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Where Circumstance Lies {CLOSED TO BeautyFromPain-}

By Kitiki_Anemara
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It's been nearly two hours and she was still waiting at the alter. With tears in her eyes she pulled out her phone and called her groom. [+lightblue "Nathan! Where are you?!"] she asked in a loud voice, clearly hurt as the bridesmaids looked pittyingly at her. The answer she got was aweful, followed by horrible excuses. [+lightblue "But you're the groom! It's our wedding! What do you mean you cant make it!?"] She shouted angrily and concidered the missing bridesmaid, her own sister, to be who her groom had an affair with. Upset, she hung up the phone, not believing the cold tone he had given her and the offhanded remarks as if she were that inadiquate and practically a disease. Her sister laughed cruelly in the background and she broke into tears, glad her make up was light and hardly affected by her tears as she bolted out of the court and ran a few yards up the street. Once she stopped crying and stood looking at the sky, she closed her eyes and could hear someone nearby talking angrily on the phone. She turned her head to see, standing just off to the side so that they had yet to notice her.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

Avalon was standing on the corner, very upset, and yelling into her phone. [b "I don't care! Find me another bride and find me one now!"] She angrily hung up the phone and sighed as she rubbed her temples.

Avalon started pacing back and forth. The bride that was supposed to marry her was going to be late. At this point, Avalon didn't care who it was that would marry her. But she needed it to be super fast because of everything that she would have to keep when it comes to her family business.

Avalon gulped lightly, as she leaned against the building and looked down because her phone was ringing again. She listened to what the other person was saying, and once more she found herself getting impatient and was getting angrier. The other person was explaining they couldn't find someone. Avalon shook her head lightly. [b "Okay and how is this my problem? I told YOU to find someone. So do your dumbass job and find me a bride!"]

Her phone rang and she jumped, looking down and answering it. [+lightblue "What?!"] She hissed as tears filled her eyes again and they burned with anger. A moment later: [+lightblue "I'm fucking done with you!"] She screamed into the phone and they hung up on her as she grit her teeth, shaking slightly and extremely upset as she stood there for several moments then looked towards the woman, noticing she'd hung up her own phone call. Biting the inside of her cheek and not knowing what she was doing or why after listening in on the woman's second call, Emalia walked towards her. [+lightblue "I'll marry you"] she said suddenly, and looked up at her. She expected to be questioned or something for the sudden appearance.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

Avalon stared at her phone for a minute. She was sick and tired of all this. She was sure the other bride was stepping down. Which made Avalon even more mad. Avalon rolled her eyes at the thought of it.

Avalon was getting ready to walk off when she heard some yelling. She jumped and she looked over and saw another female. Avalon blinked, wondering what was going on. But she knew that it wasn’t her business. She stopped looking at the girl and then sat on a bench nearby.

Avalon jumped once more when she heard a females voice and heard what was said. Avalon looked at her dead on. She was already in a wedding dress. She would think this would be perfect. Then she could keep everything in her family’s business. Avalon really needed to think about this. Only because she knew the other a little bit better than this female.

[b “Uhm. I don’t even know your name.”] Avalon slightly tilted her head at her. Wondering what was she going to say. Avalon looked her up and down. And then back into her eyes.

She stared back and waited to see what her reaction would be, surprise to find the woman merely asking her name. [+lightblue "I don't know yours either.."] she muttered in response. [+lightblue "But I was left at the alter and you need someone to marry you so why not me?"] She had no idea what she was doing or what she planned to do but she was going to do it. After all, what did she have to lose? She felt a slight chill up her spine as the other woman looked over her and figured even so, that if they would get married the priest or whoever would ask her name anyway right? There was no rush... for her anyway, she didn't know about the other. Why was this woman in such a rush to get married anyway?

She didn't really care. She was hurt and making a drastic decision. Reasoning was not in her vocabulary at this moment.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

Avalon just blinked and then gulped lightly. She had a point. But then again, Avalon still didn't know if this was a good idea or not. Avalon sighed lightly, and shoved her phone back into her purse. Avalon was gonna have to go back to her hotel room and get her dress on.

[b "Okay, if that's what you want to do. We will meet back here in an hour. I have to go get ready."] There was no way that Avalon was going to be wearing what she was wearing to get married. She looked at the female one more time. [b "My name is Avalon."] With that being said, she walked off.

Avalon walked to her hotel room, and walked into her room. She closed the door and closed the door behind her. She called the other person. [b "I found someone."] That was all she said before she hung up the phone. Was she really going to do this?

Only slightly caught off guard when the other woman agreed, Emalia pondered over her decision and sat down on the bench as she watched her walk off. After staying silent and having yet to give her own name as she looked up at the clouds for some time.

After about twenty minutes she went through her phone silently deleting whatever she had about her ex fiance- which took up another thirty minutes before she pulled off the ring he had proposed to her with, staring at it and oblivious to the quickly passing of time. The hour was done soon enough and she had spaced out, even gone as far as to start singing a soft meloncoly song she had written over the last week when she first caught him cheating. Her naivety thought to give him a chance. She never would've imaginged being left standing at the alter like a pittiful fool. So she closed her eyes and sang, her phone locked as she became oblivious to the outside world and didn't notice when the other woman returned shortly after- during her song.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

Avalon really had to think about this. She knew that this marriage was because of things that deal with her life. But she still wasn't sure if she wanted to do this. Avalon was sure she only did this because she saw her in a wedding dress. And the other bride ditched out. But the female made a point. She didn't even know her.

Avalon really didn't say much. She just listened to her singing this song. Avalon was leaning more towards getting to know this female. She never knew what could happen. But she knew it would be a bad idea to marry without getting to know. Avalon knew she would be fine. She didn't want to bring this female into Avalon's problems.


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