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Reign of the Androids

By Catlover33
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【Introduction】 (Color codes) Fuchsia: Head Scientist Orange Red: Head Scientist’s Assistant [+fuchsia “Was it a success assistant?”] [+orangered “Yes it was! We finally managed to successfully pull a human being out of another world] [+fuchsia “This human might be the one key component to our research.”] [+orangered “Understood sir!] The scientist and his assistant turned to face their colleagues after that finished talking and both of them were excited about how their project had finally succeeded. They were tasked with finding a way to transport humans from other worlds into this world for the cybernization process that has turned most of the remaining human population into cyborgs. Under the command of the androids, these cyborgs were responsible for seeking out the remaining humans and cybernizing them. Many of these cyborgs did this willingly however there were a few who were unwilling to do so and they were either restrained or put in a stasis pod where they remained in an inactive state until needed again. The humans that remained were divided into two factions. These two factions had different goals. The Silver Feather faction believed that cybernization was the only way for them to survive in this futuristic dystopia while the Dawn Wings faction believed that they had to rebel against the androids and as such, have formed the Dawn Wings rebellion. 【Awakening】 [+Cyan “Diagnostic scan complete. Initiating reboot sequence.”] [+darkred “Wait… [b WHAT]”] As soon as the reboot sequence was complete, a young male with long silvery white hair and pale brown eyes found himself in a pod that had a similar structure and design as a stasis pod. He was only wearing a simple tank top and shorts however his original clothes were on the table next to the pod that he was in. He was confused about where he was and how he ended up here however he didn’t worry about it too much. Rather, he was more focused on getting out however shortly after his initial attempt, he found out that he couldn’t move. Letting out a frustrated growl, he remained motionless and waited for someone to let him out. 【Species List】 Androids: Androids are highly advanced robots that look human and have a will of their own. They are the new rulers of the world and are in charge of the cybernization of humans. Due to being machines, androids cannot age and are stuck at the age they appear to be at. Androids also don’t require food and water. Cyborgs: Cyborgs are human/machine hybrids that are created by a human undergoing the cybernization process. They are usually under the command of the androids and don’t require food and water to survive. They also cannot age and are stronger and faster than humans. Humans: Once the rulers of the world, humans have now been hiding for years ever since many of them were killed during the downfall of humanity. The remaining human population is small compared to how it was previously with only a few million humans being left in comparison to the billions of humans that roamed the earth before the downfall of humanity happened. They are regularly searched for by cyborg search patrols that are sent out to search for the remaining humans. 【Cybernization】 What is it?: The process of turning a human into a cyborg. A cybernized human will retain their free will although they will be under the command of the androids. These humans are referred to as cyborgs. How is it done?: Cybernization is normally achieved by implanting highly advanced technology into a human’s body through a specialized surgery that is rather complicated to perform. Who can cybernize a human?: Androids and special scientists trained to flawlessly complete the cybernization process are authorized to cybernize a human. 【Rules】 1. This roleplay is 15+ for the inclusion of blood, limited gore and other things. 2. There will be absolutely no s3x involved. This goes against the site rules and will not be tolerated in this roleplay. 3. Hate the character not the roleplayer if you’re upset. Similarly, don’t start drama just for the sake of it. 4. Please don’t be overpowered. It ruins the fun of the roleplay and it makes other people less likely to Roleplay with you. 5. Take the Roleplay seriously and follow the plot. We don’t need for someone to screw up the plot because they just want to do so for fun. 6. Crossover characters are allowed as long as they are not overpowered. 7. Use proper grammar please. Nobody wants to read text talk all the time. 8. Asterisks are discouraged. Not only are they messy but they are confusing. Similarly, use quotation marks when a character is speaking since that makes your post easier to read. 9. Don’t kill off someone’s character just because you feel like it. It is rude and unacceptable. 10. This is a somewhat open plot but don’t do something such as teleporting everyone’s characters to a fantasy location. The roleplay is set in a dystopian future so please don’t change that and throw everyone off. 11. No one lining. This kills off a roleplay and to prevent this, a character limit is in place. 13. Make sure that your character images are SFW. 14. Follow the ES rules. 15. Wait for two people before you post Please PM me with the character template if you are interested in joining. 【Bio Template】 [center [b Puppet Master:]] [center Character Image: (Don’t link fully)] Name: Age: Gender: Species: (Human, cyborg or android) Roles: (Ex. Rebel, pet, scientist, servant) Alignment: Powers: Weapons: Personality: Strengths: Weaknesses: Backstory: Other information: 【Accepted Characters】 [center [+red [b Catlover33]]] [pic] [+purple Name: Firion Age: Eighteen Gender: Male Species: Cyborg Roles: Pet Alignment: Neutral Good Powers: Spellcasting, Cyber Magic, supernatural speed and strength Weapons: He has mastered the use of seven different types of weapons. These weapons are swords, shields, spears, daggers, axes, wands and bows Personality: Often coming across as cold, Firion prefers to keep his distance from strangers for a few reasons. Once someone manages to get close enough to him, that is when he will show his true colors. When this happens, he becomes a lot more friendly to others and is also fiercely loyal to those who have befriended him. Strengths: He has mastered four fighting styles (melee, ranged, Magic and barehanded fighting) and is able to switch between them mid battle. In addition, he is also skilled with using spells against his opponents however being a cyborg has caused his magic to turn into a variant of magic known as Cyber Magic. Weaknesses: Even though he’s faster than normal humans, Firion’s fear of burning towns and ghosts can be turned against him. At the sight of either of these two things, he will freeze almost instantly and will sometimes become unable to act. Backstory: Originally coming from another world, Firion was brought into this dystopian world by a few scientists. Due to being unconscious when he was transported to the world, he was quickly taken away by a few androids and was then soon cybernized. After the cybernization process was completed, the androids in charge of making sure that he survived the process left him in a pod that was similar to a stasis pod. After what seemed like years of being trapped in his subconscious mind, he finally woke up after the A.I in the pod that he was in rebooted the technology that was now inside his body. Confused about his new surroundings, he started to look around and was still rather confused. Trying to escape on his own at first, he tried to move but found himself unable to do so and was starting to get frustrated by his initial attempts Other information: Firion is technically considered to be a crossover character due to coming from Final Fantasy II. He will also two separate outfits. A more casual outfit and his normal outfit. He is also a special variant of cyborg that is considered to be nothing more than a pet.] [pic] [+blue Name: Tidus Age: Seventeen Gender: Male Species: Android Roles: Pet Alignment: Chaotic Good Powers: an inability to age past 17, immunity to diseases, Spelcasting, Cyber Magic, Spellcasting, Supernatural Speed, Strength, Agility and Durability Weapons: Brotherhood (it’s shown in the picture) Personality: Tidus is rather upbeat, childish and cheerful. He has been described as a literal sunshine child by those around him and has always found a way to make people smile. In dangerous situations, he becomes a lot more serious. Strengths: Tidus’s speed is his greatest strength and because of it, he’s able to outmaneuver most attacks Weaknesses: While it doesn’t kill him, an Electromagnetic Pulse can stun him or possibly even knock him unconscious, Magic can be dangerous if used incorrectly Backstory: Also known at T.1.D.U.S, Tidus was an android that was created by scientists and mechanics under the supervision of the androids for use in an experiment. That experiment was to see if a human soul could be implanted into a mechanical body and for this purpose, a boy that looked exactly like Tidus did was brought into the lab. For the purpose of the experiment, Tidus himself had been created without an artificial soul unlike most androids. After the experiment was over, Tidus was left in an unconscious state before he was taken by an android who later made him their pet. Other information: He is originally from Final Fantasy X and it could also be argued that he was actually designed to be a pet unlike all the other androids.] [center [+blue [b -w]]] [+orange Name: 009 but prefers to be called Kitsun. Age: 21 (from the time it was given programming. Gender: is supposed to be female but can be called either. Species: android Roles: not sure what to put so uh.. an android that gained self awareness, and chose to side with the rebels. Alignment: Chaotic Good Powers: Can make it's own body into weapons, such as: Guns, melee weapons and an M32 rotary grenade launcher. Weapons: Prefers to use blunt force trauma to kill/harm it's opponent. so anything that has no sharp side, like a bat. Personality: hostile, quick to anger, impatient. Strengths: Hard to take down, quick thinking, very fast can fly for a short time and can jump up 1000 yards in the air. Weaknesses: a small E.M.P. can slow it down for a bit, a medium E.M.P. can turn the systems that lies within the android, a big/strong E.M.P. can fry/damage the systems and maybe even destroy the body of the android. Backstory:N/A [im not very creative, ill try to make one later, sorry.] Other information: N/A] [center [+maroon [b RavennFlightt]]] [+teal Name: Rival Age: 23 Gender: Male Species: Android Roles: Rebel Alignment: Chaotic Good ("rebel") Powers: He can disrupt and manipulate electromagnetic waves to create illusions or to urge people to do what he wants them to, the strong minded can resist and the method isn't always beneficial. An of course, some cyborg can see through the illusion and resist his control. Weapons: He adores projectile weapons such as guns and crossbows, but he also holds two karambit knives. Personality: He is quite polite, helping others is his favorite thing to do. If he is provoked, though, he'll get angry quickly. Rival will protect anyone he trusts and is driven by determination, he won't abandon a task. Strengths: Witty, smart, tactful, and has quick reflexes. Weaknesses: He will do anything to protect the innocent, and that can always be used against him. Backstory: Gained consciousness from a power surge, not many knew what happened but it completely rerouted his system and gave him free will, personality, and determination. Appearance: Rival is extremely tall and quite slim, he has lightly tanned white skin and strawberry blonde hair that is slightly shaggy. He loves to wear all kinds of suits, and enjoys picking out various ties to wear. Other information: His best friend in the Rebel group is Taz, a human who's been working at a way to overthrow the Androids.]
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