

"What's up?" Asked Bomin. "I'm getting messages again," said Yunho as he checked his phone. "I can't reply though, but," he added, shrugging.

"You should head to Virginia," said Bomin. "It'll let the others stop worrying about you," he added. "Xion has been asking for me a lot," hummed Yunho as he looked to be in thought.

"You should head over," said Bomin. "At least to let them know you're alive," he added. "You're a part of their team, even if you lead your own," he said.

"No need," came a voice, causing everyone to turn to see Hwanhee walking over. "I figured you were out this way," said Hwanhee as he stopped in front of Yunho. "They aren't worried to be honest," he said. "But I'll let them know you're alive," he added.

"Gunmin was their concern really," said Hwanhee as he looked at said person. "Xion asked for you because Gunhak was wondering what was going to happen to him," he said. Gunmin blinked in surprise. "I guess they still care about you," said Yunho as he turned to Gunmin.

"They had a [i long] discussion about what happened between you and Keonhee," said Hwanhee. "There was even a shouting match between Gunhak and Youngjo, Youngjo wanting to have you back and Gunhak steadfastly refusing," he said.

"It came down to a pack decision," said Yunho. Hwanhee nodded. "Xion and Hwanwoong agreed to take you back, and Dongmyeong was fine with it, as long as Gunmin didn't do anything stupid," he said. "So Gunhak eventually caved, you're free to head back whenever," he said. Gunmin turned to Yunho, who hummed.

"I'll head over whenever I make my final decision," said Yunho. "Hongjoong and the others have already left, but Byungchan said he wasn't forcing me to stay," he said. "Gunmin can't really stay away from me for long, due to our contract and us being mates," he said. "So if he returns I'm going with him," he said. Hwanhee nodded.

[center ~]

Daeyeol sighed as he sat down on a bench, watching cars drive by. "It must be nice to not be able to answer text messages for once," said Sungyeol as he sat beside Daeyeol. "It doesn't mean we don't get them however," grumbled Daeyeol as he checked his phone to look at more messages coming through.

"I wonder how Bomin's doing," said Sungyeol. "He's somewhere," said Daeyeol as he looked at the ring on his finger. "Can that even come off?" Asked Sungyeol as he looked at the ring. "No," said Daeyeol as he dropped his hand in his lap. "I'm sure the bracelet on your wrist can't be removed either," he added as he put the phone back into his bag, zipping it up.

"Is Youngtaek still sleeping?" Asked Sungyeol as he turned to Daeyeol. "I don't know, why?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to his brother. "The contract is reacting to something," said Sungyeol as he got to his feet. Daeyeol blinked, getting up and following Sungyeol to where Youngtaek was.

[center ~]

"What the hell is that," Bomin said, a shiver going down his spine. "What's wrong?" Asked Yunho as he turned to Bomin. "I sense another nine tailed fox, and this one is pretty powerful," said Bomin as he turned in the direction he was feeling the power coming from.

Even Gunmin couldn't hold completely still as he shivered, catching Hwanhee's attention. "Whoever it is, it's affecting Gunmin," said Hwanhee. "Where the hell is Youngtaek?" Asked Bomin as he went towards the origin of the pulse of power. Yunho, Gunmin and Hwanhee followed after him.

[center ~]

Youngtaek [i needed] to resist. He [i had] to resist the never ending urge to submit for as long as possible, he was sure the others were coming for him soon. Wherever they were anyway.

Jacob smirked as he pretty much pinned Youngtaek against the wall. "Well well," he hummed. "I'm not gonna hurt you kit, I'm just trying to get my little [i brother] out of hiding," he said. "Y-You," said Youngtaek as he tried not to slide to the ground. "What the hell do you want?" He asked, composing himself as he felt the power going away.

"To finish what I started," said Jacob as he turned around, spotting Daeyeol and Sungyeol as they walked up to him. "It's the human my brother saved," he said, scoffing at Daeyeol.

"Who are you?" Asked Daeyeol, keeping a dominant stance as Jacob directed the force of his power on them. Only Sungyeol seemed to be affected, as said person shivered under the weight of a fox's power.

"My name's Jacob, I'm the only person you [i haven't] met yet in Ace's coven," said Jacob as Bomin and the others ran into view.

"You can back off now," growled Bomin as he walked up to Jacob. "And why should I listen to you hm? Father [i always] favored you over me," spat Jacob as he turned to Bomin. Bomin scoffed. "I wasn't the problem child, at least I used my power for good," he said.

"[i I] wasn't the one who incurred the wrath of the humans when you decided to meddle in their affairs," said Jacob. "[i I] didn't burn down an entire village because they didn't get their way," growled Bomin. "They deserved it," spat Jacob.
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[center Chapter 17]

"Jacob!" Shouted Bomin as he ran over, standing in front of a burning village. "What the hell did you [i do]?" He asked. "I merely taught this village a lesson," said Jacob as he watched his handiwork with a proud smirk. "The humans deserve it," he said. "They were going to expose us!" He said.

"Do you realize that vampires run this village?" Asked Bomin. "This is one of their hunting spots!" He said. "They're going to kill you," he said. "And I won't be able to do anything to stop them," he said.

"I put them out of their misery," said Jacob as he turned and shifted to his fox form before running off. Bomin looked at the jade ring on his finger, blinking as it seemed to start pulsing. "You're here huh?" He asked, clenching his hand into a fist before running into the village.

Daeyeol struggled to breathe as he tried to lift the rubble off him, everything collapsing around him. He was lucky to at least be saved from the flames for now, but the smoke was getting to him. "H-Help! Anyone, please?!" He shouted, hoping someone could find him.

Bomin rushed over, going to lift some of the rubble off, grunting from the effort. "I got you, hold on," he shouted, pulling some of the bigger pieces of the collapsed house away from where he heard Daeyeol's cries for help. "Hang in there alright?!" He asked, grabbing a hold of a now unconscious Daeyeol's shoulders when he finally cleared a way through. "Just hang in there," he said, dragging Daeyeol out of the house before falling on his butt with a grunt, the adrenaline wearing off.

"Damn it," said Bomin as he got to his feet. He looked down at his hand when the weight of the ring disappeared, blinking in surprise. "So it [i was] you huh?" He asked, looking down at Daeyeol. "Let me save you then," he said, going to find an intact cart before coming back with it. He picked up Daeyeol and put him in the cart before starting the journey to the nearest hospital. "Just hang in there okay?!" He said, taking off his coat and putting it over Daeyeol before continuing the journey.

[center ~]

"So it [i was] you that saved me," said Daeyeol as he looked at Bomin. "I never got to say thanks anyway," he said. "You did, in saving me," said Bomin as he shrugged.

"I never found out though," said Bomin as he turned to Jacob. "Who did I expose myself to for you to punish me by nearly killing me?" He asked. "I never changed in front of Daeyeol and Yoohyeon was half vampire by the time I got her out of those camps," he said.

"What do you mean you never exposed yourself to a human?" Asked Jacob. "I don't recall ever doing so," said Bomin as he shrugged.

"How about the time you were saved by Daeyeol?" Asked Jacob. "You ere apparently caught in a trap and Daeyeol saved you then," he said. "I don't remember that," said Bomin. "I don't remember much of what happened that day to be honest with you," he added.

"My memory is fuzzy," said Daeyeol. "But I think I remember part of it," he added. "Because Sungyeol used to talk about a fox in our barn or something," he said. "I remember," said Sungyeol. "This was a bit after I was turned," he said. "What happened?" Asked Bomin.

"You were human for the entire thing," said Sungyeol. "But I said something about you being a fox because I knew what you were from the beginning," he said. "I don't know where the whole exposing yourself came from, but you were human the entire time you were living in our barn," he said.

"It was all a big misunderstanding it seems," said Bomin. "But I can't get my tails back after all that," he said.

"Father disowned me after everything you know," said Jacob. "So? He did the same thing to me," said Bomin. "After he found out that I was with a vampire," he said. "It's not like I have a choice," he said. "I'd be dead if Daeyeol didn't save me," he said.

"Your contract is what is keeping you alive huh?" Asked Jacob. Bomin nodded.

"Well," said Jacob as he turned around. "I'll leave you be then," he added, before walking off. "I'd rather [i not] deal with your wrath, even if I am also under a contract," he said. "Luckily Ace doesn't need me too often," he called before disappearing from view.

[center ~]

"Some brother he is," Yunho said with a scoff, earning a soft chuckle from Bomin. "Well," said Bomin as he rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand. "It seems like we hate each other, but really we do keep up with how things are going on between us," he said.

"Who is older anyway?" Asked Youngtaek. "Jacob is, by a couple years," said Bomin. "It may not seem like it now, but he's more caring than he tends to let on," he said.

"I could see it," said Sungyeol. "He had no intention of trying to kill any of us I don't think," he added. "Just wanted to see how you were doing," he said. "Didn't need to do that though," grumbled Youngtaek. "We haven't been in contact with each other for months now, I guess he didn't know how to get in touch," said Bomin.

[center ~]

"Well," said Yunho as he and Gunmin shook hands with Hwanhee before Hwanhee left. "Let them know I'll come for a visit when I can," he said. "Sure," said Hwanhee. "By then I think we'll've made up our minds," said Yunho as Gunmin nodded in agreement. Hwanhee nodded and turned and left, soon disappearing from view.

"Well," said Yunho as he turned to Gunmin. "We have a decision to make," he said. Gunmin nodded, huffing out a sigh as he went with Yunho to somewhere private to discuss what was going to happen next between them both.

[center ~]

Bomin leaned back against the headboard as he looked at the two brothers and Youngtaek who were scattered around the motel room they were staying in. "We [i need] to have a discussion about what's going to happen next, like right now," he said.

"I'm going back to Russia in a week or so," hummed Daeyeol. "I need to head back towards Toronto to let Hui know where I'll end up being," said Sungyeol. "And where is that?" Asked Daeyeol as he turned to Sungyeol.

"I can't leave Finland," said Youngtaek. "Not permanently anyway," he added. "So whatever happens, I'm going back to Kevin's," he said. "It's because of the half human isn't it?" Asked Sungyeol. "Mostly," said Youngtaek. "I can't break that sort of contract anyway, Kevin was the one who saved me when he could've killed me," he said.

"Isn't your contract thing permanent now since you gave up one of your tails?" Asked Sungyeol. "It possibly is," said Youngtaek. "But it's not like mine is with you," he said. "Huh," said Sungyeol.

"A fox's contract works like the other contracts," said Bomin. "But a permanent one like yours is a bit more intricate," he added. "Youngtaek had to bring you back using one of his tails, but because of that, he gained control of your soul," he said. "Since I had no body," said Sungyeol as he blinked in realization. "Exactly," said Bomin.

"I think we should make our way back up to Toronto," said Daeyeol. "You can make your final decision on the way up," he added. "It looks like things have finally calmed down up there," he said.

"Can we sleep one more night?" Asked Youngtaek. "I wouldn't mind," said Bomin. "It's gonna be a [i long] journey if these two want to go nonstop," he said. "I'm in no hurry to head back up to Toronto," said Daeyeol. "So resting for another day or so is fine with me," he said.
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[center Chapter 18]

Sungyeol stood in front of Hoetaek, the both of them eyeing each other before Hoetaek made the first move, a soft smile appearing on his face before Sungyeol tackled him, hugging him. "I missed you," said Sungyeol as Hoetaek returned the hug. "I did too," said Hoetaek. Sungyeol moved away, letting out a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Asked Hoetaek. "I don't know what to do," said Sungyeol. "What do you mean?" Asked Hoetaek. "I can't stay here forever," said Sungyeol. "My contract will keep me with Youngtaek," he said. "So I can't just stay here," he said.

"I understand," said Hoetaek. "If you need to go, I am fine with that," he said. "Are you sure?" Asked Sungyeol. "I don't think we were ever truly mates," said Hoetaek. "If I had found my mate in you I think I would've fought harder to have you stay, but I'm fine here," he said. "So go if you need to," he added.

A look of relief crossed Sungyeol's face before he nodded. "Thank you, for everything," he said. Hoetaek smiled before giving Sungyeol one last hug. "Let's go hunting then?" He asked as he moved away. "Sure," said Sungyeol before he ran off with Hoetaek following after him.

[center ~]

"Where's the foxes?" Asked Byungchan as he met Daeyeol at Chani's Starbucks. "They went hunting," said Daeyeol as he shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

"So what news did you bring me," said Byungchan. "Yunho was given the offer of letting Gunmin return to his old pack," said Daeyeol. "We met up in Oklahoma when that was happening and he came to me with an answer before I left," he said.

"What was his decision?" Asked Byungchan. "He decided to go to them," said Daeyeol. Byungchan let out a sigh. "Of course," he said. "I'm not surprised," he added.

"He decided to still ally himself to your pack though," said Daeyeol. "Oh?" Asked Byungchan. "He's still in your pack from what I understand, since the offer was given to Gunmin and not him," he said. "And MK will follow wherever he goes it seems," said Byungchan. "Probably," said Daeyeol.

"They do make a good team though," hummed Byungchan. "From what I've seen? Yep," said Daeyeol. "He'll probably ask you to keep his collection growing," he said. "I know we will," said Byungchan. "Seungwoo and Wooseok will when they head over to Austria," he said. "When Yunho left he took the wolf and fox plushies with him, I don't know what he wants us to do with the others but I'm sure we'll find out soon," he said. Daeyeol nodded.

[center ~]

Bomin and Youngtaek stopped to wash themselves off in a stream after they were done hunting, the both of them changing to their fox forms to shake the water out of their fur before returning to their human forms.

"I just noticed something," said Youngtaek as he turned to Bomin. "You have no tails," he said, blinking in surprise. "I know," said Bomin as he sighed. "My one tail is on Daeyeol," he said, turning to Youngtaek. "Do I just have 3 tails then?" Asked Youngtaek. Bomin nodded.

"You should come visit sometime, even if it's to hunt," said Youngtaek as he turned to Bomin. "We gotta show Jangjun what's up now," he said, earning a laugh from Bomin. "You may have to, but that's not my job," said Bomin.

"Oi," whined Youngtaek. "You're older, you gotta teach us young'ins to hunt," he said. "I don't need to when you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself," said Bomin. "Oi," whined Youngtaek.

"What are you two bickering about now?" Asked Sungyeol as he came into view with Hoetaek who was in his wolf form. "Youngtaek wants me to teach Jangjun how to hunt in his fox form," said Bomin as he shook his head in amusement. "I said the job was up to him," he said. Sungyeol shook his head in amusement while Hoetaek snorts in amusement. "That would be a funny sight to see," said Sungyeol.

"So you decided to head back with us then?" Asked Bomin as he changed the subject. "I did," said Sungyeol. "I never really fit in with the coven anyway, but I stuck around because I had no where to go," he said.

"Daeyeol will be happy," said Bomin as he smiled softly. "I know," said Sungyeol as he let out a sigh. "I've spent too much time away from him, I barely know who he is anymore," he said.

[center ~]

Daeyeol checked his bag to make sure he had all their passports, looking through them to make sure they were still in date. Getting new ones were going to be a pain, but luckily for them the Canadian government was well aware of the supernatural presence around the big cities.

"Do we have everything?" Asked Bomin as he walked over after getting their tickets for first class. "Yep," said Daeyeol. "We'll fly over to Berlin to check on things then we'll head on over to Russia," he said. "Youngtaek is going straight to Finland," he said. "Right," said Youngtaek. "I'll see you whenever I see you," he said.

"I'll tell Jangjun you said hi," said Bomin. "I'll tell Kevin and the others you said hello," said Youngtaek before he left after getting his passport and ticket from Daeyeol.

After getting through security they headed to the lounge to wait on their flight, getting a private room to themselves while they waited.

"It's been quite the adventure," said Sungyeol as he relaxed in his seat. "It really has," hummed Daeyeol as he leaned back and stared up at the ceiling from his seat. "It's good to finally go home though," said Bomin. "Now that you've admitted that you belong to a coven," he said.

"I never denied it to be fair," said Daeyeol. "But it's nice to have a home to return to after a journey like this one," he said. "I'm happy for a change," said Bomin. "I always told you we need to have a home, even a temporary one," he said.

[center ~]

As they sat down in their plane seats Bomin raised his cup of coffee at the two brothers sitting across from him, and Daeyeol and Sungyeol did the same. "To a new start," said Daeyeol. "To a new start," said Bomin and Sungyeol before they took a sip of their coffees.
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[center Epilogue]

Sungyeol looked around the city in awe, wondering how Daeyeol got so lucky with being in St Petersburg's coven.

"It's such a nice city isn't it?" Asked Bomin as he walked over, going to stand beside Sungyeol. "It is," hummed Sungyeol. "I guess my brother went back to hunting humans since you're not with him," he said, turning to Bomin. "Pretty much," hummed Bomin.

"I guess I can never get him to fully commit huh?" Asked Sungyeol. "Daeyeol only hunted animals because of where he was at, you know this," said Bomin. "I'm fully committed though," he added. "I know you are," said Sungyeol as he shook his head. "But I have to set an example, being the older brother in this case," he said. "True," hummed Bomin.

[center ~]

"Your brother fits right in with us," said Seongyoon as he and Daeyeol wandered around the city after hunting. "I figured he would," said Daeyeol as he looked up at the sky in thought.

"What's on your mind?" Asked Seongyoon. "It's nothing," said Daeyeol as he turned to look at Seongyoon. "Bomin's spacing out again?" Asked Seongyoon. "Yep," said Daeyeol. "Of course," Seongyoon said with a chuckle.

"Where's Jangjun?" Asked Daeyeol. "Youngtaek came to get him and they went hunting," said Seongyoon. "Jangjun's still trying to get used to his fox form, ever since he found out he was one anyway," he added.

"I don't think you can really get used to something like that," said Daeyeol. "No, I guess not," said Seongyoon. "Jangjun's lived most of his life as a vampire, being raised as a human at that," he said.

"How did you two meet anyway?" Asked Daeyeol. "He was turned when we met," said Seongyoon. "I took him in when the original coven was still around, they left him under my care," he said.

"What happened to the old coven anyway?" Asked Daeyeol. "They moved to Moscow," said Seongyoon. "I still keep up with the old coven leader but they left this city in mine and Jangjun's care," he said. "I see," said Daeyeol.

[center ~]

"This is your idea of a good time?" Asked Jangjun as he and Youngtaek finished hunting, going to wash themselves off in a nearby river. "Aw shove it," said Youngtaek as he returned to his human form after shaking the water out of his fur. "Someone had to teach you how to hunt, and Bomin outright refused," he said. "Sure sure," said Jangjun before he jumped into the river to clean himself off. He came out after he making sure he was clean.

"Your clothes are over here," said Youngtaek as he went to get them before coming back and handing them to Jangjun after he returned to human form from shaking out his fur in his fox form. "And how many tails do I need to retain all my clothes?" Asked Jangjun as he put on the clothes. "9 from what Bomin said," said Youngtaek. "I am pretty much halfway there, I still have pants," he said.

"I'll see you then," said Jangjun. "I guess," said Youngtaek. "I'm letting Bomin take you hunting from now on," he said, sighing before turning and heading back towards Finland. Jangjun chuckled softly before heading back to St Petersburg.

[center ~]

"Sometimes I wonder about you," said Bomin as he walked with Jangjun. "Oh?" Asked Jangjun. "How are you adjusting? Any trouble with your fox form?" Asked Bomin. "No, and I'm adjusting fine I think," said Jangjun.

"Do you just naturally shift or do you need a trigger?" Asked Bomin. "Naturally shift," said Jangjun. "I thought I'd have more trouble but I'm doing just fine," he said. "Is that a problem?" He asked. "No," said Bomin. "That's a good thing I guess," he added.

"How so?" Asked Jangjun. "Well, you haven't changed to your fox form before now, so I thought you'd have trouble adjusting to it since you've been a vampire most of your life," said Bomin.

"A lot of things make sense now," said Jangjun. "Like my tendencies to go berserk for no reason," he added. "I never knew why, until I found the ring on my finger," he said. "It's a nice ring," said Bomin. "It is," hummed Jangjun.

[center ~]

Daeyeol and Sungyeol walked around the city in comfortable silence, the both of them just enjoying each other's presence. It had been a while since they were truly alone, and they took the opportunity to bond as siblings.

"You've changed a lot you know," said Sungyeol. "Bomin does have a lot of influence in my life," hummed Daeyeol. "Even without his influence you've changed a lot," said Sungyeol.

"What can I say, this life changes us," said Daeyeol. "I've become more cautious and less trusting," he said. "But when you gain my trust I'm there," he said. "You've been like that ever since we were still human," said Sungyeol. "But yes, I agree that it's been implemented more since you've been turned," he said.

"You haven't changed too much though," said Daeyeol. "Really?" Asked Sungyeol. "Really," said Daeyeol. "I was always the more outgoing one of the family," he said. "You just stayed in the background," he said. "Huh," hummed Sungyeol.

"I have to admit though," said Daeyeol as he stopped walking, looking at the ring on his finger when it started pulsing. "Being a part of a coven like Sunggyu's and Chani's has gotten you out of your shell a bit more," he said, turning when Bomin walked over with Seongyoon and Jangjun.

"You really think so?" Asked Sungyeol. "I do," hummed Daeyeol as Seongyoon came to a stop in front of Daeyeol.

"What's up?" Asked Sungyeol. "We were going to go hunting, if you wanted to join us," said Seongyoon. "Oh?" Asked Daeyeol. "I've heard so much about this diet of yours I had to try it," said Seongyoon.

"You want to try and hunt animals?" Asked Sungyeol. "Yes," said Seongyoon. "It gives me something to do when I'm not doing stuff in the city," he said. "We can go hunting," said Daeyeol as he nodded. Sungyeol blinked in surprise. "It's been a while since I've gotten to hunt a good buck," said Daeyeol as he chuckled.

"You three can go," said Bomin. "Jangjun and I can go hunting on our own and bond," he added. "Just don't be like Youngtaek and we'll be good," said Jangjun, earning a snort from Bomin. "Don't worry, I'm more patient than he is," said Bomin. With that Seongyoon wet with Daeyeol and Sungyeol while Bomin and Jangjun went their own way to hunt.

[center ~]

Daeyeol sat on a tree branch, his legs swinging back and forth as he waited for Sungyeol and Seongyoon to be done hunting. Hunting was something that he had looked forward to, at least, as an activity for the 3 of them to do together when Bomin and Jangjun were doing their own things.

As a herd of deer came running towards him Daeyeol waited until he found one he liked and hopped down onto its back, quickly latching onto the buck's throat as it thrashed around. He bit down, letting the taste of animal blood hit his taste buds for the first time in months. He was able to maneuver off the buck as it hit the ground, still biting down on its neck as he landed in a crouched position.

Sungyeol and Seongyoon managed to get their kills, coming to a stop with their bucks just behind Daeyeol.

"I wonder how the foxes are doing?" Asked Seongyoon as he finished his kill, letting the buck drop to the ground. "I'm sure they're fine," said Daeyeol as he got up, turning towards his brother and Seongyoon.

Sungyeol dropped his buck after he was done, standing as he did so. "Spacing out again?" Asked Daeyeol, causing Sungyeol to turn to him. "Oh, it seems so," hummed Sungyeol.

"We're near Finland, if you wanted to head over to see Youngtaek," said Daeyeol. "I'll be fine," said Sungyeol. "He was here the other week," he said. "He must be just as distracted," hummed Seongyoon.

[center ~]

Bomin and Jangjun both hunted in their fox forms, with Jangjun stashing his clothes nearby in a tree before they went hunting. Jangjun was a bit awkward in his fox form at first, not used to running on four legs, but he was soon side by side with Bomin as they both went hunting.

Bomin led the way, soon chasing after a herd of deer and Jangjun fell into step behind him, waiting on the perfect opportunity to strike. After Bomin leaped at a young buck Jangjun did the same with a doe, the both of them tackling their prey and quickly bringing it down.

Jangjun quickly snapped the doe's neck and drained the blood while Bomin did the same before going in and tearing his meal apart as he ate it. Jangjun huffed as he dropped his meal, letting the fox side of him take over and tear apart the doe.

After they were both done they went to clean themselves off and change, with Jangjun going to put his clothes on after he was done.

[center ~]

"You two done yet?" Called Seongyoon as he walked over with Daeyeol and Sungyeol. "We are," said Bomin as he turned to Seongyoon.

"How was it?" Asked Daeyeol. "It was better than hunting with Youngtaek I can tell you that much," said Jangjun, earning an amused snort from Bomin as he shook his head.

"I [i know] how to hunt, I just need time to adjust to running on 4 legs," said Jangjun. "That does take some getting used to," said Bomin.

"How was hunting for you three?" Asked Jangjun as he turned to Seongyoon. "It was fun," said Seongyoon. "We should do it more often," he added.

"We can," said Daeyeol. "I'm down," said Sungyeol. "Maybe with all 5 of us doing it?" Asked Bomin. "I'd like to see how you manage to hunt," said Seongyoon as he turned to Bomin. "Just don't get between me and my meal and I'll be fine," said Bomin.

[center ~]

As they were heading back to St Petersburg Bomin stopped, causing everyone else to stop and turn to him.

"I guess this is where we stop and look forward to the future huh?" Asked Bomin. "I mean, sure?" Asked Daeyeol as he shook his head in amusement. "What else can we do?" Asked Seongyoon. "Just look forward to what's coming?" He asked.

"To our time ruling the city then?" Asked Jangjun as he held out his hand. "Eh, sure," said Seongyoon as he put his hand on Jangjun's. "To us," said Daeyeol as he put his hand down next. "To us!" Said Bomin and Sungyeol as they did the same.


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