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Terrible Bloodsuckling Toothpluckling Stonechuckling Spittler

By Apathy
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the forsaken [redacted] will live on in our hearts in memoriam 2021 - 2021
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ApathyLandon   1y ago

There were rules that Landon set for himself to make sure that he was safe. Being an omega was dangerous and considering he regularly spent time with single alphas, it was doubly so for him. First rule: Always take the blockers even though they made him feel weird- Letting either of the alphas he knew catch whiff of his pheromones was out of the question. Second rule: Never drink around in public; not only did it render the blockers nearly ineffective, it also lowered his guard to a dangerous level leaving him vulnerable to preying alphas. Third rule: Never go out in heat; that one was self explanatory- he wasn’t ready for children. And the fourth and final rule: Never have sex with Killian Rush. He broke almost all of his rules in one fell swoop. It all happened at a celebratory after party for one of their fights. He and Killian were part of a seven person team that participated in monster fights; survival matches really. Their monster; a basilisk named Hydra, only listened to the two of them and this particular day that was a problem. They could never agree on a plan of action. Killian was reckless and stubborn; a typical asshole alpha. Despite everyone protesting his plan, with Landon being the most vocal about it. They had butted heads on multiple occasions, but this one had an all out shouting match with Killian going with his plan anyway. In the end it nearly killed three of them and Hydra in the process. It was a victory, but a sour one. After they got Hydra back to its cage to rest and heal the wounds it had sustained the seven of them went out to party. They split into a couple groups. Usually it was six of them and Killian off on his own. None of the team liked Killian. He was abrasive, rude, and acted like he didn’t care if any of them lived or died. Within their group there was a rumor that he was actually a spy from a rival group. Strange, considering that he’d brought Hydra with him when he’d joined, but Landon supposed anything was possible. This particular night he had split off from the others to chew out Killian which he did, but somehow it turned into a drinking match. He could remember that there was more fighting and then things were a blur. Somehow they ended up in his apartment, since that was where they woke up. When they woke up it was very obvious that they had, had sex. Extremely hungover he had told Killian that they weren’t going to talk about it and that he could have a bottle of water from his fridge before he left. After that he’d gone back to sleep and he had thought that was the end of it. Except it wasn’t. It had been a couple of months since the “incident” and Landon started feeling weird. Sick at random times and he was constantly bloated. His pants were fine, if not a bit tight, but he had to start wearing the shirts that were more loose on him after one of his teammates had commented that it looked like he had gained weight since his shirt was tight on him. Just to avoid the comments. It wasn’t fat. When he pressed on his stomach it was firm, which was concerning. It was almost as if he was pregnant. But that was impossible. He was too careful for that. There was always a condom involved when he had sex. Unless… Landon thought back to his latest partners and mentally crossed each one off the list until he reached the last possible person and how he hoped he was mistaken. Despite his conclusions he didn’t approach him that morning. He went through his usual routine with team training including deescalating Trent when Killian riled him up again. It had started with the team mentioning his weight gain again which turned into Killian actually defending him and then suggesting they go out to eat; which naturally pissed off Trent. Since he was hungry and didn’t want to deal with petty alpha squabbles anymore he ignored it. What he couldn’t ignore was the wave of nausea he was hit with when they entered the restaurant. Even smelling the grease from the fryers was enough to make him queasy and only added another confirmation to his suspicion. He held out as long as he could, but once the food was actually set in front of him, he couldn’t hold it anymore and excused himself to be sick. Oh, the team was worried and even Killian had a measure of concern; rich for a man that nearly got half of them killed. After finally fending off Trent and the others he headed home, but not before texting Killian and asking him to meet him there when he could get away. As he left he saw him check his phone, clearly confused. All he could hope was that he actually met with him.


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