Guilty Until Proven Innocent [Closed to MourningGlory]

By Burning_Heart

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Burning_HeartOnyx Lauristen   301d ago

[center Onyx Lauristen sat comfortably on her couch, her laptop sitting open in her lap. It had been a few weeks since she'd checked the bounty list and she was beginning to grow bored. She'd been lucky that the last bounty had been enough to get her through the past few weeks, and though she still had plenty of money left over, she knew the funds wouldn't last forever. Not to mention, to a degree, she enjoyed the chase. It was always interesting seeing what criminals would do to get out of being arrested or what kind of excuse they would come up with. "Oh it wasn't me, it was my twin," or "Think of my family." They were enough to make her laugh. The stupidity never ceased to amaze her.]

[center Being so lost in thought, she almost skipped over a bounty that was both extremely interesting and paid very well. Pausing, she scrolled back up, opening it in a new tab. Reading over it, she couldn't help but frown. So the leader of the Kings was looking for the person who supposedly murdered some of their members? That was a bit strange to her. Since when did gang leaders put out bounties? Didn't they usually handle things themselves?]

[center Deciding not to question it further, she went ahead and signed her name. She figured this one should be fairly easy, considering the whole situation was local. If the target was smart, they would have left town by now, but if she was lucky, they would still be wandering about. Writing down the name, she began doing her research, paying attention to the places that they frequented. She couldn't help but smirk as the name of a bar kept popping up.]

[center Setting the laptop on the table, she shut it down before standing, making her way to her room. She was quick to throw on a pair of black pants, a green blouse, and a pair of boots. Not her usual attire of a black tank top, trench coat, and combat boots, but she was going to a bar. She needed to blend in the best she could. Reaching into the top drawer of her dresser, she pulled out a pair of handcuffs, hiding them in her back pocket, a gun, which she strapped to her right side, and a knife that she strapped to her left. Grabbing a black jacket, she threw it on, covering all of her toys before snagging her keys and leaving her apartment, locking everything behind her.]

[center The ride to the bar wasn't eventful, something that Onyx was grateful for. Once she signed on to a bounty, she was pretty focused on getting it completed. She didn't have time for distractions.]

[center Pulling into the parking lot a while later, she turned the car off and stepped out, stretching her arms over her head as she looked up at the bright neon sign. The Black Rose Tavern. How cute. Making her way up to the door, she ignored the line of people trying to get inside. She was quick to pull out her wallet, showing her ID and hunting license to the bouncer, who was quick to step aside. [b [i "Don't damage anything,"]] he said to her as she walked past him. She only nodded.]

[center She began looking around. If her target wasn't here yet, she would just wait. If they didn't show up at all, she would just keep coming back until they did. Lauristen was a stubborn woman, after all.]
MourningGloryGuilty   298d ago
Lady of the Night

[#e60f26 "You know I don't get personal with the guests. So I would back off there, Allen. I've told you a hundred times. Every girl on this stage has told you that. So unless you want Eric gotten AGAIN and us allowing him to 'kiss the bride'.. Then I suggest you take your ass back to your seat and enjoy the show."] The redhead said as she glared down the man in front of her. Unlike the other girls, Vyxen Rose, or as her dancer name was Rosey Rose was not scared to tell their guests off. It was probably why she was in a mess with the local gang. She had refused some special favours and had been warned that she would pay dearly for it. So far though it had not happened and she just put those thoughts to the back of her mind as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and looked to the other girls she was going to be dancing with with a smile. [#e60f26 "Ready girls?"] She asked, instantly changing and becoming perky.

When the looks of shock had disappeared from their faces and the others nodded, Vyx began walking up the steps and found her favourite pole towards the front of the stage. She wasn't shy and didn't mind being the center of attention. Besides, the tips were even better that way. She had been here for a few months but had learned the system quickly enough. Actually she had been taught by Gracelynn who had left them shortly after Vyx had joined.

Her mind wasn't on anything but the music and letting it course through her. It was always so easy for her to lose herself to a good beat and that was exactly what there was this night. Though she couldn't help getting the feeling that there was something off. Not that she knew the how or the why. It was just a gut feeling and one she could not shake. [#e60f26 "Thanks y'all for being a great audience for us. The girls and I really enjoyed dancin' for ya."] She said with her bright and flirty smile and winked before she hopped down from the stage to make her way through the crowded dance floor as the band took up the stage and the patrons could dance themselves. She was taking a side door to the dressing room so she could change back into her black tank top, tight leather pants and boots. It was too warm for her jacket and she had left it in her car anyway. Once she was changed, the redhead brushed her hair out and let it fall down her shoulders and back in soft waves and fixed her makeup. Now she could go and mingle and flirt if she wanted. Which was a usual thing for her.

Slowly she slipped from the side door again and let green eyes skim over the patrons. Everyone she had seen or flirted with before and wasn't fond on them. But then her eyes settled on a rather attractive woman she had not seen before. Lightly,Vyx licked over her bottom lip and slipped her way through the dance floor and soon was beside her. [#e60f26 "So what's a pretty girl like you doin' in a place like this, anyhow? And maybe a dance or drink could interest ya?"] She asked. She had NO idea this was the "paying" that she had been threatened with all that time ago.
Burning_HeartOnyx Lauristen   296d ago

[center Onyx was leaning against the bar, a bottle of water sitting beside her as her eyes landed on the women making their way up onto the stage. She raised a brow, almost letting out a laugh. She instantly recognized the woman who took the pole in the front. Why wouldn't she? Her picture had been plastered all over the bounty. For a moment, she was stunned. To an outsider, it would seem like she was entranced by the way the redhead's hips moved or the way she seemed to lose herself in the music.]

[center While the bounty hunter would admit she was attractive, it wasn't why she was staring.]

[center Onyx just simply couldn't believe her luck.]

[center In the past, she practically had to hunt down her targets, breaking down doors, chasing them through stores, etc. The possibilities had been endless. Yet this one? She couldn't have expected this if she'd tried. It was even more shocking when the girls were finally done and she found the redhead making her way towards her.]

[center Shifting, she crossed her arms over her chest, a small smirk gracing her lips at her words. [b "Pretty? That's a new one, so thank you,"] she said, meeting her eyes. A part of her thought it was unbelievable that a girl so small could pull of something as horrible as the contents of the bounty, but she also knew that pole dancing took a lot of strength to pull off, and she had to remind herself that she, too, was smaller, and yet she'd faced off with some pretty tough assholes.]

[center People were full of surprises.]

[center She looked the woman up and down, debating if she should take her up on her offer. If she could get her alone, she'd probably have a good chance of cuffing her and leading her out without much a fuss. She shrugged. [b "How much for a private dance?"] she asked, her accented voice soft.]
MourningGloryGuilty   281d ago
Lady of the Night

There were red flags going off the moment the woman had turned towards her and spoke her words. Why was it the ones she thought the most attractive or possibly even worth her time had those sirens in her head going off? If she were smart, which she wasn't, Vyx would have turned on her heel and got the hell out of there. And yet, the woman intrigued her and she did love to play with fire.

Green eyes again let themselves trail over the other woman who was easily as slight as she was. And good god was she gorgeous. Vyxen licked slowly over her bottom lip and brushed some of her red locks behind her shoulder as her eyes locked with the other woman's once more. [#e60f26 "Pretty is what you are and so I was only speaking the truth, doll. My momma taught me better than to tell a lie. Would have had my ass over her knee real fast."] Came soft, almost purred words.

The question that came her way had taken her back a bit. Usually she was good with being flirty but she wasn't always so good when the patrons were. And she was thoughtful for a moment, making a show of tapping the tip of her finger against her chin. [#e60f26 "How about you don't have to pay for it? Just be my companion for the night? You know drinks, talk, or whatever else may come."] It seemed easy enough to Vyx and she had to admit that she was rather enchanted by the woman whom she had decided to talk to this night.

[#e60f26 "That is if you are up for it, darlin'..?"] She asked as her head tilted and she motioned for a drink that almost immediately came sliding across the bar top and to her out reached hand. The ball was now in the other woman's court and she wondered just what she would do with it.


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