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Memories and Regrets (1x1)(FxF or FxM)

By Kitiki_Anemara

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» Past «
→Y/N and Iris were not the closest of friends when they were both kids, Y/N and many others used to always tease Iris for being the shortest, the fattest, and the "smartest" in the school then. As the years went on, the bullying only got worse and went on into high school. However, once in high school, it only lasted one year because the severity of the bullying forced Iris to move away and she wasn't heard from again.
» Present / Senario «
→Y/N goes to employ at a company. Its name is odd but the pay is good and not too many people worked there. Y/N eventually goes in to see the boss since they took care of approving the hires themselves. Little does Y/N know, when the boss turns around in their chair, it's Iris.
"Oh... It's you."

) what does Y/C do in this situation? (
((note: I will still post the starter))
?? Character
» Name «
- Gender -
- Age -
- Height -
- Species -
- Sexuality -
- About -
My Character
» Iris «
- Gender - female
- Age - 23
- Height - 5'9
- Species - (Unknown) visibly appears Human / Demon
- Sexuality - Bisexual
- About - Sylvia was a quiet kid soft hearted and kind when she was youngerl, now she's more serious, closed off and comes off as cold hearted..... maybe Y/N can bring out her soft side again?
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  • NO godmodding
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  • Swearing is allowed just dont over do it
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  • Digital or Illustrated images preferred
  • Semi-lit to lit please ((300 chara. limit))
  • Please to not use asterisks!

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