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In Darkness [Group RP Closed]

By Burning_Heart

Replies: 1 / 57 days ago

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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Caveat]

[center [Caveat Everything we know is gone. The dead have taken over. What's worse? We're all infected.]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/ArXOtEU.jpg]]

[center [Caveat It's been months since the world came to an end. Some would say it was God cursing us for our continuous sins. Others would say it was the government. Either way, none of it matters now.]]

[center [Caveat What matters is survival. The way to do that? Don't get bit, scratched, or...well, die. Even if one hasn't gotten ahold of you, you'll still turn if you're brain isn't destroyed. It's rough out there.]]

[center [Caveat Another way to survive? Be careful who you decide to trust. Those fearing for their lives will toss you to a group of the undead faster than you can blink.]]

[center [Caveat If you've taken the time to read this then thank you. I don't have much time left, since one of the bastards got me, but if you don't know any of this by now, then here you go. Take it, leave it, burn it. I don't care. It won't mean anything to me anymore.]]

[center [i [Caveat The letter sits beside a decomposing body, blood spattering the page. The bullet hole in the skull suggests the writer took the "easy way out."]]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/QXqgRp0.jpg]]

[center [Caveat This is a zombie thread, plain and simple! I'm just in the mood for a good zombie story!]]

[center [Caveat With that said, here's what I'm looking for:]]

[center [Caveat No godmodding please. Don't try to kill off someone's character without that person's permission. Don't control anyone else's character but your own unless that person gives you permission to do so.]]

[center [Caveat Please be semi-lit to literate. One-liners are practically impossible to work with and don't add anything to the story. Give insight to your character's thoughts and feelings. Give others something to work with.]]

[center [Caveat Decent grammar. It's difficult trying to decipher posts.]]

[center [Caveat Romance is allowed, but keep in mind that ES has rules and those rules are to be followed. Any bedroom scenes need to be skipped or taken offsite. No exceptions.]]

[center [Caveat Please be 18+. I'm in my twenties and don't feel comfortable writing with minors.]]

[center [Caveat Real pictures please! This is what I prefer. If you need help searching, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to lend a hand!]]

[center [Caveat Doubling is allowed! I might double myself. Just let me know ahead of time!]]

[center [Caveat Most of all: have fun! Be creative! This is a collaborative effort. We should all write what we want to we enjoy and can have fun with!]]

[center [Caveat I know this is a lot, and thank you if you've read this far. If you're interested, send me the character sheet down below with the title of the PM your favorite color, that way I know you read everything.]]

[center [Caveat Can't wait to hear from you!]]

[center [b [Caveat Picture:]]] [center [Caveat [i Don't fully link please.]]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [Caveat [i Link to your profile. Don't fully link please.]]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat [i If any.]]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [i [Caveat 18+ please.]]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [i [Caveat Just a few words.]]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [i [Caveat Who were they before the apocalypse? What did they do?]]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/mYwE9Eh.jpg]]

[center [b [Caveat Characters]]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/E02nNwC.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php?u=71096 Burning_Heart]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Desdemona Sterling]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat Desi]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 26]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Soft-spoken, kind, people pleaser, loyal]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Desdemona was a kindergarten teacher for the elementary school that she attended when she was a child. On her off days, she was often at her mothers' house, helping her with gardening or just hanging out to watch silly Rom Coms. On the day the world ended, she was out buying a birthday gift, a new watch for her mom. Unfortunately, she never got to give it to her, and though it's broken now, she continues to wear it as a reminder of what she's lost.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lwXqs8j.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php?u=2070 BeautyFromPain-]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Erin Elizabeth Sanders]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat N/A]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 20]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Erin is a sweetheart but a bitch at the same time. She doesn’t trust anyone that comes near her. She can be very sassy and outspoken if she doesn’t like someone that is near her.]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Erin was an only child in this huge family she had. She enjoyed being the only child because she was spoiled rotten by her parents. Her life was great. Erin was wanting to become an author. She loved writing stories. Fictional and non-fiction. But then everything changed once the apocalypse happened. Her whole family died from it. Erin was the only one that was left. She had to learn survival skills very quickly. How to make weapons out of any type of material she could find in the world. Erin’s trust issues intensified by 1000. Because she felt like anyone could turn on her at any moment.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/9lnjt7E.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php?u=2070 BeautyFromPain-]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Wells Adler]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat N/A]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 23]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Wells is very reserved. He likes to keep to himself. But sometimes Wells is an open book. And that’s usually what gets him in trouble.]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Wells was born into a very rich family. But Wells still had to fight for everything he wanted in life. Wells always thought it was bullshit that it had to be like that. But it taught him to not to depend on anyone. Then when the zombie invasion happened and that was when everything changed for Wells.]]

[center [pic https://bublup-media-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uN0Bw2tHG-STl6-7l9Dwww/images/medium_007-im-4f599365-6846-(02b-8a91-1)12250de0bb.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php?u=83294 Kitiki_Anemara]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Evangeline Merqoi]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat Eva]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 22]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Emotionally closed off for the most part and may sometimes come off as mean, Cautious, Curious, Slow to trust but when she does she is extremely loyal (loyal to a fault kind of thing)]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat As the adopted daughter of two marines, Eva always looked up to her father's and worked hard to be like them. By the time she was a teen, she'd convinced them to train her to use all the weapons they knew how to use and to fight like a marine. Before she'd graduated high school she applied to join and scored high enough on her ADSVAB to be accepted. By the time the apocalypse hit, one of her father's had been terminally ill and passed away, she and her living father had still been grieving when the apocalypse hit and took him away from her too.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ttsJZz7.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php MourningGlory]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Chiles Christian]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat Cici]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 23]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Sheepish/Shy, Sweetheart, People-watcher, Intelligent]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Chiles is the twin sister of Marcella and her opposite in almost every way. The two girls have always been close though and been there for the other. Their parents died when they were seventeen and so they kind of had to look out for the other. Before the zombies and "end of the world" Chiles was waitress at the local diner and had loved to at least serve people and watch them.]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/xobcsF0.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php MourningGlory]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Marcella Christian]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat Marci]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 23]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Bouncy/Bubbly, Loving, Sweet, Playful]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Marcella is the twin sister of Chiles and the one everyone usually calls "sun" or "day" because of how bubbly and outgoing she is. Her sister actually is her best friend and balances her out when it is needed. She was actually the one to hold Marci together when their parents died, though Cici doesn't know it. Before "shit hit the fan" and it became "the end of the world", Marcella was a dancer and bartender. It was a way for her to have fun and to be able to "shine" with her bubbly demeanor and to make others feel special.]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/8ZsaYnB.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php?u=71096 Burning_Heart]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Elias Baker]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat Eli]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 29]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Cold, calculating, unsure, doesn't trust anybody]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Elias went through his entire school life not focusing on much outside of his academics, but when he graduated, he didn't go to college or enter a trade school. Instead, he worked hard to become a military man, serving in the army. During a routine patrol with some of his companions, the men and woman were caught off guard by a group of the undead, and Elias found himself separated from them.]]

[center [pic https://i.postimg.cc/wvnXyTwF/salsalover72-on-Twitter.jpg]]
[center [b [Caveat Puppetmaster:]]] [center [https://roleplay.cloud/u.php?u=79370 DarthMickey]]
[center [b [Caveat Name:]]] [center [Caveat Nicholas William Hunter]]
[center [b [Caveat Nickname(s):]]] [center [Caveat Nick]]
[center [b [Caveat Age:]]] [center [Caveat 28]]
[center [b [Caveat Personality:]]] [center [Caveat Rash, reckless and impulsive. He acts tough but is actually soft-hearted underneath.]]
[center [b [Caveat Bio:]]] [center [Caveat Nick was a cop before the apocalypse, losing his partner at the start of the outbreak in one of the first reported attacks, where his partner was bitten by a person that ran into their car. The two had gotten out to check on the guy they had hit, when the downed guy jumped up and attacked his partner, biting off a chunk off of his throat, causing Nick to quickly shoot the psycho, not realizing it was something worse until after the zombie got back up again.]]

[center [Caveat Before anyone could get a grasp on the situation, shit had hit the fan and the government collapsed soon after, with individuals fighting to survive and banding together into small groups. Things further deteriorated giving rise to violent gangs, leading to lawlessness, so now Nick goes around trying to stop any gangs he runs into, while offering help to any survivors along the way, still wanting to do his duty to the people.]]

[center [b [Caveat Posting Order:]]]
[center [Caveat Burning_Heart]]
[center [Caveat BeautyFromPain-]]
[center [Caveat Kitiki_Anemara]]
[center [Caveat Mourning_Glory]]
[center [Caveat Burning_Heart]]
[center [Caveat BeautyFromPain-]]
[center [Caveat Mourning_Glory]]
[center [Caveat DarthMickey]]


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