Guilty Until Proven Innocent [Closed to BeautyFromPain-]

By Burning_Heart

Her job should have been simple; cuff them, bring them in, and collect her reward. Unfortunately for bounty hunter Onyx Lauristen, nothing is ever easy.

_____ has been framed for the murder of a few gang members, which has led to the bounty that Onyx has signed on to. Upon this realization, she's skeptical, but when proof comes to light, the two soon find themselves stuck in the middle of a gang war, and the only way to survive is to put their differences aside.

Or die trying.

A rough idea, but in simple terms, my character signs a contract to bring your character in, who has been framed for the murder of some gang members by someone to start a war. The two team up and have to prove his/her innocence before this gang war wreaks even more havoc.

With that said, here are a few rules.

I'm looking for a semi-literate to literate partner who is willing to flesh out details with me. The story is something I want to write together. That's partly why the description is so brief.

The target is left genderless for a reason. I don't mind if they're female, male, nonbinary, anything like that. It's your character. Play them as you like. Just take this seriously, please.

Real pictures are preferred, but not necessary. I'm willing to use illustrated if necessary.

Communication. I myself am not that great at being on every day or replying every day. I understand life comes first, but at least keep in contact and agree to let the other know when we'll be replying or taking a break/hiatus, anything like that. I'm a very patient and understanding person, I promise.

Good grammar. I'm not great with this all the time. I constantly make mistakes, but I really don't want to try and decipher a reply.

This is a mature roleplay, but ES rules still apply. If any kind of romance happens, either skip or take it off-site.

Please be at least 18+. I'm in my twenties and don't feel comfortable writing with minors.

Most importantly, have fun! Be creative and don't be shy with ideas!

PM me with the subject of "Guilty" so that I know you read the entire thing. If I don't see that, I will simply assume you didn't read through and I will ignore you. I don't mean that in a rude way, but it's a pet peeve to go through and explain things or try and talk something over that is already presented above.

If you're interested then I can't wait to hear from you!

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