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Where Circumstance Lies

By Kitiki_Anemara
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[center M/C is a woman left at the alter by a lying, cheating fiance. While on the phone shouting at him through tears, she walks out of the venu with twelve pairs of eyes from their guests on her. Outside, Y/C is also on the phone shouting at their assistant about finding them a bride immediately since the first was going to arrive too late for the ceremony. If they didn't marry by the days end they would lose their inheritance of their family business and generations of hard work, sacrifices and family history would be lost. M/C gets hung up on and she stands nearby in tears when Y/C shouts at their assistant once more "I don't care just find me a (bride!)" Y/C then hangs up the phone angrily and in frustration [center ---------------] M/C, out of desperation and heartbreak, goes up to Y/C moments later and ask if she could marry them- knowing nothing about them other than they need a bride. Y/C is skeptical at first but the pressure of holding onto the family business is greater than their concern so they agree and- M/C already being in a wedding dress and holding flowers- is taken off to a private court room where Y/C was and is to be married. The Judge says the usual scripts and asks M/C for her name. Now Y/C wasn't keen on the idea of marriage and didn't seem to believe in love. It wasn't until M/C spoke her name that Y/C decides to really look at the woman in front of them and pay attention =================== take note! ** love is not immediate!! It is not love at first site, this is purely circumstance in the beginning ** ==================] Rules [list this does not necessarily have to be a slice-of-life roleplay. i just ask that we stick to the main plot semi-lit to literate NO one liners! NO text talk Digital or illustrated images prefered- though PM me and I may do real images Follow ES rules!! NO nsfw content! Any besroom scenes will be time skipped!! be at least 16+!! blood/gore are allowed
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